Beyond The Wire

Beyond The Wire

I love how this game is so easy to pick up.

Unlike squad, hell let loose and similar war games; in this one you are usually put very close to the action.

Fast game, somewhat buggy though to be expected of an early access title, but all in all quite enjoyable.

Real player with 172.9 hrs in game

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game was great on launch but now i cant play for more than 30 mins without being kicked from lobby, every new update introduced more glitches and instability. such as with the current patch where if you put on your gas mask it entirely muffles your sound even after you remove it. dont get me wrong love the game and wish it would do well but every step forward they take 3 steps back

Real player with 45.9 hrs in game

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World War One has arrived in the mountains of the Italian Front - beautiful but deadly in equal measure. Inspired by the two year struggle for control of the Isonzo river valley and Alps during World War One, Isonzo elevates the WW1 Games Series, figuratively and literally.

The new Offensive game mode puts you right in the middle of key historical offensives on the Italian Front - lead the charge across stunning Italian landscapes on the attack, or prepare your defense on dynamic battlefields.

Everything is recreated based on research and field trips, from the uniforms to the huge arsenal of weapons. Blow your enemies away at range with mortars, artillery and air support, or finish the job at close quarters with a bayonet. Watch out for the dreaded poison gas…

You’ve never experienced WW1 action quite like this!

Isonzo is scheduled for release in Early 2022.

Isonzo key features include:

  • Mountain warfare: assaulting mountain fortifications, battling through ruined towns, and fording rivers are just a few of the challenges you’ll face as you fight your way through numerous enemy positions

  • Tactical multiplayer FPS: choose your role and loadout carefully to survive this high altitude combat - play a sniper to pick off the enemy engineers before they can cut your wire, use rifle grenades to clear enemy machine guns, and much more

  • World War One gameplay: new historical Offensive game mode focused on the tactical challenges of Alpine warfare, including WW1 weaponry, poisonous gas attacks, and intense artillery barrages

  • Authentic WW1 atmosphere: accuracy in everything from maps and weaponry to music and the uniforms you choose from – fight for the Kingdom of Italy or the Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy

    More coming soon!

    We’re only scratching the surface of what’s new in Isonzo - there’s more yet to be revealed, including details on the new features and beautiful Italian battlefields are on the way: wishlist now and follow our Steam hub to get the latest updates!

    Authentic WW1 Game Series

    The WW1 Game Series currently includes Tannenberg and Verdun (set on the Eastern and Western Fronts). These authentic WW1 shooters let players choose from a range of squads from across the war, as they fight for control of the ever-changing frontlines.

    While you wait for Italian Front to heat up, you can already join trench warfare in Verdun , or maneuver for control of key sectors in Tannenberg .

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Isonzo on Steam

NecroVisioN: Lost Company

NecroVisioN: Lost Company

NecroVisioN: Lost Company is supposedly shorter and less buggy than the original, and I’d say that is the way to go. The levels are constructed well, there are some ooh nice vista moments. Many of the assets, models, animations, etc, are quite nice. The engine is pretty good for the release date. But the game is completely ludicrous. Not just the basic premise of weaponized occult monsters in World War I. The crazy ragdolls, frequent small glitches/anomalies and laughable accents and b-movie plot all make the proceedings quite comical. And with regen health, it seems very hard to die until late in the game when you get swarmed (man of courage). I believe this is to encourage you to charge ahead and do kicking and melee combos. Which are fun. It’s a goofy, pretty fun game. Lost Company has an interesting mix of World War 1 super guns, melee, dual wielding and occult powers. If you are an fps completionist freak, enjoyed Painkiller, Dead Effect, Chaser, or other silliness along those lines, you’ll probably be happy with this, especially on sale. If you have proper self respect, you should play some of the new Wolfenstein games, DooM, or Unreal Tournament, or watch Breaking Bad, read a book, go outside, hug a loved one XD. I’m reccomending this, but beware, you will be left with bemusment but also ennui.

Real player with 17.0 hrs in game

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I think it’s way more shorter than first one but it’s cool to se how all that started (kinda)

Few different weapons few new enemies few this same locations (ending) and mostly this same fun of killing more zombies, werewols, zombies, demons, zombies, kobolds, vampires (or whatever those big bats were), trolls and that what is best in this game

Bosses I think there were 3 but maybe even 4 (bad memory :/ ) and just dragon was bad imo (you could just go afk I guess and it would still end at this same point)

Real player with 16.8 hrs in game

NecroVisioN: Lost Company on Steam



This is a difficult game to review… one of the most difficult I must say. On one point the game is awesome and briliant that you want to shout out: ‘PEOPLE PLAY THIS GAME IT IS AWESOME!’ and at the same time there are things about this game that are utterly garbage and stupid that make you wanna scream warnings: ‘STAY AWAY FROM THIS’

This game is hard to get into and easy to bounce off and never try it again. Let me go into some details… the begining is horrible, this aint no Call of Duty shooter that is for sure so people who are rather utter amateurs of this genre will most likely say: this game is f*cked up and unistal, but I am used to difficult FPS games so I just went through it. It gets a bit better later but not perfect and the know how to do stuff in this game aka tutorial is almost non existent which is very bad cause this game has some interesting mechanics that arent typicaly find in most FPS out there.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

This is a Polish FPS game made in 2009 by The Farm 51. When I first saw the trailer I got the vide of a movie called Deathwatch, which is also based in the WWI, like this game. I thought this game is about horror of war with some monsters in it, and I didn’t know then, this is just the beginning.

The story is about an american soldier named Simon in the British Army, fighting against the Germans. One day when he and his platoon attacked the enemy, they got ambushed by them, and he had to flee. Soon he got saved by another British soldier, but the soldier tells him, that the dead rised up, and other horrible things came up to the Earth. Also the soldier didn’t let in Simon’s soldiers, because of this they get into a fight and our hero wins, and also he founds out that the solider said the truth what is happening, and now Simon wants to leave the battlefield.

Real player with 18.4 hrs in game

NecroVision on Steam

Trench Simulator

Trench Simulator

Welcome to the front Soldier!

Trench Simulator is a 50 vs 50 Online World War 1 Third Person Shooter simulator.

Packed with authentic weaponry, vehicles , beautifully designed trenches and stationary weapons, Trench Simulator aims to recreate the epic

charges across No Man’s Land in World War 1 in a large multiplayer setting on small-medium sized maps. No more running and gunning! No hiding in buildings ! Just open field, shell holes, artillery barrages, machine gun fire. Just like the Great War!

Trench Simulator on Steam

Knights of the Sky

Knights of the Sky

Still a great game dispite its obvious age….However you can find better versions out there on abandonware sites that will automatically give you full access. Meaning you dont have to identify the squadron logos. All you have to do is click any old logo and it will let you have full access to the game.

UPDATE: Originally you could find this game in abandonware but someone obviously bought the rights to it. So seeing as you cant find this game in abandonware anymore…I recommend it. Its a great game despite its age. Yeah the little copy protection thing is a bit annoying but at least the game comes with a manual so you can get passed it.

Real player with 17.7 hrs in game

There was a spate of ww1 flying sims in the nineties, of them Red Baron seems to be the one that is the most highly regarded, however if you do happen to enjoy even for the nostalgia, old games, or the history of ww1 fligth sims then get this one too. Its not a smooth game and flying using the keyboard is better than using the mouse, also your plane and enemy planes will get shot down with the barest of shots. To make up for this though, there are a good number of enemy planes in missions and also they are pretty relentless in maneuvring to get on your tail .

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Knights of the Sky on Steam

Super Trench Attack!

Super Trench Attack!

Little top-down-view “ala 8bit” shooter game with cartoon animation. Yep, another one. Thank God, at least there are no zombies in that game, unlike many of her sisters!

Pro part:

Game’s short, easy to beat on gold with achievements, the price is not high even without discounts Steam so rich for. If you’ve seen the video from the store page, you’ve seen all that that game have for you. Shoot it if you’re not up to some bigger hits for a moment, and just want to make some clicks with your mouse and get some achievements for it. Easy breeze of victory, you know?

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

Isometric twin-stick shooter with occasional on-rail missions, in setting similiar to World War I and with solid portion of humour. The game is a little similiar to Cannon Fodder, but it has much more than that. I was pleasantly surprised when the game wasn’t just set of levels. Here we have a fully functional camp that we’ll visit between missions, buy weapons and gear, listen to chatter of other soldiers, play blackjack or check our status. It offers a nice break between missions and I was impressed that idling soldiers constantly have something new to say.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Super Trench Attack! on Steam

The Lost Battalion: All Out Warfare

The Lost Battalion: All Out Warfare

So I’ve played a bit of the game, and I’m surprised that this game actually gave me a good time in playing it.

It brought me back to the time when I had an Atari (when I was 4-5 years old).

There were a load of Arcade games, just like this one and I had the time of my life playing them back in the day :d.

I bought the game with a coupon 50 % off. For 50 cents, this game is great.

I see there are a lot of negative reviews. Its like when people buy a 1 euro/dollar game, they expect Skyrim, or something ?

Real player with 44.9 hrs in game


I am changing this review because the game and the developer have both shown a lot of improvement. First let me say that the developer is human and it’s not an easy job. Gamers are quick to espouse their opinions and rarely offer the same degree of politeness expected in person. It can be very hard to hear harsh criticism from strangers when you have shown the bravery to share your art with the world at large and sometimes hurt feelings can lead you to make rash decisions. In this case the developer has matured and taken the criticisms to heart. He has stopped censoring opinions and put a lot of hard work into his game. It shows and it is appreciated. I now support this developer and look forward to his future work. I would also like to apologize if I offended Jake from Statefarm at any stage of the process.

Real player with 16.2 hrs in game

The Lost Battalion: All Out Warfare on Steam

Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces

Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces

Funny enough and strangely as this sounds coming from a geriatric gamer from the 1970’s, this game is actually quite enjoyable and relaxing to play. It reminds me of fond memories of the original “Red Baron” DOS game for a PC way back then. I played many hours on that game and loved it, by today’s standards it would probably suck badly from a graphic point of view.

This is not either a world beating flight simulator or another dull dumb arcade kiddies run around, but they have managed to get something right here. The plane models are awesome and the game play brings back all those memories of the original PC game “Red Baron”

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

If you like a not too complicated and straight forward World War 1 Flight combat Game that allows for fast action and thinking skills and doesn’t overemphasize too much mouse click coordination, this is the game you might wish to consider. The game offers different nations, planes, and types of combat missions. There is a learning curve of course in the maintenance screens, but this is a good part of the overall strategy. No joystick needed as minimal keystrokes do the job to control the plane and you can customize to make it more challenging. For a free to play game, the graphics and options to customize and modify are really broad and the overall look and feel is great and lots of respect goes out to the game designers in crafting a simplified and enjoyable experience. Aces, get your goggles on and enjoy the dog fighting and strategic thrill of yesteryear in the 1914-1918 Era of air combat !

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces on Steam

Wings! Remastered Edition

Wings! Remastered Edition

14 hours in, 130 Missions, 264 Kills in normal mode…

I would like so much to recommend this game but I can’t… This is NOT our beloved Wings (Amiga).

The Amiga game was HARD! I remember being toe to toe with the great heroes of WWI, a thrill when you manage to surpass the score of one of them. I would spend the entire mission time trying to shoot one plane will my mates killed every one else. The AA where very accurate, specially in balloon busting, and the strafing missions where hell. In this remastered, every one in my squadron has 30+ kills (but not when flying with me - with me they are totally incompetents, in 7 enemies planes I kill all 7) and I easily make “ace in a mission” (5 kills). Not once Oswald Boelcke or Georges Guynemer where close to me or to my squadron mates. In a month, in real life, the allies downed 300 axis planes in total. I had 100 and the rest of the squadron 100+

Real player with 18.2 hrs in game

Everyone who owned that game in the early 90’s will love it. The graphics changed but unfortunately you can still play for the Royal Flying Corps only and not for the Germans.

What changed to the original version:

There are 2 funeral scences (In the old version there was just one but you could see the age of the killed pilot)

you can choose the colour of your aircraft (green or yellow)

ability to change the difficulty

The controls by keyboard are a little bit difficult but there is an option to use a joystick (couldn’t test this option)

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

Wings! Remastered Edition on Steam