Dragon Castle: The Board Game

Dragon Castle: The Board Game

A very good adaptation of a board game. You pick tiles (in a way similar to mahjong solitaire) and place them on your own board to form sets of the same color (there are other elements, but I will not detail the rules here). The presentation is nice with a practical interface. The game has a good variability with different layouts and advanced features that can be mixed in different ways (new objectives and actions). The solo mode, against AI, is a good way to learn the game. The hard AI is correct, but not as good as an experimented human player and could be improved. The game works very well for local multiplayer (no hidden information) or for online multiplayer. The matches are not very long and the atmosphere is relaxing, so an excellent quiet strategy game to play for twenty minutes or for multiple matches.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Aesthetically pleasing, coincidental Mahjong solitaire with the added twist of building within limits, this game loses a bit without the kinetic tile movement but nothing is lost in terms of the tactics, art and concept of the board game. If you prefer a low conflict, Asian inspired game this is a winner.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Dragon Castle: The Board Game on Steam



This game the most fun I can find these days (coming from an experienced hobby chess player). Different rules and game types are available for the ancient Hnefatafl game that was played in the viking area before the advent of chess. Hnefatafl is an unbalanced game where the strategy for each side is very different. One side plays the defender and must escape with the king while the attackers rush to capture him. Because of this unbalance in the rules the computers are still no match for decent human players. Try for example the mode legacy berserk and you will find yourself at the top of the food chain in no time. The number of possible moves to play increases faster than in e.g. chess and go, making it hard to calculate and predict far ahead, especially for the larger boards. Because of this complexity and the unbalance in the rules it will take time for the computers to play well leaving the arena for us humans to compete using intuition to guide us. Maybe you have what it takes to come up with a new way to play and beat the current top ranked players?

Real player with 912.2 hrs in game

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This appears to offer everything you need if you are interested in this ancient game, including all the main variants, the ability to customise the game and rules and create your own variants. online play, synchronization with with the mobile phone version, decent graphics and interface, graphical mods, and great developers who listen to feedback and strive to keep improving the game.

I suggested an interface/display change to make the game look better on my monitor and screen resolution, and with a day or two an update was released with the idea implemented. Fantastic!

Real player with 117.4 hrs in game

Hnefatafl on Steam

Mass Exodus Redux

Mass Exodus Redux

5/5 - Value

price to hours spent ($14.99/14 Hours)

3/5 - First Time in VR

The “dollhouse” feel of being in VR surrounded by lots of little guys is VERY cool, and actually rather ideal for new players (playing with small bits and bobs is instinctual from childhood). The way you actually grab and use stuff is a little frustrating though, and there is a lot going on in the menus on the controllers that can make them rather intimidating to new users. These issues are there for game balance though - the best part about this game is playing it in a living room with other people. Easily one of the best VR party games around.

Real player with 22.7 hrs in game

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When new VR games come out the phrase “must have” gets tossed around from time to time, but hear me out; if you have friends that come over to play VR, if you loved Panoptic but felt like it was lacking depth in it’s game mechanics, if you love the kind of games that always end with someone saying “AHH! One more! Let’s play one more!”, then this is a MUST HAVE for you!!

The game is a 1v1, Vive vs PC local multiplayer (with online multiplayer coming down the road) game. As the PC player you must turn off 4 generators. As the Vive player you must STOP the PC player from accomplishing this. Luckily for the PC player you easily blend in with the hundreds of other andriods that look just like you. The Vive player has some tricks up his sleeve to find the PC player in the form of three abilities; Freeze (freezes all andriods EXCEPT the player, so while everyone is frozen be searching for the one android who is still moving), radar (your controller will vibrate more intensely the closer your hand is to the PC player), and barrier (which puts a barrier around the generators preventing the PC player from turning them off for a few moments). The PC player also has three abilities; Blind (which blinds the Vive player for 10 seconds), invisibility (turn invisable for 6 seconds), and false alarm (trick the Vive player into thinking one of the generators has been shut down).

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

Mass Exodus Redux on Steam



I bought into first access so I have been following and playing this game for a long time.

An interactive turn-based strategy board game. You play one on one vs a real or AI opponent. The entire map is fogged so you are unable to initially see what your opponent is doing. You start with a master thief. You use that thief to scout the map (remove the fog) and steal one of two resources (gold or lanterns) from buildings. Lanterns enable you to upgrade your thiefs abilities, with 3 talent trees to chose from, and unlock units. Gold allows you to purchase unlocked units. Units interact with the board in special ways to benefit you or hinder your opponent. There are special buildings on the map which once controlled, can generate resources, reduce unit costs and give other unit benefits. Ultimately the goal is to gain enough control of the board’s special buildings to amass enough resources to earn 5/6 victory points. Vicotry points can be bribes (purchased with lanterns), contract kills (NPC’s murdered by your master thief or another unit), blackmail (earned by gaining full control of a church (an aformentioned special building)), or through specialised map specific win conditions.

Real player with 274.3 hrs in game

I have over 100 hours played on Antihero so I feel like I am qualified to make a reasonably accurate reveiw on it. That being said I have never written a reveiw on Steam before so bare with me :)

I am seeing a lot of reveiws already that appear to have pretty much explained what Antihero is, but I have not seen to many go into depth on the Multiplayer which is the only real reason to come back to Antihero.

Therefore I am giving this a Negative reveiw honestly not becuase it particularly deserves a negative reveiw but becuase on the overall or “All Reveiws” it says very positive, which in my opnion is a misnomer, its a decent game, that I enjoy, however it only ever takes me a few games to remember what I hate about Antihero. The Luck. Although skill absolutley plays a part in Antihero it is not nearly as important as luck. Luck is 60% of your wins hands down if not more. 90% of every game hinges on luck, will you randomly get coins when you need coins and lanterns when you need lanterns… who knows? Will the opponent get all the buildings he needs right next to him… who knows? Will the thugs spawn and box you in or save your opponent… who knows?

Real player with 111.4 hrs in game

Antihero on Steam

Get Together: A Coop Adventure

Get Together: A Coop Adventure

At first, I was a bit hesitant due to the art style seeming a bit too ‘happy’ for my taste with the bunny-like characters, but don’t make the same mistake.

Grab a friend partial to puzzles and dive into an interestingly novel gaming adventure. You don’t even need an internet connection - the puzzles are designed so that either of you receives only half of the needed information and you’ll need to communicate in order to get the whole picture and find out what needs doing.

The biggest part of the fun stems from exactly this communication - your imagination running wild trying to describe the mysterious symbols you find on your way and finding out if you both are actually talking about the same thing. Abstract descriptions of geometrical forms suddenly turn into scales that somehow again turn into a mushroom. What bobbles do you want me to touch? Oh yeah, I’ll just stand near the elderly butt, no problem.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Played through this game with my 10 yr old daughter. Made for some great Daddy/Daughter gaming. It was fun, puzzles were challenging, but not too hard overall. Had to ask Mom for some outside input a coupe times, but we had a great time. Would definitely recommend.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Get Together: A Coop Adventure on Steam

Khet 2.0

Khet 2.0

As promessed, here is an update to my original review. The original is below.

The devs certainly do their best for us. Every bug or question has been answered and followed up and as far as I know, has been solved. The bugs that I have encountered seem to be fixed now.

So thumbs up for the developer!

Read my original message for the rest of the game:

This game certainly has its flaws, but it is a very nice game and its core usually works.

At this time of writing, I experience crashes every time I try to do a rematch. No problem, I go back to the main menu and start a new game. One time, I had a crash mid-game (and I think I was winning). Too bad.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

To summarize in few words - the game is a gorgeous mixture of Chess with Deflektor, taking the best ideas from both. ( (Btw. - does anyone know what the 2nd game is? ;-)

! a computer game for some 8bit machines from 80’s, you may find some free remakes in the net, eg. Deflektor X4)

Funs of lasers and even light sabres will realize soon that there is not much of an FPS here ;-) Just a ‘boring’, almost static board with some 2-colour pieces. And some rules that you have to read about - on how to play and win or lose…

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Khet 2.0 on Steam



For sure worth a try. A good example of a simple idea having surprising depth. Funnest time I’ve had losing every game.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Give it a try, it’s a really fun variant which combines Checkers and chess in a way I haven’t seen before. Easy rules, has a decent AI, and the price is A-OK for what you’re getting.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Chessers on Steam



  • From a quick look at the game, being a game developer myself, first of all I think the mechanics are really, really good for a game like this. They don’t look all that good at first glance, but are unbelievably fun to actually play.

  • I think that in a way the game feels a lot worse than it is because of the UI, and I think a reskin would really improve the feel of the gameplay in general.

  • An undo would be useful, but i think a confirm before moving might be a better option, especially as a small mistake can end the game. That way you get to see what will be caused by your actions.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

Fun game! As the other reviews say, it is comparable to a much simpler version of chess.

The AI (even on hard) is pretty easy, though, and the only option for online multiplayer is 24-hours per turn, which makes it difficult, since player on player games can easily last 20+ turns. I’d recommend at least trying this game (it’s free!) and it’s even better if you have a friend to play it with (as there is a hotseat option).

If there were online, 1 minute turns, (and maybe a ranked system at some point), I think this game could really take off.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Feud on Steam

Tsuro - The Game of The Path

Tsuro - The Game of The Path

It’s like a holiday for your mind…

It’s really is. As a visual art teacher and board-game enthusiast, I’d fall in love and buy Tsuro for mobile (my android phone) as well as Steam version. It’s the best purchase I ever had and felt with all digital-adaptation board-games or tabletop out there.

Honestly if the developer could even manage to put matchmaking without delay from other players (like online PVP) that would be much-much-much greater in the long run! Also if somehow we can customize our own ‘stones’ and change them with personal 3D characters or objects: it’s heaven sent.

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

Tsuro is a simple puzzle board game that is easy to learn but hard to master. Kind of like chess where you need to plan several moves in advance. The game consists of you picking a colored stone and drawing 3 tiles. These tiles have lines on them which your stone will follow along a path. Each player places a tile in front of their stone to move it in a certain direction. But be careful, other players can make your stone follow a path off the board if you are to close to their stone. There are a few different game modes you can play. Survival: be the last stone still on the board. Longest Path: travel the farthest distance by the end of the game. Most Loops: gain more loops than anyone else by crossing over your own path. Solo: this is just a relaxing mode to see how far and how long you can stay on the board. Bomb: This solo mode you need to make a path quickly because a fuse will try and catch up to your stone, getting faster as time goes on.

Real player with 21.9 hrs in game

Tsuro - The Game of The Path on Steam

Charterstone: Digital Edition

Charterstone: Digital Edition

Pretty darn nice implementation of the board game. I have played the campaign once in real life :) I have finished one campaign with this program against 5 AI opponents. My second campaign got really wonky screwing up rules and end of game choices. I think I might have hit some less major bugs in my first campaign, but I don’t know if I just wasn’t paying enough attention or wasn’t clear on various rules.

Sooo, It is good and it is fun. The developers are already patching the game that was obviously released a bit too soon. But they ARE patching.

Real player with 94.0 hrs in game

Halfway in the campaign. and while somethings are nice it is a mediocre worker placement game as you are building the worker placement yourself…

this happens by what is available to you and since you can’t choose specific buildings it is a hit or miss.

SO my main issue is that there isn’t a way to build your own custom map. Or at least i can’t find it. That would have been fun tinkering with it and see if you can outdo some of the maps allready in there. Can’t believe the bottom one was approved. that was just no fun. have to test the others.

Real player with 49.5 hrs in game

Charterstone: Digital Edition on Steam