BOMB: Who let the dogfight?

BOMB: Who let the dogfight?

I’m a little late off the ground with BOMB - it released years ago. But one night I was sitting around wishing I had a good flight simulator for some easy flying about and found this game.

At first, there was some setup frustration. The mouse is pointless. The gamepad didn’t give me good enough controls - I couldn’t fine-tune my shots. Then I remembered my old flightstick pro in the closet - pulled it out, set up up and went to town.

The dogfights are swirling and fun. The missions are interesting and varied - sometimes it’s ground attack, sometime it’s air defence, sometimes it’s just straight dogfighting. And the dogfighting is fun - my only complaint is that I wish for an easier way to lock on someone, and possibly an artificial horizon while I’m looking at someone. But overall, its a blast!

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

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This game has been created by a team of only 2 people and is amazing, for me, this game is really a big “YES” ! The graphics are pretty, the comments make me laugh, and the dogfights are fun and not that difficult, but you have to get a bit equipped to take fully advantage of the game, a joystick, even a cheap one, is quite compulsory, and a track ir is nice to have, to follow ennemy paths. this game is not acardy, meaning you don’t shoot 40 ennemy aircraft every minute, rather it is a good small dogfighting game where the physics is decent. If, like me, you are lost in DCS or another realistic combat simulator, because you cannot play every day and is too complex, this game is a good and simple alternative for fun, only costing a couple of euros. Beside the campaign of 17 missions, there is also a skirmish mode, and a few single missions. There is a multiplayer mode as well, but I haven’t tried, and you have to find players to fight with. The misson editor is a bit broken for the time being, but you can copy and edit files in Xml and Lua to create your own missions, with ennemy aircrafts, boats, vehicles, and buildings. Support is very responsive even 5 years after this game has been released, In summary, I really recommend this game for players liking dogfighting, wanting a game which is not acarde ( meaning knowing dogfighting tactics and plane energy really helps ) but much simpler and more forgiving than other realistic combat simulators.

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

BOMB: Who let the dogfight? on Steam

Starfighter Origins Remastered

Starfighter Origins Remastered

Hi all and welcome to the CDF Starfighter Game….

Edited / Re written review….

The game has been entirely re done / re mastered in every aspect , and you can now see the work shaun has put into the game again . All on his own..

Yes things have been v difficult and more as we v stated before which was ignored somehow , but now im sure you shall all see it has not been in vain / futile..

The new remastered version / currently being finished up and tested is running better than ever and is great fun for all who own it or plan to own it shortly..

Real player with 90.8 hrs in game

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Campaign achievements not unlocking after the first mission. Robot voice may overlap during gameplay depending on how rapidly one presses targetting or speed matching keys and abruptly ends during loading screens. Music also ends abruptly during loading screens. Sound levels cannot be independently adjusted, infact it cannot be adjusted at all in-game. Other than that this game is close to AAA standard in presentation; graphics, voice acting, cutscenes and music. Considering that all development it’s mostly done by a one man, it’s really very impressive. Shaun T Williams is probably as talented as Chris Roberts of Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelancer fame

Real player with 40.8 hrs in game

Starfighter Origins Remastered on Steam

Wings of Prey

Wings of Prey

Wings of Prey is a lot more accessable than the IL-2 series and allows you to get into the game and action alot more quickly.

WoP features a ton of highly detailed aircraft that include cockpits, plus missions / gameplay spanning many combat theatres to match. There is plenty to do here in single-player, plus standard online multiplayer modes are included as well. I’ve gotten 100+ gameplay hours out of WoP so far.

However compared to its rivals, there are a few things lacking, notably no mission editor so you are limited beyond the missions offered and there have been some issues with multiplayer recently as support has been dropped in favour of its multiplayer-oriented sequal War Thunder .

Real player with 118.6 hrs in game

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NOTE: This is coming from a joystick/throttle/trackir user who mainly flies in Sim mode, running Windows 10.

I’ve owned this game for a few years but never really spent much time playing it after my first big marathon. Why is that, you may ask? Well, back when I was using a mouse and keyboard setup, the game was playable but ultimately boring. But more about that in the pros vs. cons of this game.


-The game is rather pretty for when it was released, the plane models are seemingly pretty detailed and the ground clutter is realistic for the period.

Real player with 53.0 hrs in game

Wings of Prey on Steam

Evochron Mercenary

Evochron Mercenary

Ok i bought this game during the summer sale and so far I like it!

The Good!

Open world.. You can do what you want to do if you have some imagination!

A large mapped out universe with safe systems.. Not so safe systems.. And just down right Angry systems!

Even more systems that arn’t mapped out… Not sure how many so far, I have only found a few of them and their hard to find which is a good thing! Remember Space is a big place so it shouldn’t be to easy to find everything!

You can Generate space stations in locations you chose that arn’t to close to other stations.. Gives you a tactical advantige or a trading benifit, howerver you wish to use it! Thats kinda up to you to figure out!

Real player with 318.5 hrs in game

Probably the best space sim I will ever play. Evochron Mercenary is an amazing achievement because it excels at its primary purpose: putting you in the cockpit of a wide-open universe. And I do mean wide open. While there are a jump-gates, jump-drives and other, more-exotic means of travel, the universe is a continuous whole. You could drift from one side to the other given enough time. . . though I am not sure if there are sides or just an infinite extension of the void. There are also hundreds of systems – yes, HUNDREDS – in the game many of which have yet to be discovered. Also you can land on planets (or burn up in their atmospheres).

Real player with 85.6 hrs in game

Evochron Mercenary on Steam

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946

Written as of 25 August, 2016.

I grew up with this game, so I may be severely biased, just a warning. I remember getting the original IL-2 Sturmovik/Pacific Fighters pack way back in 2005 as a starry-eyed little kid. I was fascinated with aircraft from this era and it’s the main reason I know how much about them I do today. And then, suddenly, this new, vastly superior version appeared! I never begged my parents for something so badly in my life, but I NEEDED this as a child. And so I made the money to buy it. Best idea ever. It doesn’t show it, but the amount I have played this game in so many situations must easily be at least 4,000 hours before getting it on Steam alone. But enough of my life story, let’s get into the review of this.

Real player with 590.7 hrs in game

IL-2 1946 Is a masterpiece in WW2 aircraft simulation and is a must have if you’re craving action in the pacific. To my knowledge, this is the only game that gets it right and makes you feel like you’re there fighting for small islands and atolls in the 1940’s. Whether you choose Japan or the United States, it does a great job at putting you in the pilot’s seat and give you the true feel of the war from the perspective of one squadron. If you choose the Japanese, you really feel the advantage of the Zero or the Val in the early war battles. The flight models of the aircraft in game make you work for it and learn how the real world planes fly, but once you put in the work you see the reward. But as the Japanese campaign goes on, everything gets harder. By the time you’re flying at Iwo Jima you’re in desperation to just survive you’re next mission. Alternatively, If you choose to fly for the US Navy, you start out from the battle of the Coral Sea and work your way to the mainland islands of Japan. For the US Navy you get to choose the Dauntless or the fighter campaign. The main fighters you get to fly as the war goes on are the Wildcat (and subsequent upgraded variants), Hellcat (f6f-3, f6f-5), and Corsair (with variants). In both campaigns you take off and land on WW2 carriers which by itself is boatloads of fun, but the missions are great as well.

Real player with 388.2 hrs in game

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 on Steam

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

Where do I start?

I have always played the Il2 Sturmovik series - that is no exaggeration - I picked up my first installment at age 10, which means I have played for half my life.

To talk about the series as a whole would take up so much time that you’d probably die of old age by the time I finished, so I’ll keep it simple. It’s had it’s ups and downs.

This installment though? What a bloody masterpiece. If you’re here then I’m guessing you already have some Idea of what the IL2 series is, and that is a Combat flight simulator with a heavy emphasis on realism, through its flight and damage models. In all of these aspects Il2 Sturmovik Excels, aircraft are painstakingly researched and their flightmodels studied in order to bring them as close to life as possible.

Real player with 382.9 hrs in game

Must fly in VR. My gunner bailed after our Stuka’s right tank was shot and began to leak over the Kuban. You didn’t trust me, bud? I landed safely at a friendly airfield. Hope the water showed him no mercy. 10/10 would recommend to every flight sim/WW2 enthusiast.

Real player with 201.7 hrs in game

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad on Steam

Vector 36

Vector 36

The first fifty hours, they were the worst. The second fifty hours, they were the worst too. The third fifty hours I didn’t enjoy at all. After that I went into a bit of a decline.

So why play for so many hours if the game’s that appalling?

Ah hah. Ah hah. Taste the soup…

Yes, Vector 36 is actually very good - the first few hours or so are a bit dry figuring out how to build and fly the basic low-powered skimmer and getting enough credits from racing to buy the next one (the Phi 90 - a lot more fun; a bit like an underpowered sports car). Keep plugging away and eventually you get the Quill which has buckets of speed, handles well and doesn’t require too much modification (I suggest a larger fuel tank and an extra radiator or two). This machine is fun to fly and wins the races. There is also a faster beast (that looks like a fish, moves like a fish,) but it steers - like - a - cow.

Real player with 318.9 hrs in game


hardcore skimmer (compare: multicopter) racing SIMULATION, science fiction setting, difficult but rewarding. deep game.


after playing this game to the death the last few weeks I think it’s time for me to write a review. I keep it short and focus only on points that make this game special to me:

the physics and the controls are great, the handling is nuanced, complex and, yeah, I assume: realistic. though it’s all science fiction, it really is a simulation.

that makes the game hard and unforgiving at the beginning - the learning curve is really pretty steep. but once you get the hang of the controls and learn how to build a skimmer that’s to your liking, racing it becomes just glorious.

Real player with 123.0 hrs in game

Vector 36 on Steam

Rise of Flight United

Rise of Flight United

now when i got this game i didn’t understand why it had mixed reviews, i watch videos on youtube and the flight simulator community eats this game up like a fresch cherry pie, they seem to love the hell out of it and talk so highly out of it, so when i saw the mixed reviews i was kind of suprised, and didn’t undersand and now I do… now before i get too that lets get too the Pros of the game.


the pros of this game are simple, if you are a avid flight simulator player like myself you will enjoy the higher graphics the game has to offer, clean, smooth, the game has VERY nice graphics and seem to be somewhat realistic in appearence on the aircraft, the cockpits also are nicely detailed with working gauges, instroments and controls, and just like any other flight simulator getting kill after kill is addicting. damage effects are pretty spectacular too watch, peaces of wing come off, fires spread rather than just rapidly burst, props break, holes develope on the aircraft pretty much where you hit your target, very very nice… skins for the aircraft are also relatively easy too mod aside from the fact you have to have a higher setting for your editor so your skins don’t look all pixely.

Real player with 640.1 hrs in game

Rise of Flight is a World War 1 flight sim that is a game made for flight sim enthusiast’s, thus the game tenders to a small audience and genre. The game upon start-up is a tad confusing for someone who has never really had a flight sim, but being a normal gamer I ventured into the unknown playing a quick match. After taking awhile to find the “Start Mission” button I was off.

The game is visually stunning, even for me with a relatively old gaming rig. The detail to the airplane is stunning and really helps capture the feel of playing in one of these vintage aircraft, from the seat to the gunsight everything seems authentic and comes alive as you fly around and if you have any interest in airplanes this game takes you right in.

Real player with 182.3 hrs in game

Rise of Flight United on Steam

DCS World Steam Edition

DCS World Steam Edition

I wish steam had a third recommendation option: “Kinda, but…”

This game, and it’s very much a game, is awesome. I’ve had over a thousand (and likely to grow) hours of fun, with some frustrations in-between. Thing is, at its core, DCS is a giant steaming piece of garbage. Nearly everything with the exception of the aircraft themselves is some flavour of “unfinished,” “half-baked,” and “broken.”

A note on the pricing: I’ve spend more money on DCS than on any other game. Though not as much as it might seem, if you do it smart you can get all important modules for 250 dollars. And it isn’t like you’ll be buying modules more than one at a time, you can get literally hundreds, even thousands of hours of gameplay from just one. I recommend you always buy on sales and choose your modules wisely. Do not buy flaming cliffs, or any of the flaming cliff aircraft, those are extremely outdated and “simplified” (though as you would quickly learn, the shortcut “shift+rctr+home” is much harder to remember than the location of the switch labelled “right engine start”, so “simplified” might not be the best word to use here).

Real player with 1560.4 hrs in game

This game is fantastic, and I’m talking about the 100% free Su-25t simulator you get by downloading this program right here, DCS, for FREE.

The Su-25t isn’t just one plane to fly in a game like War Thunder, it’s a complete old-school single player simulator. You get ten or so training missions covering every important function of the aircraft.

You get another ten or so individual mission scenarios, + again that number of quick missions and on top of all this you get a full campaign.

Along with that full campaign you can also find additional campaigns online, really high quality player made campaigns.

Real player with 1143.4 hrs in game

DCS World Steam Edition on Steam

Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing

Ok, as a mature gamer and a UK course fisherman, i was intrigued the moment i saw this title. Mainly because it wasnt based on lure fishing for bass, which it seems 99% of fishing games are. The first thing that struck me on playing it was the beautifull training lake, it was a while before i even cast a rod out as i was strolling round the lake in awe of the lush scenery. I struggled a bit at first with the fishing mechanics, but soon got used to it, and with practice it became very natural and pretty dam realistic. Im so glad i stuck with it for a couple of hours and got to grips with the controls, because now after several updates and much practice i am enjoying this game more than ever and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Real player with 164.7 hrs in game

Another much looked forward too title that sadly missed the mark. A lot of apologies for not keeping the community up to date and the threadbare team that has 3 platforms to work across. My heart bleeds. ( Don’t bite off more than you can chew). It is a very basic game with a casting the tackle to the water module that you would need a university degree to understand what the hell posessed them to make it so difficult.

The idea of hooking a fish no matter what size it is and watching it fall asleep half way across the lake also nulifies any reality as does the use of bubble Icons to tell you what the lake bed looks like,that you actually have a fish on the line!(err my rods bent and a fish is taking line I think I grasped the point I have hooked a fish). Casting your bait too a spot you want it to be at and then watch the bait move all on its own from 30 yards to under your feet or the line just suddenly goes slack.

Real player with 93.7 hrs in game

Euro Fishing on Steam