I bought into first access so I have been following and playing this game for a long time.

An interactive turn-based strategy board game. You play one on one vs a real or AI opponent. The entire map is fogged so you are unable to initially see what your opponent is doing. You start with a master thief. You use that thief to scout the map (remove the fog) and steal one of two resources (gold or lanterns) from buildings. Lanterns enable you to upgrade your thiefs abilities, with 3 talent trees to chose from, and unlock units. Gold allows you to purchase unlocked units. Units interact with the board in special ways to benefit you or hinder your opponent. There are special buildings on the map which once controlled, can generate resources, reduce unit costs and give other unit benefits. Ultimately the goal is to gain enough control of the board’s special buildings to amass enough resources to earn 5/6 victory points. Vicotry points can be bribes (purchased with lanterns), contract kills (NPC’s murdered by your master thief or another unit), blackmail (earned by gaining full control of a church (an aformentioned special building)), or through specialised map specific win conditions.

Real player with 274.3 hrs in game

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I have over 100 hours played on Antihero so I feel like I am qualified to make a reasonably accurate reveiw on it. That being said I have never written a reveiw on Steam before so bare with me :)

I am seeing a lot of reveiws already that appear to have pretty much explained what Antihero is, but I have not seen to many go into depth on the Multiplayer which is the only real reason to come back to Antihero.

Therefore I am giving this a Negative reveiw honestly not becuase it particularly deserves a negative reveiw but becuase on the overall or “All Reveiws” it says very positive, which in my opnion is a misnomer, its a decent game, that I enjoy, however it only ever takes me a few games to remember what I hate about Antihero. The Luck. Although skill absolutley plays a part in Antihero it is not nearly as important as luck. Luck is 60% of your wins hands down if not more. 90% of every game hinges on luck, will you randomly get coins when you need coins and lanterns when you need lanterns… who knows? Will the opponent get all the buildings he needs right next to him… who knows? Will the thugs spawn and box you in or save your opponent… who knows?

Real player with 111.4 hrs in game

Antihero on Steam