The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince

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Meet a mix of fascinating parkour and classic platformer in a medieval setting.

  • Jump over the heads of diverse enemies.

  • Run on the walls, slide under the closing doors.

  • Solve puzzles, discover traps.

  • Use your sticky tongue to overcome obstacles at breakneck speed.

  • Visit each of the unique areas to beat the boss.

Go on an exciting adventure as the cursed prince - the frog prince. Break the evil spell and save your beloved from the slimy sorcerer.

The evil invader is very strong, and it will not be easy to defeat it. But you have a unique weapon at your disposal - a long sticky tongue. It will allow you to easily deal with hordes of enemies that got in your way. Activate mechanisms, move objects, open hidden passages, jump over wide ditches, climb inaccessible ledges, and generally have fun.

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The Frog Prince on Steam

The Neon Mate

The Neon Mate

Me ha gustado mucho, sobre todo por que tiene la dificultad correcta. Te deja con ganas de jugar de nuevo para superarte a ti mismo y avanzar un planeta mas. La música acompaña muy bien y es muy cómodo de jugar con una sola mano y el ratón. Y todo esto sin aun haber desbloqueado nada como por ejemplo los skins que me imagino sera un motivo mas para seguir echándole horas.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

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The Neon Mate on Steam

Rocket Boots Mania

Rocket Boots Mania

Ricky Runner is a fast paced precision platformer game, it’s one of the best platformer based game I ever played, I’ve put about 80h into this game even before the game was released into early access on steam, first thing first it’s now still an early access so not everything is in the game right now and I have to say that there is a lot of potential in this game, as right now this game is “just” about completing levels in best possible way to get highest amount of score to be 1st in the leaderboard.

Real player with 43.5 hrs in game

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First off: I’m a speedrunner, and I like ILs more than the average speedrunner, so the review may or may not help you if you’re in for a casual platformer experience, as I don’t have that perspective.

I like it; the gameplay is already good, and the game controls better than 95% of speedy games, at least in my opinion. The levels are very open - lots of paths to take, about 5-20 seconds long each, optimally (so far). Restarts are quick.

Currently, the game has online leaderboards for every level, where your high score is automatically submitted.

Real player with 41.9 hrs in game

Rocket Boots Mania on Steam



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Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

A somewhat decent game, the idea has been done a million times.

Going for high scores and a fast bpm can be frustrating! I recommend it if you like rhythm games.

-first impressions video

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Tempo on Steam

Through The Frame

Through The Frame

Race through the frames and reach the finish line as quickly as possible to get the highest score and beat the other players!

In Through The Frame, players move around with the help of a grappling hook. In front of them is a level made up of frames that guide them to the end.

During the Steam festival, 4 levels will be available!

  • A game created for the “cores” and “hardcore” gamers of the genre.

  • A platformer that allows players to focus solely on the goal and the perfection of the mechanics through a calm, heavy and abstract universe.

  • The learning curve of the players very visible and appreciable despite a complex grappling mechanic.

Through The Frame on Steam

Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown

Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown

The “Don’t Escape Trilogy” is a collection of three short first-person point-and-click adventures with static screens (no camera movement, no scrolling). The games share a creepy atmosphere and a few gameplay mechanics, but are otherwise unrelated. In the first game, you play a werewolf trying to lock himself away before a full-moon night, so that he won’t kill anyone when he turns. In the second game, you’re trying to barricade a house and protect yourself from a zombie horde. In the third game, you’re the only surviving crew member on a spaceship and need to stop “something” from getting out.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Even though the entire trilogy is available for free on Armor Games, I chose to purchase this game series on Steam because that’s how amazing ScriptWelder really is. The Deep Sleep and Don’t Escape series were some of the first PC games I ever played, and I have ScriptWelder to thank for making my early experiences so magical. I have followed each and every game you have published on AG, hunted down every achievement, set of choices, and walkthrough I could find… simply, because every single second I spent in any of your games was one of either awe, wonder, fear, or curiosity.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown on Steam

Codename: Terranova

Codename: Terranova

This game is such a hidden gem. I’m not sure what I expected when I paid $24 on an early-access co-op indie puzzle game, and to be honest I was worried it wouldn’t be any good. However, my buddy and I (who usually do such puzzle games together) were VERY pleasantly surprised. It almost felt like “We Were Here” in a way. One player is the Agent, and they’re the player that is required to buy the game. Their role is to move through the train room-by-room and solve puzzles given to them by the Operator, who doesn’t actually need to buy the game, as they use a web application with all the answers. I guess it’s also somewhat similar to “Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes” in that respect. My friend and I haven’t had a chance to finish the game yet, but we’ve both purchased the game and enjoy alternating back and forth between Agent and Operator.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

This game is a lot like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, but the Operator (the one that isn’t moving around) is able to interact far more with the environment.

For being early access, I feel it’s quite polished in regards to visuals. No texture glitches seen while playing, no physics oddities, very smooth framerate.

In terms of story, I think there’s an overarching story told through the pre-level ‘briefings.’ The story however, seems somewhat fragmented and kind of hard to follow. Certain briefings seem contradictory to later briefings.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Codename: Terranova on Steam

Super High Ball: Pinball Platformer

Super High Ball: Pinball Platformer

I never knew I needed a genre fusion of Pinball and Platformer until I played this game. Executed brilliantly, Super High Ball gives the player an amazing sense of control through each level and provides a great challenge (diamond rankings) on top of fun and unique gameplay.

Real player with 63.9 hrs in game

This game is fantastic. It’s definitely not a typical precision platformer and doesn’t feel like one, but is more… adventure pinball for speedrunners? Something along those lines. Regardless, it’s fantastic. If you like precision games at all, get this–it’s worth full price.

Real player with 51.5 hrs in game

Super High Ball: Pinball Platformer on Steam