I just played through Alisa from beginning to end and I just cannot praise it enough. I’ve seen a lot of attempts at recreating that 90s survival horror experience, but nothing has nailed it with the perfect execution that this game has. I could go on forever about everything I loved about this game (the flawless retro aesthetic, the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, the nostalgically familiar gameplay, the myriad unique features that make it something new and exciting…) but to get to the point of what I think people need to know, I will start by stating it simply as this: If you love old school survival horror games like Resident Evil 1, Silent Hill 1, etc., you will love this game. If you have not played games like these or haven’t played them recently enough to remember the difficulty of fixed camera angles, tank controls, and the like, then this might not be for you. It seems to me that most negative points in the reviews I’ve seen here fall either into the category of the game being too difficult or into the category of problems with bugs, so I will address these two points.

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

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I just finished my second playthrough of this game, and, god, what a great game it is! It captures the pure essence of PS1 survival horror games in absolutely every aspect, from gameplay and graphics to voice acting and cheesy moments. I’m a big fan of this genre and beat RE1-3 hundreds of times and if you are just like me then you will enjoy this game!

This is probably the survival horror game with the most enemy variety in genre. Every location has their own enemies and sometimes you might get some surprise encounters while visiting old locations. Bosses are cool and dope and each of them is completely unique in design and combat. What I really like is that upon entering a room you know instantly that there’s going to be a boss battle and you have a chance to go back and get ready, instead of being like “no please I wanna go back, I don’t have much ammo :c”. There’s a lot of weapons and costumes with various effects that might suit your gameplay style just perfectly! Puzzles might be hard and frustrating at times, but they are so much fun and so different from each other. These are probably the best puzzles in a horror game I’ve ever seen, the perfect balance of difficulty and fun. Music and graphics of this game are just PHENOMENAL! Preserving an art style and feeling of a PS1 era is challenging, but they did it flawlessly! This game has a lot of surprises and you never know what’s going to happen next.

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

Alisa on Steam

Dread X Collection

Dread X Collection

I enjoy this “buffet” style of video games where you have a large platter of small things to partake in. Of course, not everything you get in a buffet is tasty, and that is the same case with Dread X Collection. We are presented with 10 small indie horror games made in a short period of time, and I’ve had the pleasure of beating every one of them. So, let’s go over each one, starting clockwise, and see what’s good and not so good.

Oddbreeze Games - The Pay is Nice : It’s unfortunate this was my first experience into Dread X, because it’s rather bad. It’s a 3D game with tank controls, and bucket loads of Dutch-angles, which makes it even harder to navigate. You play as a scientist who is slowly going insane, and for your hard work solving a rather complex and vague puzzle, you get a mediocre ending.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

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Not Half Bad

An acceptable collection of games ranging from trash (Rotgut) to good (Summer Night). I will say that most of the games are not particularly thrilling, but they are plentiful, short, and for the most part, unique. You get what you pay for. I highly recommend you play the rest of the Dread X Collection Games. They’re better than this one.

Here’s the TL;DR:

| Game | Review |

| Summer Night |

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

Dread X Collection on Steam

Them and Us

Them and Us

This game, designed in all aspects by two people [!], is better than any large-scale game I’ve played for a long time. I invested in it early on when they first put it on Steam. I only just finished the game on First Person mode, which frankly is truly a fun variation. And that’s from someone who usually HATES first person games. But this game now has all three: fixed camera, OTS AND first person! Is that a common feature? I’ve never seen it!

Congratulations Tendo games. If you, like me, gave up somewhere towards the second part of the game, try again in one of the other modes. I pleasantly discovered that they had made variations to the placement of objects in the First Person mode, so that gave it variety and helped me to stuck with it right to the end this time. Despite what I’ve read in the reviews, I loved the story; it’s certainly plausible and is sufficiently ambiguous to remain a mystery. Is it all a dream? Does she have to ‘wake up’?! What’s actually going on?!?

Real player with 91.7 hrs in game

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(Edited after playing the game fully, twice, after the full release)

With Them and Us finally fully released, I eagerly jumped right in and immersed. I had written this review a while ago now, before the game was complete, and would like to add to it. Take note before reading: this is a positive review. The extremely TRIVIAL complaints and gripes I’ve seen people post on here are exactly that: trivial. This here is a solid survival- horror title that, yes, contains areas, instances, characters and items that are almost identical to Resident Evil. But nothing is taken word for word, and I think one thing everyone seems to miss about survival- horror games today…

Real player with 64.5 hrs in game

Them and Us on Steam

Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo

Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo

Not to be horny or anything, but I just got bitten and called “handsome” and “delicious” by two vampire girlfriends. And one of them told me that she wants to drown in my blood. If that’s not the best demo ever, then I don’t know what is.

So Resident Evil: Village has two demos here. One is “Castle” and one is… well.. “Village”. In Village-demo Ethan gets to be creeped out by an old crazy hag, fight big grey zombie-werewolves and see a lot of people die on him. In the Castle-demo Ethan gets to wake up in Lady Dimitrescu’s bedroom, trade a bit with our new merchant-buddy Duke and proceeds to get stepped on by two of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters. Both demos have beautiful scenery, are highly screenshotable and packed well-enough for a one-shot demo. Both can be easily finished in less than 30 minutes in more-or-less casual pace, so I don’t really get why people are so upset about the length. Especially taking that RE2 Remake had the very same thing and that Village comes out in less than a week. Personally, I observed as much of the area as I could in both demos and still had 8 minutes left on timer when both were already done (so I had to speedrun the Castle one more time and spend 30 more seconds in the Village to get all achievements).

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Played both village and castle areas with an R5 1400, gtx 1060 3gb, 16 gb ddr4 at 2133 mhz and an ssd

it is optimized better than expected considering this is subject to change and all that and the re3 demo ran worse than re3 itself, RE3 demo was almost unplayable for me but RE3 itself runs great on my pc so no worries there!

Good Stuff

  1. Ethan already feels a lot more fleshed out

  2. the puzzles and exploration embrace a more sandbox like approach

  3. combat feels more satisfying with the enemies dropping interesting items (like RE4 but I think I like this more)

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo on Steam

Home Sweet Home : Survive

Home Sweet Home : Survive

ตั้งแต่ตัวละคร HRK ปล่อยออกมา ทำให้เล่นไม่สนุกมาก ควรจะเลือกระหว่างวิ่งไว ทำให้ผู้ริดชีวิตวิ่งช้า หรือจะตีแรง แล้วสกิลห้ามใช้ไอเทมก็นานเกินไป

Real player with 353.5 hrs in game

This game has several bugs. When it comes to killers and survivors, I would say the killers are OP at the moment. As a survivor main it seems as if playing with a group of friends would be the best way to win as being in solo queue, your chances of winning are quite slim as you need strong communication, unless you’re a pro that has mastered the game but for casual players it would be hard as a survivor to escape. I wanted to see how easy it was to play the killer so I played a game with no perks and actually won within minutes WITHOUT perks and just relied on the BASE PERKS the killer has. I would have to say that it’s more enjoyable to just play killer since they have all the tools to win, a shield that protects the killer from attacks from the survivors plus the killer can go through even a sacred knot that is suppose to prevent the killer from entering a room(Though most killers just use the shield to get through the sacred knot), an invisibility form that lets you see the aura of ALL the survivors and not to mention the perks combined with your base skills are quite broken. Also when it comes to moment speed, the killers are a bit slow than the survivors but other spectors can build up their movement speed as a chase goes on, which doesn’t help even if you end up losing them, they’ll still find you no matter what unless they change targets. Also when talking about the vents, they’re pretty much pointless. You would assume that it would help you lose the spector, but the distance between the vents are so close that the killer would know where the other end is and beat you before you are even able to exit out of the other end of the vent and its a free hit. I think if they were to fix the vent problem, they should make it so the survivor is transported to the other side of the map but have the CD of that vent a bit longer. I think this game has potential but I find this to be more of a killer sided game as it’s quite hard to win as a survivor unless you’re with a group of friends that can communicate through discord.

Real player with 72.1 hrs in game

Home Sweet Home : Survive on Steam

Customers From Hell - Game For Retail Workers (Zombie Survival Game)

Customers From Hell - Game For Retail Workers (Zombie Survival Game)

An amazing fun little game where you have to shoot up customers (customer zombies? lol) and defend your base. Its simple but its fun works and really did enjoy it there are multiple weapons you can buy, traps, areas to unlock and other things like that. Its like playing the wave-survival zombie game all over again but in a cartoon-comedy type of game. The customers come in and attacks you between waves and they get harder and stronger as each wave passes. In between waves - you will have to build your defence and traps to slow them down. Its fun and works and I recommend to also support the developer as its just one guy creating this.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Funny litle game.

After developers add more content and more settings it will become great time killer.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Customers From Hell - Game For Retail Workers (Zombie Survival Game) on Steam



At 12:03 AM, September 16th, Damien Mara mysteriously vanished on a camping trip. At 10:00 AM October 1st, the search for Damien was officially called off with no evidence found.

Fleshgait is an atmospheric survival horror game inspired by the classics, but with several unique twists. For example, the game’s puzzle and item placement dynamically shifts, so each playthrough is slightly different. The game’s event system randomly places jump scares based on the player’s progression. “The Stigmatized” are a zombie-like enemy which can be put into a dormant state by receiving damage but can only actually be killed by the use of fire. Another one of many monstrosities you will encounter dynamically grow in numbers if their sources are not destroyed.

Explore, solve puzzles, and conserve resources.

Puzzle and item placement vary on each playthrough.

Realtime menu-less inventory for maximum immersion.

The camera system switches between static cameras and panning cinematic cameras.

Two playable characters, with A and B scenarios.

Fire weapons must be used to fully defeat “The Stigmatized”.

Multiple endings.

Dynamic jump scare systems.

Unlockable modes, weapons and costumes.

Fleshgait on Steam



Nice little horror game even though it’s a bit short.

The frames were a bit choppy so I lowered the settings and treated it as a low poly game.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

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It’s always been John Broyhill’s dream to create a horror game after growing up with them! Foglight (FLT) is that brainchild and he even put out a sequel-sorta called “Foglight Online” 2 months ago!? FLT is my 2nd title to feature a lighthouse structurally and thematically, the first being the enigmatic, delectable No One Lives Under The Lighthouse (NOUL) . And yes, there are some resemblances in plot but the gameplay are light years apart!! Before I begin my rant, I must confess something…

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Foglight on Steam

Heritage Hills

Heritage Hills

Heritage Hills is a mysterious town hidden in the valley of a remote mountainous region heavily influenced by the occult and witchcraft. When Daniel learns that his missing fiancé possibly grew up in the area, he decides to track it down. Soon, Daniel gets himself stranded in a nightmarish world that he could have never imagined. Finding signs that his missing fiancé could still be alive, he is determined to find out what is going on, but to do this, he must overpower enemies both from this world, and another more Hellish. Will he survive his time in Heritage Hills, and find his fiancé Jess? Will he discover the truth about Heritage Hills, and the Winston family? Or will he fall to something much more sinister than this world could ever create?

Heritage Hills on Steam

I Can’t Find Me

I Can’t Find Me

There was an attempt to kill you. You died, but you didn’t die. You lost your soul, but you didn’t!

You’re in a new Form

See the world from a different perspective and figure out your new you, and what it can do. While what happened to you was not easy, but it allowed you to do things that was not possible before you get killed. You could seem like a weak cursed palm! But every curse comes with a gift, and yours’s came with 5!!

Untangle the Story

Search for your remains, while trying to untangle the story behind your mysterious death. Where you are, Why you are here, Who did that to you, and why you didn’t just go on to the afterlife like anyone else.

Survive the Town

Escape anything tries to kill you (again!). And in this town, there is nobody or nothing wants you alive!

After a successful attempt to kill you, you kinda died, but you really didn’t. Your soul still trapped in a a town that you can’t remember visiting. You’r main and only goal is to find out why you came to this place, and what is this place and where is your body’s remains, and why you didn’t die completely, and who killed you. And above all how to fix all that if it’s not too late. Exploring the town, gathering clues, and connecting the dots, is all what’s going to help you getting the full picture.

I Can't Find Me on Steam