Lucid Trips

Lucid Trips

Please note: I participated in the alpha/beta for this software. I have since purchased the commercial (Early Access) version on which I am basing my current review.

I’m playing this with a Vive; my PC specs are as follows: AMD FX-8350 @ 4.2GHz, 16GB DDR3, Strix GTX 1080, 250GB SSD, 750W PSU.

Lucid Trips is a very interesting program, one that I would hesitate to call a “game” for a number of reasons. To me, it is more of a low-gravity sandbox world where you can go anywhere you like, and there are numerous secret crannies to find and explore. Some game elements are included such as the ability to collect gems and certain types of powerups and abilities, but mostly, the game encourages you to lose yourself in the ethereal sights and sounds this world provides. Some limited direction is given to you before you’re unleashed on the gameworld, and by and large, you’re expected to kind of hammer out your own direction.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Perhaps the coolest, most unique, experiences you can have. This game isn’t for those who can get motion sick easily, however they do have comfort options which might help (I dont get motion sickness so I cant comment on that). There is nothing like smoking a bowl (or getting trippy) and loosing yourself in their beautiful world. At the current moment there is not much content in the game, they have 1 world to explore. They say they plan to add more as well as a level editor which will make this game an easy 10/10. Right now the game is pretty cheap and I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s something completely new and they nailed it. If you do drugs, get this game. If you dont, still get this game.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Lucid Trips on Steam

Get Together: A Coop Adventure

Get Together: A Coop Adventure

At first, I was a bit hesitant due to the art style seeming a bit too ‘happy’ for my taste with the bunny-like characters, but don’t make the same mistake.

Grab a friend partial to puzzles and dive into an interestingly novel gaming adventure. You don’t even need an internet connection - the puzzles are designed so that either of you receives only half of the needed information and you’ll need to communicate in order to get the whole picture and find out what needs doing.

The biggest part of the fun stems from exactly this communication - your imagination running wild trying to describe the mysterious symbols you find on your way and finding out if you both are actually talking about the same thing. Abstract descriptions of geometrical forms suddenly turn into scales that somehow again turn into a mushroom. What bobbles do you want me to touch? Oh yeah, I’ll just stand near the elderly butt, no problem.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

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Played through this game with my 10 yr old daughter. Made for some great Daddy/Daughter gaming. It was fun, puzzles were challenging, but not too hard overall. Had to ask Mom for some outside input a coupe times, but we had a great time. Would definitely recommend.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Get Together: A Coop Adventure on Steam

Black Box Map Maker

Black Box Map Maker

Are you ready to revolutionize your RPG campaigns by easily creating ultimate animated maps?

Black Box Map Maker is a high-quality AI-powered mapmaking tool developed through the latest gaming technology. Create amazing ultra-realistic animated maps with the largest variety of themes, scenarios, rooms, and digital props ever seen in the RPG universe. Use your PC or Mac to build your unique animated maps. Then, share, print, import to your favorite VTT, or mirror them to a smart TV. It is as much fun as playing your favorite video game!

* Real Image from Black Box Map Maker AI Software Build


Choose your map size and select your scenario from the largest variety of themes, rooms, and digital props ever seen in the RPG universe.

Then, Black Box Map Maker populates your rooms beautifully and fast.

* Real Image from Black Box Map Maker AI Software Build


Customize your RPG animated scenarios with the largest variety of high-quality ultra-realistic objects you have ever seen in your gamemaster life.

You can easily modify floors, walls, or any single object you want.

Add fantastic soundtrack and special effects such as animated animals, day-for-night, fog of war, line of sight, dynamic light, magic statues and portals, hidden traps, and skins, and many more.

Enjoy our own fantastic premium miniatures.

Interact with the environment for great immersion. Open and close doors and cabinets, turn lights on and off, enlarge, reduce, rotate, change colors, apply the laws of physics, replicate, and place objects anywhere on your map.

Your unique creation possibilities are limitless with Black Box Map Maker.

* Real Image from Black Box Map Maker AI Software Build


Inspire and be inspired by RPG fans around the globe!

You can easily create unique objects from your customizations and share your art pieces with the community.

Insert a lit torch in a portal, group them, and create a new object. Place a smokey cauldron in a column, group them, and create another new object. You can also group these two new objects and create a third one. Change their colors and sizes as many times as you want. Save and share with the community.

Caution: it is so much fun creating animated maps and scenarios with Black Box Map Maker that it is hard to stop!

* Real Image from Black Box Map Maker AI Software Build


Enjoy your amazing animated map creations in isometric, 3D first-person, 3D full (free view), and top view 2D perspectives.

* Real Image from Black Box Map Maker AI Software Build


Now that you have created the most amazing ultra-realistic animated maps, it is time to share, print, import to your favorite VTT or mirror them to a smart TV.

We promise you: to create your ultimate RPG maps and scenarios with Black Box Map Maker is as much fun as playing your favorite video game!

Black Box Map Maker on Steam



Doler is a maze game that resets every single day. You can read messages left from other players or read them on your own. I would suggest playing it at the same time as a friend for faster navigating. Or slower if you aim to be mean to one another. It’s dark but not very scary.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Definitely the best sokpop game I’ve played so far. This is an actual game. But I circumnavigated the maze and I don’t think the exit is along the perimeter, soooooo yeah I’m not looking in every nook and cranny.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Doler on Steam

Fog Factory - Game Maker

Fog Factory - Game Maker

I expected much more. This Game-Maker sadly suffers from a lack of ambition and creative thought. The UI design is lacking, the audio rarely works and the game is incredibly imbalanced. Hopefully in the future this can be improved, although that may take a lot of work.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Fog Factory - Game Maker on Steam

Mirror Layers

Mirror Layers

This game does more with the horror genre than just the standard “run/hide from the monster while solving mundane puzzles and piecing together a run-of-the-mill edgy backstory”, and I really appreciate that about it.

I really enjoyed this game a lot, and it was definitely worth the $20. However, it’s not flawless, so I’ll go over the pros and cons (focusing more on the pros to better paint the experience I had with this game).


  • Most of the puzzles leave you feeling satisfied. There are a few outliers (and I’ll go over those in the CONS section), but the vast majority of them get you thinking about them for a while, before fragmented pieces of information randomly piece together in your head, and you feel this appreciation for the ingenuity of the puzzle-design. Most of the times, all the hints are laid there before you, and there aren’t any red-herrings either. Unlike many riddle-based games, you don’t look back on the puzzle feeling cheated. Enigma 2 was a masterpiece in my opinion, and I’ve seen many other players share the same sentiment. As I’ve said though, there are some outliers.

Real player with 31.5 hrs in game

(Edit: please play the demo first, it’s standalone from the full game and got different content and puzzles! It’s got its own different experience you’ll love it!)

Playing the game on ps4 controller, thankfully consistent with character movements and item usage and only need to use the mouse for accessing the in-game pc and menu screen.

It’s so good and atmosphere is really scary and the things you find out about apartment 12…

The in-game social media has an interesting checkpoint system where you never see posts from people posting at a later segment in the game so no spoilers from other players who advanced further (there’s a report button if you do find spoilers, but atm, the community is very good at giving tips without giving away the answers)

Real player with 24.5 hrs in game

Mirror Layers on Steam

Magic Rampage

Magic Rampage

fun old school style game

Real player with 119.5 hrs in game

nice game to relax, adventure game that is simple and pleasant to play.

Real player with 99.7 hrs in game

Magic Rampage on Steam



Landing on mysterious planets, you have to quickly identify your location and find the best way to collect lost stars. Show your agility and strategy skills to accomplish your mission. Don’t panic, even when you face the unknown and its unexpected challenges. Then don’t forget to check your route review with players from all over the world and be the one who will save the universe!

Key features:

  • Discover unknown territories through original land navigation gameplay.

  • Explore 60+ levels in 5 unique environments.

  • Unlimited original hand drawn maps with regularly updated contents.

  • 3 exciting game modes adapted for different challenge-seekers.

  • Attractive cosmic soundtrack in late 60’s style tailored for each game level.

  • Engaging online community : ranking and replay analysis. Compare your route choices with players worldwide and improve your performances.


Well, it all begins with an unexpected “disaster” … All the stars are falling down from the sky. Is this the end of the world?

The youngest Nobel Prize winner Minna Vellamo is assigned with the mission of finding back lost stars. She chose to be accompanied by a robot named Harvey for him being a …robot. Little does she know, Harvey is the clumsiest and most talkative robot ever.

One day before departure, Minna was told that “Electric Eel” Janus White will also be joining the team. Being depressed for a very long time since retirement, the former footballer signed himself up to the project. He believed that this is the only opportunity to find back his old-day glory and to prove to the public that he is still a hero.

Will Janus achieve what he is looking for? Often described as bold, independent and determined, will Minna get along well with Janus?


Start a navigation adventure in space with only a map and a compass in hands. Whether you’re a curious traveler, a challenge-seeker or a speedrunner, there is always a game mode waiting for you in StarPicker.

3 game modes:

  • The Main Race mode is the most relaxing experience. You can be a traveler, embracing fantastic landscapes, gaining satisfaction in your map reading skills, meeting curious animals and uncovering the mysterious history on each planet.

  • In the Electric Eel mode : win the challenge with your impressive observation and incomparable precision. Fearless of taking risks even on unknown territories. It’s the perfect mode if you are looking for challenges without worrying about time.

  • Maybe you are an orienteer, a traceur or a speedrunner who “flies” in a complex environment! StarPicker’s Berserk mode suits you the best! Reveal stars one by one in a limited time, avoid obstacles by acting cool like a Light Speed Racer.

From novice to expert:

Adjust the game options to your capacities and improve your navigational skills.

Use compass and learn map reading with International Standard for Orienteering Maps.

StarPicker on Steam

The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince

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Meet a mix of fascinating parkour and classic platformer in a medieval setting.

  • Jump over the heads of diverse enemies.

  • Run on the walls, slide under the closing doors.

  • Solve puzzles, discover traps.

  • Use your sticky tongue to overcome obstacles at breakneck speed.

  • Visit each of the unique areas to beat the boss.

Go on an exciting adventure as the cursed prince - the frog prince. Break the evil spell and save your beloved from the slimy sorcerer.

The evil invader is very strong, and it will not be easy to defeat it. But you have a unique weapon at your disposal - a long sticky tongue. It will allow you to easily deal with hordes of enemies that got in your way. Activate mechanisms, move objects, open hidden passages, jump over wide ditches, climb inaccessible ledges, and generally have fun.

The Frog Prince on Steam

Therian Saga

Therian Saga

This game is superb! For some people. I’m one of those people. Besides that:

Every aspiring game developer should play this game. The core “level” concept could be dropped into any modern game to make it much, much better.

Here’s the concept: you have character skill, a companion (with their own skill level), a tool (with a skill bonus/level), and a location (that may offer a bonus). To calculate your effective skill, rank these from best to worst. The best one contributes 40% of its value to your effective skill, the second-best adds 30%, third 20%, worst 10%. Add those products, add any magical bonuses, and that’s your effective skill that determines which things you can do. I might be a novice at woodcutting, but with a skilled companion, the best Woodcutting Ax I can use (my level +15), and a good building, I can cut a mid-level tree and my chances of gaining a skill after each action is very good.

Real player with 5437.1 hrs in game

This is not an action game. I greatly recommend it as fun little thing to have on the side, but which does not claim too much of your attention. Years ago when I was studying I used to run the game in the background, checking in every 30 minutes or so to see what progress had been made and if there was something more I could queue up. It’s essentially The Sims of fantasy RPG games in that regard - you manage your character but they can carry out their tasks without your presence.

Now that I have a job and a time-consuming household to take care of, I feel like it will be fun to have this game once again going in the background of my evenings, it’s nice with games where I can progress on quests simultaneously as I’m off to progress in real life.

Real player with 841.8 hrs in game

Therian Saga on Steam