Pixel Game Maker MV

Pixel Game Maker MV

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m now ready to weigh in my thoughts on Pixel Game Maker MV. I’ve been using this software since early access back in 2018.


Pixel Game Maker MV is a great game development engine for those that are not programmers, and want to be able to create either side scrolling or top down action games. It’s got enough for a single person development operation to chew on here to create the game you want to create in the way you want it created; bearing in mind that you operate within the program’s limits. If programming/scripting is outside your reach (or if it’s something you can do), this is a great engine that has the potential to be amazing as long as the developers continue with updates & performance improvements. There are assets and DLC that is available at the time of writing for you to get a jump on a concept quickly, but there are no asset standards (outside of keeping things divisible by 2) to conform with.

Real player with 2587.5 hrs in game

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I’ll begin this review with I’m 36, not 16. I have no illusions about making a game and distributing it for gain. This is a hobby for me and that is the perspective I write this review from. I have a day job. I moonlight as a hobby pixel artist, and that drives me to dev software to have fun with, and bring it to life.

I began with RPG Maker MV as my first dip into game dev software. I do not have a desire to learn to code so that software was more interesting to me compared to more advanced engines. After years in RMMV I felt the want for more control from the ground up, and not be boxed in by hard limitations from the software, and the need for plugins to break through those hard limitations. Pixel Game Maker MV grants me that feeling. I did not feel like the learning curve to get going on a project was difficult, even without a large database of video tutorial content on YouTube at the time.

Real player with 1866.7 hrs in game

Pixel Game Maker MV on Steam

DEX : Speed Run - Level Maker - World Records

DEX : Speed Run - Level Maker - World Records

Play together with the leader, take the first places, create levels in this action platformer!

New levels every day

Jump, bounce, and dash your way through geometric worlds,

dash through a ton of different obstacles with unique geometry, shape, and behavior together with the leader!


  • Cooperative game with a leader

  • Finish first and save your playthrough

  • Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

  • Global score leaderboard

  • Level editor

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DEX : Speed Run - Level Maker - World Records on Steam

X Archetype

X Archetype

Buy Mega Man Legacy Collection

Update: Scroll to the bottom beyond the TL;DR for dev scumminess

I have played great games. I’ve played good games. I’ve played okay games. I’ve played bad games. Then, I’ve played this.

The developer gave two copies of this game out for free in Flyff’s Lykan server chat (2004 KMMORPG) and I decided to check it out, just because. This is why I’m marking this as a free gift. He also said he was banned from said MMO some time previously.

This is a game clearly inspired by the Mega Man franchise and appropriately steals two sound effects from those games.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

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X Archetype on Steam