Onimusha: Warlords

Onimusha: Warlords

Onimusha: Warlords is a great but flawed remastered classic game. But let’s talk about the story.

Japan doring the Sengoku period, it has been one year since Nobunaga was fatally wounded and assumed dead.

Samanosuke a strong worrier who watched the battle soon gets a letter from his childhood friend Princess Yuki, who says that monsters have appeared and are taking her people.

So with his friend Kaede’s help they soon go to the castle, but what awaits them is more horrifying then anything they have faced and more powerful than any human they fought.

Real player with 16.5 hrs in game

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Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

| | | |

| Quality | 7.7/10 |       Golden classic; lazy port |

| | | |

| Performance | 9/10 | _Runs smooth (60 fps); no lags or crashes,

except for minor loading lags in the FMVs_ |

| Utility | 7/10 | _No bugs experienced; small visual glitches;

unskippable dialogues; manual save points_ |

| Controls | 7/10 | Slight input lag; preset camera angles; a bit |

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Onimusha: Warlords on Steam

Roombo: First Blood

Roombo: First Blood

Roombo: First Blood follows a small but technologically advanced household appliance tasked to eliminate and organize filth. This mostly occurs after its owner has suddenly left home, for unknown reasoning, and the house goes from being totally quiet to a loudly invasion by vast perpetrators. Although the intelligent robot is small, it’s entirely devoted to assuring the owner’s household remains intact but also safe from potential threats that become progressively challenging.

The game begins with a short controller tutorial that’s actually less required since players are able to utilize them quickly. Each stage is divided into sections, all entirely in one household, giving them freedom to explore while also maintaining extensive use of the environment as self-defense. The controls are easily useful against foes and offer rather remarkably innovative tactics to thrive each mission as they become tougher and require more strategy. In each stage, players are given simple objectives involving eliminating enemies, cleaning messes, all while thoroughly surviving with the robot’s very limited health and defense actions.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

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Zoom zoom, doom.


The graphics in this game are adorable, It’s vibrant and colourful without it hurting your eyes. There’s no UI clutter, it’s neatly tucked on the edges and the colours/design do not look out-of-place at all.


There isn’t too much going on with the gameplay. However it makes you feel like you are doing more than you are and that’s.. Well because you are! Here you are, using your keyboard or left stick to drive your little roomba around, pre-planning traps to seal the fates of thieves while at the same time, giving the floor a good S-U Double C . There are multiple different devices and objects to use/hack. Other than that, there isn’t too much gameplay but you can HONK …Beep..? Bonk!

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Roombo: First Blood on Steam

XIII - Classic

XIII - Classic

Recommended but with some caveats. It’s a fun game, and unique, and certainly cheap, and seems to be a good port (I didn’t encounter any issues aside from the two mentioned below) though there are better games out there for sure. If you’re curious about the comic book style, or if you, like me, have always wanted to play it since it came out but never got around to it, then it’s definitely worth the play. Otherwise, you won’t be missing much.

The main issue with the game on PC is the default low resolution and issue with no sound in cutscenes. So check the discussions for the necessary changes that need to be made to a couple of the config files before playing. The other issue is that if you want to play with controller, you’re going to want to use the Steam controller config to map it for K+M and you’ll probably want to manually adjust the look sensitivity, otherwise it’s near impossible to aim because it’s too sensitive or it takes forever to turn around because it’s not sensitive enough. It’s disappointing they took a game that was initially designed for controller use and made it K+M only so that it requires all that just to make it playable. Now on to the issues with the game itself.

Real player with 22.6 hrs in game

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In 1984, the Belgian writer named Jean Van Hamme and artist William Vance released the first volume of a spy comic series called XIII. As more and more volumes came out, the popularity of XIII rose and it quickly became one of the best selling Belgian comic series with over 23 volumes released to this date.

In 2002, Ubisoft announced they secured a license for XIII and that they were working on a videogame adaptation. The game was eventually released in November 2003 for PC, PS2, OG Xbox and Gamecube, starring the voice talents of several major A level stars such as the singer Eve, David Duchovny and Adam West.

Real player with 14.2 hrs in game

XIII - Classic on Steam



Very cute but super short, you can easily 100% BVB! in under 10 minutes without even working at it. The bear model is very nicely animated, he blinks and narrows his eyes along with some teeth gnashing as the enemy soldiers get closer to him. Recovering health is as simple as drinking a bottle of vodka and having a balalaika session.

The enemy AI is somewhat aimbot-like, so seeking some elevation is the best way to stay alive and kill between 80 and 90 of them in one session without dying should you be seeking the achievements. The enemy waves are endless so you can play as long as you like, plus there’s a functioning global leaderboard if you’re into that style of play.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Государственный гимн Советского Союза playing in the main menu — check.

Bear protagonist — check.

AK assault rifle with infinite ammo, obviously — check.

Drinking vodka for health without getting cirrhosis or Korsakoff’s syndrome — check.

Dummy Nazi antagonists shooting themselves, reminding the Red Army’s superiority over the

Third Reich’s military incompetence — check.

Playing a balalaika as a useless animation — check.

Катюша playing at the start of the “game” only once, leaving you without music during the rest of your “epic run” — check.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game


Boet Fighter

Boet Fighter

First part of the review is the first review , on release day. The game has been updated and improved significantly by the devs to justify giving the game a positive review now. Every point that has been improved will be indicated in the original review





First off , I’d like to say that I really want to give the game a neutral review rather than a negative one because the game isn’t a bad experience , but rather falls short in some important areas that make it difficult to justify a positive review. The game bleeds personality and a unique “South Africanacity” that is impossible to get in any other game on this platform and you can immediately see the passion and drive that went into making the game. I want as many people as possible , not just in South Africa , but around the world , to buy and play this game , build a community and get people talking about games and game development in South Africa

Real player with 9.3 hrs in game

Ah man, firstly you have to understand a certain breed of South African’s lingo to fully appreciate the humour as this is a proudly SA game IMO, and even if you think this is not for you, go on, clap it! (buy it) and support these lekka ou’s!

Secondly well done to the DEV ou’s (team). Graphics and sound quality are fantastic, but don’t take my word for it, you just have to watch the trailer!

I digged (liked) the story and the multitude of funny lines dropped by the players character and the enemies whilst fighting and the cut scenes are lank kieff (awesome). Really appreciate the approach the guys took to tell the story.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Boet Fighter on Steam

VCB: Why City 4k

VCB: Why City 4k

(Got this for free from the developer’s submission to OMEGA Trade - G. Thanks…)

VCB: Why does this game exist?

VCB: Why City 4k is…..well, simply put…not a good game. What you would expect of Grand Theft Auto (which I haven’t really played, to be honest), ends up tossed into a meat grinder and mixed in with some 3 month old salami. This Russian made game is filled with venom for streaming, Steam, and for critics in general, to which I can only assume is this developer’s grudge against criticisms towards his various games, including the original version of this game. That’s right, this is the 2nd version of the game VCB: Why City and I assume there have been no changes to it upon being reuploaded other than slapping the label “4k” on it.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

First let me just say the story behind this game is not like any other. This game touched my heart, my soul, and my bootyhole. The graphics behind this game are unbelievable. when I first started to play this game my initial thought after the first mission was “Hey why can’t I get out of the car” but then I realized that this was intentionally done. think about it is there really a good reason to get out of your car, you are out doing stuff of course there is no reason to get out of your car unless you are shooting some of the numerous baddies of this game or you just want to enjoy a delicious kabob. this feature of not getting out of your car unless necessary is something big companies missed with game like GTA, Saintsrow, Watch_Dogs, ect. This games story is a tear jerker I finished it all without putting the game down. This games story involves such topics as SPOILER betrayal, gay vloggers, and kabobs. The main character in this story is so compelling and really draws you into his role especially with how badass, selfless, and slut hatting he is. Also you may notice if you are not too distracted by this compelling story that the music in this game is killer especially during the boss fights and this just leads you to become more drawn into the story which leads me to personally thank the MC fucker of this story. My one critic with this game is that I want more story to this game but sadly with just how good this game is I am afraid that no matter how much story is included within this game I will never be satisfied. I will say that this game is possibly the best game there is out there and no other game will even come close to topping it. Thank you for this wonderful game of VCB: Why City 4k 12 peppa pigs out of 10

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

VCB: Why City 4k on Steam

Colt Canyon

Colt Canyon

This is a very nice western themed top down rougelike game. I see a lot of top-down shooter games get compared to Hotline Miami, and to some degree this is understandable but, I feel, usually unwarranted. However I think this game actually is quite similar to Hotline Miami. The gunplay feels quite smooth and fast. Melee and throwing weapons are also viable methods of killing. There are also some stealth mechanics. Most of the enemies die quickly, especially if you can catch them off guard.

As the game goes on the player can save prisoners who can give the player perks like better accuracy or more damage with certain weapons. Most of them will also offer to join the player instead of giving a perk. After enough levels the player can get a whole posse of followers going.

Real player with 108.2 hrs in game

Colt Canyon Review - A gunslinger’s dream

Get shooting!

Brutal western roguelite shooter delivers dynamic combat and enthralling gameplay.

Colt Canyon, from the outside, has a rather simple premise; you need to save your partner - kidnapped by bandits at the beginning of the brief tutorial - by shooting your way to victory through the hordes of bloodthirsty bandits that populate the otherwise desolate plains of the wild west. And whilst it appears that’s all there is to this game, its complexity as you play seems to unfurl in front of you, very much deserving of the “easy to pick up, hard as hell to master” mantle.

Real player with 36.8 hrs in game

Colt Canyon on Steam

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition

I went into this game being cautiously optimistic. I trusted that Suda51 wouldn’t give us an unenjoyable experience, but I also didn’t expect it to have a riveting story or captivating narrative. I was sorely mistaken.

Gameplay: It’s an overhead beat-em-up that has more depth than people typically give it credit for (more options and mechanics than NMH1), but the leniency of the game’s difficulty and level-up system discouraged people to understand it beyond a simplistic level. Like an in-game character suggests, you can try getting through the game without leveling up. See how far it gets you, as this way of playing heavily encourages you to learn the timing and setups against particular enemies.

Real player with 55.0 hrs in game

I strongly recommend this game. I’ve been waiting the PC release for a bunch of time but eventually, it’s here and i’m so happy to play it and having so much fun trying to complete every achievements. I am a big fan of the No More Heroes series and Grasshopper Manufacture games in general terms but this game can easily be enjoyed by anyone liking wacky games, symbolism, challenge and the beat them up genre.

Real player with 38.6 hrs in game

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition on Steam

Sword With Sauce

Sword With Sauce

Sword With Sauce is a great game with enjoyable mechanics and vast amount of fun. If you like being stealthy, you’ll like it. If you like being badass, you’ll like it. And if you like action single-player games with ninjas, you’ll definetly like it. While I was consumed in this world, I felt like a real ninja. Wallruns, roof-hooking, stealthiness, tactical usage of a vast majority of available gadgets - that is all waiting for you in this amazing game. This game doesn’t even need a story or a big amount of levels to be interesting. You just enjoy creating different tactics or performing astonishing kill tricks. Here are some pros and cons:

Real player with 22.5 hrs in game

Wow… Sword with Sauce is crazy fun. Yes, it’s only 3 levels and yes it’s only in, well, not even beta. But what is there is awesome!

I played through and beat both the mansion and habor using the default setup. The mansion was a mostly stealth run. Habor, I just went wild with the sword since the layout is a little more difficult to map out. When I started up city, I finally decided to check out gadgets. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Check out gadets ASAP!

Sure, you can go with a bow as your starter weapon, ala Far Cry. You can go with the default sword. You can go with… honestly, I forgot what the fourth thing was because THE SHIELD, the freaking glorious shield! Have you ever want to play a FPS Captain America? The game may not have Marvel branding, but the shield made me feel like I was in the Avengers. It’s got the multi enemy bounce. It’s got the bullet ricochet. It’s got the boomerang return.

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

Sword With Sauce on Steam

Onee Chanbara ORIGIN

Onee Chanbara ORIGIN

OneeChanbara ORIGIN is a great game. Surprising by OneeChanbara standards. This is probably the best OneeChanbara game to date. I’ll break down this review in sections.


This might be subjective, but I very much like the new anime art style. For one, the main character artist is Katsumi Enami, known for her artwork in recent Nihon Falcom games. The new art style, which is far from generic anime, really breathes life into Aya and Saki’s designs. One of the strengths of anime art styles is making emotions more prominent on characters’ faces, and this game is no different. You can really see the sadness in Aya’s eyes and the stubbornness in Saki’s. The world settings are a lot more vibrant as well, as are the blood and gore effects. ORIGIN is a really pretty game and will no doubt age well. Also, a quick shoutout to Aya and Saki’s new Xtatic Form appearances. Their Xtatic Forms from Z2 Chaos looked a bit strange (Saki’s looked especially ugly), but in ORIGIN, they’re fantastic. Although there are slight demonic features, Aya’s form is pretty damn sexy, while Saki is still very cute (must be because they maintained that adorable fringe).

Real player with 117.4 hrs in game

Having played Bikini Samurai Squad and Z2 Chaos, I can say that Origin definitely took aspects of those games and not only incorporated them into the game, but also polished and improved upon those aspects. The art style is definitely something I enjoy. It’s a simple yet dynamic and vibrant style that is appealing to the eye and makes the player feel like they’re in an anime which can be enjoyable to some (like myself). It’s really a matter of taste.

Gameplay wise, I enjoyed the element that they incorporated from Z2 Chaos, for instance, XTatic forms and Xtasy combos. It was quite nostalgic seeing those elements again and it definitely made me want to play Z2 Chaos again. I also very much enjoy the parry system. It reminded me of Saki’s counter from Z2 Chaos but much more refined, polished and improved. It gives me a DMC 4/5 Royal Guard feeling. One thing I experienced however when it comes to parries. I’m not sure if anyone else experienced it, but if you parry as Saki against the Fatmen zombies and do a cool finish either in Xtatic form or when you’re about to turn beserk, the camera goes haywire and you zoom around all over the place. It does go back to normal eventually but it’s a very interesting glitch. You can still attack while zooming but you have to shift the camera constantly.

Real player with 48.2 hrs in game

Onee Chanbara ORIGIN on Steam