Chaos on Wheels

Chaos on Wheels

Leave nothing but chaos!

Chaos on Wheels is a single-player and multiplayer vehicular combat game. A world where Artificial Intelligence has taken out of control and your job is to bring an end to its existence. Choose your car, fasten your seat belt, ride, survive, destroy and leave nothing but CHAOS.

The story-driven game offers you many different vehicles to drive, turrets to destroy, maps to conquer, and weapons to make chaos!

Play as a driver in a heavily equipped car, destroy enemies, and save the human race. Avoid enemy projectiles, traps, hazards and bring chaos to anyone who opposes you.

Key Features:

  • Cars

The only thing between you and other projectiles is your car. Take a swifty car and avoid danger or get into an enormous one and eat projectiles for breakfast. Choose wisely!

  • Drivers

Unfortunately, Tesla hasn’t arrived at Chaos on Wheels so you will need a driver to steer cars. Each driver has its unique specialty, select yours and drive into victory.

  • Customization

Upgrade weapons, ammo, armor, or equip some of the gadgets and prepare chaos for your enemies.

You don’t like your car to be yellow? Make it black with visual car customization. Add wraps, lights, change their colors and make it how you like it in a garage.

  • Turrets

AI has its own army. Turrets are here to ruin your day. Watch out for their projectiles and bring them down before they do the same to you.

  • Hazards

Keep your head up and watch where you drive. Some hazards can slow you down while others might even destroy you.

  • Environment

We’ll give you one tip. Turrets? They don’t like you but watch out for the environment. It may look pretty, but it can be pretty lethal.

Play on dozens of maps, with various environments.

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Chaos on Wheels on Steam

Drone Zone

Drone Zone

The world is contaminated with hazardous radiation from fallen meteors, that forced humanity to hide under the ground. Your mission is to send various battle drones to the areas exposed to radiation. Survive among anomalies, mutants and fight with other drones for valuable resources contained inside the meteors.


Use acquired resources to craft engines, guns, batteries and other modules. Assemble your own unique drones using these modules.


Destroy any enemy modules, preventing him from using his strengths. For example, destroy engine to make enemy drone fall down or break his gun to deprive him of the ability to shoot. Don’t forget to protect your modules from enemy attacks.


Every drone has a number of active skills. You will be able to stun the enemy by a burst of energy, turn on the field that blocks enemy attacks, generate your own anomaly to astonish or distract your opponent and use many other abilities.

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Drone Zone on Steam

Loot City

Loot City

Loot city is a very relaxed and enjoyable game, it takes a little bit to get used too the controls but after that its great. the game also doesn’t just fly by, you have to explore the whole map collecting cash and keys to complete your objective. shooting tanks, cops and armoured trucks while collecting cash was more enjoyable then i thought and i felt accomplished after putting the work into beating the game. overall, i had a great time playing Loot city and it was fun to play around with all the different characters.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

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Loot City on Steam

Danger Zone

Danger Zone

Danger Zone In-Depth Review

Back Story

Back in 2014, Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry left Criterion Games. They formed a small studio called Three Fields Entertainment. They wanted to make a “spitual successor” to Burnout, but they worked on other games, Dangerous Golf, and Lethal VR. After releasing those games, they finally talked about Danger Zone. It is based off the destruction crash mode seen in Burnout 3 Takedown. Now, Danger Zone has released, but is it any good?

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

Danger Zone is a very good homage to the Burnout Crash Mode. I’ve been a yuge fan of Alex Ward’s team since Burnout 1. I’ll just hammer out the Pros and Cons that I’ve seen and I’ll update as I play or as patches are added.


It’s gorgeous. Running it at 4K60 on a GTX1080/7700K and my computer isn’t even whirling up the fans. Very well optimized game with lots of eye candy and particles. Granted, it’s not working with anything beyond vehicles and walls, but the explosions are impressive and the textures are perfect.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

Danger Zone on Steam



20 years ago the Great Fire Disaster set most of the world on fire causing mass extinction and destruction of life and earth. Only 30% of mankind has survived, only a few spots on earth are possible to live. As the governments failed, corporations took control. The world is plunging into chaos and anarchy. Welcome to New York in 1998.

You are an Exekiller, a futuristic bounty hunter. Your main goal is collecting S.O.U.L.S - biochip component which gathers information about its owner and also controls him. Chips are produced by one of the biggest corporations that rule the New Earth. Without S.O.U.L you simply don’t exist.


How you approach The Exekiller is up to you. Your choices affect not only the way the story develops - it also lets you face every situation any way you like. Your decisions affect the storyline that offers massive replayability.


The world of ExeKiller is both beautiful and lethal. Travel across diverse regions from deserts and canyons, through deadly highways and radioactive fields.


You can either kill them, bring them to justice or set them free - the choice is yours. Make full use of the environment and various types of weapons and gadgets. Use your abilities to gain advantage. Sneak past your enemies or talk your way out of trouble situations.


Experience a fascinating journey through post-apocalyptic landscapes dramatically affected by a stunning day/night cycle, dynamic weather and radioactive sun storms.

ExeKiller on Steam

Radiant Crusade

Radiant Crusade

You’re in a valley defending a tower against attacking alien bugs.

It’s steer with gamepad and sight/lock targets with gaze. All functions (weapons, throttle etc) are on the gamepad. If you’re not a gamepad user effective control will be an issue as game doesn’t support motion controllers.

The ship hugs the terrain closely and though i didn’t suffer any queasiness others a bit more sensitive might.

Cockpit arcade shooter really sums this up. It’s colorful (although not Polynomial colorful), fast paced and suited to folks who want a gamepad VR arcade experience. My gamepad dexterity is severely lacking so the full potential of this game was lost on me but check it out if you’re a gamepad warrior looking for a fast blast.

Real player with 26.7 hrs in game

Radiant Crusade is a sci-fi, cockpit shooter title. In this game, player will drive around on a vehicle with cockpit (that display in-game information like health etc) and shoot at the creatures.

There’s also an AI tower that will attack any nearby creatures too, so player has to work together with the tower. If either the tower or the player loses all the health the game is over. So strategy has to be made. Player can drive around to attack or thin the incoming herd (and let the tower to handle the rest), or stay near the tower, and attack the creatures together with the tower.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Radiant Crusade on Steam

Bang For Your Truck

Bang For Your Truck

Bang For Your Truck is a chaotic vehicular combat game in which you pilot a highly mobile, acrobatic battle truck. Perform out of this world stunts and trick shots as you traverse the map, collect kill tokens and claim total victory (and bragging rights) over your friends! There are multiple mounted weapons in your arsenal including long-range cannons and close quarters shotguns, and many throwable devices available for purchase.

These include:

○ Homing Missiles that hunt down your opponents.

Bang For Your Truck on Steam

Corona Runner

Corona Runner

Escape the virus!

As part of a classified, highly advanced government experiment, your rover has been shrunk down to microscopic size to find a cure for the evil Covid-19. Unfortunately, while you are exploring the inner surface of your patient’s lungs, the Novel Coronavirus strikes!

Dodge the mysteriously intelligent virus cells as they relentlessly pursue you! See how long you can outlast the viral attack… while transmitting critical data about the virus. For SCIENCE!


  • Drive your super miniaturized research vehicle around collecting data nodes.

  • Avoid the virus cells as they try to destroy you!

  • See how much data you can retrieve before you are trapped!

Corona Runner on Steam



TLDR: google “crossout slam dunk” (even if you have no intention of ever playing the game, lol).

Full version (Scroll below for a section on “omg, grind!"):

After enjoying this game for quite a while, I feel like I at the very least owe them a Steam review, because in my mind the “Mixed” rating (as of writing this) is quite unfair, and is largely created by new players mistaking a learning curve for a “paywall”.

Which leads me to this main advice to starting players:

Real player with 2812.2 hrs in game

This game is EXTREMELY poorly managed. And trust me, this means alot, because most of the time i overvalue games and i respect the developers alot. I also recommend most of the games i play, to my friends. I would honestly not recommend crossout to anyone. This became one of the worst games i have ever played. Just because of some poor decisions

Let me talk about some key elements of the game.


Don’t be fooled by the fact that the game is free. The small playerbase is used to invest lots of money in the game, so as a new player, or a player who really plays for free, it’s a dead end. You will be smashed by the others, since the items are tier based and every tier is more expensive than the prior one. The last one takes few months, even years of grinding, depending on how often you play, of course, if you don’t pay real money. That being said, you might just find yourself in huge disadvantages if you play for free. There were decent ways to farm in game coins fast, but don’t worry, the developers made sure to patch them, so everything is a slow process and you don’t get anything significant without paying them.

Real player with 2538.3 hrs in game

Crossout on Steam

Mad Max

Mad Max

I think Mad Max is an awesome game set in a post apocalyptic era with a rough setting with limited supplies & ammo but being a bad ass with a car thats built from scrap to becoming a beast, a tank with 4 wheels, your magna opius which will pave the way to destroying all who dare stop you from from achieving your goals to be wit your family again by any means necessary.

Real player with 147.0 hrs in game

This game is a LOT of fun. I played this game for a little while on an XB1X and enjoyed it, but was distracted by some other title at the time and walked away. WB was running a publisher sale here on Steam, so I picked it up and got re-involved during squad downtime.

GAMEPLAY: Mad Max (MM) plays a lot like the Batman:Arkham series. Lots of driving with highly satisfying demolition derby-esque vehicle combat; and hand-to-hand ground combat where you chain together strikes, combos, weapons, and finishers that make you feel like a dusty Dark Knight. The world is HUGE but roaring across the map to the dulcet tones of an unmuffled V8 make it traversable in an oh-so-pleasing way. The game can get a little grindy as you accomplish all of the side missions and secondary objectives (oh look, another water point guarded by a coupla maniacs) but I cut my teeth on Elder Scrolls titles, so I ain’t skeered. The self-centering camera takes a little bit to get used to, and is slightly more cumbersome on foot rather than in a vehicle, but once you get accustomed to it, you can manipulate the camera in sweeping fashion during action phases with an ability that would make even George Miller shed a single tear of joy.

Real player with 92.5 hrs in game

Mad Max on Steam