Codename: Terranova

Codename: Terranova

This game is such a hidden gem. I’m not sure what I expected when I paid $24 on an early-access co-op indie puzzle game, and to be honest I was worried it wouldn’t be any good. However, my buddy and I (who usually do such puzzle games together) were VERY pleasantly surprised. It almost felt like “We Were Here” in a way. One player is the Agent, and they’re the player that is required to buy the game. Their role is to move through the train room-by-room and solve puzzles given to them by the Operator, who doesn’t actually need to buy the game, as they use a web application with all the answers. I guess it’s also somewhat similar to “Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes” in that respect. My friend and I haven’t had a chance to finish the game yet, but we’ve both purchased the game and enjoy alternating back and forth between Agent and Operator.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

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This game is a lot like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, but the Operator (the one that isn’t moving around) is able to interact far more with the environment.

For being early access, I feel it’s quite polished in regards to visuals. No texture glitches seen while playing, no physics oddities, very smooth framerate.

In terms of story, I think there’s an overarching story told through the pre-level ‘briefings.’ The story however, seems somewhat fragmented and kind of hard to follow. Certain briefings seem contradictory to later briefings.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Codename: Terranova on Steam

Dominus - Multiplayer Sim Turn Based Strategy

Dominus - Multiplayer Sim Turn Based Strategy

Dominus: collect technologies, troops, and heroes with unique abilities as you build up a powerful tribal civilization and out-think your opponents in 4 player simultaneous-turn-based battles.

  • Simple and quick to learn, even if you have no experience in turn-based games

  • Set in a lush fantasy world of floating islands, savage tribes and raw elemental magic

  • You are the warlord of a tribe bent on survival, expansion and ultimate domination

Revolutionary Simultaneous-turns system:

  • All players plan their actions at the same time

  • Then watch the results unfold in a cinematic action scene

  • Skillful play is about predicting enemy moves and actions

  • This leads to a lot of suspense, crazy bluffing and mind games!

  • Also makes combat highly skill-based and tactical, without being overly complex

We’re currently in beta, keep track of us on Discord and be the first to find out the exciting features we have planned- taking this insanely fun core gameplay and transforming it into a huge multiplayer world of clans, empires and adventure!

We’re racing to deliver the game on steam as quickly as we can, don’t forget to add us to your wishlist to stay updated!

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Dominus - Multiplayer Sim Turn Based Strategy on Steam

Monstrum 2

Monstrum 2

Monstrum 2 is a 4v1 multiplayer only horror game where you either play as one of (currently) 3 monsters and hunt down prisoners or one of a bunch of prisoners that has to survive on a randomly generated sea fortress. The goal of the prisoners is to activate fuseboxes which need puzzles completed to be activated. Some need items, some a code, some need keycards or are blocked by something that you need to destroy or push/pull. After that they need to repair their escape vehicle, either submarine or helicopter, and then reach them before getting caught by the monster.

Real player with 171.9 hrs in game

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TL;DR at bottom.

I cannot in good faith recommend Monstrum 2 at this time. As much as I want to give this game a positive review, there are simply too many glaring issues to warrant recommending the game in it’s current state. If you read some of the other reviews and feedback people have given, you can get a good idea of what it’s like to play right now and admittedly, while I do occasionally have some fun with the game, I find myself quickly losing interest and becoming frustrated.

If you get past the fact that you are going to have to ask others in the JunkFish discord to even find enough players to play a game, you are quickly going to realise that the balance between the prisoners trying to escape and the monsters hunting you down, pretty much doesn’t exist. If the monster even has a slight idea of what they are doing, in most runs, unless the prisoners are equally as good, if not better, you are going to get absolutely destroyed. Combine this with the fact that there are still so many bugs (especially with the audio) that have existed since the launch of Early Access, you are going to have to do everything your power to convince yourself that this is a good experience.

Real player with 58.6 hrs in game

Monstrum 2 on Steam

Secrets of a Campfire

Secrets of a Campfire

Secrets of a Campfire is a peaceful atmospheric experience set in a camping environment that players can jump into to chill and relieve their stresses.

Immersive experience

  • Explore the stunning photo-realistic environment in an immersive day-night cycle.

  • Enjoy the sightseeing of nature on foot or in a rowing boat.

  • Relax with the acoustic soundtracks and physics based sound effects of the lake, campfire cracking, waterfalls and ambiance.

If you’re ready to talk about it

Light the campfire and write about your secret. Whatever it’s, just let it out.

If you’re not ready to share it yet, burn the letter in the campfire. However, there’re people on the other side exactly in your shoes so they’ll care about you no matter what. So, when you’re done, fold that paper, put it in a bottle and send it to the water.

It’s the little things

  • Read other players' letters and show compassion by lighting sky lanterns in their worlds

  • Kick back and stargaze anywhere in the camp.

Secrets of a Campfire on Steam

Axis & Allies 1942 Online

Axis & Allies 1942 Online

No game has made me hate my friends more……………love it

Real player with 300.4 hrs in game

Whether it’s nostalgia for the board game, general interest in WWII history, or mere affection for turn based strategy games, you’re going to fall into both love and addiction with Axis & Allies 1942 Online.

Real player with 44.7 hrs in game

Axis & Allies 1942 Online on Steam

Police Sentri

Police Sentri

This should be has been released as an ‘Early Access’ title.

It has potential, it was fun and all but it contains way too many bugs.

The developers seems to be actively updating the game, thus, I recommend it.

Real player with 179.7 hrs in game

Still too many bugs,

but the game itself are quite good for killing time.

just need to fix the bug and add few features.

Hope that the game dev didnt just create the game and dump it right away.

Its pretty sad when trusted brand like TODAK make a game like this,then they didnt pay attention at all about the game.

P.S. :If game dev didnt want to fix the game bug,just sell the game to me,i’ll make it known worldwide.

Real player with 62.3 hrs in game

Police Sentri on Steam



I’ve logged 30+ hours already and I’ve read many of the other reviews, and the negative ones fail to take into account several things.

First off, this game just launched and they are constantly fixing issues and deploying them. Yes the issues have caused frustration. However, they have solved several so far, including the “standing still” glitch and infinite loading screens. And there are more fixes on the way. This is one of, if not the, best dev team in terms of their relationship with the community, willingness to listen to suggestions, and also fix things in a timely manner. Huge positives.

Real player with 85.7 hrs in game

I of course made a video review of this game which can be found here:

If you don’t want to watch the video, and would rather read the script, ill just leave it here:

What is up ladies and gentlemen bois and girls, it’s your host Zulo back with another vid, today we will be reviewing Mirador, without further ado lets jump right in

Mirador is a hack-and-slash adventure game in which you can play solo or in a duo squad, and you will face challenging player-created boss fights!

Real player with 48.6 hrs in game

Mirador on Steam



JAM GODS is an immersive extreme basketball experience. Become a basketball phenom that can drain deep threes and dunk from anywhere, all in VR or desktop! Single player campaign, local multiplayer, and full online support coming soon… it’s time to become a JAM GOD!

JAM GODS on Steam

Streamer Dancefloor

Streamer Dancefloor

This is so cool and I still haven’t scratched the surface of fully utilizing it. I was lucky enough to be part of the beta and it’s been a staple part of my stream ever since. All of the avatars, dances, animations and effects for donations and bits gives a whole new incentive for interactivity for my viewers. Along with multiple saveable camera angles, the ability to green screen it and customizing your backgrounds with jpg or video keeps things from looking static. Diverse with customizable entrance/exit points, easily edit where people dance. The integration with Twitch and Streamlabs is quick and easy and I’ve yet to run into any issues. The support for this has been amazing as well with fast updates and patches withing hours of reporting an issue, few as theres needed to be.

Real player with 230.6 hrs in game

Absolute must for any DJ/Musical Artist doing a livestream! Saw this on Stickybuds' stream and immediately bought to implement into mine. Crazy fun and boosts stream engagement tenfold. Also has a super easy to use interface and the application itself is highly customizeable. The dev also has a bunch of video tutorials on their website which make setting it up a breeze. 10/10 would hiiiiighly recommend!

Real player with 105.5 hrs in game

Streamer Dancefloor on Steam

Burn The Witch

Burn The Witch

Something about this concept appealed to me, and I took a gamble despite not really liking PvP games.

This is launch day, and there’s a lack of immediate players. I feel like Burn the Witch has been priced out of impulse buy range, and especially out of “buy a copy for a friend” range which would have benefited it hugely.

After a while I found a lobby with two other players, and it was a fun ten minute diversion. I’m not sure if the sense of paranoia causes people to just attack on sight, or if they just didn’t understand the objective. The game doesn’t seem to work well with small groups, since killing at random is a 50/50 chance of a win anyway.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Burn The Witch on Steam