Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2

Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2

As an Early Acess review I just want to get a quick review out to players of the first Pit who wonder whether the sequel is worth it.

The successor to the first Pit is shaping up quite nicely. While it is obviously still missing quite a few features and content from its predecessor - not just because of Early Access but because it was humongous, the Developers are very responsive when it comes feedback and bug reports.

The Pit 2 goes back to the turn based dungeon crawling and once done will mean you pretty much get the first Pit plus all the extra good stuff they - and the community - can come up with.

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

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If you liked SOTS: The Pit 1, you’ll love this! Everything is back the way you like it, but now in glorious 3d!

It’s early access, so some stuff doesn’t work yet, as to be expected.

Please support this game so it lives up to the glory of SOTS: The Pit 1!

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2 on Steam

Blazing Aries

Blazing Aries

“Blazing Aries” is an ARPG game developed by Kuroto Zakka, and published by OTAKU Plan.


The game tells the story of a new adventurer named Aries.

She visits all kinds of cities, travels around the unknown world, fights against the “Calamities” that spread all over the world.

This game’s core is the orthodox action fighting mode!

Players will use all kinds of skills to adapt to the situation in battle, and fight against various enemies.

Enjoy the experience of refreshing and unrestrained battle!


  • Orthodox Japanese ARPG

  • Combat mode with great pleasure

  • Rich skill Combo

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Blazing Aries on Steam

Crazy Rabbit AntiLogic

Crazy Rabbit AntiLogic

Hey man. You need urgently to help the Rabbit to overcome all the obstacles and defeat the evil witch.

Make him feel like a hero! You will have to pass through hard challenges, based on your skills: move adroitly, calculate fast, solve complex puzzles.

It is not so simple in this world, but only you can make it better!

• Interesting storyline

• Original new generation 2D-platformer

• Competition for time and quality of the level passing

• 33 absolutely original levels

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Crazy Rabbit AntiLogic on Steam

The World is Your Weapon

The World is Your Weapon

Story & Dialogue

The story is fairly simple, since it’s mainly about a weapon merchant, Weaco, trying to find a legendary sword due to her love of weaponry. The closest thing it has to an aesop is the third ending, where Weaco has to consider what needs to be done in a peaceful world where the antagonist is defeated, which is something that not all stories address properly. The simplicity doesn’t hurt the game too much, since it seems to be mostly focused on humor and gameplay, though I wish there were more quests and lore associated with the bosses of the game.

Real player with 43.5 hrs in game

I don’t normally enjoy games made from RPGMaker, but I enjoyed this one more than I could have expected. I ran into it randomly while browsing, watched the trailer, laughed, and bought it without hesitation. This game has made me laugh like an idiot many times, and it’s also a lot of fun.

I recommend you avoid reading other reviews so you don’t spoil some of the surprises, but let’s just say you can pick up anything…ANYTHING…and use it as a weapon. You can even huck it in your enemy’s face.

Real player with 21.1 hrs in game

The World is Your Weapon on Steam



This is the Free Demo of Dungene, a Roguelite Action Sci-Fi game.

The game is set in a biology lab that studies the biological abilities of a subject, which is controlled by you, through various experiments. Twist and modify your genes to discover what you can become. Find out more about the lab and the experiments to discover what they want…

Game Features:

Dozens of Drugs, Genes, Drones, and Cores that can change every aspects of the Experiment Subject that you control!

Hack and Slash with all kinds of powerful or wierd weapons, and rip your enemies into pieces before they do that to you.

Charge and Crush other creatures with your unique ability, and see their blood flood the room!

Discover more about the lab through different expriments, or game modes in nother words, that have different rules, settings, and mechanics!

EXPECT MORE! This free demo only represent a tiny portion of the Early Access version of the game, which will be available THIS SUMMER!

If you have any comments, advices or anything you want to say to us, you can find us on:

Twtitter: @mind_games_wang

Facebook: Mind Games Studio

Dungene on Steam

Hero of Not Our Time

Hero of Not Our Time

I’m recommending this game based on what it could be and on its innovation rather than the gameplay.

This game has a lot of interesting ideas that are badly implemented (and need fixing):

Good idea: Lootboxes for Rogue-like gameplay.

Bad Implementation: RNG is crappy for no reason.

(Late-game, I stopped opening chests because it wasn’t worth it.)

Fix: Improve RNG.

Good Idea: Cybernetic Upgrades.

Bad Implementation: No explanations of items, uses, etc.

Fix: Add explanations for each item.

Good Idea: Modular Weaponry.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Where do I even start…

Every time I try to find something good about this game, I seem to find something wrong. “Initial aesthetics are pleasing! Oh, those enemies with no animation, just static sprite wobble, are ugly as sin.” “Soundtrack seems pretty bangin'! At least it was the first three levels, getting tired of it starting over instead of looping every level transition for the next seven.” “It’s mouse aim, you can’t screw that up! But now it’s not locked to the game field and I’m clicking menus instead of shooting.”

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

Hero of Not Our Time on Steam

Lost in Dungeon / 地牢迷失者

Lost in Dungeon / 地牢迷失者

This game is really fun! ^.^. i like how fun it is and how relaxing it is. it is in early access atm. i would recommend this game if you are into rouge like games x3.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Experienced a glitch that made me immortal (life never went down at all) after playing the game for a few hours…I went through the entire game and hit a wall…the end of a level just a few into the quest that claimed the game was still being developed and more content would be added (then it ended) .it was fun, but this glitch revealed there isn’t much content or point in unlocking the other characters if that’s all the game IS so far…I’m looking forward to not being immortal and having way more game content to experience before playing it anymore…

Real player with 9.3 hrs in game

Lost in Dungeon / 地牢迷失者 on Steam

Deadnaut: Signal Lost

Deadnaut: Signal Lost

From the developer of cult hits Deadnaut and Zafehouse Diaries comes Deadnaut: Signal Lost. In this slick, fast-paced roguelike you’ll take control of a single Deadnaut, unlock suit upgrades and abilities, fight cosmic horrors, and investigate drifting wrecks and abandoned moons. But remember: your Deadnaut is not a puppet – earn their trust, do your job well, and they might return the favour.

Equip your Deadnaut with a wide array of weapons and gear and lead them through a series of procedurally generated missions, fighting where you can – and running when you must.

Your Deadnaut may not like the idea of being torn apart by unknown horrors. Do what you can to complete your mission - pay bribes, make promises, turn them into a mindless space golem - but remember: everything has a price.

There are many ways to play, from weapons and sensors, to shields and hacking. Will you take the heavy duty Labour suit and slice your way through the ship, or will you slip through the shadows in the ghostly Sensor suit?

Encounter dozens of enemies types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Avoid – or exploit – the security system in each level, from the Watchers that roam ships to the malfunctioning security Towers and Sentinels that guard settlements.

Tailor your armour and damage potential, and develop your Deadnaut with over 100 suit upgrades.

The cosmos is tearing itself apart. Wrecks are full of horrible, interdimensional creatures, the dead roam surfaces of moons, and you’re being hunted by technically advanced soldiers. Experience the world of Deadnaut up close.


How does this relate to the original Deadnaut (2014)?

Deadnaut and Deadnaut: Signal Lost are both situated in the same universe and feature similar, mission-based gameplay in procedurally-generated locations. Furthermore, in both games you take on the role as a remote handler who controls the action ‘at a distance’ via a physical console. The Deadnaut also uses similar weapons and suits; battles against security systems; trades ‘knowledge’ for gear; and can be cloned upon dying.

Is this a sequel?

Deadnaut: Signal Lost is not a sequel. It is focused on a single Deadnaut, rather than a whole squad. The action is more intimate and tactical, and you can develop your Deadnaut with numerous suit upgrades and abilities. Furthermore, the gameplay is turn-based, not real-time, which helps focus the action.

How many levels are there?

Deadnaut: Signal Lost is designed to be fast, easy to pick up, and replayable. There are roughly 12 – 24 levels in a standard game. With five suits, special game modifiers, multiple difficulty levels, over 100 upgrades, loads of gear and procedurally generated campaigns, we think you’ll be occupied for a long time.

Isn’t everything ‘roguelike’ these days?

Deadnaut: Signal Lost has many genre-defining features, such as turn-by-turn tile-based movement, character progression, procedural generation and permadeath.

Deadnaut: Signal Lost on Steam



Great indi game

-great music

-good replayability (it is fun to see how many new powers and builds i can make)

Reminds me of Binding of Isac, if you like that you will enjoy this game.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

I love the music, it really suits the gameplay well. Reminds me of an old pc game i used to play Xenon 2. A rogue-like space shooter!

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

Eyeb on Steam

Torgar’s Quest

Torgar’s Quest

The game has nice classic feel to it., it’s old school hack and slash, but with tactics. The graphics ar simple and funny and the spoken commentary is dwarfish-hammy. The masonry is amazing, of course.

Real player with 143.9 hrs in game

What’s the best way to start an adventure to find 7 shards that will grant Torgar the ultimate power? Armed with nothing but clean underwear and a lunch, of course!

This is a rogue-like dungeon crawl, questing ever downward in search of the seven shards. It has three difficulty levels, and anyone with a decent sense for this type of game will probably win in “Normal” mode after a handful of games. Hard mode is considerably more difficult, and nightmare mode is just that - swarms of baddies following you through the dungeon and trying to trap you in corners.

Real player with 63.0 hrs in game

Torgar's Quest on Steam