Automata Break

Automata Break

An excellent VR game. It’s pretty immersive, very strategical and skill rewarding, smooth locomotion doesn’t get you dizzy and playing it with a friend in Multiplayer (PC/VR) makes for a lot of time of fun without you both having to own a VR headset.

Real player with 32.2 hrs in game

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This is a truly awesome game! If you like Tower Defense games at all, you have to get this one. Not only can you play with the help of someone else on your computer, you can play alone in VR.

I really like how the VR player can actually go from tabletop Tower Defense, and get immersed in the action by transforming into the map, and help your towers fight the invaders.

My only complaint thus far is even in normal difficulty, it is still very difficult to progress to the different stages. I hope the developer gives the old guys like me an Easy version soon. Awesome graphics as well at a great price of less than $20.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

Automata Break on Steam



Though may are quick to chalk FOREWARNED up as another shitty Phasmophobia clone, they couldn’t be further from the truth. While both share the aspect of investigating spiritual happenings, that is just about where their similarities end. FOREWARNED places the player into the shoes of an archaeologist investigating Egyptian tombs that have seemingly came to fruition out of thin air. Inside these tombs, you will gather varying forms of evidence that are more closely related to science (e.g. metal detector, Geiger counter, electronic/magnetic disturbance, etc.). This is really the antithesis of Phasmophobia, which heavily focuses on more supernatural forms of evidence (e.g. EMF). During your expeditions into these forgotten monuments, you can expect to be faced with traps that will hinder your progress. Once all is well and done and you have discovered which Mejai you are dealing with, you must steal preserve the artifact located inside the inner tomb. Upon retrieval, the exit in the tomb will be blocked and you must find a hidden lever to secure your freedom once more, but be weary as you may have just woken up something sinister.

Real player with 55.1 hrs in game

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🔲 Children

✅ Teens

✅ Adults

🔲 Elders

🔲 All ages


🔲 MS Paint

🔲 Don’t look too long at it

🔲 Bad

🔲 Decent

🔲 Good

✅ Beautiful

🔲 You forget what reality is

🔲 Graphics don’t matter in this game


🔲 Just don’t

🔲 Bad

🔲 Mehh

🔲 It’s just gameplay

🔲 Good

✅ Very good

🔲 Epic


🔲 Better take your headphones off

🔲 Bad

🔲 Average

🔲 Good

✅ Very good

🔲 Eargasm


Real player with 53.8 hrs in game





ZIX is a multiplayer roguelike adventure VR game where you and some friends will team up to bring forth chaos across the lands with a variety of unique abilities available at any moment, and random chaotic augments you can find that will vastly change each run, creating new synergies that you can execute with a fluid physics based movement system, collecting blood and bringing it back to the Obelisk to destroy order and make your powers stronger.

Spread the will of ZIX across lands tarnished by order with your friends

Traverse lands using fluid motion, to reveal secrets hidden to those that lack the agency and skill that chaos provides.

Use the powers gained by letting chaos into your heart execute incredible displays of synergistic destruction.

Increase chaos to influence the multiverse to become more and more chaotic, unleashing new ways to wreak havoc across the lands!

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ZIX on Steam



Burrow is an ever-expanding sandbox style game where you can explore, create, and share small levels (called… burrows)

Creation is a core concept of Burrow, all of the level creation tools are packaged with the game and are designed with simplicity in mind. Hundreds of props, simple terrain deformation tools, and built-in LUA scripting makes designing your own worlds a breeze.

VR and Desktop players are both welcome! Oh yeah, and we’ve got multiplayer too! Cross platform play is supported. You can play alone, or with your friends, no matter if they’re on VR or Desktop.

Burrow on Steam

Broken Dungeon

Broken Dungeon

i Really like this game, its def worth it for the game play and fast updates to feed back gameplay video at 60fps 1080

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

The game is set on a sturdy foundation but will need some time to smooth out the balancing. It took me a few minutes to get use to the Casual Mobs and they increasing got harder as the dungeon went on at a nice rate, but when i finally got to the boss i got my *** pushed in as a i was horded by mobs and the boss all at once. Ill give the fact i spent almost an hour in the Dungeon and the ‘Dungeon Master’ gets more resources as the time goes on; like the game states, “find a balance of exploration and speed”. The mobs became predictable and fairly easy to defeat without much threat of death, and expect it be similar to later Mobs. The map is extremely useful however there was a moment when the only unexplored area of the map was far beyond where i was currently at and the dread that i had to cross so far was demoralizing, whether that is a good sign or not is hard to tell. i wasn’t sure if i was upset i had to fight through more mobs or the fact i was so far from my goal with nothing more than a brisk walk and minor dash (perhaps a limited run or alternate form of movement not tied to combat). Over-all i rate the game a job well done and expect it to only get better. I will continue to play and hope to improve myself and get even further next time.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Broken Dungeon on Steam



After too long in front of the computer screen, it’s time to switch on the VR and refurb the neck with PT+. I can really tell how much this helps. Are you people with “cell phone posture” listening?

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

This is an incredibly simple, yet effective application to help you stretch your neck. Perfect for anyone spending long periods of time at a computer.

Note: Not to be confused with a similarly named reboot of a dead franchise.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

PT+ on Steam