If you’re looking to take control of a living flood of meat this is the game for you, but the game has it’s flaws and the biggest one I can find is the confusing level layout and disorienting map. You can easily get lost in the map and find yourself slithering around in circles trying to find your way out. But other than that, game’s perfect, I really hope they make a 3d sequel. 8/10

Real player with 39.5 hrs in game

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I like being squishy tooth monster - in my regular life I cannot eat coworkers nor squeeze into tubes. It is nice to play a character who can eat their coworkers and squeeze into tubes.

Real player with 12.0 hrs in game

CARRION on Steam

Dangerous Lands 2 - Evil Ascension

Dangerous Lands 2 - Evil Ascension

Definitely wasn’t ready for any sort of launch. I got out of the first area and it switched my character for some reason and made the enemies around me nearly invincible (I was only doing 1 damage no matter what I threw at them and they must of had 2000 hp) and took out half my health in a single swing. Also there is not volume control which is shitty since the in game sounds are straight nails on a chalk board.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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Dangerous Lands 2 - Evil Ascension on Steam

Destroy All Humans!

Destroy All Humans!

Short and sweet. Unlike crypto, who’s short angry and not green.

The attention to detail is pretty incredible in some areas.

They fixed all the issues i had on launch other than a couple situations where frames tank. I hope they do them all and do them at least this well

! Even Big Willy.

Real player with 33.0 hrs in game

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I have loads of memories playing DaH as a kid on the PS2, this remaster keeps what made the original so fun whilst also modernising aspects that wouldn’t have held up today. Looking forward to DaH 2.

Real player with 21.5 hrs in game

Destroy All Humans! on Steam

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

8 min of game play (check out my channel for a full play through)


  • When you first play this you need to exit the game for the “continue” to show up. They said they are working on the co-op save issue so they may fix this too.


Game type - Diablo/Gauntlet like (top down dungeon crawler)

  • Play as 1 of 4 characters in 20 single player levels or co-op.

  • Each hero has a base attack, a charge attack, and a power move that charges over time.

Real player with 16.5 hrs in game

I’d recommend this game…with quite a lot of reservations. The TL;DR version? If you’re a fan of the Overlord world and story, buy it during a sale. If you’re like me and you really, really like Overlord and need your smashing sheepies fix, then maaaaaybe it’s worth buying now. YMMV.

First, the good. The story is funny, with Pratchett’s humor put to good use. The minions are entertaining, as always, and the dialogue is cheeky and fun. The world designs (especially the Netherdeep hub) are quite neat. The Netherghul designs are fantastic, and it’s fun to be able to play a variety of characters. It seems obvious that Codemasters put a lot of love into the game. The minion upgrades you can purchase were also pretty useful and unique compared to the previous games. The voice acting is fantastic, and I really liked the new characters as a whole. It was pretty cool to see the remnants of the old Overlord’s empire, too, such as statues of the minion wolf riders and Fay. The animated cut scenes had a really interesting wood-cut kind of style, which was unique and kind of neat to see in a video game.

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil on Steam

Overlord™: Raising Hell

Overlord™: Raising Hell

Making a demon army, enslaving humanity, and taking over the world…. Ya who wants that? ME. Make more of these games please.

Being a demon lord sith master dark force (copyright) yadadada is pretty awesome!

Control and Minons

Overlord focuses on you staying in control of well .. the overlord while you can also control minions. I really like these types of games that are define you as a single character who you are always in control of while manipulating units makes you feel more like a general in the front lines and not a king who is a potato in a castle you never see.

Real player with 32.2 hrs in game

Overlord: Raising Hell

Overlord Raising Hell is an amazing game with lovable little minions. In the game you are the second overlord (after the first has left) and you must help your army of minions destroy the pitiful disgusting forces of good BLEH!


In overlord you start off with learning how to control a small group of minions. There are 4 different kind of minions you will find though the game. to summon a minions you need orbs of their specific colour which can be gained by killing enemies.

Real player with 29.5 hrs in game

Overlord™: Raising Hell on Steam

Police Stories

Police Stories

The Game:

It’s a cool game, with a good amount of mechanics and tactics into the gameplay.

But it’s not perfect, the game has some minor flaws in my opinion, but fortunately that don’t ruin the experience at all.

The campaign is ok, i have a lot of fun in the process of beating it, trying to arrest or eliminate the tangos on the maps and avoid civilians casualties, also using the different types of equipment and devising strategies for find which one better fits on the situation.

Every situation display is procedurally generated in this game, so you need to evolve your tatics every time you restart a game. But, note, that requires some patience, because you could fail a lot when something goes wrong on your course of action, for me at least added more into the challenge and i don’t find this annoying.

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

Edit: The game has been updated to have Steam Workshop, and the custom levels that people have already made do provide unique (and challenging!) level layouts that force more creative use of your equipment. While the campaign may be a bit of a breeze to work through, the devs provided players a way to provide any kind of challenge they wanted. This solved my issue of the game being too easy and short so I now consider this game a big thumbs up.


The game is very close to being a thumbs up, with a few glaring problems that are fixable.

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

Police Stories on Steam

The Final Boss

The Final Boss

I want to go immediately talking about the positive and negative aspects of the game.

Positive :

  • Good gameplay

  • Each bos has its specificity

  • Bos Alien it’s fantastic

  • Interesting feature “end game”


  • A couple of hours are enough to complete the game

However for the cost I highly recommend it

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

[url] Please see my curator page for more games that are worth your time [/url]

Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2h

Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: You’ll beat the game several times, but it only takes a few minutes to beat it.

Has it been in a bundle: No

Is there a good guide available: No, you won’t need a guide

How many people have completed this game at the time I’m writing this review: 1 on Astats

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

The Final Boss on Steam

Undead Horde

Undead Horde

Ok, here’s the thing. I’ve always liked necromancer type games, and vampires, and mummies, and werewolves and all that Bela and Boris stuff. But, some of the real hardcore horror games don’t appeal to me. I don’t care for gore all that often, and I don’t like true horror. I like the old campy stuff. And that’s what this reminds me of… hear me out.

This has skeletons and orcs and humans and bears and scorpions and treasure chests and magical weapons and skeletal necromancers summoning the dead, and it’s all done in a cute art style that I love. I mean, c’mon. How can you NOT think the main character is adorable? And during the first mission when I got undead bears, I was over the moon.

Real player with 71.3 hrs in game

Undead Horde, eh? Action RPG game where player takes role of evil necromancer, who’s hellbent on purify the world from the living.

You will go through around 30 maps on a 5 different lands: from little human villages to vast orcish deserts and to great knightly citadel. On your journey you will met around 30 adversaries, which 90% of them are living beings, who can be ressurcted in undead form and stay permanently (not to mention some staff’s can summon temporary minions). I like that developers made for each living creature an undead version of it, no matter - it’s peasant with pitchfork or bear or giant.

Real player with 33.3 hrs in game

Undead Horde on Steam

Maybot Run

Maybot Run

Helped beta test the game. The release version is awesome for an endless runner with loads of replay-ability from the upgrades and characters that you unlock. Still enjoying the leader-boards and competing for a high score. The music is really cool too. Definitely a fun game well worth the small fee.

Real player with 37.6 hrs in game

This game kills me. Even after all these years. Showing my lass Davebot makes the game near impossible to play through giggling…. and then Major… and then .. well. You should find out yourself.

Wont lie. It isn’t easy. Attempting to remain focused after reading the hilarious madness in the background whilst pushing forward is a challenge itself.

A game that has aged like a fine Brandy. Which…if you live in the U.K. is sort of sad really.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Maybot Run on Steam

Rack N Ruin

Rack N Ruin

Rack N Ruin: I guess you would call it an Action RPG / SHMUP mashup. You play as the Demon Rack who was stranded on an asteroid by his master Ruin because, I think, he was too wild corrupting everything. You go around as this demon killing creatures and corrupting the world. When you kill a creature you collect souls which are the currency you can use to buy items or to corrupt the shrines.

The game is presented in an isometric top down view. There are several locations in the world to explore. Dungeons to conquer. And boss monsters to defeat. The art style is hand drawn and cartoony, but it works. The biggest beef I have with the game is that sometimes it is extremely difficult to understand where to go next. And there are many things that seem like you should be told. Rather than cryptic descriptions of the items, some helpful description would be nice. The final dungeon is so twisted up I almost rage quit because I couldn’t figure out how to get to where I knew I needed to go based on the map.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Overall : 7/10

I have 7 hours of gameplay at the time of writting this Review.

The game reminds me a little of Invader Zim, where the main character is a little more compotent then Zim. That being said the writting is very medicore, and cliche in many ways. That being said there is a great amount of content for the price

I am playing the game in the Normal difficulty. I have died several times, but it wasn’t because the game was incredibly difficult, but rather just because of bad decisions, and lack of attention. On normal, the game is rather easy.

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Rack N Ruin on Steam