Grim Town: Battle Tales

Grim Town: Battle Tales

This game sucks :)

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

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It’s such a great game, but you need to know what to do with your cards. It’s too expensive for me. It should be F2P

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Grim Town: Battle Tales on Steam

Hogs of War

Hogs of War

To put it simply, this game is my childhood nanny!

I absolutely loved this game on the PS1 when it came out!

This game is very similar to that but with a few alterations that might throw off the player; A.I. not moving, music bugging out every now and then. However I play the PC and PS1 ports regardless and I enjoy comparing the two as I play them.

And I think that if you enjoyed modern turn based tactic games like Worms Clan Wars then I reckon you’ll have a great time with this!

I like to play as Team Lard (the purple team),which can be accessed by typing in Mardy Pigs in the rename team option both in single and multiplayer. When I play as this team I like to discover what secrets await when going through the single player campaign.

Real player with 5228.8 hrs in game

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If I have time, I will also write guides on how to beat the game and some extra tips and tricks to help you along the way.

The game must be exited via the in-game menu. Do not Alt+Tab or Alt+F4 as this will cause your computer to crash.

WARNING: This game does contain stereotypes which may be considered racist. If you are angered by this then I recommend not buying this game because there is a fair bit of it. (To me, they are pretty tame but I’d prefer just to warn you guys. Like, even the British and Americans have the mickey take out of them so…)

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Hogs of War on Steam

Lord of the Dark Castle

Lord of the Dark Castle

The store page is an accurate description of what’s here, and really look close at the screenshots.


This feels like a single-player board game. You have your character token and stat sheet, and move turn by turn through simple fantasy style map layouts. You have all the classic concepts; an adventurer out exploring the wilderness and dungeons fighting trolls and skeletons in search of treasure and magic items.

There’s a bit of depth in skills and spells, if you can live long enough to explore those options, but you can be limited based on what you find, which is entirely random. And make no mistake about it: This is a rogue-like. Death is permanent, there’s no carry over or unlocks as you would get from a rogue-lite. You’re starting from scratch every play through. You can save & quit then continue, but death means restarting.

Real player with 32.2 hrs in game

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This game is a very fun and addicting roguelike. And it’s an actual turn-based roguelike - not a roguelikelike, or rogulelite, or whatever the currently preferred term is for games of other genre which borrow roguelike procedural generation and permadeath.

Lord of the Dark Castle is definitely of a smaller scale than many of it’s roguelike peers such as Tales of Maj’Eyal or Dungeons of Dredmor - there are currently only 7 levels (with 3 more to come), only 6 inventory slots (not counting active equipment), and no choice of class/race during character creation. In fact, the character creation consists of choosing the difficulty level, the character’s name (optional), the character’s appearance, and purchasing some gear in the starting shop. The money you have depends on the chosen difficulty level, and any unlocked in-game achievements - more on this last part later.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

Lord of the Dark Castle on Steam

Plancon: Space Conflict

Plancon: Space Conflict

Fun little game. A space adventure where you do quests, upgrade ship and fight bad guys. The bad is that it crashes sometimes and controls are rough, selecting a planet or ship doesn’t always work unless screen is in paused mode. But I got this game on sale and for what I paid I’m satisfied. If you like space adventures and don’t mind a lack of polish, give this game a chance.

Real player with 22.9 hrs in game

Avoid… Would like to give this game a decent review but I simply can’t. Meaning, this game is completely unplayable. No keybinding or basic control mapping (not that it matters because it seems to change every time you restart it). No ability to set custom bindings. This game doesn’t even have basic help / tutorial file–just a bunch of RP fluff. Monitor settings? Lol, thats a joke and what little there is-is locked to 75Hz. All in all, this game is an exercise in frustration.

Negative 3 stars. Basics devs, you blew past the basics with out much of a glance back with this one…

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Plancon: Space Conflict on Steam

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter is a short combination of jRPG with a shooter. It’s one of the Indie line games based on Serious Sam franchise, being made by somebody else aside from Croteam. In this case it was developed by Vlambeer and came out in 2011.

And oh boy, is it a mess from technical standpoint. So much bugs.

Windows 8 users will want to check Steam guides, there is one that has a link to a patch. Otherwise it will start crashing every few minutes.

Mind it, even after patch it still can randomly crash or glitch up. And it will not save your progress, only when you quit to main menu, so I recommend you to do it at the start of every level.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

I really, really wanted to like this. Vlambeer is one of my favorite developers, and I do have a small soft spot for serious sam.

The problem with Serious Sam: The Random Encounter is it’s a bit like Space Jam, it’s an idea that sounds really great on paper but doesn’t work so well in execution. It’s pretty much a heavily scripted pixelated turn based RPG which has one of the oddest turn based/action combat hybrids I’ve ever seen. You pick a character, pick a weapon or if you want them to use an item, and then point them in a direction to fire said weapon or use said item. Then you get around 5-10 seconds of action while you try to dodge bullets and hit targets with the aim you set.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter on Steam





WHAT TO EXPECT: Mobile port. Mercenary themed. Fun turn-based tactical combat. Node-based maps. 8x characters to upgrade. Lots of weapon unlocks. Lots of gear unlocks. Customisable loadouts. Comedic inspired villains. Expensive unlocks and upgrades. Everything requires copious amount of coins. Coin collecting is very, very grindy. Lack of missions means repetitive play. Pretty visuals. Partially frustrating iOS style GUI. Lots of grindy achievements. Includes: 4x content DLC with extra missions. Requires add. DLC for hot-seat MP. No MTs. Singleplayer only.

Real player with 570.8 hrs in game

NOTE: Review is complete now. Played through the game in its entirety. Additions are in italics.

First things first, the price is right. Regardless of quality, you can seldom go wrong when you see a price like this. The art style of the game is fantastic. It’s not something I’d expect from a game with a price tag this low.

The second thing I noticed is the music. I spent some time sitting at the main menu eating my lunch before I got into playing, just listening to the music. Many people don’t realize it, but music is a very important aspect to both film and games, and it helps set the mood. XCOM, for example. in the height of combat, features a pounding bassline. Depending on your preference, Antisquad one-ups it, opting for a full symphony orchestra, to accomplish the same thing and more.

Real player with 24.3 hrs in game

Antisquad on Steam



100% completion.

Ah, Ronin. I have a love-hate relationship with this game, but at least it never lies to me.


The controls, while difficult to get used to at first, are always consistent and usually people saying the controls are inconsistent just aren’t used to the controls and are blaming the game instead of their own actions. It’s possible to do the exact same actions in the exact same order and get the exact same result. I never had huge problems with the controls of the game when I got used to them, although occasionally i would end up targeting the wrong person because two attack icons were right next to each other and I wasn’t paying enough attention to know which one was which.

Real player with 27.9 hrs in game

Average Score: 5.75/10

Personal Score: B+ This game is amazing! I loved it. Too quick tho

I recommend buying it if…

  • You know you love Devolver games

  • You enjoy this game’s main aspects, and have watched some gameplay or at least read some reviews

Dont buy it if…

  • You don’t like turn based combat

  • You don’t like shallow lore and story

  • You don’t enjoy simple graphics

  • You hate quick games and/or games with not that much of a challenge

Real player with 20.3 hrs in game

RONIN on Steam

Shinobi no Okite/The three female ninjas

Shinobi no Okite/The three female ninjas

I only found out about this game because I searched on Google for the name “Panther Software” – developers of obscure games like Space Griffon VF-9 for the original PlayStation and Metal Dungeon for the original XBox – and I found out that they released this game on Steam. I mean, I believe it’s the same Panther Software, but after playing this game, it’s hard to tell.

Shinobi no Okite is a Qix clone. It’s basically an action-puzzle game where you move your character around the screen and draw lines that will, slowly, uncover a picture. Reach the required percentage in each stage and you can advance to the next. Easy enough to understand, but hard to master. As far as I know, this is the only Qix-style game on steam with controller support, both digital and analog. Since it’s dirty cheap, I didn’t have much to lose.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

After more than seven months, nobody has posted a review for this game? Talk about unusual. In any event, I posted a video with a full overview here:

To summarize, this game is one part history lesson, one part advertisement (on why to visit Japan) and one part mediocre “Qix” clone, and is incredibly Indie/Doujin in just about every way. If you’re not familiar with 1981’s “Qix”, the basic idea is that you move around a perimeter (most often a square or rectangle) and “draw or cut” a portion of it out to reveal an image until you’ve revealed the majority of it while utilizing power-ups and avoiding enemies / obstacles. There are subtle differences between the various Qix-esque games, but they are mostly the same at their core and most of them are better offerings than this (some examples include “Battle Qix”, “Dancing Eyes”, “Cacoma Knight”, “Gals Panic”, the Doujin “Gal Pani X”, etc.).

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Shinobi no Okite/The three female ninjas on Steam

Ten Days to War

Ten Days to War

The game seems fine, but it is still broken. Fifteen minutes into the game and I already found a game breaking bug. It might be nice, but I’ll only rebuy after it is out of early access.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Ten Days to War on Steam

Battle Bolts

Battle Bolts

Battle Bolts is great little indie game which:

+Actually fun with friends;

+Provides new mechanics that I personally never seen before;

+Made by Damjan Mravunac team!

Cant wait for the ranked online mode. Also something like 3v3 team deathmatch with constant respawn can be a good idea i think.

Also buying this game is a great way to support the creator of Serious Sams gorgeous music.

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

Cute and sharp graphics, very relaxing gameplay. I’d recommend making a few larger arenas, but in any case this game is a nice Sunday afternoon fun. Having a multiplayer is a good bonus as well.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

Battle Bolts on Steam