Project Elysium

Project Elysium

Experience the ultimate survival challenge in this exciting wave-based strategy game.

Explore different maps and meet up with your friends to face the hordes of enemies together.

By using one of the many upgrade choices and map features you will be able to increase your power to defend yourself.

Use your money to open doors and clear debris, to explore more and more of the beautiful landscapes.

Choose between different difficulty settings to adjust the game to your own skills and try your best to unlock even the hardest achievements.

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Project Elysium on Steam

Cruz Brothers

Cruz Brothers

Excelent game. Fun.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

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All in all this is one of those games titles that is well produced and provides fun for the dollar. It has a nice storyline, decent graphics, sound effects and of course some all out great battles. However what I really found interesting with this title was the fact that you can make a career and progress with levels and open character options further to become more then just another Street Fighter or Mortal Combat game.

While all that is fine and dandy, some stuff can be rather obviously and annoying! I found that replaying the same levels(while boring) over and over will provide experience and increase your abilities, progression faster and easier. I can not answer if that means it will also advance you faster as you gain in skills and power, however combat time will.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Cruz Brothers on Steam

The Outbreak

The Outbreak

The Outbreak is an Early Alpha Version

Game Information:

You can play different modes in The Outbreak.

The main mode is the Zombie Mode. In Zombie Mode,

it’s up to you whether you can survive and achieve a Highscore.

The Highscore can be improved every time. However,

it only stores when you die. If you go to the main menu or leave the game,

it will not be saved. In Training Mode, you can improve your skills.

In addition, you have a Highscore independent of the Zombie Mode,

which you can also improve again and again. You just have to be fast enough.

Of course, you have to be careful not to kill civilians. All opponents

in Training Mode are made of wood. In the Training Area,

it’s up to you how you want to improve. You also have a lot of freedom

and can try different things. Tutorial Mode teaches you the basics.

It is also a good start for Shooter Beginners.

Game Modes:

  • Zombie Modus

  • Training Area

  • Training Mode

  • Tutorial Mode

Zombie information:

The zombies get stronger and faster with each wave.

They also drop random items that can be collected.

These items are immensely important to survive a high wave.


  • Money - [with the item you get money immediately]

  • Health - [replenishes your health to a certain percentage]

  • Max Amo - [refills your ammunition completely]

  • Instakill - [you will be put into a mode where you kill the zombies for a short time with a shot or a punch]

  • Nuclear Bomb - [kills all zombies while collecting the nuclear bomb for the current wave]

Mystery Crate Information:

The Mystery-Crate is a crate that you can find in Zombie Mode.

At the crate you can buy a random weapon spin to get a primary or

secondary weapon. Each of the weapons is different in strength.


Zombie cards that already exist:

  • The Shooting Range - [Day & Night]

  • The Old Trainyard

  • The Village - [Day & Night]

  • Underground

    Training courses that already exist:

  • Trainings Course 1

  • Trainings Course 2

  • Trainings Course 3

  • Trainings Course 4

When the game is completely finished, there will be 20 to 30 zombie maps and 10 to 15 training courses.

Easter Eggs:

Why Easter Eggs ?

Easter Eggs are a cool thing for the gaming experience.

You discover the game again and again and it never gets boring.

Even if you think you’ve seen everything, you still haven’t discovered everything.

  • 7 pieces already exist

  • some are still being planned

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The Outbreak on Steam

Element Space

Element Space

Updated 5/2019 from the initial review.

Disappointing, it clearly has some great ideas but is currently still frustrating to play. Cool xcom type turn based combat game with little strategic choices. Appears to have some fun ideas about combo ablities amongst your 3 characters. While patches have improved the fun, there is still a fair amount of frustration in playing.

Graphics are nice, but there is literally nothing to the game other than the combat grid. You have some time wasting “walk your party through the non-interactive environment until the next invisible trigger” type stuff in between combat in the missions. You can’t re-equip or even swap weapons (like you can in combat) when outside of combat. There is still no documentation in game about various rules (LOS, squad level “one use” items that are actually 1 use per person). The enemy will have various unusual weapons/abilities that show up. You will have little clue about what they are or how they work until it blows up on you (unless they have a passive ability “on” which you can now see a tiny icon next to them that sort of describes it). You are given an ability early on that causes push back, but you will never really know how far the enemy will get pushed (though they did at least add an arrow showing where the enemy goes). The push action will reveal your lack of knowledge about what counts as a “wall” and what is just neutral landscape (ie. elevated railings block LOS but don’t count as a wall for push damage). And since push typically leaves the character standing out in the open, its a crap shoot on when you should use it since you never know if the target will get pushed off the dock or just move a few inches and then shoot you. In my 2nd mission I got wiped out 3 times in a row, as I learned what each of the 4 new unique enemy units would do to me.

Real player with 64.6 hrs in game

Attractive, compelling, turn-based squad strategy with powerful characters in a science fiction setting with complex worlds, politics and back stories. Likely alienated much of its potential audience because of its unforgiving lack of manual game saving, not providing new players enough training before dumping them into tough battles against ferocious enemies, and a preponderance of game stopping and crashing bugs - doubly frustrating due to the lack of manual saving or in-battle autosaving. Although to be fair, many of these have been fixed by subsequent patches/updates, and the devs continue to work hard on bug-stomping.

Real player with 45.2 hrs in game

Element Space on Steam



Fun game, stylish graphics and audio. Lots of action and lots of destruction.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

The game is trying to be like the Tanks of flashgame glory. Controls jsut don’t feel right in my bit of a play through, and the bizarre story isn’t enough to hook me either.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game


Intergalactic traveler: The Omega Sector

Intergalactic traveler: The Omega Sector

so far so good great soundstrack i love it, mechanics are simple but creative most importantly fun great game, will send more time enjoying it

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

It’s a nice game for it’s money. Thanks to the RPG maker this game has a simple mechanics. The amount of minigames and items is surprisingly big. I like how developers modify the pause menu. Graphics in this game is a huge problem for me, in my taste it’s to ugly and messy. Hovewer first cutscene is pretty good. It’s interesting experement overall.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Intergalactic traveler: The Omega Sector on Steam

Swords and Sandals Classic Collection

Swords and Sandals Classic Collection

Cheap price and the nostalgia made me buy it.

Swords & Sandals 1: Works almost perfectly. Sometimes there appears to be ghostly body parts.

Swords & Sandals 2: same as 1

Swords & Sandals 3: Works perfectly

Swords & Sandals 4: Sound quality is much worse than the downloadable version. Some minigames do not work (river of rage: boat crashes immediately, Swords and snacks: game seemed to softlock for me) Also spells are not saved after restart. Should’ve been ported from the downloadable version in my opinion. Overall, the best game but also the worst port of the bunch.

Real player with 51.7 hrs in game

Okay i am happy now cause this collection brings back the nostalgia of 2006 god i miss that year thank you swords and sandals great graphics story i love it all


Story : 10 out of 10

Game : 10 out of 10

Graphics: 10 out of 10

Gladiators: 10 out of 10

fat kid wizard: 10 out of 10

Nostalgia : 10 out of 10

Real player with 31.1 hrs in game

Swords and Sandals Classic Collection on Steam

Fights in Tight Spaces

Fights in Tight Spaces

Always punch the shark.

I’ve been playing this game since the Prologue, and now that a 1.0 release is on the brink of the horizon, I feel compelled to try and convey the experiences I’ve had playing it.

The gameplay captivated me from day one - it was a great mix of positional and situational tactical battles with the additional layer of board-game-style deck management. There’s also some route-planning to consider, but it doesn’t weigh too heavily on the course of your runs - EXCEPT when tackling Daily Play for score maximization. A full run takes about an hour to complete, and you can finish the game much faster with experience.

Real player with 518.0 hrs in game

Basically, it’s the Elevator fight from Captain America: Winter Soldier. As a card game.

I generally hate card games. I also generally hate rogue-likes. So why have I played so much of this game? FiTS unexpectedly became a big favourite of mine because it actually alleviates a lot of my issues with both

Card games often feel abstract and inscrutable to me. But here the rules are clear and concise, and applied to a concept that you can visually see. You can make so many attacks or moves in a given turn (tied to your “momentum”), and heavier or more esoteric moves can take more time, allowing you to do less per turn.

Real player with 388.8 hrs in game

Fights in Tight Spaces on Steam

No Straight Roads: Encore Edition

No Straight Roads: Encore Edition

Can someone get me another Sayu? This one’s all melted!

All my hours are logged on the switch version (~150 hours), I love this game despite how gut punching it can be with difficulty and bugs (of which are mostly patched in this version). It makes up for all of it with its overflowing charm and dedication to fan service. My artwork is in the game too I guess! Underneath the bridge in Akasuka.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Underappreciated game with an incredible soundtrack, worth it for the music alone. If you are curious in the slightest then do yourself a favour and give it a try, you will fall in love!

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

No Straight Roads: Encore Edition on Steam

The Unholy Society

The Unholy Society

I love this style of art, like office clip art. The new way of fighting is also interesting. But this game can’t set screen resolution and window mode, hope to update.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

This one delivers on its promise in spades : full on 90’s occult comedy with breezy and headache-free mechanics. Never outstays its welcome and has more character than MTV 35 years ago. If you like the screenshots, it is exactly the game that you imagine it to be.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

The Unholy Society on Steam