You know what bothered me about Battlefield 1? How every single player got automatic or semi-automatic weaponry, as if Europe had been magically blessed by the Glorious Murder Cube as soon as Franz got shot. Sure, there were semi-autos and submachine guns in WW1, but only in extremely limited numbers, and most were about as reliable as an alliance with Italy.

I’d hoped for a more deliberate kind of shooter, and BF1 wasn’t it. Then I found Tannenberg, a game set in the eastern front of WW1, and it was like finding the game I’d hoped BF1 would be.

Real player with 228.3 hrs in game

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So, after spending some 20 hours in Tannenberg and roughly the same amount of hrs in Verdun, I decided to write a review here. This may seem as a somewhat subjective opinion of the game, because of the fact that I am a history enthusiast, but I highly recommend this piece (and Verdun as well, of course) to anyone who’s interested in historically accurate, semi-realistic, squad based semi-tactical FPS shooter - that’s what WW1 Game Series are. The squads are well made, equipment is on point, graphics are nice, sounds believable - same goes for the maps in both games. Immersion is the biggest pro of this game, it really makes you believe you are there, bullets whizz by your ear, men are screaming for their lives same on both sides, you shoot as many foes as you can before someone on the other side of the trench/field with more luck shoots you dead. But the vicious cycle goes on and on, same as it did in the actual conflict and more men die by your side. The tactical part may seem minimal but it has a huge impact on the game results. I could go on and on listing pros of this game… The one and only thing that makes people write bad reviews is the player count. At peak hours in EU and US it’s roughly 200 players in Verdun and 70 in Tannenberg - not ideal, I know but it got as high as 600-800 when the game was on sale and during the free weekend - it needs to be advertised, put on sale (I know Tannenberg is sorta new but still, gotta make cuts when you want a stable playerbase). It doesn’t have any gamebreaking bugs or flaws, it just deserves more polishing and content. And advertisement…and ads…and sales :)

Real player with 175.9 hrs in game

Tannenberg on Steam

Evolution of War

Evolution of War

Very short and stupid game with no progression what so ever. Good for playing one match maybe.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Evolution of War on Steam



An excellent special robot will bring you different fun.

This is a shooting game. You can experience different ways of using weapons. You can charge your weapons by getting bullets through customs. This game has a big map.

This game takes a single player.

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CTFS on Steam



This not complicated game does demand a steady hand with the mouse.

Precision, timing, and anticipation are fundamental here.

Wish it would be Gamepad/Controller compatible (Logitech F310/ X Box style).

Please let us mute or simply turn off the “nursery bedtime music”, before the air horns alarm triggers on.

Time of day options should also be considered someday.

This would permit lower brightness levels, thus less glare and saturation in Flyman view.

All this sitting “comfortably” on the missile.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Actually Very Addicting & Fun.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

FlyManMissile on Steam

Modern Assault Tanks

Modern Assault Tanks

Clear pay4win, greedy like hell. Microtransactions everywhere, cannot progress without paying. No balance at all. Do not bother.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

A new take on an old theme but much much better than just the plain “Modern Tanks” game title! Better physics and much more realistic!

Real player with 12.1 hrs in game

Modern Assault Tanks on Steam

War Of Freedom

War Of Freedom

Great start.

The mechanics seem well done.

Haven’t played too long but the open world shows great promise and looks good.

Keep up the good work.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

War Of Freedom on Steam



very amazing game with lots of epic content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Bad game, ai jump on you but don’t attack. Combat is very bad, movement also the same. No story or purpose, what are you supposed to be doing in this game? “Chimes PvP is dynamic, if you want to fight hand to hand go for it! Or do you want to do tricks like bashing the enemy into something, pulling out your sword and shoving the enemy into the great abyss.” Hand to hand is litterally the characters waving their arms, the swords are the same thing. Fixes the game needs: Better AI, no taking damage when running, better fighting and more purpose to keep players playing and doing things, especially single player.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Chimes on Steam

Combat League

Combat League



  • A modern take on Speedball; take some Rocket League, add a little World of Tanks, sprinkle some Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater skills, stunts and combos and you have Combat League!

  • 3v3 Team combat military arcade action – win games by accumulating more points than the opposition.

  • Combat League is all about points. Receive points for stunts, skills, goals, assists, saves and eliminations.

  • Beginners might settle for just scoring a goal, but as you gain experience you’ll chain jumps, donuts, eliminations, airtime and, of course, goals for the ultimate combo score.

  • Featuring Online PvP, Splitscreen and Single-Player Season modes.



  • Vehicles - Featuring a range of Tanks, APCs, SUVs and more to keep you going in the mix of the action.

  • Weapons - Looking for a sniper missile? Or perhaps the bouncing betty? Maybe just keep it simple with the standard load-out. Your call!

  • Aerials - No Vehicle is complete without a ridiculous aerial! A Banana? Traffic cone? Hat? Even an Airplane is available to select in Combat League.

  • Patches - Pick from a range of unique Patches to help you make your mark and really stand out from the crowd.

  • Try out various weapons, vehicles, aerials and patches to see which ones best match your play and style.


  • Travel around the world in Season mode or unleash your fury on a random stadium, there’s a wide variety of different locations to master:

  • Head out to the Coal Shed in Victoria, Australia and get ready for a dust-up.

  • Sweat it out on a volcanic Hawaiian escape in Ember’s Trail.

  • Brave the eerie nights of the Horror Pit in Transylvania, Romania.

  • Visit the city streets of Tarlac, Philippines and prepare to clean up the opposition.

  • Search through the snow of the Canadian falls in Blizzard Peak.

  • All these and more await your combat!


Combat League on Steam

Medal of Honor™: Above and Beyond

Medal of Honor™: Above and Beyond

Medal of Honor™: Above and Beyond, does not actually feel like a game.

It feels like the result of small dev teams working on different VR scenes to play around with VR game development. After a couple of years the stakeholders probably wanted something released. Thus this crazy mash-up of tiny experimental tech demos that are all over the place was released at a full premium price. With a tiny polish pass, a non-existing script that after production cut out the more humorous stuff and a documentary slapped on that has nothing to do with it. I speculate in this way because I simply can not believe anyone in their right mind envisioned this trainwreck whether they funded or worked for years on this project.

Real player with 24.9 hrs in game

TLDR: Great game with lots of fun and variety, but does not meet the expectations of a triple-A title, especially for the price of 60 EUR and meanwhile so many good VR titles being available that set the standard.

The good parts:

I played the game on “hard” and had 20 enjoyable hours of fun (mediocre player, died a lot).

Nice big levels, variety in the game play. You get to shoot in the trenches, inside ruins, bunkers, villages, airbases, on a ship, on a train, submarine hangars, and even a submarine itself. You get to swim, climb, ski, etc. Some missions require stealth. You are a tank commander in one mission, gunner on a motorbike in another, and in the other mission you operate the gauntlets and bomb release controller in a bomber, and later fight on a ship.

Real player with 20.8 hrs in game

Medal of Honor™: Above and Beyond on Steam



In the hour of gloom and monsters, when the world has already plunged into chaos, you can go on a fun and fun adventure that will blow up your imagination and you will certainly get a lot of fun. If you dare to plunge into this world of blackness and madness, then in addition to pleasure, you can also get endless adrenaline that will boil in your blood.

You can do absolutely anything:

  • Go to the surface for new supplies – donuts are already waiting for you!

  • Go for equipment - the tire iron is your life!

METRO MP on Steam