World… It always holds secrets and discoveries that we will learn. A team of ordinary guys must fight against the mighty army of evil Lord Erlion, who is going to destroy the country of these brave heroes! Immerse yourself in a voxel 2.5 D world! Together with you, you will call your loyal friends who can protect you and your Homeland at the cost of their own lives. In battle, each team member reveals new abilities that they did not know about before! You will learn what incredible passive and active skills an archer, mage, and knight can learn! For each of them, you can play separately! You will need to develop your camp alone, or with friends online! Everyone will be able to develop individual abilities, and you also need to learn the unique style of the battle tower. For the tower, you will have three development branches available: defensive, attacking, and mixed. You will be able to develop individual characteristics of the tower. As the battle progresses, your scores will be updated on the leaderboard! You have to fight against a strategically developed enemy, so you need to awaken the same strategist in yourself! Each new wave will be stronger than the previous one! You will be able to keep a list of opponents, thanks to which you will know the weaknesses of each of them! Upgrade your tower, upgrade your heroes, upgrade your strategic points! Save the kingdom from defeat!

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PixKeeper on Steam



BEST THING EVER I ADORE THIS IDEA!!!!!! YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB!!! Creativity 100 and I am interested to see it evolve by the time!!! also very adorable! Great idea!

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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Dead project. Developers had a good concept in mind bud it’s been almost a year or so, and little to any functionality actually works.

Uploaded a .obj of Banjo (my thick lord) and couldn’t do anything except just stare at it in the editor lol.

Don’t waste the harddrive space. This honestly seems like a scam.

Discussions and reviews don’t show up or are locked as well.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Planet on Steam

Codename: Terranova

Codename: Terranova

This game is such a hidden gem. I’m not sure what I expected when I paid $24 on an early-access co-op indie puzzle game, and to be honest I was worried it wouldn’t be any good. However, my buddy and I (who usually do such puzzle games together) were VERY pleasantly surprised. It almost felt like “We Were Here” in a way. One player is the Agent, and they’re the player that is required to buy the game. Their role is to move through the train room-by-room and solve puzzles given to them by the Operator, who doesn’t actually need to buy the game, as they use a web application with all the answers. I guess it’s also somewhat similar to “Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes” in that respect. My friend and I haven’t had a chance to finish the game yet, but we’ve both purchased the game and enjoy alternating back and forth between Agent and Operator.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

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This game is a lot like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, but the Operator (the one that isn’t moving around) is able to interact far more with the environment.

For being early access, I feel it’s quite polished in regards to visuals. No texture glitches seen while playing, no physics oddities, very smooth framerate.

In terms of story, I think there’s an overarching story told through the pre-level ‘briefings.’ The story however, seems somewhat fragmented and kind of hard to follow. Certain briefings seem contradictory to later briefings.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Codename: Terranova on Steam

Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets

One more juice, one more squeeze, and before you know it you have 30 hours in this game and almost enough points to buy the poop hat. Did anyone else mention you get to put hats on your little animal friends? This game pogs me out of my gourd.

Now for the serious part.

Serious Review

This an an auto-battler, which means you draft a team of units with varied stats and abilities, and you get to arrange them in order. That is the full extent of your involvement. Once you have spent all your gold in a turn, you are matched against another player and the animals duke it out without further involvement on your part.

Real player with 287.8 hrs in game

it’s fun, it’s free, but while i would recommend it, i fear there is a heavily addicting element bc it’s super easy to get into, so having picked this up less than 24 hours ago, all my waking hours have essentially been while playing this game. This is not a good thing. (but the game is good, just be wary if you could get addicted to this) There is no monetary danger of addiction, which is a positive! There is DLC, but there is a filter such that F2Ps cannot play with P2Ws unless they change their settings.

Real player with 104.9 hrs in game

Super Auto Pets on Steam

Torque Drift

Torque Drift

I’ve played this game since the release on mobile, and have put 70 hours into the PC version so far and I love it.

Sure it has it’s bugs, but remember it’s still being ported over from mobile and is still in early access. In my opinion, its one of the best/intricate drifting games on the market! Updates and patches are fairly often, and the dev team seem super responsive to problems and ideas that players have about the game.

The crates are a feature where in alot of games are a pay to win can still make you feel like youre getting robbed due to rarely getting anything good.

Real player with 130.3 hrs in game


Reviewing this game is kinda hard and reading the reviews most players have submitted is a little bit painful.


  • What is my take on this game?

Most users have rated it P2W /Pay to win/ and I can’t qualify it as such a game. If you build a car from stock you will get a better car that money can buy pretty fast and by fast I mean you get cash and billions /the paid currency/ very easily. They are several levels of parts that when averaged also set the level of your car / I call them common, rare, epic, legendary and custom/. “Pay to win” cars are always “Epic” with the exception of 2 cars. You can already see why the game in my eyes at least is not “P2W”. Those paid for with real money cars can also not be setup to you preference as it goes to height, camber, caster and so on. What you paid for that’s all you get.

Real player with 127.5 hrs in game

Torque Drift on Steam

Dragon Castle: The Board Game

Dragon Castle: The Board Game

A very good adaptation of a board game. You pick tiles (in a way similar to mahjong solitaire) and place them on your own board to form sets of the same color (there are other elements, but I will not detail the rules here). The presentation is nice with a practical interface. The game has a good variability with different layouts and advanced features that can be mixed in different ways (new objectives and actions). The solo mode, against AI, is a good way to learn the game. The hard AI is correct, but not as good as an experimented human player and could be improved. The game works very well for local multiplayer (no hidden information) or for online multiplayer. The matches are not very long and the atmosphere is relaxing, so an excellent quiet strategy game to play for twenty minutes or for multiple matches.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Aesthetically pleasing, coincidental Mahjong solitaire with the added twist of building within limits, this game loses a bit without the kinetic tile movement but nothing is lost in terms of the tactics, art and concept of the board game. If you prefer a low conflict, Asian inspired game this is a winner.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Dragon Castle: The Board Game on Steam

Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown

Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown

The “Don’t Escape Trilogy” is a collection of three short first-person point-and-click adventures with static screens (no camera movement, no scrolling). The games share a creepy atmosphere and a few gameplay mechanics, but are otherwise unrelated. In the first game, you play a werewolf trying to lock himself away before a full-moon night, so that he won’t kill anyone when he turns. In the second game, you’re trying to barricade a house and protect yourself from a zombie horde. In the third game, you’re the only surviving crew member on a spaceship and need to stop “something” from getting out.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Even though the entire trilogy is available for free on Armor Games, I chose to purchase this game series on Steam because that’s how amazing ScriptWelder really is. The Deep Sleep and Don’t Escape series were some of the first PC games I ever played, and I have ScriptWelder to thank for making my early experiences so magical. I have followed each and every game you have published on AG, hunted down every achievement, set of choices, and walkthrough I could find… simply, because every single second I spent in any of your games was one of either awe, wonder, fear, or curiosity.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown on Steam



I bought into first access so I have been following and playing this game for a long time.

An interactive turn-based strategy board game. You play one on one vs a real or AI opponent. The entire map is fogged so you are unable to initially see what your opponent is doing. You start with a master thief. You use that thief to scout the map (remove the fog) and steal one of two resources (gold or lanterns) from buildings. Lanterns enable you to upgrade your thiefs abilities, with 3 talent trees to chose from, and unlock units. Gold allows you to purchase unlocked units. Units interact with the board in special ways to benefit you or hinder your opponent. There are special buildings on the map which once controlled, can generate resources, reduce unit costs and give other unit benefits. Ultimately the goal is to gain enough control of the board’s special buildings to amass enough resources to earn 5/6 victory points. Vicotry points can be bribes (purchased with lanterns), contract kills (NPC’s murdered by your master thief or another unit), blackmail (earned by gaining full control of a church (an aformentioned special building)), or through specialised map specific win conditions.

Real player with 274.3 hrs in game

I have over 100 hours played on Antihero so I feel like I am qualified to make a reasonably accurate reveiw on it. That being said I have never written a reveiw on Steam before so bare with me :)

I am seeing a lot of reveiws already that appear to have pretty much explained what Antihero is, but I have not seen to many go into depth on the Multiplayer which is the only real reason to come back to Antihero.

Therefore I am giving this a Negative reveiw honestly not becuase it particularly deserves a negative reveiw but becuase on the overall or “All Reveiws” it says very positive, which in my opnion is a misnomer, its a decent game, that I enjoy, however it only ever takes me a few games to remember what I hate about Antihero. The Luck. Although skill absolutley plays a part in Antihero it is not nearly as important as luck. Luck is 60% of your wins hands down if not more. 90% of every game hinges on luck, will you randomly get coins when you need coins and lanterns when you need lanterns… who knows? Will the opponent get all the buildings he needs right next to him… who knows? Will the thugs spawn and box you in or save your opponent… who knows?

Real player with 111.4 hrs in game

Antihero on Steam

Khet 2.0

Khet 2.0

As promessed, here is an update to my original review. The original is below.

The devs certainly do their best for us. Every bug or question has been answered and followed up and as far as I know, has been solved. The bugs that I have encountered seem to be fixed now.

So thumbs up for the developer!

Read my original message for the rest of the game:

This game certainly has its flaws, but it is a very nice game and its core usually works.

At this time of writing, I experience crashes every time I try to do a rematch. No problem, I go back to the main menu and start a new game. One time, I had a crash mid-game (and I think I was winning). Too bad.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

To summarize in few words - the game is a gorgeous mixture of Chess with Deflektor, taking the best ideas from both. ( (Btw. - does anyone know what the 2nd game is? ;-)

! a computer game for some 8bit machines from 80’s, you may find some free remakes in the net, eg. Deflektor X4)

Funs of lasers and even light sabres will realize soon that there is not much of an FPS here ;-) Just a ‘boring’, almost static board with some 2-colour pieces. And some rules that you have to read about - on how to play and win or lose…

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Khet 2.0 on Steam

my fluffy life

my fluffy life

Update 2 (Late Autumn Update) :

Gameplay : The gameplay has improved very much. The seasons make every season change exciting. The new minigame introduced where you collect apples, pumpkins, and hiney to make jam is an excellent game. It keeps my attention and the art design is gorgeous. The amount of teddycoins you make from that game is also reasonable in my opinion. The way the minigames themselves make you gain happiness as well as working towards another minigame is something I very much enjoy. Growing chamomile bushes and collecting honey is also very relaxing! One thing I think that could enhance the game play of the jam-making minigame in particular though is being able to make multiple jams at once. By this, I mean that I can stack layers of apples and honeycomb to make several apple jams, similar to how you can stack items in Minecraft in the crafting table to make multiple of the same object all at once. Of course this is just a suggestion and I respect the vision pooftie wishes to create, so if she does not want to do this for any reason, I am fine with that!

Real player with 64.2 hrs in game

este é o joguinho mais suave que já joguei .. ! ς꒰´ ˘ ' ς ⑅ ꒱ა ˒˒

é um adorável jogo projetado para interação e personalização .. os controles são fáceis e você pega o jeitinho do jogo muito rápido ♡ você pode enviar mensagens à outros jogadores, decorar sua casinha e seu meigo bichinho, e no final de um dia amável .. relaxar com as musiquinhas do jogo enquanto escreve em seu diariozinho ♡

me sinto com o coraçãozinho aquecido e completamente confortável enquanto exploro os cantinhos deste joguinho, e fortemente recomendo para quem deseja fazer amigos de uma maneira mais sutil ou está buscando um cantinho aconchegante para passar um tempinho .. ♡ ꒰ ᐟᐟ ´ ˘ ' ᐟᐟ ꒱

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

my fluffy life on Steam