So, this is coming from the perspecive of a player on the main PvE Invasion servers. I’ve also done a fair bit of single player, plenty of time in mods, and a whole bunch of the DLC, but single player gets old fast without players on your side to mix things up, and mods/DLC are relatively underpopulated and should be played with a group of friends. PvP can be fun too, if different, but is usually empty outside of scheduled community events (get in the Discord group if that’s your jam).

Okay, imagine a game where everyone is cannon fodder. The enemy is cannon fodder, so they’re easy to kill en masse, but also you’re cannon fodder and a single slip-up will get you instantly killed, and that slip-up can be a missed shot, a wrong movement, or just failure to judge the ebb and flow of battle and getting overrun by a massive swarm of bots that you can do nothing against. You might be able to get some better equipment as your xp goes up, but at the end of the day the only thing that turns you from a simple cog in the machine fighting and dying next to twenty other players into a killing machine all your own that can capture bases single-handedly is personal experience and knowledge of the game.

Real player with 364.9 hrs in game

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First of all, This game is so underrated.

HONESTLY, this game need more attention..

The amount of content you get from this game is way bigger than what you usually get from an AAA game. Especially with all the mods that is available for you. and let me tell you. Most of the mods feel like an expansion and a diferrent game.


The basic :

In this game, you play as a soldier. among other soldier.

there is no such thing as hero / special character here, everybody is the same. no special power. the only thing that separate you from the other is rank, equipment, skills.

Real player with 271.6 hrs in game


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Vegas 2

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Vegas 2

This is hands down my favorite FPS game of all time. I know I don’t have much time played on PC, but on my XBox, I can say with confidence I have well over 1,000 hours into the game. I play it with a friend very frequently.

When you have a good co-op partner, this game is really all you need. Terrorist Hunt is where all my time is spent. If I’m not making America safe again, I’m customizing my guy. It WAS a solid co-op shooter that I’d say HELD up even when they SHUT THE SERVERS DOWN. It’s only $10, but unless you’re willing to fiddle with LAN, go play Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Real player with 111.8 hrs in game

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Played this game back in the day tons of times. Good memories.

The good:

Graphics are a later Unreal Engine so they aren’t bad.

Highly customizable loadout that is made available to you as you progress through the levels with experience.

A very detailed upgrade model based on experience and types of shots made. You gain experience points based on the shot you make, be it close quarter, long-range, assault mode, etc. Each shot gains you XP points for a specific type of ladder and each ladder (CQB, assaulter, marksman) has its own rewards and perks.

Real player with 98.0 hrs in game

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Vegas 2 on Steam

Conflict Desert Storm™

Conflict Desert Storm™

Italian part down below.


conflict desert storm is an amazing videogame from an unfortunatley dead software house called pivotal games.

conflict offer a 14 missions set during the guld wars where you’ll get to play as either the u.s delta force or the british sas troops.

we are talking about a videogame for 2002 so the movement aren’t amazing the aim system is a bit clunky and difficult to use when you first play the videogame.

i would raccomend it if it wansn’t for the big amount of problems this game has with steam, sometimes it doesn’t even start up and it crashes in the middle of a mission, so i feel like i should advice you NOT to by this game, at least not on steam.

Real player with 49.2 hrs in game

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Conflict: Desert Storm is a personal childhood favourite. I put many hours into the PlayStation 2 version of this title in the early 00’s, and was very pleased to see it available on Steam. The console and PC versions have some minor differences between them.


  • Control up to 4 characters at once. Allows for surprisingly fun and creative tactical approaches to missions.

  • Each character represents a specialist class, affecting their weapons and gear.

  • Decent campaign length, promising multiple hours, if not days of playtime overall

Real player with 36.1 hrs in game

Conflict Desert Storm™ on Steam

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified was not well received by mainstream reviewers, but I personally enjoyed it a lot. Overall, it feels like a stripped down version of Mass Effect, but the combat stands out above other cover shooters. The game has a lot of flaws, but I encountered no bugs in the core game. The Hangar 6 DLC, however, would freeze briefly every few seconds and rendered the game nearly unplayable.

The Bureau’s combat puts you in control of William Carter, a rather generic protagonist with a gravelly voice. Conversations in the game are carried out with a radial menu lifted directly from Mass Effect. The dialogue isn’t terribly interesting, and some of the characters facial animations appeared to not actually be finished. Their mouths move with odd robotic motions, and their eyes look eerily dead. Carter himself, and some of the other core characters have much better, albeit repetitive animations. The story is forgettable overall, but moves the game on well enough. It doesn’t come anywhere close to the likes of Mass Effect though, and the fact that the developers chose to base their game design so heavily on Mass Effect is unfortunate given the weak story. Even still, the combat made the experience worthwhile.

Real player with 54.6 hrs in game

“The Bureau: XCOM Declassified”. There are three major aspects of the game to talk about.

For one, this game was created for XCOM fans, with an extra layer of associations from the 60’s era. The player will see all the major events of an alien invasion on Earth, from the first contact to the last repel battle, which, by all standards, will unfold on an alien ship, from where the entire invasion is organized. Keen on the setting, the player will be able to examine in detail the sequential construction of the XCOM base, go over all its iconic locations, from the headquarters and medical unit to laboratories and workshops. The player will take part in the capture of aliens and in their interrogations (without vivisection). He will have to defend the base from a full-scale attack in one moment… All in the third-view perspective. If this is not a quality fan-service, then what else? Unfortunately, not all XCOM fans appreciated the change of genre from strategy to shooter, but for me personally, the Bureau in this aspect is a very successful project.

Real player with 44.9 hrs in game

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified on Steam

Rogue North

Rogue North


Rogue North is a tactical rogue-lite focused on a thick, cold atmosphere, as well as deadly gunplay. Fight to survive in a Canadian snow-pocalypse. Carve a path through the deadly Russian occupation force on the way to escape the turmoil. Reach merchant campsites along the way to restock and outfit your character. Prepare accordingly, there’s a long, cold walk ahead of you.


The Russian invasion of the Canadian north has been going slow and steady for 3 years now. Even so, many people have decided to stay for one reason or another. You are one of those people; a skilled hunter who has been living self-sufficiently for many years now. However, the pressure of the occupation plus the events of the worst winter in recent history have reached a tipping point. You need to leave immediately. Grab your rifle and whatever you think you need to make the journey. And don’t look back.

Basic Features

  • Selectable backpacks, hats, and vests. Each with their own armor, ammo capacity, and warmth properties

  • Bleeds, fractures and hypothermia are things you need to be prepared to fix.

  • Dynamic, reactive enemies with varying skill levels and tactics.

  • Friendly, not so friendly, and hostile factions

  • Handcrafted levels.

  • Dynamic weather

Rogue North on Steam

Space Sergeants

Space Sergeants

Great game for spending free time.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Space Sergeants on Steam

The Sum of All Fears

The Sum of All Fears

First of all, this game is much better than Takedown: Red Sabre. That’s not saying a lot, but it’s worth noting. Other than that, your AI team is hilarious. You will tell them to clear a room and they will go to the other side of the map. Sometimes you’ll tell them to open a door and they’ll sit there doing nothing. Often they’ll get stuck on firing at an enemy for 3 minutes, usually through some transparent texture. If you ever enjoyed baby sitting sitting your team in the original Rainbow Six, boy are you in for a huge treat here! It’s astonishing how bad the team AI is. The team AI in Ghost Recon is a 100x better. I’m confounded by old reviews that state the opposite.

Real player with 44.6 hrs in game

OVERVIEW: Rainbow Recon - Lite

  • CQC sized maps

  • Ghost Recon (‘01) engine

  • One shot kills (unless your hitting appendages, vests)

  • Mission Editor (located in the game’s folder)

  • Mod friendly

+- No Planning

+- Limited gear selection

  • Partially derped TeamAI

  • Occasional model glitches (ex: hand through weapon)

  • Less popular = less available mods

VERDICT: A great way to introduce others to the world of tactical shooters from yesteryear before throwing them into the more hardcore establishments. Also great for getting your fix when short on time.

Real player with 23.3 hrs in game

The Sum of All Fears on Steam

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Island Thunder™

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Island Thunder™

Meh its more or less the same just with levels set in the jungle It’s okay I just way enjoyed the desert level set over the island ones the final level in this expansion makes it worth playing it was a lot of fun

+The sounds of animals and rain and various bits of gunfire was done so well in this setting

+The levels area little harder this time around I like it a lot more when I have to plan harder and play slower

+It is still ghost recon at its core

-Still the same just done with less

-Story still suffers

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

The last installment for the original Ghost Recon game, this expansion is the pinacle of the game. The AI is even more responsive and their movement makes for many surprises throughout probably making this the toughest the game gets, which is already at a do-or-die. The jungle settings are also quite interesting and allow for lots of cover for both your squads but also for the enemy. As always, approaching the targets is important in itself as it will probably alter the way you play out the rest of the mission.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Island Thunder™ on Steam

Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty

Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty

Hey everyone and this is my review about the game!

This is a Strategy Stealth world war 2 game.


There are some Resolution sizes.

The Music and sound volume has a slidebar.

You are able to turn off the Commando voices/Enviroment and in-game music,

There is a manual/introduction in the game.

There are no tutorials.

Able to toggle “ignore enemy soldier on halt”.

Multiplayer requires IP and Port Forwarding. THIS STILL WORKS!

About the game.

You play with a couple of commandos and each commando has their own equipment and skills. The game is very difficult by itself and their is even a difficulty level settings too. Just if it is too easy. There are 8 mission/Maps and You have to complete each mission by fulfilling the subjective. Destroying things, to freeing, capturing and so go on. Enemy soldiers/vehicles has an eye of sight which is marked with Dark green and light green. Dark green means you have to crouch or otherwise the enemy unit will see you. Light green he spotted you and could fire on you. Your commandos are able to take hostage by enemy Sergeants (usually patrolling with units). There is a chance that they will rise alarm if they see you, if that happends. You might load game. Because things will get 10x harder if they have raised their alarm. Whenever a mission starts you will be told what you have to do and you get some hints too.

Real player with 39.5 hrs in game

Short version: 83%

Beyond the Call of Duty is like an expert mode for Behind Enemy Lines. There are only a handful missions, but they are all incredibly long and incredibly difficult. If you want a great and challenging game, look no further.

Long version:

Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty is a stand-alone expansion pack for the critically acclaimed classic isometric strategy/stealth game, Behind Enemy Lines.

Like the base game, it features a group of commandos in eight scenarios, who must complete a set of objectives– mostly sabotage– deep inside enemy territory. Although all missions are loosely based on historical events, there is no actual plot, only short briefings.

Real player with 26.3 hrs in game

Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty on Steam

Elite Warriors: Vietnam

Elite Warriors: Vietnam

It’s a nice game. But not classic.


  • good terrain.

-Very good music and sound.

character development.


-A horrible AI.

-horrid track structure (route search algorithm)

I used to play this game a long time ago, and I’m still with it.

“Dude, when my team is hiding in the rain on a river bank and waiting for the Viet Patrol …”

Ez egy kellemes játék. De nem klasszikus.


-jó terep.

-nagyon jó zene, és hangzás.

-karakter fejlődés.


-borzalmas AI.

-borzalmas pályaszerkezet (útvonal kereső algoritmus)

Real player with 394.3 hrs in game

This game is very buggy. I often found that my squad would get stuck at bridges/water crossings/doors/etc. Once they were stuck, They would no longer follow the point man. squad commands went out the window.

Real player with 14.1 hrs in game

Elite Warriors: Vietnam on Steam