Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics

There are still problems with this “final” version. The biggest problem is the rotation of the scene. Rotations are limited to 90 Degrees or none at all. It should have been simple to allow an incremental rotation or even, at the lest, a 45 degree rotation, but keeping the rotation limited to 90 degrees often means searching for a view, ANY view, of the target area. It is difficult, time wasting, and frustrating … and unprofessional.

The loadout limitations on the characters are simply absurd. As someone who has humped 50 to 100 pounds into combat, I know that you can carry a weapon wih both a scope And an extended magazine, a pistol (though not a pistol with a scope) along with a couple of grenades of various sorts, a k-bar, an entrenching tool, a radio, water, food, more water, ammo, more water, more ammo … However, this is a game (the cry will go up). Why not limit the characters stupidly; one weapons mod, one extra “item”. Because it shows the imagination limits of the designers?

Real player with 50.6 hrs in game

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I just finished the story of Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics on normal mode, so I think it’s time for a review!

Let me start by saying it could have been an amazing game. Instead it’s just…an “ok” game. It’s not bad but it’s also not brilliant. The combat mechanics are nothing new but they are interesting enough (and that is probably what made me kept me playing until the end). The soundtrack is appropriate for this game’s theme as well as the sound effects.

However, I have a few issues with the game and here are some aspects that could be improved:

Real player with 18.0 hrs in game

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics on Steam

Fights in Tight Spaces

Fights in Tight Spaces

Always punch the shark.

I’ve been playing this game since the Prologue, and now that a 1.0 release is on the brink of the horizon, I feel compelled to try and convey the experiences I’ve had playing it.

The gameplay captivated me from day one - it was a great mix of positional and situational tactical battles with the additional layer of board-game-style deck management. There’s also some route-planning to consider, but it doesn’t weigh too heavily on the course of your runs - EXCEPT when tackling Daily Play for score maximization. A full run takes about an hour to complete, and you can finish the game much faster with experience.

Real player with 518.0 hrs in game

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Basically, it’s the Elevator fight from Captain America: Winter Soldier. As a card game.

I generally hate card games. I also generally hate rogue-likes. So why have I played so much of this game? FiTS unexpectedly became a big favourite of mine because it actually alleviates a lot of my issues with both

Card games often feel abstract and inscrutable to me. But here the rules are clear and concise, and applied to a concept that you can visually see. You can make so many attacks or moves in a given turn (tied to your “momentum”), and heavier or more esoteric moves can take more time, allowing you to do less per turn.

Real player with 388.8 hrs in game

Fights in Tight Spaces on Steam



Liquidation is a tactical Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game set in a universe that mixes elements of both fantasy and science fiction, with support for both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Welcome to world of Veá

Our story unfold on the dying player of Veá, where a sudden, cataclysmic event, known as the Splintering, wiped out entire species and destroyed thriving civilzations.

In its wake, a strange, powerful substance, called quenrium rose from the depths of the world, triggering a conflict between the Twilight Crusade and the Scourge alliance over its possesion

Thus began the Quenrium War, lasting for more than 38 years.

Learn more about the fate of vea and its ihabitants in our short prelude.

Download here .


Community & Multiplayer

Different Perspectives

Play the campaign from various perspectives which also lead to different story outcomes.


Hire powerful mercenaries which also have their own background story.

Command powerful commanders

Choose from an arsenal of commanders and deploy these heroic units on the battlefield as they influence your armies and troops.

Build and fortify your base

Gather resources, Conquer favour resource points and mercenary camps, build your base and place fortifications to protect your unit production and research.

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Liquidation on Steam

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels

First things first: I’ve got this game for 1$, and I would have been feeling ripped off if I’d paid more than 2$. It’s just the question of price and your desire to play mediocre, sub-level games when we have so many good ones on the plate. Narcos: Rise of Cartels is cheap-made. It is underfunded and underdeveloped.

Get me right: Narcos: Rise of Cartels is certainly not the worst game that I’ve played, even (especially) if we take tactical squad-controlling games in the “XCom wannabe” sub-sub-genre. You know, that idea of one shot and one movement per turn, and all that jazz? Well, the worst game in that specific subjective list would be “Arma Tactics” , but even that game wasn’t All Bad, okay?

Real player with 28.3 hrs in game

Narcos : Rise of the Cartels is an Xcom kind of game, simplified in many aspects. This does not make it a bad game at all, it is just more… basic.

The main difference you will notice is that instead of moving your whole squad before waiting for the enemy to make their move, is that you only move once with one character. Then the enemies do the same, and so on. This takes a little getting used to and makes everything a lot less strategic, but it’s a different way of doing things.

You will also realize that 30 to 40% of the gameplay relies on using counteracts ( the equivalent of overwatch in Xcom ) effectively to have a clean mission. You will lose quite a few soldiers before figuring out how to use it properly, but once again, it’s just a different way of doing things and not necessarily a worse one.

Real player with 23.3 hrs in game

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels on Steam

Scuffed Tower Defense

Scuffed Tower Defense

A must play game. Scuffed Tower Defense is genuinely a lot of fun to play, and I’d recommend picking it up if you’ve got the money. Buster.


  • Buster.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

When I first saw this game, I had high expectations, mainly because of its resemblance of the hidden gem New EPIC SCUFFED BHOP SIMULATOR 2023 (POGCHAMP). After playing it, I can gladly say, my already high expectations were blown out of the water by this modern masterpiece. Most triple A games cannot even compare to the work of art that is this game. From the aesthetic design, to the gameplay, everything about this game is the definition of groundbreaking.

When it comes to aesthetic design, this game is perfect. Menus are simple, yet effective. The background of the main menu in specific shows gameplay that makes you pumped to play. The sound design has real bangars that always get you hyped for the next wave. The enemy design is minimalistic, but charming. The levels in the game all have a charm to them in a different way. From the dark lighting of the asteroid, to the minimalistic style of the fall, every level feels different from the last. The voice acting has tons of personality and sets a tone for the rest of the game. Even the towers all shoot bright bullets that feel really satisfying to watch tear down the enemies. Also the doggo is really cute I wish I could pet him.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Scuffed Tower Defense on Steam



As a studio, we have worked on Decoherence for over five years! It’s a real pleasure for us to be able to share our game with you. We feel the game is ready for both the casual and the competitive player. We hope you enjoy playing alongside Tadashi, Sabrina, Sam and α.Dron.Ai.

Welcome to the family! Get better and earn your place.

Real player with 30.6 hrs in game

I have 0.8 hours on record as of this review, though I did play the demo a little bit too.

This is a review for the multiplayer. The game just came out, so I don’t know how easy it will be to get matches down the road - but this game is really fun multiplayer.

There’s tons of customization in your bot and pilot loadout, and multiplayer matches are these epic mind games. You might have a shield bot guarding your other bots and have them all huddle behind it, or go with long range attacks, etc. It’s a real mind game and the meta will probably change a lot.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Decoherence on Steam

Shields of Loyalty

Shields of Loyalty

Fantasy General


Fantasy Wars + Elvish Legacy

If you liked those, you’ll like this. (Esp the o.g.)

A little rough around a few edges, but up until August the devs were freely communicating with the community, and I’m holding out hope they haven’t gone anywhere. I really enjoy the aesthetic and ambient sounds, (I’m a sucker for animated falling leaves).

The title is unforgiving, happening across a hidden enemy may well result in a squad wipe. Learning controls may require some trial and error also, since there isn’t a manual that I’ve seen.

Real player with 15.9 hrs in game

Fun game. Definitely reminds me of the old SSI tactical strategy games, especially the original Fantasy General.

A bit rough around the edges now but shows good promise. If you’re a turn-base strategy junkie, it’s worth putting down the money now and play along in its EA form and watch how it develops.

If you’re not a hard core turn-base player and wants something more polished/finished, then I recommend putting this game on your Wishlist or follow it and see how it turns out in a few months.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Shields of Loyalty on Steam

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory

Without a doubt this game was a pleasant and enjoyable surprise! While it was obviously apparent that the title had similar styling and game-play flow to something like “Valkyrie Profile”, the challenge and combat balance proved to be of sufficiently stiff level. Make no mistake, even on the default difficulty setting before any NewGame+, this game can be HARD. After having completed both story paths it’s become apparent that besides the aforementioned NewGame+, there’s a One Life Mode available with options to upgrade your party members to their highest potential. The narrative is pretty deep for a game of this 2D style. The devs even include a nice card based bonus system that adds some flavor to the story that has you making decisions that shapes the unfolding tale. Sadly, these decisions don’t lead to vastly different endings for both characters. As for the audio, the soundtrack is sparse in terms of the number of distinct tracks, but absolutely brilliant. There are certainly some adrenaline pumping tracks on here when fights get dicey. The game also has some voice acting that is generally well done and in keeping with the fantasy story on show. To elaborate, the game’s lore has many words some which seem Celtic in tone and spelling which,when pronounced, coincide with the real world Welsh (the male Laendur’s voice actor brings this out well I think) and Irish (probably what the accent the female voice actor playing Cecille was going for). A very fitting and appreciated bit of effort in my opinion.

Real player with 26.6 hrs in game

Definitely recommended! Lots of frantic action, split-second guards, diverse enemies, skills, combos, boosts, cancellations, one-shots, mass wipes, restarts, read again, ‘lots of action’.

No direct control over character movement, but full control over attacks and positioning. Little custimization in shape of gems (three at most), and a way to influence heroes' growth. Very indirect and totally obscure but nevertheless quite pleasant.

Hidden skills, New Game+ with Even More Punishment™, S-ranks to obtain, etc, etc.

Real player with 23.5 hrs in game

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory on Steam

The Dungeon Paradox

The Dungeon Paradox

I purchased this Early Access of Dungeon Paradox for $15 because i saw a video on YouTube with upcoming Turn Based Tactic Games and they had the trailer to this game so i was very intrigued. I am in my late 50’s and my first dungeon game i played was Wizardry 1 on a 48K Apple Computer back in the early 80’s and this game stole alot of hours of my life. Followed by Ultima and then the FTL Games “Dungeon Master & Chaos Strike Back” on a Amiga. Now its years later and many Dungeon games later this game peaked my interest. It brings back the old flavor of Turn Based Dungeon Crawler but with a Tactical Turn Based Maneuvers, I am glad i purchased this game and cant wait for it be finished. looking forward to see how they develop the combat system further and how the Ai on the advanced monsters will look also.

Real player with 21.3 hrs in game

An interesting take on Modern vs Fantasy.

Think of Breach and Clear meets D&D.

Though there isn’t much as of the current version, if you like the concept. Wishlist it.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

The Dungeon Paradox on Steam

Weaves of Fate

Weaves of Fate

From how far I played till yet, the storyline looks very interesting.

Since I awaited something like the old heroquest, I am a little bit disappointed about the lag of play depth. Nothing to loot? Maybe I didn’t play so far, simply. But instead there is the upgrade-option, which I like.

You can happily forget about the german translation (google translated?). Its a bit confusing, that the font changes with the language. But I don’t care much. Its such an basic english, its totally understandable.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

I think I’m in love. The thing is – I totally didn’t expect anything good here. But guess what? I ended up loving this game. That’s right, not just liking, loving it. Maybe it’s just because I’m old. I mean, the visuals remind me a lot of Ultima VIII and Halls of the Dead, gameplay feels a lot like a very basic version of HeroQuest, etc. But the thing is - Weaves of Fate doesn’t feel like one of those games that try to make money from nostalgia. It doesn’t have that cheap “Hey, look! It’s almost like real 8-bit!” aftertaste. It is what it is. A cute little RPG.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Weaves of Fate on Steam