Spartan Firefight

Spartan Firefight

Really enjoyable 2d shooter. You are dropped in a small map and have to fight waves of aliens. There is also an ai deathmatch mode against space marines. Each weapon feels distinct and has a tactical purpose. Upgrade system and unlockables will have you coming back for more. Shooting is limited to high or low aiming. So use of the terrain and ducking is something you need to master. Music is good, but somewhat limited selection. Developer continues to support the game with updates. Would recommend.

Real player with 101.2 hrs in game

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Great game, only thing I dislike is that you can only have one linked account, I tried to have my Xbox connected to my game data on here, but that wouldn’t work due to the fact that I have already linked my phones game data, other than that it’s a great game.

Real player with 42.2 hrs in game

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