Smithy Wars

Smithy Wars

Pretty good! The crafting is well thought and original. The enchanting cards really take me back to Legends of Mana

Real player with 174.2 hrs in game

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Fun little game if you like to watch auto-battles and try to figure out the best gear and setup to advance further.

The adventure mode is very bare-bone but the puzzles are interesting (although repetitive) and it is a good way to farm for gear and money, especially early in the game.

I got over 20 hours of fun until I felt I maxed out on gear and could not push further.

But the game just got an update with new, much more expensive gear that should allow me to push my champions a little further and squeeze more fun out of this game.

Real player with 24.9 hrs in game

Smithy Wars on Steam

Airline Manager 4

Airline Manager 4

I am simply enjoying the game and the community on the in-game message boards, the planes in the game are flying in real time. After the tutorial period there was not much left then to let the game fly it’s course a few hours.

After returning to the game it was worth returning to once I saw the profit start growing, as I now send my planes out when ever i get the chance to check in, it’s straight-forward with no irritating in game pop ups or forced path, you manage your flights, buy sell and maintain the wear they gain from active use, you can buy and sell company stocks with other players, you can spend as little or as much time as you want, It’s a unique and fairly great game true to it’s design.

Real player with 277.1 hrs in game

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This game is not going to be for everyone.

1. It is slow. Your planes fly in real time, so, if, for example, you set up a four hour flight, it will take four hours to get there. If you’re in a rush, this game is not for you.

2. You have issues in the game you have to manage. Just like any real business. You need passengers, planes, fuel, staff, training…and YOU have to manage it. If you get audited, deal with it like any business, don’t expect the game to give you a cheat to get out of it. If you have to sell all, or most, of your fleet to deal with the financial fallout, then, that’s business.

Real player with 232.1 hrs in game

Airline Manager 4 on Steam

Craftlands Workshoppe

Craftlands Workshoppe

Been playing this off and on since early access started and I’m gobsmacked by the negative reviews by people with very few hours played.

There is a TON of content, yes it’s a bit grindy to start with until you understand the mechanics with workers but there really is a lot of game here for the price.

Orig review below:

This is a delightful shop management game full of interesting mechanics and strong progress goals pushing you to become A Master Of All Crafts.

At present in EA I haven’t encountered any game breaking bugs and it feels like its 75% towards being an excellent time sink.

Real player with 94.6 hrs in game

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First Impressions - It’s fun but rough around the edges.

Craftlands Workshoppe dabbles in a bit of everything from gathering, crafting, consumables, trade, management, a semi-automated worker system, etc. There are a fair number of systems and game mechanics but, many feel hollow or half-finished at this stage in development. With that said, the current state of the game does show promise.


Not a whole lot is explained well and pacing really needs work to make progression flow better. Most of the crafting is progress bar/timer based while smithing features a horribly annoying minigame, which I found odd and out of place. I also think workers are overwhelming and introduced too early in the game, although, they are a time-saver as you progress and earn more cash. The big issue early on being they cost too much upfront to hire and in continual upkeep considering the starting profits. Lastly, gathering and crafting in general require an obscene amount of clicking which could be streamlined to prevent pointless time waste.

Real player with 41.0 hrs in game

Craftlands Workshoppe on Steam

Dr. Derk’s Mutant Battlegrounds

Dr. Derk’s Mutant Battlegrounds

If you have been intrigued by AI researchers showing AIs trained to overcome obstacles and fight, this game is made for you. Set up a training scenario and watch them learn by fighting hundreds of battles per minute. I often have it running in the background attempting to train some interesting behavior.

A bit early access feel at this point, but major bugs have been ironed out already by the responsive developer.

Real player with 174.0 hrs in game

In this game you get a dinusourodogomeow, a small pet to train, you train it badly to be agressive and kill other dinusourodogomeows or help your other dinusourodogomeows kill goups of dinusourodogomeows. or train it to be a traget in tranning for other dinusourodogomeows.

and they have actuall brain so they are alive.

GG iguana



EDIT: the developer stopped updating it, chacnged to negative because the game is dead

Real player with 91.8 hrs in game

Dr. Derk's Mutant Battlegrounds on Steam

Ozymandias: Bronze Age Empire Sim

Ozymandias: Bronze Age Empire Sim

If you’re interested in Ozymandias, please wishlist, follow us and download the demo! :)

At the dawn of history, Bronze Age kings built the first empires. Strategize their rise to power in a uniquely streamlined 4X.


  • Focus on strategy over tactics, we’ve stripped the busywork out of 4X gameplay.

  • Combat abstracted via innovative Power system so you need only move armies and fleets.


  • 8 handmade maps charting Bronze Ages around the world, empires in real-world locations.

  • Empires are tagged from ‘Easy’ to ‘Very Hard’ to reflect their unique challenges.


  • Data-driven AI system, flexible enough to succeed in any environment.

  • Streamlined ruleset is inherently AI-friendly so no ‘AI cheating’ required.


  • Players take their turns simultaneously so there’s no waiting around.

  • Choose to play ‘live’ (short turn timers) or ‘asynchronous’ (long game timers).

Ozymandias: Bronze Age Empire Sim on Steam

Frozen Synapse 2

Frozen Synapse 2

Here, look at this:

You’ll want to avoid buying this, even on a sale. This game is still in an unpolished, Early Access state with frequent crashing and general problems, but none of it will be fixed because the game has been abandoned, and has remained such for a couple of years now. Dead in the water, as it were. The last update came in sometime in December, 2018. They abandoned it three months or so after the initial release.

There’s the big ‘ol Steam Summer Sale going on right now and Frozen Synapse 2 is only up for -30% off, when it really should be -50% off at all times and probably at least -75% off during sales at this point, then it might be worth people buying it! Anyway..

Real player with 96.9 hrs in game


Not recommended as of 2018, it’s still to this day in early access state. Read section “Catastrophic release” to know more. Come back in mid-2019, the game will be enjoyable by then.

Frozen Synapse 2

Frozen Synapse 2 is a straight upgrade of FS 1

It takes everything from FS1 and its DLC (named ‘Red’) and improves it.

Those familiar with FS1: ‘Red’ will be able to experience a non-bugged ‘move and shoot’ orders, focus aim, shield units, directly in FS2.

What is ‘Simultaneous Turn’ based gameplay?

Real player with 66.3 hrs in game

Frozen Synapse 2 on Steam

Screeps: Arena

Screeps: Arena

Screeps: Arena is an online RTS PvP-only game. Your script fights other players’ script autonomously in a match-based arena environment.


  • All aspects of an RTS game: gathering resources, base building, creating and upgrading units.

  • You don’t control your units directly, you play by writing full-fledged JavaScript that runs on game servers.

  • Other languages are supported via WebAssembly : C/C++, Rust, TypeScript, Go, C#, F#, Kotlin, Swift, D, Pascal, Zig, the list is growing.

  • Your code is executed autonomously while fighting other players' code during series of short fast-paced 1x1 matchups.

  • The system will match equal opponents based on your arena rating that changes with every rating game.

  • Different “arenas” (multiplayer game modes) each with its own rules set and goals covering many aspects of a strategy game.

  • Only basic programming skills are required. However, if you are a pro developer, now is the chance to put your skills to the limit!

  • We will introduce new arenas every season so that you always have to write new code for different challenges.

  • Play with friends and design your own challenges and arenas.

Screeps: Arena on Steam

Dev Inc

Dev Inc

My Character is Zee, i have made it to 100mil + and love the game. I would like to see more upgrades past 2060 and a possibility of multiple teams that can make multiple games at once.


Real player with 33.8 hrs in game

this game has a very good idea but there are too many bugs that make the game unplayable like when you get to around 2010 every time you try to make a new game engine literally thye last week the game will freeze and youll loss the money the engine and time and dont waste your time going to the discord because its dead the dev seamed really positive about the game but i wouldnt get it right now there are just too mant bugs

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

Dev Inc on Steam

Brass: Birmingham

Brass: Birmingham

I love Brass Birmingham (The Boardgame) and reviewing an Early Access game is somewhat unfair - I based my review on both that it is Early Access and the actual gameplay experience.

1. The AI gameplay is rubbish right now and is far from developed - far too easy (even on the expert level) and predictable - Maybe it is good for beginners to learn the mechanics of the game (I can’t really know since i’ve played 20 + times)

2. The Tutorial was good for an intermediate player that has’nt played for a while but for a total beginner I would draw the conclusion that it is far from enough to actually get to know the game.

Real player with 30.5 hrs in game

Most reviews here seem to be written for single games.

Below are the questions my friend and I asked when we tried to play an online game last night, in chronological order.

Why do you have to sign up for an account for Brass when you already have a Steam account?

Why doesn’t the tab button on my keyboard work as usual when signing up?

Why is there no option to invite your friends, instead they would have to scroll through all available games, to find the name of your game? (good luck if you use the default name Brass)

Real player with 19.0 hrs in game

Brass: Birmingham on Steam

Football Club Simulator - FCS #21

Football Club Simulator - FCS #21

The game looks nice, it is a game which shows the football simulation witha a personal touch. It’s certainly has some bugs and that can disturb when playing. But it looks thaht they are solving and fixing the bugs.

Also, it’s another philosophy of the game and you see a tendency to set the guidelines themselves and create a model of game that is enjoyable and entertaining.

My opinion is that this game is seen potential and can become a very good game. We have to see the evolution of the game, that have a lot of work.

Real player with 119.2 hrs in game

Verdict: 7/10

If you find it interesting to start with a very low grade team, and improve its economics and quality through time, this is the game for you.

PrivateJoh’s personal views:

Disclaimer: I am actually reusing a review of a game that has disappeared from Steam Store, which funnily enough is this one with a different name.

Manage your favorite football club, or just raise a small local club to dominate Champions League.

First of all, I have been a fan since the early days where the game was delivered in two 3.5 disks, so my review is probably biased. I should also say that I never play the matches, since the simulation part is what really attracts me. So, I cannot really comment on the arcade part of the game.

Real player with 39.4 hrs in game

Football Club Simulator - FCS #21 on Steam