TL;DR : Never played a StarFox game, but this goofy, chill little dog game makes me want to.

What is this funny little dog shooty game?

Astrodogs is a 3D, forward moving, on-rails shooter with enough charm to change your attitude for the entire day. The game revolves around 8 or so small stages with unique aesthetics, designs, music, enemies and bosses. (My personal favourites are Barkstille and Barkadia.)

I’ve never played something like this before, is it difficult?

At first, yes. But if you keep at it, you’ll learn the levels, you’ll learn the 5 techniques you need to know (4 different “special” attacks and a bullet-time mechanic). The bosses all have a gimmick to them which at first, is SUPER annoying, because you’ll be tanking damage and dealing none, but you’ll figure it out and feel like even Einstein is no match for your superior intellect.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

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As a die hard fan of Star-Fox. There hasnt been any games to come out that capture the on rails space shooting magic. This game does! I love the levels, music, controls and overall humour. A real treat!

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Astrodogs on Steam




Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

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MISKATONIC is a Free VR game. It worked on my HTC Vive system, played ?, sounded ok, looked ok. It needs more room in your playspace than it requires, button required to start playing is a reach too far. Has a tutorial room, with instructions but I don’t know how to pronounce the words used for the 3 spells. Reads like the 3 spells are audio activated. Supposed to be a wave defense game where you can blast flying demons, use a shield to protect yourself and make stuff levitate. You are rooted standing to a point on floor, and yeah it is for midgets, so you are looking at inside your body if you are tall.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game




I’m seeing tons of improvements from Loneminded’s previous game. I’m feeling very hopeful for the future of this game and I think this game has tons of potential to be something truly great.

I love the new semi-linear approach to the levels, giving room for different routes to reach the goal. It’s not without it’s fair share of bugs/glitches, but it’s Early Access and they will be fixed as time goes on.

See you on the Leaderboards! :)

Update: 24th of August, 2019

Tons and tons of bugs as since then been fixed a long with many new levels (10 from the Inertia collection and 5 from the Night collection). So 15 new levels along with a Speedrun Mode for the 3 collections (Originals/Inertia/Night).

Real player with 101.5 hrs in game

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🔲 My 90 year old grandma could play it

☑️ Easy

🔲 Normal

🔲 Hard

🔲 “Dark Souls”


🔲 “MS Paint”

🔲 Bad

🔲 Meh

🔲 Graphics don’t matter in this game

☑️ Good

🔲 Beautiful

🔲 Masterpiece

  • MUSIC -

🔲 Bad

🔲 Not special

☑️ Good

🔲 Beautiful

  • STORY -

☑️ This game has no story

🔲 Like playing “Temple Runners” for the story

🔲 It’s there for the people who want it

🔲 Well written

🔲 Epic story

  • PRICE -

🔲 Free

☑️ Underpriced

🔲 Perfect price

🔲 Could be cheaper

🔲 Overpriced

Real player with 24.1 hrs in game

Exertus on Steam

Mage Fort

Mage Fort

This is a challenging and fun little game! I love the diversity between characters, and the different playstyles. The spells are pretty intuative, and it definitely plays well with a controller. There are also some very different challenges between the maps that make each unique. Co-op is pretty simple to jump right into, and highly encouraged! It’s definitely possible to go solo in this game, but it’s more fun to play with help. Haven’t really mentioned yet, but there’s also a nice simplicity of style in this game. It’s a combination you don’t see a lot in games: challenging, fun, simple. This makes it a good pickup for all ages, and definitely playable for most.

Real player with 37.5 hrs in game

This game is a hoot! Me and my two daughters play it all the time. The controls are easy, the interface is polished and it is a fun game. Recommended for pretty much all ages!

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Mage Fort on Steam

Marble Odyssey

Marble Odyssey

Marble Odyssey is a rolling racer with a variety of obstacles and objectives. The faster you get through each level, the higher your score - but don’t miss out on the bonuses. 6/10

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Marble Odyssey on Steam



I have over 100 hours spread across the demos, and I’ve cleared most of this dev’s past games on their highest difficulty. I’ve been anticipating this game since March, and it has far exceeded my high expectations.

Veterans can enjoy a good challenge and the full experience on Nightmare difficulty. It’s a step above arcade difficulty, and a little under a 2 loop experience, at a whopping 9 stages and a cruel TLB reminiscent of Mushihimesama’s Aki. While I haven’t cleared Nightmare Trial at the time of this review (might take a month or two of hard grinding to do so), I can guarantee anyone at any skill level will have a good time with this game. It’s great fun for what it’s worth.

Real player with 121.5 hrs in game

Honestly, I’m surprised that this game’s price tag is this low. For what it provides in terms of gameplay, it should charge at least twice as much. This is an absolute jewel among indie shmups; it doesn’t try to hide its obvious influences (Touhou and CAVE STGs being the big ones here), even makes some references to them in its bullet patterns, and realizes them very nicely. The scoring system is simple and straight-forward, and routing Nightmare difficulty (which I’m currently ultra stuck on) is like a gateway drug to DDP or Mushihimesama. There’s even some secrets to discover.

Real player with 41.2 hrs in game

CosmoDreamer on Steam

Myastere -Ruins of Deazniff-

Myastere -Ruins of Deazniff-

i’ll give it 5/5, its pretty difficult to control the character while mid-grapple but once you get the hang of it its all easy, also it would be cool if we can store health potions.

Real player with 12.1 hrs in game

The English translation was likely done by a computer, but the Umihara Kawase-style rubbering action is pretty fun once you get the hang of it. If you love Umihara and need more like I do, you’ll enjoy this game. For anyone else, probably stay away.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Myastere -Ruins of Deazniff- on Steam

Narrow Escape

Narrow Escape

Best game i ever play. Need update more over time time.

Real player with 52.2 hrs in game

Gotta be honest, didnt expect to have that much fun. Eventho it is still a bit buggy here and there. I fully recommend this game if you like small little horror games with your friends.

Real player with 47.5 hrs in game

Narrow Escape on Steam

Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash!

Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash!

It’s quite a literal nostalgia trip, but a criminally short one. I cleared the story in 42 minutes.


Updated review after I nearly 100%ed the game:

It feels quite nice to dance alongside Ulala and hear her talk to me, and also to

! high-five Jaguar and Pudding near the end. The dance moves are also abundant in variety, going way beyond just directions and “chu"s. A few example unique commands include “barrier”, “nyan”, about 10 different “pose"s, and of course “Toyota” and “Honda”. Even the same command - such as “left” - can require a different action depending on whether you are dancing or dodging enemy fire. This means you have to use both visual and acoustic memory to get everything right. The dance battles are paced pretty well, with frequent but short breaks to ensure the player never gets too tired.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

this game alone makes the hundreds of dollars it takes to get VR worth it. High-5ing Ulala after all the adventures we had been on is one of the happiest happiest moments in my life playing games. the music is every bit as great as the originals but still feels fresh. the english voice acting isn’t the greatest but i wouldn’t want it any other way, and even if i did there’s an option to switch to japanese. this game is going down as one of my favorite games of all time.

edit: after coming down from the high i can recognize this doesn’t really have much for people who aren’t fans of the space channel 5 already, and i wish it was a lot longer. not perfect but for what it is it’s incredible

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash! on Steam

Upgrade VR

Upgrade VR

I really liked Upgrade VR. Four awesome tests that improve my speed and memory skills. It’s great that there is a mobile application where I can track statistics.

Yes, I know that it’s early access, but in the next updates, I would like to see more tests for the training with my friends, synchronize my data activity with Apple Health, and also I want to see this application on Oculus Quest 2.


-Good tests training reaction speed and memory.

-Beautiful VFX of holograms.

-Interesting gameplay mechanics.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

If you like the idea of brain training and also extending that to reflexes and hand/eye coordination, this will probably look interesting to you. Unfortunately it’s not for me and here’s why:

First thing you’re greeted with is a screen telling you to download some random app on your phone so you can get a sync code. Uh, no thanks buddy. I’ve got enough spies on my phone trying to track my every move (and probably succeeding more often than not despite my best efforts). I don’t need another, and why does it have to be a phone app? Other programs let you use a throwaway email to register an account, but not here.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Upgrade VR on Steam