Rocket Boots Mania

Rocket Boots Mania

Ricky Runner is a fast paced precision platformer game, it’s one of the best platformer based game I ever played, I’ve put about 80h into this game even before the game was released into early access on steam, first thing first it’s now still an early access so not everything is in the game right now and I have to say that there is a lot of potential in this game, as right now this game is “just” about completing levels in best possible way to get highest amount of score to be 1st in the leaderboard.

Real player with 43.5 hrs in game

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First off: I’m a speedrunner, and I like ILs more than the average speedrunner, so the review may or may not help you if you’re in for a casual platformer experience, as I don’t have that perspective.

I like it; the gameplay is already good, and the game controls better than 95% of speedy games, at least in my opinion. The levels are very open - lots of paths to take, about 5-20 seconds long each, optimally (so far). Restarts are quick.

Currently, the game has online leaderboards for every level, where your high score is automatically submitted.

Real player with 41.9 hrs in game

Rocket Boots Mania on Steam

Airline Manager 4

Airline Manager 4

I am simply enjoying the game and the community on the in-game message boards, the planes in the game are flying in real time. After the tutorial period there was not much left then to let the game fly it’s course a few hours.

After returning to the game it was worth returning to once I saw the profit start growing, as I now send my planes out when ever i get the chance to check in, it’s straight-forward with no irritating in game pop ups or forced path, you manage your flights, buy sell and maintain the wear they gain from active use, you can buy and sell company stocks with other players, you can spend as little or as much time as you want, It’s a unique and fairly great game true to it’s design.

Real player with 277.1 hrs in game

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This game is not going to be for everyone.

1. It is slow. Your planes fly in real time, so, if, for example, you set up a four hour flight, it will take four hours to get there. If you’re in a rush, this game is not for you.

2. You have issues in the game you have to manage. Just like any real business. You need passengers, planes, fuel, staff, training…and YOU have to manage it. If you get audited, deal with it like any business, don’t expect the game to give you a cheat to get out of it. If you have to sell all, or most, of your fleet to deal with the financial fallout, then, that’s business.

Real player with 232.1 hrs in game

Airline Manager 4 on Steam

Freemium Way

Freemium Way

Freemium Way is an adventure game with tactical turn-based battles and sandbox elements. Find all pieces of the puzzle to identify why does Freemium come to the world of modern games and try to curb it. Make your own way.


  • Loot - A lot of items, materials, crafting, trading and upgrades.

  • Story - Multiple game locations with a story behind and puzzle mechanics.

  • Battles - It is not a yet another card game with decks, but it is turn-based, PvP and PvE.

  • Multiplayer - Ability to set up hints and traps for other players, compete or unite.

This is an indie game made by a small team and we hope you’ll like it.

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Freemium Way on Steam

Anarchy: Wolf’s law

Anarchy: Wolf’s law

Really good start, but needs a lot more input and very soon. Silenced rounds ripping into flesh - together with all round realistic sounds accompanied by eerie tunes. Excellent graphics, sound range of weapon upgrades and silencers but something like the M203 in addition, would be even better!!!! An LMG is already in place but could also do with something like an ACOG Scope. Or how about the GLOCK G44 which also uses 5.56mm rounds, which you could then twin with other 5.56mm rifles?

Really good start, but needs something else to happen, apart from pirates suddenly appearing in front of you and they have taken over the business without firing a shot????

Real player with 63.2 hrs in game

Disclaimer: This review will focus on ‘Single-Player’

Describing this game in one sentence would be: An extremely generic version of Tarkov.

There is only one map and on that map there are 7 “strong-holds” in the city, which you have to capture them, which is essentially how you will make the most money. Looting is suppose to be an important aspect of the game, but honestly, capturing the strong-holds, gives you an abundance of money, where looting simply becomes obsolete.

Speaking about obsolete looting. Once you’ve manage to capture all of the 7 strong-holds, well now my friends, you have the pleasure of continuing to “defend” them, because why yes, the AI can take them back. You will constantly, and I mean constantly get notified about one of your strong-holds being raided or taken over by the AI. Which essentially means, you don’t really have any time for looting, because while you’re looting, the AI could be taking one of your strong-holds.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Anarchy: Wolf's law on Steam

Torque Drift

Torque Drift

I’ve played this game since the release on mobile, and have put 70 hours into the PC version so far and I love it.

Sure it has it’s bugs, but remember it’s still being ported over from mobile and is still in early access. In my opinion, its one of the best/intricate drifting games on the market! Updates and patches are fairly often, and the dev team seem super responsive to problems and ideas that players have about the game.

The crates are a feature where in alot of games are a pay to win can still make you feel like youre getting robbed due to rarely getting anything good.

Real player with 130.3 hrs in game


Reviewing this game is kinda hard and reading the reviews most players have submitted is a little bit painful.


  • What is my take on this game?

Most users have rated it P2W /Pay to win/ and I can’t qualify it as such a game. If you build a car from stock you will get a better car that money can buy pretty fast and by fast I mean you get cash and billions /the paid currency/ very easily. They are several levels of parts that when averaged also set the level of your car / I call them common, rare, epic, legendary and custom/. “Pay to win” cars are always “Epic” with the exception of 2 cars. You can already see why the game in my eyes at least is not “P2W”. Those paid for with real money cars can also not be setup to you preference as it goes to height, camber, caster and so on. What you paid for that’s all you get.

Real player with 127.5 hrs in game

Torque Drift on Steam

my fluffy life

my fluffy life

Update 2 (Late Autumn Update) :

Gameplay : The gameplay has improved very much. The seasons make every season change exciting. The new minigame introduced where you collect apples, pumpkins, and hiney to make jam is an excellent game. It keeps my attention and the art design is gorgeous. The amount of teddycoins you make from that game is also reasonable in my opinion. The way the minigames themselves make you gain happiness as well as working towards another minigame is something I very much enjoy. Growing chamomile bushes and collecting honey is also very relaxing! One thing I think that could enhance the game play of the jam-making minigame in particular though is being able to make multiple jams at once. By this, I mean that I can stack layers of apples and honeycomb to make several apple jams, similar to how you can stack items in Minecraft in the crafting table to make multiple of the same object all at once. Of course this is just a suggestion and I respect the vision pooftie wishes to create, so if she does not want to do this for any reason, I am fine with that!

Real player with 64.2 hrs in game

este é o joguinho mais suave que já joguei .. ! ς꒰´ ˘ ' ς ⑅ ꒱ა ˒˒

é um adorável jogo projetado para interação e personalização .. os controles são fáceis e você pega o jeitinho do jogo muito rápido ♡ você pode enviar mensagens à outros jogadores, decorar sua casinha e seu meigo bichinho, e no final de um dia amável .. relaxar com as musiquinhas do jogo enquanto escreve em seu diariozinho ♡

me sinto com o coraçãozinho aquecido e completamente confortável enquanto exploro os cantinhos deste joguinho, e fortemente recomendo para quem deseja fazer amigos de uma maneira mais sutil ou está buscando um cantinho aconchegante para passar um tempinho .. ♡ ꒰ ᐟᐟ ´ ˘ ' ᐟᐟ ꒱

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

my fluffy life on Steam

Screeps: World

Screeps: World

I have played lots games over the years. have forgotten 95% of them, 4.9% of them i remember due to them being an excellent game and myself enjoying, Paradox games I love but don’t rate as in the top .1%. Only a very rare game has me remembering epic or defining moments that really set that game apart for me. EvE online is one, for creating a sandbox of such freedom, politics, warfare, resource gathering, trade, which all helps to create proper player driven stories.

The other is Screeps….which has given me my most proud moments in any game i have played. The games are of course markedly different but also surprisingly similar. Screeps like EvE has trade, crafting, factories, land ownership, politics/alliances, resource gathering, warfare, but ants instead of ships and where in EvE when u get killed you take a big loss, in Screeps it can mean game over, time to respawn from scratch……again.

Real player with 3117.3 hrs in game

Note: I am not associated with the developers in any way, I’ve just been playing a lot recently.

Screeps is a game for programmers.

But it is possible for someone without any previous programming experience to learn it with enough dedication, though I recommend at least learning some basics of programming/JavaScript from somewhere like codecademy first. And try the free tutorial before you buy the game (I am still running code that started out based on the tutorial code, 2 months later).

The game has deceptively simple visuals, but a lot of increasingly complex systems that you gain access to as you progress within the game, providing interesting challenges for your programming ability. How complex it ends up getting depends in part on how much of it you end up wanting to automate. Pretty much anything you can do, you can get your code to do for you.

Real player with 2606.2 hrs in game

Screeps: World on Steam

Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing

Ok, as a mature gamer and a UK course fisherman, i was intrigued the moment i saw this title. Mainly because it wasnt based on lure fishing for bass, which it seems 99% of fishing games are. The first thing that struck me on playing it was the beautifull training lake, it was a while before i even cast a rod out as i was strolling round the lake in awe of the lush scenery. I struggled a bit at first with the fishing mechanics, but soon got used to it, and with practice it became very natural and pretty dam realistic. Im so glad i stuck with it for a couple of hours and got to grips with the controls, because now after several updates and much practice i am enjoying this game more than ever and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Real player with 164.7 hrs in game

Another much looked forward too title that sadly missed the mark. A lot of apologies for not keeping the community up to date and the threadbare team that has 3 platforms to work across. My heart bleeds. ( Don’t bite off more than you can chew). It is a very basic game with a casting the tackle to the water module that you would need a university degree to understand what the hell posessed them to make it so difficult.

The idea of hooking a fish no matter what size it is and watching it fall asleep half way across the lake also nulifies any reality as does the use of bubble Icons to tell you what the lake bed looks like,that you actually have a fish on the line!(err my rods bent and a fish is taking line I think I grasped the point I have hooked a fish). Casting your bait too a spot you want it to be at and then watch the bait move all on its own from 30 yards to under your feet or the line just suddenly goes slack.

Real player with 93.7 hrs in game

Euro Fishing on Steam

GUILT: The Deathless

GUILT: The Deathless


  • Guilt is a roguelike action-RPG adventure set in a persistent world all players affect

  • Unlock shortcuts, share loot and build altars – to help (or hinder) others

  • Explore a non-linear world map and procedurally-generated levels, across multiple twisted landscapes

  • Unravel a dark fantasy tale inspired by Slavic folklore

  • Tread carefully: your character can die permanently, but the impact you and other players make on the world will remain

BEG FOR FORGIVENESS: Challenging freeform combat

  • Brutal but balanced real-time combat that will put your skills to the test

  • Slice, dodge and manage stamina as you slay foes small and large

  • Equip your character with an endless array of powerful weapons, armors, spells and enchantments

  • Beware your Guilt: certain actions may lead to dire – or lucrative – consequences

SHARE THE REALM: A lonely path – not a lonely world

  • Your journey is solitary and unique – but the world is shared with other players

  • Contribute to – or steal from – world-changing projects with others

  • Uncover signs of others’ passing: loot, corpses, constructions…

  • Hunt for your own corpse from past lives – but make haste, or others will beat you to it

  • Traverse varied territories, from a sea of shipwrecks to an underground library

WALK THE TRAIL: A dark and violent tale

  • A rich fantasy adventure through a dark and twisted world inspired by Slavic folklore

  • After a world-ruining disaster, the great sorcerer Koschei locks you into a dark pact to save the realm. Will you heed his every command?

  • Encounter twisted, enigmatic characters who might enrich you – or ruin you – on your journey

GUILT: The Deathless on Steam

Therian Saga

Therian Saga

This game is superb! For some people. I’m one of those people. Besides that:

Every aspiring game developer should play this game. The core “level” concept could be dropped into any modern game to make it much, much better.

Here’s the concept: you have character skill, a companion (with their own skill level), a tool (with a skill bonus/level), and a location (that may offer a bonus). To calculate your effective skill, rank these from best to worst. The best one contributes 40% of its value to your effective skill, the second-best adds 30%, third 20%, worst 10%. Add those products, add any magical bonuses, and that’s your effective skill that determines which things you can do. I might be a novice at woodcutting, but with a skilled companion, the best Woodcutting Ax I can use (my level +15), and a good building, I can cut a mid-level tree and my chances of gaining a skill after each action is very good.

Real player with 5437.1 hrs in game

This is not an action game. I greatly recommend it as fun little thing to have on the side, but which does not claim too much of your attention. Years ago when I was studying I used to run the game in the background, checking in every 30 minutes or so to see what progress had been made and if there was something more I could queue up. It’s essentially The Sims of fantasy RPG games in that regard - you manage your character but they can carry out their tasks without your presence.

Now that I have a job and a time-consuming household to take care of, I feel like it will be fun to have this game once again going in the background of my evenings, it’s nice with games where I can progress on quests simultaneously as I’m off to progress in real life.

Real player with 841.8 hrs in game

Therian Saga on Steam