Recycle My World

Recycle My World

An interesting twist to the “trading”/ “management” genre…

I discovered this game about 5 hours ago and I was really interested because of how ‘abstract’ it seemed.

From what I’ve found out - this game is made by one guy? Given that and the price I do think this is a good game but… I do have some points/ suggestions that I feel could make this game better.

The good:

  1. A unique take on the ‘trading’ genre - but NOT an adventure game in my opinion.

  2. Abstract but creative world design.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

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really great game, I’ve waited for a bit for it to come out when I saw it on gamejolt.

Abit confusing but you’ll get the hang of it easily, I’ve only played for about an hour and I already run into some trouble with the customer’s timer/patience, something else is how slow recycling was because I was carrying one item at a time and questioned if there was an inventory in the game… all in all fantastic experience that I’m gonna come back to tomorrow! hope it gets developed further!

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Recycle My World on Steam

Clockwork Calamity in Mushroom World: What would you do if the time stopped ticking?

Clockwork Calamity in Mushroom World: What would you do if the time stopped ticking?

It’s a Sylvie game so it’s good. You don’t know what a Sylvie game is? Go play JigglyZone. What you will find in her games is cheerful visuals, honest vibes and weird ways to interact with her worlds that often challenge our gaming conventions while being surprisingly well designed and thoughtful.

Clockwork Calamity is all that and delivers unusual ways to navigate her world that need to be mastered first and completely exploited later while also implementing a near-OCD-inducing inventory management that requires pixel perfect precision to fit all the stuff that you’ll need to carry with you to trade and get the objects needed to restore time and beat the game.

Real player with 12.8 hrs in game

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Wonderful fresh game! Exploring the world, learning about what people had/wanted, and interacting with the best inventory management system I’ve seen kept me hooked for the ~10 hours I played before beating it.

I don’t usually take notes/draw maps for games but this one really made me want to in a good way.

The platforming is very goofy and surprising: you bounce off walls automatically. You can use that to ricocheting upwards and reach things you couldn’t otherwise. However, as often as your aversion to walls is helpful, it can also be something to fight against when you just want to stop moving but your momentum carries you from wall to wall. It’s such a neat take on platforming and that’s not even dealing with the items like the bouncy shoes that help you get even higher but good luck stopping or getting into a one block high space with them! Then there’s the way you throw items out of your inventory, many of which you can ride on and use to bounce in a more controller way. Everything combines into really engaging movement mechanics.

Real player with 12.0 hrs in game

Clockwork Calamity in Mushroom World: What would you do if the time stopped ticking? on Steam

Dark Dealings

Dark Dealings

So i stumbled upon this game whilst browsing through the store and what a find it turned out to be!!! A nice little game with elements of Dopewars, the original gta and even sensible soccer especially when using the top down camera! Even feels and looks a bit like the original south park in 3rd person! Proper little diamond in the rough and i look forward to spending more time on the game and for future developments!!!

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

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To be up front I received the game from the developer for free.

I played the game for about an hour and the bare bones for an open world RPG has been laid out. Everything else still needs to be fleshed out. I think the developer would really benefit from making a free demo available so they could get a lot of feed back. I think this would be beneficial because the developer seems interested in the game being a success.

Keep in mind this game is in early alpha testing. The complete game could be great but in its currents state I don’t think it’s worth buying. I’m going to write out a review below but you can see my gameplay on my YouTube channel, linked below:

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Dark Dealings on Steam

Port Royale 3

Port Royale 3

You could spend your life playing this brilliant game. Well I have - .

Just imagine being in a time where you have more control over life - no atomic bombs just cannons swords and primitive guns and your own skills.

You travel from town to town as a merchant buying and selling and if you are good at it you amass quite a lot of money.

You make a lot more when you gain experience and title then you get assignments from towns - and oh how good is that - you feel good because the town folk or government leaders talk with you and want you to marry there daughters.

Real player with 492.9 hrs in game

Port Royale 3 is an epic story of European powers expansion to the Carribean Islands, the Southern U.S. States, Central America and the Northern town of South America. The game is entertaining and will continue to be a favorite in many years to come. Each town produces five commodities and trades 20 commodities in the market. The game offers almost everything a player wanted such as trading, town building, sea battle with pirates and trading ships of five other countries. After playing for 229 hours, I would say I like the game and would continue to play it in the future. The following will support what I said that I like the game:

Real player with 235.8 hrs in game

Port Royale 3 on Steam

Age of Ascent

Age of Ascent

The year is 2176 and humanity has been forced to abandon the earth and rise into space, to start a new civilisation. Faster-than-light travel and communications have been achieved, and now it is time to help build the new world and fight for your way of life.

Age of Ascent is a truly massive multiplayer space game set in a vast galaxy, where you can play solo or join an alliance to explore and advance in an ever-evolving sandbox environment. It features six degrees of freedom direct-piloting real-time battles with thousands of ships; millions in the same galaxy, an entirely player-driven economy, deep strategy, and multi-device support.

We’re using the real Milky Way star catalogue and as much real science as we possibly can to provide a vast galaxy to explore, but with a unique custom visual style. We provide deep game play that encompasses all components of strategy-based and first-person sandbox MMO games where players interact with each other and the universe.

We’ve held regular playtests of the real-time dogfighting module, as we tweaked and optimised the combat code and physics engine. All that work - the most critical layer to get right - is finished!

We have now moved on to the core components of the rest of the MMO experience, ranging from trade/industry and missions, NPC AI & 3D pathfinding algorithms to the new, full UI, incorporating build-your-own cockpit and multi-device support:

  • Real-time, epic, direct-piloting battles using our brand new cloud-based distributed MMO architecture that can support thousands of players in the same battle

  • Everyone plays in the same universe, even across devices

  • Multiple ship classes and modular ship loadouts

  • A fully player-led economy from resource gathering to manufacturing and trading

  • Exciting and rewarding galactic exploration

  • Play solo or in groups, larger than you’ve ever seen before

  • Player vs Environment (PvE) mission running and Non-Player Character Faction AI

  • Alliances and Clans large or small as you wish, with sophisticated management and access tools

Once we get all of the initial gameplay framework up and running, we will start to layer in enhancements and further depth of play:

  • New ship and hull classes (science ships, support ships, drone carriers, weapons platforms, minelayers and minesweepers, stealth recon)

  • Build and manage space stations

  • Claim territories and build an empire in space

  • Deep and involving storyarcs that will play out over days, weeks and months

  • Build your own multi-device cockpit

  • Multi-player options for co-operative capital ship flying

  • Banking and advanced currency exchange systems

  • Full set of player APIs and extension libraries

  • Advanced control and display device support (such as Oculus Rift)

  • Player-operated tournament arena combat and racing zones

  • Multiple language localization

Age of Ascent on Steam

Bear Soul

Bear Soul

Rockus Games presents you a brand new game created in some genres:

  • Action

  • Adventure

  • Fantasy

  • Platformer

  • Runner

Bear Soul is a complex product which combines a lot of different game decisions such as:

  • Physics-based mechanics

  • Platforming and vertical gameplay

  • Dramatic plot and twists

Bear Soul is divided into several games, each contains its own characters, mechanics and storyline, but they all are parts of the entire universe. This is the first game in the franchise, the beginning of the whole story and an incredible adventure.

Bear Soul on Steam

Drug Dealer Simulator

Drug Dealer Simulator

So I don’t typically review games but I feel like I should review this game considering I put so much time into it and I found myself kinda addicted to it.


Alright, the game has a pretty interesting loop that hooks you in. Buy drugs, sell drugs, get new clients, buy more drugs, sell more drugs, and just repeat. You get to upgrade your home, buy new places to work out of. Hire personal dealers. Honestly the legit best part of the game is the music, I don’t know what kinda party is going on in the Twin Towers but I want in on that place. the music is bumpin'.

Real player with 492.6 hrs in game

First I want to establish to the Reader that I have been a beta tester for this game by choice for almost a year so I speak from experience and from heart.

To the point: this game is a SCAM! DO NOT BUY IT! This publisher (MovieGames) specialises in creating noname shell companies which you can find literally no information about. If you do not believe me just try finding any information about this dev company ’Byterunners Game Studio’. I believe they do this to extort money from the publisher and have easy access to it so the game wasn’t made to be a game, it was made to be a bridge between inaccessible money and themselves. That is why this game is in this absolute sorry state and that is why the patches were so slow and crappy. They buy a few assets and use them to create the illusion that they actually do work on the game when they couldn’t give less crap about it. They make a couple of days work last for months and then sell it as hard work because they are indie company and they have just a handful of developers. Bullcrap, anyone remotely versed in unreal engine development knows that they barely touch the game.

Real player with 184.8 hrs in game

Drug Dealer Simulator on Steam

Sea Legends

Sea Legends

Amazing. Was a big fan of this game when it just came out back in the 90s. Despite the absolutely horrible (by modern standards) graphics, the gameplay is great. REALLY needs a companion instructional guide though, on how to play :)

There is a Russian guide on the web (original game is by a Russian studio), which is fine for me, but I coudn’t find an English one. Maybe I will write one.

Real player with 34.3 hrs in game

In my view, this is the best naval battle game ever made. If you liked “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” and want more ships, trading & more details to the naval battles, then this game is for you.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

Sea Legends on Steam

You Arrive in a Town

You Arrive in a Town

i have to push myself to win this game playing solo

but it is not a bad game

it is weirdly amusing to play this game and finishing the levels

and learning the story that is narrated by the guy who saves the game for me and makes me give thumbs up

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

first of. highly recomend if you play with 1 to 3 freinds. do not recomend for solo.

i have enjoyed it so far, but it seems like you definitly need freinds for the game to not be incredibly difficult. with freinds its good. without freinds its like trying to paly through all of pikmen with only 10 pikmen at a time. its technicaly possible, but not fun enough to be rewarding.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

You Arrive in a Town on Steam



Its a fine game, the multiplayer is confusing to set up but i did manage in the end.

The secret in the cave is impossible.

The Rifles below the flintlock don’t seem to be able to be reloaded.

The game does require a bit of grinding to get to general.

But its a fine 10-minuter game, except i spent over 2 hours on it.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

I spent 2 hours playing this and I feel pretty confident saying I seen everything put into this game.

It is extremely bare-bones, it feels like one of those shock waves games you’d find on those old flash game sites, for free, It’s whatever, but I can’t believe this was put on steam with how little exists in it. I’m still not sure how to even use potions, or alcoholic drinks to restore health.

Item drops are incredibly scarce and you’re left running to the same locations with item spawns already there to pick up the singular item that only respawns once without having to exit to the main menu.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Gelldonia on Steam