World… It always holds secrets and discoveries that we will learn. A team of ordinary guys must fight against the mighty army of evil Lord Erlion, who is going to destroy the country of these brave heroes! Immerse yourself in a voxel 2.5 D world! Together with you, you will call your loyal friends who can protect you and your Homeland at the cost of their own lives. In battle, each team member reveals new abilities that they did not know about before! You will learn what incredible passive and active skills an archer, mage, and knight can learn! For each of them, you can play separately! You will need to develop your camp alone, or with friends online! Everyone will be able to develop individual abilities, and you also need to learn the unique style of the battle tower. For the tower, you will have three development branches available: defensive, attacking, and mixed. You will be able to develop individual characteristics of the tower. As the battle progresses, your scores will be updated on the leaderboard! You have to fight against a strategically developed enemy, so you need to awaken the same strategist in yourself! Each new wave will be stronger than the previous one! You will be able to keep a list of opponents, thanks to which you will know the weaknesses of each of them! Upgrade your tower, upgrade your heroes, upgrade your strategic points! Save the kingdom from defeat!

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PixKeeper on Steam

Shooting Arena VR

Shooting Arena VR

I play tons of VR FPS games, and this one is great because of a leaderboard you must constantly go for, I love the game because of the adjustable barrel angle and fun levels. Although reloading is quite different, it honestly helps with practice getting your sights on the target quickly. Honestly I am a very picky person when it comes to VR shooting games and this is one of my favorites of all time, it’s got TONS of room for personal improvement and AMAZING arcade modes to really improve aim and speed. It can also be quite competitive for getting those leaderboards, something I looove.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

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i have played alot of shooting range games and this is by far the most fun yet.controls are tight and simple,no complicated reloading just put your arm down to your hip to reload.exactly the sort of arcade vr shooting range i wanted

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Shooting Arena VR on Steam



Robo-Worms is a fun PVP Battle Royale game to play with a group of friends. The PVP is intriguing and nothing like any Battle Royale game that I have played before. I’m excited to put some more time into this game and become more experienced in the unique PVP Robo-Worms provides.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

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NEVER GOT TO PLAY PLAIN SIGHT?.. WISH FOR Robots (2005 film) TYPE GAME? Play this, it is fast passed insane chaotic destruction power up pick ups you can use as fast as you want.

There is digging and you can put walls up too It gets intense VS another human. Add me & i will gift but u HAVE TO PROMSIE TO play atleast 1 round with me & my friends BECAUSE ITS SO FUN!!

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Robo-Worms on Steam

Beat Aim - Rhythm FPS Shooter

Beat Aim - Rhythm FPS Shooter

This is insane

So you have :

-Pretty much any music you want

-Actually good aim training (you can tweak pretty much everything to your liking)

-Public tournaments (Player, Mapper and Streamer) with actual prizes (Think first place is usually 30$ atm)

-High customization available, from maps to backgrounds and game modes (ye you can even move within the map or give heads to bots to practice your HSR hmm

-A user friendly interface that improves with every (frequent) update

-Insane community which actually has insane music tastes

Real player with 282.6 hrs in game

Beataim: clicking kovaaK’s 3D-shaped targets to the beat of any music

! even Hentai not that it’s fun that’s in an .mp3/ogg file.

∞possibilities of beatmaps

+Most innovative and unboring song unlocking system I’ve seen as of yet.

+It has japanese translation if you’re bored of seeing english

! weeb

+AI algorithm sufficient, just gotta know the generator +playtime required

+has people who mapped songs for you if you don’t want to (workshop)

Real player with 119.1 hrs in game

Beat Aim - Rhythm FPS Shooter on Steam