Nice game, good idea and potential genre. It became a part of my screen now since you dont need to do anything during battles.

Real player with 163.3 hrs in game

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really great game and concept! I don’t play many games for nearly this long

I wish the progression was unlimited somehow though.. it seems lightning spam covers most top spots? I have one concept strategy that may work but I don’t think the math will add up properly to counter lightning in the end… unlimited progression would just mean that, it would take an exponential amount of time to counter meta strategies (i think?)… (maybe a constantly shifting meta?) just a thought though, it may be tough to implement

Real player with 98.0 hrs in game

Beastrun on Steam



Ive played this game for now 90hrs+ its not been too bad so far, some will enjoy it others will not. This game seems to be a spin off or a remake of the Gamevil & Singta colaboration of 2017. Giants War. Same characters same BGM. same play style, you might even say its a re-release.

Not a lot of active players in this game. i suspect the guys who maxed out are the devs playing the game. its heavily pay to win. or speed to the end of the content. im FTP myself and on zone 8. But u get kinda restricted with a limited amount of champions to send off on mission and carry on with the content.

Real player with 116.8 hrs in game

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There is a daily stamina cap that you can refill with money, but this is a minor issue.

After many hours i didn’t find a single rare hero inside free chests, and i don’t think it’s possible. You can transform your common heroes in better random heroes for golds, or purchase them with currency you earn for free by playing, but the cost is high and you need the above said currency to upgrade your common heroes, or at some point you can’t really win against monsters that are higher than you. About this… i’d like to know where is the strategy, where is the timing, if you can’t win by interrupting monster skills. Everything seems more based on heroes level and rarity than your skill. It’s enough already if i say that bosses oneshot all my units with a single normal attack.

Real player with 97.0 hrs in game

Giants on Steam

MARVEL Puzzle Quest

MARVEL Puzzle Quest

If you like Match 3 games, you will adore this one! Marvel Puzzle Quest really is the best I have ever played. If you are not into Match 3, I think you should still give this one a try, as it might just change your mind.

While the micro-transactions do make for a pay-to-win situation, you can still get there through ordinary grinding.

Highly recommended.

Real player with 1493.2 hrs in game

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I’ve enjoyed this game and didn’t mind making in game purchases early on.

I had the account wiped after a patch once. I contacted customer service about it and they fixed it in 1 day.

It always runs smoothly on my PC.

I guess it is slow at first but after 2 years, I’ve got a great roster and many of my heros are maxxed so I can play as long as I want and don’t ever see the need to make another in game purchase.

Real player with 993.2 hrs in game

MARVEL Puzzle Quest on Steam