1 VR player and 1-4 PC players clash in the ultimate battle of David versus Goliath.

Compatible with all major PC VR platforms, including Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, and Valve Index.

  • VR players embody the mighty Giant and use full-body gestures to crush their opponents and avoid incoming fire.

  • PC players command the nimble Warrior to build up an explosive arsenal and barrage the Giant.

  • Gather friends and family to compete in local battles designed for VR pass-and-play multiplayer.

  • Play online using Steam Remote Play or Parsec. VR players host the game and invite Flat Screen players to join.

  • Build your own maps in Unity using the “Davigedit” map creator.

  • Share your creations on the Public Discord and download custom maps created by the community.

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DAVIGO on Steam



JAM GODS is an immersive extreme basketball experience. Become a basketball phenom that can drain deep threes and dunk from anywhere, all in VR or desktop! Single player campaign, local multiplayer, and full online support coming soon… it’s time to become a JAM GOD!

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JAM GODS on Steam




ZIX is a multiplayer roguelike adventure VR game where you and some friends will team up to bring forth chaos across the lands with a variety of unique abilities available at any moment, and random chaotic augments you can find that will vastly change each run, creating new synergies that you can execute with a fluid physics based movement system, collecting blood and bringing it back to the Obelisk to destroy order and make your powers stronger.

Spread the will of ZIX across lands tarnished by order with your friends

Traverse lands using fluid motion, to reveal secrets hidden to those that lack the agency and skill that chaos provides.

Use the powers gained by letting chaos into your heart execute incredible displays of synergistic destruction.

Increase chaos to influence the multiverse to become more and more chaotic, unleashing new ways to wreak havoc across the lands!

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ZIX on Steam

Fast and Low

Fast and Low

  • The developer has released another update for the game since my initial review, and is still improving various aspects of gameplay. Thanks dev for working on this game, and I wish you the best of luck.

The short and sweet is that Fast and Low is a buggy half-polished game with a good idea and fun game mechanics. If all the problems become resolved, I recommend this 100%.

One of the big problems with Fast and Low is clipping and colliders. A hostile can shoot through a wall so long as a gun arm goes through said wall, and don’t get me started on what players can do. Although hostiles only do this on occasion, what happens far more often is hostiles getting stuck attempting to run at me, specifically those with bomb vests and knives. I was sad to see this, but there are other problems that can suck the fun out of this game. For instance, some hostiles occasionally see through multiple walls, and begin impractically shooting in my direction. When there finally is a dire circumstance, more than one item can be grabbed on accident, causing confusion and unnecessary death on both sides. My last issue in the collider department is that doors such as restroom stall doors and large glass doors can not be opened normally, but instead must be moved with a fist or weapon. restroom stall doors open too slowly, and large glass doors open too quickly. I can phase my hand through these doors and bring my fist back to close it, but I can’t use the handles.

Real player with 27.9 hrs in game

Taking deep seated inspiration from the likes of the Rainbow Six and SWAT, “Fast and Low” is a tactical VR shooter worthy of the name. You play as Maximus Faust (Or his Desktop counterpart, Samuel Lo) across 9 missions spread across a host of different environments, breaching, clearing and, ultimately, shooting your way to victory, but unlike most shooters, Fast and Low rewards you most when you are shooting less, instead opting to subdue hostiles non-lethally, and it doesn’t hesitate to equip you with a host of tools to get that particular job done. Flashbangs, breaching charges, pepper spray and plenty of firearms put you at a distinct advantage over your criminal adversaries, but your limited inventory will quickly run dry if you aren’t distinctly careful with you resources. The decision to expend your 3 utilities to clear a handful of a half dozen or so rooms that make up a level is a choice you’ll be making frequently, and only through trial and error will you be able to make the most of your equipment. Even still, you’ll often find that enemies and hostages may end up in different places as a subtle level of randomness to spawn postions always keeps you on your toes.

Real player with 21.4 hrs in game

Fast and Low on Steam

Lost In Ferry VR

Lost In Ferry VR

Updated Review: Very grateful for the developer for their quick response. I adjusted the floor level and was able to try and succeed at what I had guessed would work originally. So satisfying! Caution:The haunts in this game are not for the faint of heart. I was able to get through the first level! It was quite challenging, which I loved, as it was EXTREMELY rewarding to finally beat it. I look forward to continuing onwards in the game! This is what I had hoped escape games would be like in VR. I can’t wait to see any future developments!

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Extremely buggy escape room game with above average graphics and some nice jump scares.

Controls are the stupidest I have ever encountered in VR. with the right hand controller continually turning off and on your left hand torch whenever you move or interact with anything. Also, objects continually disappearing through floor and ceiling. Buttons discussed in tutorial are missing from the mapping.

This could have been good if the developer had actually bothered to play it through before release.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Lost In Ferry VR on Steam



Though may are quick to chalk FOREWARNED up as another shitty Phasmophobia clone, they couldn’t be further from the truth. While both share the aspect of investigating spiritual happenings, that is just about where their similarities end. FOREWARNED places the player into the shoes of an archaeologist investigating Egyptian tombs that have seemingly came to fruition out of thin air. Inside these tombs, you will gather varying forms of evidence that are more closely related to science (e.g. metal detector, Geiger counter, electronic/magnetic disturbance, etc.). This is really the antithesis of Phasmophobia, which heavily focuses on more supernatural forms of evidence (e.g. EMF). During your expeditions into these forgotten monuments, you can expect to be faced with traps that will hinder your progress. Once all is well and done and you have discovered which Mejai you are dealing with, you must steal preserve the artifact located inside the inner tomb. Upon retrieval, the exit in the tomb will be blocked and you must find a hidden lever to secure your freedom once more, but be weary as you may have just woken up something sinister.

Real player with 55.1 hrs in game

A more in-depth review can be found below.


🔲 Children

✅ Teens

✅ Adults

🔲 Elders

🔲 All ages


🔲 MS Paint

🔲 Don’t look too long at it

🔲 Bad

🔲 Decent

🔲 Good

✅ Beautiful

🔲 You forget what reality is

🔲 Graphics don’t matter in this game


🔲 Just don’t

🔲 Bad

🔲 Mehh

🔲 It’s just gameplay

🔲 Good

✅ Very good

🔲 Epic


🔲 Better take your headphones off

🔲 Bad

🔲 Average

🔲 Good

✅ Very good

🔲 Eargasm


Real player with 53.8 hrs in game


Reiko’s Fragments

Reiko’s Fragments

This is a great game, it has great opportunities for different modes and becoming more than it already is. This game is definitely worth trying out, and is a lot of fun to play with a group of people. The graphics are good, and I actually felt like I was walking around in a haunted house. The one big problem I have with this game is the little amount phone players can do to affect the game play experience. All they can do is blow some stuff around, slam a door, and make some noise every once in a while. It is things that might surprise the player, given the right time and place, but that’s it.

Real player with 68.0 hrs in game

Party games are boring? Not interactive enough?


The game is basicly one player taking the place of playing in either VR or using a keyboard and mouse.

Goal of the game is to find the real Reiko and get the gate she is holding to a specific location.

Though there is an enemy in the game that cannot see you, but she can hear you.

The “crowd” controls the play space that the player is in. They control certain things in the game to make it a lot harder for the player to win. And when there can be up to 8 “crowd” players agains 1 player this is a perfectly unique 1v8 Horror game.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Reiko's Fragments on Steam

Under Lock

Under Lock

am liking it so far just needs a few tweaks here and there but hey that’s what early access is for.

few complaints and hopes

1. flatface is kinda boring to play at the start being stuck in a locked room for %90 of the game isn’t very fun not as much of a problem once survivors get the lead out and start opening doors.

2. vr for da monstar. this is said to be done later we’ll see if it gets the budget to do that.

3.index support same deal as before said it will be done later but early access can be a bit of a gamble

Real player with 13.3 hrs in game

Edited review -

I had this game set to not recommended, dev didn’t seem dedicated to it IMO. However one of my(and others) biggest complaint did get addressed, only one of each key. The dev does seem to be working on the game still and it’s a fun concept, its based on Damned the Asymmetrical horror game that pioneered this entire genre (Dead by Daylight came along a little later).

I’ve already lost interest in the game my self, but if you wanna give a try I say go for it. You will know in an hour or two if you like it. Player base is currently very low so I recommend you only get this is you have friends to play with….Although they did add a single player mode I see.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Under Lock on Steam

Pizza Master VR

Pizza Master VR

Multiplayer review only (I haven’t played single player because my wife and I play this together) Let me start off the review by saying that I enjoy the game, and will continue to play it. It’s a fun communication and VR asymmetric/local co-op pizza making and serving experience. The difficulty and progression system is hard and unbalanced. My wife and I also play the diner duo (another great game), but this game almost feels like the dark souls pizza version. I’ll list the grievances in bullets below:

Real player with 19.1 hrs in game

This game is a mountain of fun with a friend. The interaction between the two roles is a blast, and in the later levels the difficulty ramps up and things get hectic! I have not played SP, but for Co-op this game is a must have. The game gets difficult enough that it really feels like a challenge and requires strategy from both players.

There are some issues. The knife collision with the meats is off at times, sometimes not cutting or sending the meat flying and spawning a new block. The knife also likes to start a new level in random places, which is a bit annoying. Grabbing pizza can sometimes grab ingredients instead, and sometimes ingredients will randomly fall of the pizza causing incorrect orders.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Pizza Master VR on Steam

SMUSH.TV - Competitive VR x PC Action

SMUSH.TV - Competitive VR x PC Action

Really enjoyed getting into this game with some friends. Allows a great opportunity to showcase VR and makes me hopeful to see more interesting and unique ideas for the platform. Great variety in power-ups and song tempos provide a fantastic level of replayability, and as I have learned; a large deal of strategy. SMUSH.TV really ramps up as you and your friends put more time into it and learn some of the intricacies of the game. Highly recommend this game to anyone with a VR Headset.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

i’ve only played one session so far but it was an amazing time. my experience? i played on my LIVE twitch stream with a friend controlling the blocks via remote play on Parsec. i also had beta access to some twitch integration features that allowed my twitch chat to become active players and participants via twitch chat. they were able to use !commands to activate special abilities that were working against me. it was a truely remarkable experience, a very fun time and i can’t wait to see where this game goes, as well as where this functionality pushes VR gaming into the future.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

SMUSH.TV - Competitive VR x PC Action on Steam