I really like the idea of this game, confess your deepest, darkest, or just plain secrets. I think for other peopls sake though, I saw the trigger warning in the games description. But I think it would be ideal to present that in the menu screen too. Also I think that It would be a cool add-on would be to change the font of the text, for an example, in the preview, there is an eerie font. But in the app, its an Ariel font.

Love the game, would recommend if you want to get something off your chest, our you’re just interested in what other people are doing. Just know, that If you are a bit sensative, do not buy. It 100% will make you reconsider buying. But I overall give this a 9/10.

Real player with 12.9 hrs in game

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DISCLAIMER: This is a first impressions review, and NOT a full review

Confessions is a game developed and published by Peace & Love Games

If you’re thinking this is a game, it isn’t

What it is is a software that is trying to copy what made Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) so great and a once in a lifetime experience and change it into this platform where you can literally post your “confessions” which can be anything from harmless banter to some seriously fcked up sht

It tries to be an “interactive art installation”, but in my opinion, it’s just allowing anyone who even purchases this to write the most sadistic, twisted thoughts and views you could imagine

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Confessions on Steam

Paperback: The Game

Paperback: The Game

I have the physical copy of this and enjoy it - so I got this just for time passing and a bit of practice.

AI is ok and can be a bit of a challenge.

A repeated game lock up issue when dragging cards seems to have been resolved.

This version is helpful as my partner has trouble shuffling and so online is a preferred method of play for us.

Would be nice to have some of the game expansions as options, and also for the music to be longer or more varied. It gets repetitive

Real player with 48.0 hrs in game

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Deck building word game - what a fantastic idea! build words from the letters in your hand and use the score to buy more letters to add to your deck. I’ve looked at the physical version of this for a long time, but most of my family isn’t that interested in word games. This was an easy way to jump into it, and I’m winning them over :) great art, great mechanics, and the AI makes it fun to play solo. Can’t recommend it enough.

Real player with 27.5 hrs in game

Paperback: The Game on Steam



If you like Scrabble, you’ll love this game! Learning how to play is simple, but mastering the game is challenging. Thinking ahead is important to getting high scores, as is using the special tiles strategically. Every letter in a word contributes to a word-score multiplier, so scoring a single long word (e.g., “marginate”) is much better than scoring multiple short words (e.g., “mar”, “gin”, and “ate”), all else being equal. As the game nears its end, the board starts filling with indestructible stone tiles and vowels become scarce. When the board is completely filled in and no more words can be spelled, the game is over, and you will be prompted to upload a recording of what moves you played. You can also watch recordings of others' games and potentially learn valuable techniques and useful new words, which you can try using on your next play of the game. This game can be quite addicting and easily provides tens or even hundreds of hours of enjoyment!

Real player with 59.5 hrs in game

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I used to love playing Bookworm, a PopCap word game. But it’s no longer supported and has disappeared. This word game scratches the same itch. It’s fun, requires a certain degree of paying attention, but is also a good way to pass some time. It’s enough of a challenge not to get boring.

Real player with 51.4 hrs in game

WordTactics on Steam