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Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

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A somewhat decent game, the idea has been done a million times.

Going for high scores and a fast bpm can be frustrating! I recommend it if you like rhythm games.

-first impressions video


Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Tempo on Steam

Classic Sport Driving

Classic Sport Driving

Classic Sport Driving is an upcoming racing game directly inspired from great classics from the 80s and the 90s, like Outrun, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Jaguar XJ220, Crazy Cars (Lamborghini American Challenge). 🏁🏎️===💨

Racing linesSolo campaignTrack generatorTime challengesOffline-multiplayer

Solo campaing

Enjoy your travel back to 1990, with a finely tuned, 24 races long, solo campaign!

Survive hundreds of different curves, face unpredictable weather, and… think your racing lines carefully, or you won’t pass the next checkpoint!

Race long tracks, in rally/travel mode (no boring same lap repeating over again and again!), filled with hordes of opponents that will mess up with your (almost always 😉) perfect racing lines!

⏩Difficulty levels range from easy travelling to really technical and challenging races.

Track generator

A lot of work has been put into the track generator, to get curves that are complex and nice to drive. Never run out of new tracks!😃

⏩Any track code you can imagine leads to a new profusion of curves to explore!


Share a challenge code with your friends, and they’ll join you on a best time chase on this new track.

⏩Race in hot seat mode, create private challenges for your friends, or challenge all your followers!

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Classic Sport Driving on Steam

Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever

Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever

The Key was given by the developers and I am enormously grateful for the opportunity to stream it and review the game.

If you like arcade rail shooter this game is for you, I really enjoyed playing it and it makes me want there to be a house of the dead VR too ,the game focuses a lot on beating times and shooting well so if you are into that you will like alot the game!

I took me around 9+ hrs with extra content (they add a update adding new levels) and there is still more to come to the game! so looking excited about the bonus content and not leaving the game in a lonely state like ALOT of VR games out there

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

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well, it might not look like much. just your regular zombie wave shooter.

but this game is about quick and accurate shooting, picking your targets in the most efficient order to get unlocks and climb up the leaderboards. just chain thoose headshots together and dont miss too many shots. sounds totally simple if you are a professional shooter, but i bet you are not. xD

really, i just stumbled randomly across this game. it deserves way more coverage so other people might also learn of the games existence. Zombieland definitely has great polish and good voice acting. its easy to pick up and will keep you challenged for a quite while especially if you compare your scores to what a friend can achieve ;)

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever on Steam

Classic Racers Elite

Classic Racers Elite

There was a time when pilots were TRUE pilots. It was the 60’s. The time of Rock’n’Roll, movie stars and iconic cars.

Drive furiously fast on gorgeous landscapes and fight against your monstrous car. A pure Time Attack game where you’re driving cars from the “Gentlemen Drivers” era.

Cross the finish line at the top off the hill as fast as possible ! Make the best time to be the best ranked at the world leaderboards.

-5 car categories (from micro cars to F1) to drive in 17 unique locations with slalom, reversed and split variations for a total of 51 tracks !

Classic Racers Elite on Steam



  • From a quick look at the game, being a game developer myself, first of all I think the mechanics are really, really good for a game like this. They don’t look all that good at first glance, but are unbelievably fun to actually play.

  • I think that in a way the game feels a lot worse than it is because of the UI, and I think a reskin would really improve the feel of the gameplay in general.

  • An undo would be useful, but i think a confirm before moving might be a better option, especially as a small mistake can end the game. That way you get to see what will be caused by your actions.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

Fun game! As the other reviews say, it is comparable to a much simpler version of chess.

The AI (even on hard) is pretty easy, though, and the only option for online multiplayer is 24-hours per turn, which makes it difficult, since player on player games can easily last 20+ turns. I’d recommend at least trying this game (it’s free!) and it’s even better if you have a friend to play it with (as there is a hotseat option).

If there were online, 1 minute turns, (and maybe a ranked system at some point), I think this game could really take off.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Feud on Steam

Eternal Warfare

Eternal Warfare

I have been dabbling in this game for a few years now and I have watched it develop and improve with the developer happy to listen and take on boards ideas and suggestions. Whilst it easy to describe it as a turn based Command and Conquer it is more than that and what is important about it is that it is simply great fun. Different game modes cater for your mood- you can battle through the various campaigns (which vary in challenge from winning through sheer force to more subtle and stealth scenarios), fight off waves of enemies in the invasion mode or conquer the world in huge skirmishes against an impressive AI which cannot be bargained with and which has had me on the ropes more than once when I let my guard down. The graphics are fun, the selection of units is interesting and all for a bargain price. What more do you want?

Real player with 56.3 hrs in game

please play this advace wars clone… please… i need someone to play with

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

Eternal Warfare on Steam



Landing on mysterious planets, you have to quickly identify your location and find the best way to collect lost stars. Show your agility and strategy skills to accomplish your mission. Don’t panic, even when you face the unknown and its unexpected challenges. Then don’t forget to check your route review with players from all over the world and be the one who will save the universe!

Key features:

  • Discover unknown territories through original land navigation gameplay.

  • Explore 60+ levels in 5 unique environments.

  • Unlimited original hand drawn maps with regularly updated contents.

  • 3 exciting game modes adapted for different challenge-seekers.

  • Attractive cosmic soundtrack in late 60’s style tailored for each game level.

  • Engaging online community : ranking and replay analysis. Compare your route choices with players worldwide and improve your performances.


Well, it all begins with an unexpected “disaster” … All the stars are falling down from the sky. Is this the end of the world?

The youngest Nobel Prize winner Minna Vellamo is assigned with the mission of finding back lost stars. She chose to be accompanied by a robot named Harvey for him being a …robot. Little does she know, Harvey is the clumsiest and most talkative robot ever.

One day before departure, Minna was told that “Electric Eel” Janus White will also be joining the team. Being depressed for a very long time since retirement, the former footballer signed himself up to the project. He believed that this is the only opportunity to find back his old-day glory and to prove to the public that he is still a hero.

Will Janus achieve what he is looking for? Often described as bold, independent and determined, will Minna get along well with Janus?


Start a navigation adventure in space with only a map and a compass in hands. Whether you’re a curious traveler, a challenge-seeker or a speedrunner, there is always a game mode waiting for you in StarPicker.

3 game modes:

  • The Main Race mode is the most relaxing experience. You can be a traveler, embracing fantastic landscapes, gaining satisfaction in your map reading skills, meeting curious animals and uncovering the mysterious history on each planet.

  • In the Electric Eel mode : win the challenge with your impressive observation and incomparable precision. Fearless of taking risks even on unknown territories. It’s the perfect mode if you are looking for challenges without worrying about time.

  • Maybe you are an orienteer, a traceur or a speedrunner who “flies” in a complex environment! StarPicker’s Berserk mode suits you the best! Reveal stars one by one in a limited time, avoid obstacles by acting cool like a Light Speed Racer.

From novice to expert:

Adjust the game options to your capacities and improve your navigational skills.

Use compass and learn map reading with International Standard for Orienteering Maps.

StarPicker on Steam

The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince

Join our Discord https://discord.gg/kWRxEG7q9g

Meet a mix of fascinating parkour and classic platformer in a medieval setting.

  • Jump over the heads of diverse enemies.

  • Run on the walls, slide under the closing doors.

  • Solve puzzles, discover traps.

  • Use your sticky tongue to overcome obstacles at breakneck speed.

  • Visit each of the unique areas to beat the boss.

Go on an exciting adventure as the cursed prince - the frog prince. Break the evil spell and save your beloved from the slimy sorcerer.

The evil invader is very strong, and it will not be easy to defeat it. But you have a unique weapon at your disposal - a long sticky tongue. It will allow you to easily deal with hordes of enemies that got in your way. Activate mechanisms, move objects, open hidden passages, jump over wide ditches, climb inaccessible ledges, and generally have fun.

The Frog Prince on Steam

Button Soccer League

Button Soccer League

Use your skills and strategies to challenge your friends in local matches or online (via Steam Play Together), in this nostalgic game that brings the whole experience of button soccer to your PC.

8 Teams Available

There are eight teams for you and your opponent to choose, and each team has its own characteristics, such as speed, weight and rubber, making each team unique and suitable for certain strategies.


Choose the appropriate formation for your game strategy.


You will have to train hard to become a champion, and for that, you will have 8 training scenarios available.

Collectable Stickers

For every five rounds completed, you will get a new sticker for your album, and only persistents can have a complete album.

  • 2 Players local or online.

  • 8 Different teams.

  • 5 Types of training.

  • Departures of 5 min, 10 min and 15 min.

  • 8 Training scenarios.

  • 8 Collectible stickers.

  • Play from the keyboard or gamepad.

Button Soccer League on Steam

Dr. Derk’s Mutant Battlegrounds

Dr. Derk’s Mutant Battlegrounds

If you have been intrigued by AI researchers showing AIs trained to overcome obstacles and fight, this game is made for you. Set up a training scenario and watch them learn by fighting hundreds of battles per minute. I often have it running in the background attempting to train some interesting behavior.

A bit early access feel at this point, but major bugs have been ironed out already by the responsive developer.

Real player with 174.0 hrs in game

In this game you get a dinusourodogomeow, a small pet to train, you train it badly to be agressive and kill other dinusourodogomeows or help your other dinusourodogomeows kill goups of dinusourodogomeows. or train it to be a traget in tranning for other dinusourodogomeows.

and they have actuall brain so they are alive.

GG iguana



EDIT: the developer stopped updating it, chacnged to negative because the game is dead

Real player with 91.8 hrs in game

Dr. Derk's Mutant Battlegrounds on Steam