Explore a giant world made of blocks and modify it with your own creations. Construct houses, build entire villages, cities, monumental constructions or dig deep underground.

Place torches or design complex electric circuits to light up your creations in the dark and enjoy beautiful day and night cycles.

• Creative sandbox block-building experience: Create your own worlds with more than 215 unique materials.

• Jump into Virtual Reality and experience your block world as if you were there with incredible 360 degrees immersion.

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Discovery on Steam

Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands

Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands


The music on this game really nice, looping through the level fine when engaging battles against enemies AIs. The gameplay needs improvement on the controls sometimes the input is either delay or not readable at all from the controller.

  • My biggest concern the actual camera, I got heavy dizziness while playing this game, perhaps the FOV is a bit weird and the shaders applied with distrortion of RGB dissplacement doesn’t help much either.

  • UI also needs some improvement sometimes is hard to read what sort of questline should I be taking, and seen so many pop ups at the screen becomes hard at times. Game Feel was ok some interesting and funny moments can be found in this game.

Real player with 23.3 hrs in game

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I was impressed with the gameplay like already after 2min.

I want/ I WIll finish this adventure.

And thats whats a good game is to me.

Edit 1:

Happily just finished the game after 11.5 hours


This game is so good; never a dull moment in the entire game; BRAVO game developers, Bravo indeed.

Next I will go for a 2nd run of the game to get the last achivement.

Definently one of the contenders for GOTY for me personally.

This was pure gaming PLEASURE.


Edit 2;

New game + was almost even better then the first time around due to the fact one then knows where to go and one “speed rush thru the stages”

Real player with 15.0 hrs in game

Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands on Steam

Blocked Out: Red V Blue

Blocked Out: Red V Blue

Destroy, build, fight, and capture! Welcome to a voxel team-based first-person shooter that lets you dictate how you play. Blocked Out: Red V Blue gives you the opportunity to battle it out with 15 other players to see which team has what it takes to prevail!

You have the power to change the battlefield in how you see fit. If you need to get through a wall, blow it up. If you need to get across a canyon, build a bridge. If you need cover in an intense fire fight, build some. Use strategy to change the battlefield in your favor.

Tired of walking? No problem, you can use the various vehicles available to you to get around the large open maps. Vehicles such as motorcycles, tanks, helicopters and jet fighters are all at your finger tips.

Add a number of attachments to the weapons that you bring into battle. Everything from scopes and sights, to grips and silencers, customize your weapons to suit your needs.

Matchmaking made easy by being able to quickly create matches in any region. Customize your matches by changing the player limit, changing the selected map or even password protecting your match.

AI players are also present in matches to help populate games and add to the intensity of the battlefield. Capture the flag is currently the main game mode, however, there are many more game modes to come, so don’t forget to wishlist!

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Blocked Out: Red V Blue on Steam



For me personally, Bombernauts is the pinnacle of quick casual multiplayer mayhem.

It is amazingly well balanced and still random enough for absurd things to happen which make you either want to cry and punch your monitor to dust or praise the RNG dogs for an insane recover from a desperate situation.

As of now (Sep. 2015) this game is in “Early Access”, but with the original idea of “Early Access” in mind:

This game is ALREADY A FULL GAME and not some PoC. Every major update, which happens to roll out each month afaik, can only make this REALLY GOOD GAME EVEN BETTER! Im not kidding; They could release it now and it would be great!

Real player with 449.1 hrs in game

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much while playing a multiplayer game. The gameplay is silly, and the sound design and graphics underline that silliness. The matches vary from simple two-player rounds where you can gauge your skills against another player, to madness with five or more bombernauts. A really crowded match will make it easier to get killed, but with more targets it’s also easier to get your revenge as a ghost and return as a zombie.

The gameplay is intuitive and controls are simple, although the camera can take some getting used to. In the beginning it’s easy to flip the camera and accidentally fall off a ledge. The level editor features are straightforward and it’s easy to make levels quickly using the various symmetry modes.

Real player with 135.5 hrs in game

Bombernauts on Steam



its ok but i dont have arrow keys so its impossible for me to play

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Crystorld on Steam




And cat is so cute!

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Learning patterns of giant boss battles, as you get the crowd to cheer for you. Doing so gives you powerups. You can customize your little robot, get sponsorships, and fight! Cute, challenging and fun

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Starena on Steam

Zombie Bloxx

Zombie Bloxx

Sitting itself apart from the horde of other zombie games, Zombie Bloxx does what it intended, brings together the minecraft inspired characters with 3d scrolling games of yesteryear to combine into a fun little diddy of a game. Hours of entertainment to be sure as you try to remember what worked and what did not, as the enemy gets more numerous and more hungry.

I could play this one for hours…as addictive as Sid Meirs, one more turn, Civilization

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Fun little game that’s kinda like an 8bit twin stick shooter

Going back and forth with my friend setting a stupid high score was what made it fun

Liked seeing what the powerup did for each character..that being said the nun seemed op

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

Zombie Bloxx on Steam



Arcane Duel is a RTS game. You can randomly match games or using the password. The features of this game is that you are freely to choose the skills in each duel. Your enemy will no idea what skill you choose in each game. You need to tentative enemy’s skill and use strategy to defeat them. This game is very fast-paced you can play at any time without pressure. At this stage there is only one-to-one duel mode. You can choose four form the following nine skills(Dragon Flame, Grace Of Light, Storm Shooting, Unbreakable Will, Flash, Ghost Slash, Arcane Chase, Hunting Season and Thunder Fall). Create your own combination and defeat your opponent.

ARCANE DUEL 術法亂鬥 on Steam

Critical Annihilation

Critical Annihilation

So far, with only less than an hour of play, I can tell this game is EXACTLY what I’d hoped it’d be. A fast paced game, custimization of your character, and most of all, pretty much everything blows up exactly as I hoped it would.

The only thing I noticed while playing it is that sometimes your cursor gets a bit lost in the more intense moments as mobs of aliens and cyborgs surround you.

If they could add anything in, I’d love it if they had a feature to make the aiming cursor more visible, either by adding some kind of glow to it as it passes over an enemy, or maybe a button that can be assigned that makes it pop out with some kind of radar like effect to make if obvious that hey, on top of all the ass you’re kicking, here’s your mouse!

Real player with 16.8 hrs in game


Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

Critical Annihilation on Steam

Dustoff Heli Rescue

Dustoff Heli Rescue


I’ve to say that I bought this game for 60 cents, so it’s hard to complain about, especially considering I spent 9 hours with it.

Having said that, this game is just OK. The main issue is the level design(s). Most levels are meant to be finished within 3-4 minutes, some maybe even in 1 minute. With only 25 levels, that doesn’t sound like a lot a content. Obviously, it does require multiple attempts to get a gold medal for some levels, but the length is still questionable. The lack of content becomes even more visible when you notice some levels are repeated. You have to fly through the same cave atleast 6 times, and that is excluding attempts to get a gold medal. It becomes tedious fairly quickly in overall because the whole premiss of the game is to retrieve an objective and bring it back to base. With a maximum of 8 places in your chopper (less with the starter choppers), this means you’ll have to fly back and forth many times.

Real player with 9.5 hrs in game

This is a fabulous little game (4.5 out of 5), reminding me of a mix of Choplifter, Fort Apocalypse and a little Desert Strike, with bright colors and a nice 2.5D voxel-look. This game is among my current top favorites. It allows for a quick round or two-three trying to complete a map/mission, so is quite inviting for casual play. The controls need a little getting used to, but once you’ve finished one or two maps they do feel natural and add to the feel of the game (I’m using gamepad controls).

Real player with 9.3 hrs in game

Dustoff Heli Rescue on Steam