Motoride Rollercoaster VR

Motoride Rollercoaster VR

the perfect combination of immersion in the gameplay and the adrenaline that every episode in this game provides. it gives true pleasure.

I’m not, why there is still no multiplayer here, in which we could compete who will be the first to reach the finish line, or at least the honor roll.

in any case, I also really liked the single player game. I will wait for new additions to the game (for example, new locations or a choice of a motorcycle).

it seems that with such a game I understand that it was not in vain that I bought a vr helmet :)

Real player with 145.7 hrs in game

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beautiful and detailed levels, good and dynamic music in this game makes your adventure on the rollercoaster more interesting and breathtaking!

the actions take place dynamically, “slow motion” turns on at dangerous moments and it immerses you incredibly deeply into the game and makes the gameplay very exciting!

I absolutely in love with this game!

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Motoride Rollercoaster VR on Steam

V-Racer Hoverbike

V-Racer Hoverbike

I think, like most, I came to V-Racer in the Summer Sale hoping to flesh out a collection of VR titles with their prices effectively shrunk to reasonable levels- and I honestly was expecting a short amount of thrills and then to move on. V-racer ended up being not just a surprising hidden gem in the VR library, but an intensely thrilling experience I came back to again and again – once you ignore the developers rather baffling default setup.

At first I figured the lean-to-turn mechanics would just take some getting used to. But they didn’t. Not only were they a poor simulacrum of riding, but your neck will feel like you just feel down a flight of wooden stairs. Shockingly, perhaps even bafflingly there is a “experimental mode” that emulates holding a bike’s handlebars - AND THE GAME INSTANTLY BECOMES A 9. Now to the dev’s credit there are a ton of control methods, but why the method you would instinctively want in a hover bike VR game is off by default and listed as experimental is tragic, because it almost made me give up on the game and move on. Instead, I can lean and dodge, scoop up an emp blast so no one else can use it on me, brake hard on the chicane, quickly chew up the power-up for energy right before snagging a Turbo blast and be home in time for the podium celebration.

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

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If you are a fan of Moto GP and Wipeout or just Motorcycle Racing, this game is for you. It is strangely sim-like for an arcade game. If you activate the option of the horizon rolling with the bike and put the slider to the max. I believe that it reproduce the axact behavior of racing motorcycle for real. I race motorcycle as an amateur for the past 8 years and this game may not be was I was looking for in term of visual or physic (no transmission, no suspension, no tires), but nothing comes closer to actually race motorcycle. The game is well balanced and the combat part is not annoying, nor frustrating it is just a nice diversion while you race (the tracks are actually very technical and it will take some 40 laps to master). The developpers are really listening to their customers and have implemented everything that I wished for in less than a week. They are relly improving this game fast. Note : I play the game on my real motorcyle ZX6R on a custom stand and it is great. The way you position yourself to play it should match the real thing for maximum immersion. I was really frustrated by the lack of VR support for TT Isle of Man but this game is probably better in the end cause they have physical lean to control the bike and twist the wrist for gas. If you can, gradually turn the lean slider (in comfort options) for the best racing experience in VR. I have Assto Corsa VR, Project Cars 2 VR, Raceroom VR, iRacing VR and rFactor2 VR and this game is my favorite (probably because I prefer motorcycles). And dev are experimenting with more extreme tracks with hills, jumps, loops, banking, so in the future this game will even be better.

Real player with 10.2 hrs in game

V-Racer Hoverbike on Steam