Nice game, good idea and potential genre. It became a part of my screen now since you dont need to do anything during battles.

Real player with 163.3 hrs in game

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really great game and concept! I don’t play many games for nearly this long

I wish the progression was unlimited somehow though.. it seems lightning spam covers most top spots? I have one concept strategy that may work but I don’t think the math will add up properly to counter lightning in the end… unlimited progression would just mean that, it would take an exponential amount of time to counter meta strategies (i think?)… (maybe a constantly shifting meta?) just a thought though, it may be tough to implement

Real player with 98.0 hrs in game

Beastrun on Steam

Spies & Soldiers

Spies & Soldiers

Spies & Soldiers is a low fantasy strategy game with procedural content and simple mechanics, providing a hit of pure strategy gameplay without the overwhelming complexity often associated with the genre.

The game is a two-player, turn-based digital board game, based on simple mechanics from which complex strategies arise. Each match plays out across a uniquely generated world map, so every game is different.

Key features include:

  • Online head-to-head multiplayer.

  • Simple mechanics and complex strategies.

  • Fast-paced gameplay.

  • Simultaneous turns.

  • Procedural maps.

  • Single player skirmish mode.

Game Mechanics and Strategy

There are two primary systems: military strength and subterfuge. To grow an empire and win, players must carefully balance both elements. Because a fresh map is created for each game, players also need to adapt their strategies to each new world.

Military strength is represented by Soldiers. They are straightforward and effective, relying on strength of numbers, and are used to take control of the castles that are needed to win. Soldiers combine to form armies, and battles are won by the largest army in a region.

Subterfuge is the domain of Spies. They are more complex than Soldiers, dealing with hidden information, surprise and paranoia. Spies are used to take control of cities, which provide the action points needed to power all activities. They can also turn the tide of battle, assassinate other spies, sabotage castle defenses and more. A spy’s effectiveness is determined by its rank, with the most highly ranked spy in a region having the upper hand. Working from the shadows, spies are hidden and can only be seen by an enemy spy of superior rank.

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Spies & Soldiers on Steam

Epic Card Game

Epic Card Game

Extremely interesting gameplay, like a mix between Magic the Gathering and chess, that is, more thinky than MtG and more luck-based than chess. The game is a carbon copy of the physical card game with the same name: Epic Card Game.

The app is made by a small group of people, and it is not perfect by any means, but the gameplay is so rewarding that it is well worth it. I have played at least 1000 games during the alpha testing in the last couple of years, and I look forward to 1000 more.


-free to play

Real player with 4561.5 hrs in game

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The game itself is very good. I played with the physical cards before trying out the digital game, so I had some familiarity with the game to start.

There are some significant issues with the digital version. The most annoying of these has to be the time limits. Presumably, they exist so that players can’t just run the clock down when they get mad and lose. However, the time limits are prohibitively low. The first time I did a dark draft, I timed out on the drafting process. The first time I played constructed, I timed out during the game. I just timed out of another match that was pretty even and could have lasted a lot longer. This is coming from somebody who has played the game a fair amount. New players will probably find the time limits even more restrictive, and I can’t see them sticking with the game.

Real player with 56.7 hrs in game

Epic Card Game on Steam

Broken Dungeon

Broken Dungeon

i Really like this game, its def worth it for the game play and fast updates to feed back gameplay video at 60fps 1080

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

The game is set on a sturdy foundation but will need some time to smooth out the balancing. It took me a few minutes to get use to the Casual Mobs and they increasing got harder as the dungeon went on at a nice rate, but when i finally got to the boss i got my *** pushed in as a i was horded by mobs and the boss all at once. Ill give the fact i spent almost an hour in the Dungeon and the ‘Dungeon Master’ gets more resources as the time goes on; like the game states, “find a balance of exploration and speed”. The mobs became predictable and fairly easy to defeat without much threat of death, and expect it be similar to later Mobs. The map is extremely useful however there was a moment when the only unexplored area of the map was far beyond where i was currently at and the dread that i had to cross so far was demoralizing, whether that is a good sign or not is hard to tell. i wasn’t sure if i was upset i had to fight through more mobs or the fact i was so far from my goal with nothing more than a brisk walk and minor dash (perhaps a limited run or alternate form of movement not tied to combat). Over-all i rate the game a job well done and expect it to only get better. I will continue to play and hope to improve myself and get even further next time.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Broken Dungeon on Steam

Conquest of Elysium 5

Conquest of Elysium 5

Conquest of Elysium 5 is the next iteration of the past CoE games with more content, and with nearly the same (pixel art) graphics that were used in Civilization 2. They have gotten a little better over the years, but not much. If you played CoE4, there are three new factions, new modding tools, and new “Planes” within each map to conquer. The biggest difference for me from the previous version was not just that there was more to conquer though, it is that the “more” that exists is also now much more accessible. More on this below:

Real player with 193.4 hrs in game

I love this game, I never get tired of it. It strike the perfect balance between complexity and accessibility.

Real player with 167.9 hrs in game

Conquest of Elysium 5 on Steam



Hell Review

Published by Slitherine, its no surprise that Hell is a highly addictive turn-based strategy game that offers challenging gameplay for even the most battle-tested tacticians among us. Still, the game manages to offer an inviting platform for beginners, complete with a helpful tutorial and an in-depth game manual. Moreover, it is a “skirmish” style of strategic warfare, meaning that the game skips the often tedious and mind-boggling affairs found in grand strategy games and thrusts players right into the action. By doing so, the game is easier for newcomers to the genre to catch on and since combat is the central focal point, more effort and development has been put into the tactical aspect of it and the results are impressive.

Real player with 25.1 hrs in game

Story is cliche, and text certainly has its share of spelling errors, but it seemed simple to play and a fun way to pass time. Art is decent (kind of like Warcraft, cartoonish), and relatively easy to figure out. A manual would have been nice, but most nowadays don’t provide more than the basics anyway, certainly little in the way of tactics or strategy. Didn’t find a manual for this game, but didn’t find one, just tutorials. A couple other points: Your units gain experience and level up…but that doesn’t seem to carry over from one battle to another (you have to start from scratch each battle). Also, in the later battles you’re able to choose some of the units you can bring in with you, but your choice is quite limited. For example, in some battles you get longbowmen, but others only crossbowmen. Or if you get longbowmen, you can only take two perhaps. I’m guessing this is the way the game designers ensure the game stayed balanced.

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

Hell on Steam



Ive played this game for now 90hrs+ its not been too bad so far, some will enjoy it others will not. This game seems to be a spin off or a remake of the Gamevil & Singta colaboration of 2017. Giants War. Same characters same BGM. same play style, you might even say its a re-release.

Not a lot of active players in this game. i suspect the guys who maxed out are the devs playing the game. its heavily pay to win. or speed to the end of the content. im FTP myself and on zone 8. But u get kinda restricted with a limited amount of champions to send off on mission and carry on with the content.

Real player with 116.8 hrs in game

There is a daily stamina cap that you can refill with money, but this is a minor issue.

After many hours i didn’t find a single rare hero inside free chests, and i don’t think it’s possible. You can transform your common heroes in better random heroes for golds, or purchase them with currency you earn for free by playing, but the cost is high and you need the above said currency to upgrade your common heroes, or at some point you can’t really win against monsters that are higher than you. About this… i’d like to know where is the strategy, where is the timing, if you can’t win by interrupting monster skills. Everything seems more based on heroes level and rarity than your skill. It’s enough already if i say that bosses oneshot all my units with a single normal attack.

Real player with 97.0 hrs in game

Giants on Steam

Ascension: Deckbuilding Game

Ascension: Deckbuilding Game

TLDR; The game is well worth the $10 at full price, let alone sale price, even though there are a few minor inconveniences.

I’m a huge card game fan. Magic the Gathering, Dominion, Cards Against Humanity, etc. If it has cards, I generally love it. This game is no exception, and stands out in a couple ways over similair card based games that you can get on the PC. Compared to, oh say Magic the Gathering, the file size and resources required to run this game are miniscule. I often have my 12 gigs of ram stretched pretty thin, but never once has the game caused an issue with anything else running or been too much of a burden on system resources.

Real player with 500.9 hrs in game

My favorite deck-building game

Ascension is a very good video game adaptation of one of the best tabletop competitive deck-building games, Ascension: Chronicles of the Godslayer. One player (with AI players) to four players can play locally (hot seat) or online (you must register for a free Asmodee online account), which allows cross-platform play (between Steam and various smartphone implementations).

The game

You start with the now-standard deck-builder set-up - 10 cards - and you draw back up to five cards at the end of each turn. Cards in the base game can be heroes (played once and discarded), constructs (semi-permanent), and monsters (defeat for points). Heroes and constructs generate two of the resources in the game: Runes (money for purchasing cards) and/or Power (fighting strength). Defeated monsters award you Honor (victory) points. You play cards on your turn, which generate Runes and/or Power, and you spend those to acquire or defeat cards that have been dealt from the shuffled “Portal Deck.” In addition to the minimum-six cards in the Portal Deck, there are always at least three other cards available on the side: two inexpensive heroes to buy, and one monster to fight. Heroes and constructs are worth some amount of Honor, while defeating monsters draws Honor points from the Honor pool. The Honor pool works as a timer for the game: at the start of the game, Honor is placed in the pool, and the final round completes when the last Honor points are drawn from the pool. Then the value of the heroes and constructs is added to the Honor points, and the player with the highest total wins.

Real player with 405.7 hrs in game

Ascension: Deckbuilding Game on Steam

Mad Wild Fairy Tale

Mad Wild Fairy Tale

I invested already close to 30+ hours in this game. I was playing a beta version befor early access release.

This is surely RPG and Strategy but in a few ways it is almost a rogue like game.

Even if it has no common rogue like elements. WHAT???

The Thing is you reach “immortality” only under two different conditions: Character level 10 and Forest Heart (healthbar over 500). And as i said im 30+ hours in this game… still trying!

I would not recommend this game to player who wanna dive in for a few hours.. you will be probably on the same place like a few hours ago!

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

Information / Review English

Mad Wild Fairy Tale is an Action / Strategy game which was developed by Morozov Sergey and is still in the Early Access phase.

Gameplay / Story

A country is ruled by a merciful king, who stands up for his people and also stands behind it, what more do you want as a citizen. But now the king is death, murdered by an intrigue of the worst kind. A message rises, isn’t the king death at all? The king suddenly rose from the dead through an ancient power with the aim of revenge, which betrayed him and murdered him in cold blood. You take control of the undead king.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Mad Wild Fairy Tale on Steam

Chaos Reborn

Chaos Reborn

TL;DR: I enjoy this game immensely. This review summarizes some reasons why.

THE THEME: At the end of the 14th century, Earth shattered into innumerable fragments in a magic-instigated apocalypse. Powerful magic allows fragments of Earth to endure as habitable, island realms scattered between planes of existence. From a planet called Limbo, wizards and gods engage in eternal conflict over who controls the many, surviving realms of old Earth. Each realm holds the promise of ancient artifacts, lore, and power to fuel the ambitions of wizards and gods alike. It is a feudal, dystopic society of magic users.

Real player with 2074.1 hrs in game

Note: I deleted my old review because with so many updates since last Octobers release, it was simply too out of date to warrant an edit. So here is a new one, reviewing the game as of V1.10, released today!

Chaos Reborn is a hex based, turn based, card based strategy game where you are a wizard and you have to kill the other wizards. This is done by casting spells which can either summon creatures to attack other creatures and wizards, cast magic attack spells to kill almost anything, or create growth spells that hinders mobility. You’ll soon learn that different creatures have different strengths and weaknesses, far too many to list here but you’ll learn them.

Real player with 1186.0 hrs in game

Chaos Reborn on Steam