Farmageddon: A Cattle Royale

Farmageddon: A Cattle Royale

i hate that i laughed at THAT many cow puns lmao

the intro killed me and the creative idea to use cows as a battle royale main character is p neat

how is this game free?!

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

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OKAY, the replay value of this game is pretty outstanding! Honestly, there isn’t much out there in terms of DAILY gameplay changes, and I am in love with the “king of the hill” sort of way you are able to CLAIM the Divine pasture and show off your build to friends as they try to take you down!

Honestly, I can see a negative review with only 8 minutes of playtime. They certainly didn’t give the game a shot or comprehend the games core mechanic, challenging friends! Too play this game for 8 minutes then write a 4 paragraph review is just unethical and wrong.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Farmageddon: A Cattle Royale on Steam

Hummingz - Retro Arcade action revised

Hummingz - Retro Arcade action revised

one word, well, two: the s h i t

grab it and enjoy the colorful little rough.

joyfully pump those nasty bees, cause Stefan Preuss saw it the right way:

bees really are hella nasty creatures.

(beware: tough one at “normal level”…)

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

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Hummingz is a cute little version of the arcade game Centipede.

It has nice colors/design and it´s fun trying to get a high score or beat your own score.

I haven´t come past level 4 yet, so I will continue playing after more than 1 1/2 hours, which isn´t bad if you get it for 3,99.

There are some minor things which could be imrpoved, like a better resolution option (fullscreen) for PC or to turn off automatic fire.

And for the negative commentary concerning the topic of mobile games - It´s a good thing that mobile games are also playable on PC as long as they are good, which I think Hummingz is.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Hummingz - Retro Arcade action revised on Steam

GLADIABOTS - AI Combat Arena

GLADIABOTS - AI Combat Arena

This is a superb, unique game that deserves to be even more popular than it already is.

The concept of the game is that the player designs their own AI via customizable ‘nodes’ (colour-coded tiles that the player can arrange into a logic tree to determine their robots' behaviour) which then dictate how their team of 4-8 robots (from four different classes) perform in battle against ‘enemy’ AIs.

The logical array which the player creates (featured in several of the screenshots in the store page) can be anywhere from just a handful of tiles at first, to literally hundreds (arranged into named sub-AIs if the player wants) that function like a sort of flow diagram for each robot, governing their priorities and thus responses based on a seemingly endless combination of determining factors e.g. what friendly or enemy bots are doing at that particular moment, how far away they are, or hundreds of other parameters native to the ‘check-box’ like options that allow the player to refine what each tile actually ‘says’.

Real player with 478.5 hrs in game

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In Gladiabots you programm a platoon of robots that will then compete autonomously in a game arena against other platoons. You have to plan and consider carefully when creating your robots' AIs before actually hitting the arena as you can no longer interfere once the match has started: The robots are then on their own, equipped with nothing but your programmed instructions.

There are four different bot classes resembling a rock scissors paper scheme with an added tank and several different game modes (three for online ranked matches vs humans).

Real player with 364.7 hrs in game

GLADIABOTS - AI Combat Arena on Steam