King of the Sandcastle

King of the Sandcastle

Holy sh*t this game took me by surprise for its price point and “simple” but so so SO charming aesthetics.

A breakdown:

You choose a card that you take on with you into a dungeon like area. You fight through attacks that you give your champ with badges. The attacks have a slider, which you have to click on the right time to do damage or to deal critical damage. Click wrong, and your attack will miss. There are other stats that affect speed, turns, how easy it is to land hits and all that stuff! Also, a variety of champs that each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Real player with 69.6 hrs in game


The gameplay loop is peak and it’s so good and cool

It’s only 3 dollars and I have already played (at time of this review) 4 hours.

For the developers, PLEASE keep adding on updates to this game! IT’S SO GOOD!

Real player with 25.8 hrs in game

King of the Sandcastle on Steam

Barnard’s Star

Barnard’s Star

In the 25th century, humanity began to travel the stars. Barnard’s Star, a mere 6 light-years away and home to the closest habitable exoplanet, was first to be colonized. However, even with the blindingly fast velocity of half the speed of light, the trip takes 12 Earth years. So when the colonists ran into trouble, they were on their own.

The trouble they faced took two main forms. First, their robot companions who served as butlers and guardians staged a rebellion and broke free of their human masters. It got ugly quickly – blood and bolts covered many a space station floor. The second was the Critters: weird, otherworldly brutes from the other side of the galaxy who arrived on the scene shortly after the colonists from a nearby wormhole. The colonists were able to estalish contact them and even tried to enlist their help against the mechanical threat, but negotiations were cut short when the Critter ambassadors ate all the humans they were supposed to be talking to.

These three factions – Humans, Robots, and Critters – are locked in a vicious struggle for control of the galaxy. Now is the time to rise up, lead your faction, and fight for your life. The fate of the universe is in your hands.


  • 3 factions (Humans, Robots, and Critters) with 7 character classes per faction

  • Each character has unique attacks and abilities

  • 2 maps, each with unique tactical opportunities such as teleporters and destructible cover

  • 3 layouts for each map, for a total of 6 different playable fields

  • Play offline vs. AI or a friend (or even pit two AI’s against each other, if you just want to watch)

  • Challenge friends and strangers with online multiplayer

For a comprehensive list of all the fighters in the game and their abilities, see the wiki .

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Barnard's Star on Steam

Dominus - Multiplayer Sim Turn Based Strategy

Dominus - Multiplayer Sim Turn Based Strategy

Dominus: collect technologies, troops, and heroes with unique abilities as you build up a powerful tribal civilization and out-think your opponents in 4 player simultaneous-turn-based battles.

  • Simple and quick to learn, even if you have no experience in turn-based games

  • Set in a lush fantasy world of floating islands, savage tribes and raw elemental magic

  • You are the warlord of a tribe bent on survival, expansion and ultimate domination

Revolutionary Simultaneous-turns system:

  • All players plan their actions at the same time

  • Then watch the results unfold in a cinematic action scene

  • Skillful play is about predicting enemy moves and actions

  • This leads to a lot of suspense, crazy bluffing and mind games!

  • Also makes combat highly skill-based and tactical, without being overly complex

We’re currently in beta, keep track of us on Discord and be the first to find out the exciting features we have planned- taking this insanely fun core gameplay and transforming it into a huge multiplayer world of clans, empires and adventure!

We’re racing to deliver the game on steam as quickly as we can, don’t forget to add us to your wishlist to stay updated!

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Dominus - Multiplayer Sim Turn Based Strategy on Steam

Drive on Moscow

Drive on Moscow

Mixed feelings. I have played this game alot on PC and iPad. It is interesting but flawed in my mind. I like the system but the whole game will depend on special rules, like prepared offensives, command confusion and then weather which can raise and lower the defensive value of terrain for just one side. Some is realistic but it drives the game a little too much in my opinion. You must master movement planning and the special rules or you will always lose. At first it is easier to play the Soviets as they have no real movement problems and fewer units to move. The Germans rarely can get their army moving, especially if you spread out. I have had half my army stationary for most the game at times. In fact, if you are Soviet you can use it to your advantage.

Real player with 106.3 hrs in game

Drive on Moscow is the bigger brother game of Battle of the Bulge by Slitherine. It uses the same game play mechanics but on a bigger scale. Battle of Moscow has, of course, to be bigger as historically it happened on a much bigger territorial scale with a lot more troops (historically, the Battle of Moscow involved 2.3 million soldiers and more than 5,000 tanks vs 600k soldiers and around 1500 tanks for the Battle of the Bulge).

As you are certainly aware of, it is a wargame, and a good one at that. It strives to be historically accurate, with an operation calendar, reinforcements, weather conditions and hour by hour time progression. You have to manage your supply situation and take into account the various characteristics of your unit types (armour, infantry, cavalry, panzergrenadier, etc.). While it may seem complicated for someone who has never played the game, it is actually quite simple. The map of operations represent the central part of Russia around the capital city of Moscow, and is divided in terrain zones with irregular shapes. This is done in order to provide a good representation of the geographical challenges posed by terrain to the movement of troops in 1941-1942. As such, it is reminiscent of a table game system that had been developed by the now defunct Avalon Hill company during the 1980s with games like “Storm Over Arnhem”, “Thunder at Cassino” or “Breakout: Normandy”.

Real player with 77.4 hrs in game

Drive on Moscow on Steam

Cauldrons of War - Stalingrad

Cauldrons of War - Stalingrad

This game is a good sequel for the last game of this series CoW barbarossa and it seems to have improved a lot. The AI seems much smarter in this game than in the last one and there are a lot more actions to do than before.

I intend to play this game for a long time just like I did with Barbarossa.

I RECOMMEND that you check the game out if you are interested in a large scale operational strategy in a WW2 setting.

Real player with 92.0 hrs in game


Cons- the 6th Army is surrounded in Stalingrad please send help.

I’ve had the game since the beta dropped, and I’m happy to say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It gives fresh perspective to the massive amount of challenges both sides face during 42', while still being very tasteful or pulling punches, which I respect.

It’s not a game where one strategy works every time, where yesterday’s blitz straight to Stalingrad means today’s attack will also proceed flawlessly. It’s not a game where the AI will sit and let you roll over them; it’s a fight, sometimes for every inch.

Real player with 58.3 hrs in game

Cauldrons of War - Stalingrad on Steam

Warhammer Combat Cards

Warhammer Combat Cards

Love the game but….

1 PC is just getting introduced to this game. Mobile has been going for awhile. SO PC people are WAY behind the eight ball.

2 Its all about time. Every 3-8 hours you need to log into the game to open loot boxes ( cards gold ) , get your quests,open timed prize boxes ( more cards ) and do some battles. And if there is an event do the event battles every 8 hours.

3 Grinding levels to be able to have more points to make your decks stronger and /or more cards in your deck.

Real player with 580.1 hrs in game


  • game full of wonderful mobile game features! (timed loot boxes after a win, clunky UI, noticeable P2W (as in you get more cards, you can level those cards so they’re stronger))

  • deck size/total points locked behind very high rank (you’ll need to play for ~6 months)

  • combat is fun enough to overshadow all of the above

  • suffer through the first day or two - reach Rank 10 to unlock ranked - enjoy one of the best card battlers, IMO

Found the game from Warhammer promotion, decided to give it a try.

Real player with 182.8 hrs in game

Warhammer Combat Cards on Steam

Eternal Warfare

Eternal Warfare

I have been dabbling in this game for a few years now and I have watched it develop and improve with the developer happy to listen and take on boards ideas and suggestions. Whilst it easy to describe it as a turn based Command and Conquer it is more than that and what is important about it is that it is simply great fun. Different game modes cater for your mood- you can battle through the various campaigns (which vary in challenge from winning through sheer force to more subtle and stealth scenarios), fight off waves of enemies in the invasion mode or conquer the world in huge skirmishes against an impressive AI which cannot be bargained with and which has had me on the ropes more than once when I let my guard down. The graphics are fun, the selection of units is interesting and all for a bargain price. What more do you want?

Real player with 56.3 hrs in game

please play this advace wars clone… please… i need someone to play with

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

Eternal Warfare on Steam



Hell Review

Published by Slitherine, its no surprise that Hell is a highly addictive turn-based strategy game that offers challenging gameplay for even the most battle-tested tacticians among us. Still, the game manages to offer an inviting platform for beginners, complete with a helpful tutorial and an in-depth game manual. Moreover, it is a “skirmish” style of strategic warfare, meaning that the game skips the often tedious and mind-boggling affairs found in grand strategy games and thrusts players right into the action. By doing so, the game is easier for newcomers to the genre to catch on and since combat is the central focal point, more effort and development has been put into the tactical aspect of it and the results are impressive.

Real player with 25.1 hrs in game

Story is cliche, and text certainly has its share of spelling errors, but it seemed simple to play and a fun way to pass time. Art is decent (kind of like Warcraft, cartoonish), and relatively easy to figure out. A manual would have been nice, but most nowadays don’t provide more than the basics anyway, certainly little in the way of tactics or strategy. Didn’t find a manual for this game, but didn’t find one, just tutorials. A couple other points: Your units gain experience and level up…but that doesn’t seem to carry over from one battle to another (you have to start from scratch each battle). Also, in the later battles you’re able to choose some of the units you can bring in with you, but your choice is quite limited. For example, in some battles you get longbowmen, but others only crossbowmen. Or if you get longbowmen, you can only take two perhaps. I’m guessing this is the way the game designers ensure the game stayed balanced.

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

Hell on Steam

Skulls of the Shogun

Skulls of the Shogun

Genius… PURE GENIUS on an epic level.

This is by far one of the most dynamic strategy board games I have ever played… I’m not comparing this to “Warhammer,” so don’t think I’m referring to some near-perfect Massive Masterfully Complex game like that… this is more twice to four times the size of chess to some degree, with about the same number of pieces Type wise i.e. King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, and Pawn… In “Skulls of the Shogun,” you have; General (Shogun), Calvary, Infantry, Archer, Fox Monk, Salamander Monk, Crow Monk, and Tonuki Monk. The Monks are pieces you get at ‘Summoning Shrines’ strategically placed in each ‘Map Board’ you can choose to play on. F.Y.I. There is a great selection of Map Boards to play on that all offer totally different dynamics of Method and Strategy. Going back to the types of pieces and their comparison, the monks are like the queen, they all offer different abilities and depending on the map can be more valuable then others, however, it’s all on how you play and the strategy you can come up with to adapt to any scenario that an opponent may throw at you. There is so much sophisticated beauty to how this game is designed. There is even a comparison to a small degree to checkers with all of this, as all of your pieces can consume the enemy bone Skulls to upgrade or evolve them into a super piece/unit that if enough are consumed (3 total) gets an additional action and depending on the Monk Piece you use, also gets an additional spell for every Skull consumed in addition to the added action.

Real player with 76.4 hrs in game

I’ve played a few strategy games. I find most of the time they take a while to get going. You sit patiently as you build your army until you are strong enough to crush your opponent. This is not that kind of game. It is usually quite fast paced. This makes it great for casual gaming. You can jump on and do a quick match against the ai. Alternatively you can play the campaign which is a bit more difficult.

There are three basic units, the archer, the horseman, and the footman. The archer is arguably the best as they do the most damage and of course do it at range, however they have the lowest defence so if you get in close enough, they will die very quickly. Your most important unit is your general. If they die, you loose. There are also monks that have different abilities that you can get from capturing shrines. A map won’t always have a shrine but when it does, you can usually only find one type of monk.

Real player with 68.5 hrs in game

Skulls of the Shogun on Steam

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector

A nicely animated, turn-based tactics game between the Primaris-heavy Blood Angels and whichever Hive Fleet.

On the hardest difficulty setting it is reasonably challenging, particularly during the first half of the campaign…

Until you get to the final mission. I got wiped on my first run, which looked pretty bleak, only to discover that hitting the Defeat splash screen for the last mission got me the Steam achievement for completing the campaign.

So I won? You can win too. Wait for a sale unless you affirmatively want to support old school games with Warhammer 40K skins.

Real player with 76.0 hrs in game

Best Warhammer 40,000 game released since the release of Dawn of War II. Highly recommended for turn based strategy fans or 40k fans (or both :)).

Real player with 59.6 hrs in game

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector on Steam