Painkiller: Recurring Evil

Painkiller: Recurring Evil

This is not a bad expansion by any means! (I’m looking at you Resurrection). Therefore, why I would put a negative review? In this case I want to review this game saying it’s not a bad game but even thinking that I simply can’t fully recommend it!! This game is correct. It does what it’s need.

Gameplay wise it’s good action. The new soundtrack it’s metal and really awesome!! I think it’s the better soundtracks of the expansions and that’s saying a lot. I think even if it is more “metal agro” it’s really amazing. There are only five maps and excluding map 5 the others are forgettable. It takes the horde formula of Redemption and continues it. This gives really good maps when we talk about gameplay. Level 1 is okay for first level. Levels 2-4 are the real deal. Pure chaotic gameplay and a really good challange! The game is a correct farewell to this whole series but at this point of the series I think it really doesn’t innovate on anything. As a result, I can’t recommend it! I would recommend this only for hardcore fans at this point as the last game of the saga possible.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

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It is better than Redemption and especially Ressurrection, but considering those are two of the most piss poor attempts at making a videogame I’ve ever played that’s like saying that Desert Gunner is better than Air Control. It’s functional, yes, but that doesn’t really make it good.

It’s got the same “kill a million dudes, another six feet of the level opens, then kill a million more dudes” that the last two had, but the main difference here is that that “zillion” is down from the “trillion” that Redemption had. Redemption was unplayable because you simply did not have the space, health, or ammo to kill all the enemies in each level. This one you actually do, and i was able to play through in insomnia difficulty without ragequitting like in Redemption, where going through without cheating was virtually impossible due to bad game design.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Painkiller: Recurring Evil on Steam

Control Ultimate Edition

Control Ultimate Edition

Control reminds me instantly of a movie called Cube; the same combination of unknowable vastness, existential horror, and quirky earthiness that forces a certain perspective on the great unknown. Those with megalophobia might want to approach this one with caution!

The core plot is somewhat brief if you do none of the ‘side’ missions, but Remedy so artfully weaves the many parallel-yet-separate threads together that you’re sometimes left wondering which you’re on. And that’s a good thing! Control strikes that perfect balance; you’ve plenty of directions to choose from, but it never lets you stray so far you’d lose the plot entirely. Moreover, almost all of the ‘side’ missions provide flavor, depth, and enhancement to the ‘core’ story, not to mention all sorts of abilities and rewards.

Real player with 149.5 hrs in game

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“Basic duty of a director is … to keep the lights on”

Fantastic mix of mystery and shooter with a couple of puzzels

In short, the main character is looking for her brother who was taken away by the bureau after some mysterious “oops” leveled their hometown. Unfortunately, the bureau is under attack and the man in charge just blew his brains out. Up to you to save wathever is left standing and find your way inside a complex that throws all sorts of horrors at you.

The setting is really worth exploring. As soon as you enter “the oldest house”, it tries to mess with you. What follows is a mix of “the x-files”, “prey” and a bit of “twin peaks”. Through Video-fragments, voice recordings and notes , the game tells you about the people and what happened to them. The story never looses it’s sense of mystery and although you basically stay in the same house, there"s a lot of diversity in look and feel of the different departments. Btw, the voice (and video) actors are perfect, You can make the game very hard or a walk in the park by adjusting the settings. So whether you want a challenge or are more interested in the story and the sometimes hilarious bits and pieces of info, you’re in charge.

Real player with 77.9 hrs in game

Control Ultimate Edition on Steam

The Midnight Eater

The Midnight Eater

The Midnight Eater Gameplay

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

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The Midnight Eater on Steam

Dread X Collection: The Hunt

Dread X Collection: The Hunt

I do think this is one of the best collections Dread X has released, and it is a great game, however, I can’t in good conscience recommend it, because I literally can’t beat the game.

I can’t finish story mode (at least not without cheating) all just because of one game in this collection; The Fruit.

Now, the The Fruit itself is incredible. The graphics (especially the nature) look absolutely stunning! The letter at the beginning literally made me shed a couple tears for both it’s great writing and the excellent somber voice acting. The absolutely best parts of this game were the opening letter (and the writing in general) and the reloading mechanic; I’ve seen games where it takes forever to reload because of the time period or otherwise, but I’ve never to manually do every step of reloading myself. It’s hyper realistic in and of itself, and you can even stop in the middle of reloading if need be- however, you will naturally want to finish loading the bullet without stopping, even if you see the light of somebody’s torch coming around the building, looking for you, and it adds SO much tension! I hope to see something like this more often. The story itself is interesting and unique, I STILL really want to know what happens next!

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

I’ll review each part separately as usual. Though I wanna say right off the bat this is the best Dread X so far.

Possible ratings are: hated it, meh, okay, good, great

ARK 2 Research Base (hub world) Part 1 by Dread XP

Rating: great

The frozen tundra base you see the story through is probably the best hub yet. If you recall, Dread X1 didn’t have a hub, it was just a menu. Dread X2 put you in a puzzle house where you played games on VHS tapes. Dread X3 put you in a spoopy castle where you would put ritual candles on graves to play games in ghosts' memories. Dread X4’s Ark Base presents the games in case files. What sets X4’s hub apart from X2 and X3, though, is just how thick they lay on the atmosphere. Exploring that base is a tension-filled and immersive experience.

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

Dread X Collection: The Hunt on Steam



I think I’ve racked up enough hours to give this a real review now.

Ghostist; is a pretty casual, but definitely charming; 2d ghost hunting game.

You play alone as you work to identify ghosts across different job sites.

And, as you complete jobs & earn money; you can buy extra items to assist in your investigations.

There’s a good variety in ghosts, & jobsites. And, investigations usually don’t take too long to complete.

So, it’s definitely a game I like to jump into for some quick, play sessions.

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

Thanks for so many hours between guessing and goosebumps.

A game for in between, but unfortunately the in between often gets longer than expected… :-D

It is nice to experience how the game and it’s content are growing! Maybe there will be a mobile version for more “in between” on the road?

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Ghostist on Steam

Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One

Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One

The graphics quality were good style which i liked! spiders with fire spit? venom maybe?

Overall good challenging game because you can´t move if you shoot at the same time. Few minor “ooops im stuck” bugs didn´t bother me or why i can´t move over this small step (had to jump over).

But promising looking game afterall. I will definently come back after updates!

-First major update patch- 18.8.2016

  • Nice new monsters. “I like the hounds. They had hilarious dying sound and the puppet master is reeeeally annoying :)”

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

After playing through the first level of gunning down zombies and demonic spiders I can see this game has a lot of potential. Johnny Graves is a likeable protagonist; he’s witty, funny, arrogant, and just an overall bad ass. You have your basic range attack and special ability chain shot which I came in handy with clusters of zombies. I appreciated a lot of the little things in this game such as when the demonic spiders shot their fire attack and zombies ran into it they would catch fire as well! Overall this game has a great story, superb artwork, and fun game mechanics similar to diablo. There’s a lot more to come for this game and I can’t wait for the next patch.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One on Steam



As a part of my bad games review series I take a look at a game this time that instead has *NO Reviews (ok, there was one, but basically zero). As a result, I definitely wasn’t guaranteed a bad experience but as a game that so clearly is heavily inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s, FNAF, I figured it’d be a safe bet. I was wrong. This game for what it costs and delivers is actually not bad at all (Dare I say good?)! It scared the daylight out of me! If you like FNAF for the jump scares, you will like this game. Hoping to play more on stream soon.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Very fun and had me shitting myself! 10/10!

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

ADRPAN on Steam

Hope is in 23

Hope is in 23

12 Years ago, a rift opened up that created a doorway to our world, bringing forth monsters that we thought were mere stories and fairytales. Without warning they began killing anything in sight some even having the power to turn humans to slaves burned by fire. A mysterious group from this newly connected dimension granted 23 individuals power to help combat the enemy.No one knows why they were sympathetic towards humanity or why only 23 were granted power, but it helped give humanity a chance, up until the 23 were overrun. Now, the people who survived either are in hiding, or captured and sent to numerous islands around the world, and as for the 23, they are either dead, capture or missing.

Venture into the island fighting several enemies, and staying away from traps!. it is your job to find out what the enemy knows, where you friends are, and how you, and the rest of the 23 can once again try to save humanity.

  • Uniquely crafted story that will unravel as you play providing context for why the world is the way it is.

  • Read and listen to audio logs and notes to get a feel for the atmosphere and plight of the humans on the island.

  • Explore an artificial cemetery that houses deadly traps, enemies hunting any and everything, and humans trying to survive, looking for hope.

  • A Single player focused experience, no micro transactions, no season pass, what you see is what you get.

  • Straight forward Combat that should lend itself well to the gameplay.

Hope is in 23 on Steam

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Return to Castle Wolfenstein


NOTE: IOrtcw is an absolute requirement for modern PCs - it’s a fan made patch that is essential - you CANNOT play without it on Windows 10!

An absolutely fantastic first person shooter.

I’ll cover the game’s gameplay, storyline, graphics, sound and multiplayer, as well as performance.

Gameplay wise, the game is absolutely flawless. It’s a hard game, with Nazi soldiers and twisted occult monsters draining your health pretty quickly if you don’t finish them off first. Most enemies, if not all enemies, have their own unique idiosyncracies and features to switch up the gameplay.

Real player with 412.9 hrs in game

I’ll get straight to the point and say that if you are a fan of older First-person shooters, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is definitely a worthy purchase. Considering the fact that the game is 16-years-old, it is quite impressive to see how well this title has aged. Being priced at $5, there really is not much reason to not purchase this gem. Hell, you could even wait for a Steam sale and snatch it for even less.


+RTCW has an enjoyably unique storyline set in WWII, but… (See first con below)

Real player with 18.2 hrs in game

Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Steam



STATIK is a 4 player online co-op horror game. A group of kids in the 1980’s find an abandoned house with a shelf full of VHS tapes. When each tape is played, the events of the movie start to play out in real life. Will you escape with your lives or become another victim of the static. You can choose your ending by finding the maps secrets or defeating the killer.

Each level has multiple different endings and many easter eggs to find. No playthrough will ever be the same with the killer always making different decisions and items being spawned randomly.


In the boring town of Belleville, most summer days are spent by the lake swimming or biking around town. One day, you and your friends discover an old abandoned house in the woods. It’s a tall house, furniture and interior untouched like the owners just vanished and left it trapped in time. Inside, the beige wallpaper is decaying and peeling off. When you get to the living room, there is a big tv set on top of a vhs player. Next to the tv you find a shelf containing Vhs tapes with no label or name. You call your friends over to play the tape, thinking nothing of it…


In STATIK, each VHS tape is a different horror movie that plays out in the old house. You will be hiding from the killer while he tries to hunt you down and send you into the static. Find clues on how to send the killer into the static or find clues on how to escape throughout the map. The closer you get to escaping or if you’re brave enough to face the killer, he will get smarter and he will be able to hear you better. Be stealthy and quiet or you will be sent into the STATIK.

  • Co-Op Game

When playing a Co-Op game, stick together to solve the mysteries of the house and help each other by using a medkit to get a player out of the STATIK.

  • Single Player Game

If you’re brave enough to play alone, you cannot get yourself out of the STATIK and have to solve puzzles by yourself. It’s possible but significantly harder.

STATIK on Steam