Yo Beat Arena is FUN!! It’s not perfect, but it’s a good time.

Character creation is just fine. Nothing groundbreaking, but your character will probably come out looking cool/cute unless you’re really trying to go nuts.

The music selection is okay. If you haven’t played BEMANI games before you might not recognize any of the music (and even if you have, you still probably won’t recognize half the music). If you play the game for a while the music should grow on you. I knew like 4 of the songs when I started playing but now I’m jamming to just about all of them. IDK if Konami’s gonna add more songs, but the game’s website says it’s planned.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

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Edit: They finally fixed the song menu so we can finally play the game and so I change my review to positive but you must know this, although the game is amazing at smashing the drum, I can’t say it’s good for the piano and the guitar. Their gameplay is awkward and bad especially guitar not only have bad gameplay but it grinds your ears when you miss the tempo. So I only recommend the game if you want to play the drum because they nailed that part also there aren’t very high difficulty songs even a scrub like me who has never played drum before mastered the current difficulty so beware of that.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game