Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing

Ok, as a mature gamer and a UK course fisherman, i was intrigued the moment i saw this title. Mainly because it wasnt based on lure fishing for bass, which it seems 99% of fishing games are. The first thing that struck me on playing it was the beautifull training lake, it was a while before i even cast a rod out as i was strolling round the lake in awe of the lush scenery. I struggled a bit at first with the fishing mechanics, but soon got used to it, and with practice it became very natural and pretty dam realistic. Im so glad i stuck with it for a couple of hours and got to grips with the controls, because now after several updates and much practice i am enjoying this game more than ever and would highly recommend it to anyone.

– Real player with 164.7 hrs in game

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Another much looked forward too title that sadly missed the mark. A lot of apologies for not keeping the community up to date and the threadbare team that has 3 platforms to work across. My heart bleeds. ( Don’t bite off more than you can chew). It is a very basic game with a casting the tackle to the water module that you would need a university degree to understand what the hell posessed them to make it so difficult.

The idea of hooking a fish no matter what size it is and watching it fall asleep half way across the lake also nulifies any reality as does the use of bubble Icons to tell you what the lake bed looks like,that you actually have a fish on the line!(err my rods bent and a fish is taking line I think I grasped the point I have hooked a fish). Casting your bait too a spot you want it to be at and then watch the bait move all on its own from 30 yards to under your feet or the line just suddenly goes slack.

– Real player with 93.7 hrs in game

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