Upgrade VR

Upgrade VR

I really liked Upgrade VR. Four awesome tests that improve my speed and memory skills. It’s great that there is a mobile application where I can track statistics.

Yes, I know that it’s early access, but in the next updates, I would like to see more tests for the training with my friends, synchronize my data activity with Apple Health, and also I want to see this application on Oculus Quest 2.


-Good tests training reaction speed and memory.

-Beautiful VFX of holograms.

-Interesting gameplay mechanics.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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If you like the idea of brain training and also extending that to reflexes and hand/eye coordination, this will probably look interesting to you. Unfortunately it’s not for me and here’s why:

First thing you’re greeted with is a screen telling you to download some random app on your phone so you can get a sync code. Uh, no thanks buddy. I’ve got enough spies on my phone trying to track my every move (and probably succeeding more often than not despite my best efforts). I don’t need another, and why does it have to be a phone app? Other programs let you use a throwaway email to register an account, but not here.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Upgrade VR on Steam