Disney’s Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon

Disney’s Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon

This game is one of the very few movie-to-game tie-ins that’s worth buying. It expands the Treasure Planet universe significantly (for those of you who want more), while providing a unique and fun game that even has a pretty good 12-level campaign.

I’ll not spoil the campaign, but I’ll say it’s surprisingly good despite having one particularly annoying mission.

Where this game shines most, in my opinion, is the multiplayer.

Multiplayer in this game is very much like BattleField 2 (which was released three years later); you can play with a bunch of bots, or you can play with players and bots, or you can do just players.

Real player with 197.9 hrs in game

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Holy fuck this is one of the most underrated games of all time, I’m dead serious, this is one of the best things to come out of a movie tie in and for it’s position, a movie tie in in the 2000’s and one by disney of all people, it’s simply one of the best.

alright, let me take a breather here and tell you why this small little game would provoke such a responce out of me. this game as I’ve said befor is a 2000’s era movie tie in, usuallly these are compleat shovelware, and, uppon it’s release, it was surrounded by shovelware compatriots, crappy one trick games that did nothing new or special, this game, however, DID do something special, be origional. origional story, origional music, origional gameplay.

Real player with 49.1 hrs in game

Disney's Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon on Steam

Fights in Tight Spaces

Fights in Tight Spaces

Always punch the shark.

I’ve been playing this game since the Prologue, and now that a 1.0 release is on the brink of the horizon, I feel compelled to try and convey the experiences I’ve had playing it.

The gameplay captivated me from day one - it was a great mix of positional and situational tactical battles with the additional layer of board-game-style deck management. There’s also some route-planning to consider, but it doesn’t weigh too heavily on the course of your runs - EXCEPT when tackling Daily Play for score maximization. A full run takes about an hour to complete, and you can finish the game much faster with experience.

Real player with 518.0 hrs in game

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Basically, it’s the Elevator fight from Captain America: Winter Soldier. As a card game.

I generally hate card games. I also generally hate rogue-likes. So why have I played so much of this game? FiTS unexpectedly became a big favourite of mine because it actually alleviates a lot of my issues with both

Card games often feel abstract and inscrutable to me. But here the rules are clear and concise, and applied to a concept that you can visually see. You can make so many attacks or moves in a given turn (tied to your “momentum”), and heavier or more esoteric moves can take more time, allowing you to do less per turn.

Real player with 388.8 hrs in game

Fights in Tight Spaces on Steam

Infested Planet

Infested Planet

This is the first time I’ve every bothered to write a Steam review, which in combination with that blue thumbs up icon should tell you something right away.

I was quite late to the party with this one, since it was first released over three years ago. A seemingly simple yet tactically varied experience, that uniquely blends elements of RTS, Tower Defence and the best parts of the Starship Troopers movie.

Only in Total War games will you encounter a similar number of units on-screen at once, but here the balance is skewed completely towards the aliens, of which your handful of marines will easily face tens of thousands in a single mission. There’s something extremely cathartic about seeing your tiny squad shoot and burn its way through such a horde.

Real player with 1084.6 hrs in game

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Infested Planet is a top-down RTS game about holding back entire swarms of aliens and pushing the firing line forward.

If Door Kickers is Rainbow Six: Siege, Infested Planet is Left 4 Dead.

Infested planet should really be more popular than it is. Ever see that old movie ‘Starship Troopers’ with the alien bugs? That’s this in video game form. The most jarring thing in this game is how it handles resources and buildings; you get ALL your resources back when you ‘recycle’ your spent points, and the only time you get points to build most of the REALLY useful stuff is when you complete objectives – usually capturing control points. So if you’re like me, you’re gonna sit there and try to play this like any regular RTS – which, don’t do that. Your strategy doesn’t need to be perfect, in fact – getting a full refund when you ‘recycle’ spent points actually promotes doing the most optimal thing IN THE MOMENT, rather than planning your resources with your intake, with your current needs while planning for future needs – so if you’re looking for strategical depth, planning everything out in one sitting, and micromanaging your crew, you might be better off with Door Kickers.

Real player with 92.5 hrs in game

Infested Planet on Steam

Hidden & Dangerous 2: Courage Under Fire

Hidden & Dangerous 2: Courage Under Fire

This is such a good game, even for its age. There are many ways to play depending on mode, loadout and soldier/s you pick as they have their unique stats. Almost all equipment is visible on the models and/or adds pouches, stance and speed affect visibility, shadows give concealment bonus, you can capture enemy soldiers and take their uniforms for some stealth action and secrets are effin bizzare.

AI is mostly dumb af, but uses powerful guns and can get lucky.

It is also very simple to edit the game files and have even more fun.

Real player with 206.2 hrs in game

The best WWII game I’ve ever played. Although it has old graphics and AI, the game play is still amazing with different approaches to finish levels combining tactics and shooting. That what makes it unique in contrast to other WWII games with one direct pathway and guns blazing. However, there are some war theaters in the game where the SAS didn’t actually operate at. The campaign background graphics are so gorgeous for the time of game release like the after-dawn effects in Lofots and sunset effects in Libya as examples.

Real player with 114.3 hrs in game

Hidden & Dangerous 2: Courage Under Fire on Steam

Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black

This game’s primary method of finding games or people to play with is their discord. However, there is severe nepotism and bias between the devs and a specific discord moderator that leads to someone being banned from their discord permanently for something they stated in the game itself. Nowhere in the discord did this so called person do anything against the rules, but because of something they said in the voice chat in game, they received a permanent ban from their discord. This led to them not being able to find people to play with, people GAMETHROWING whenever on a team with him or his friends, and they were essentially cut off from the entire community as a whole. All of this due to something they said in voice, and they weren’t banned off the game. The moderator that has nepotism with the devs mentioned that gamethrowing was not as big of an issue because they were doing it while on the team with the person in question.

Real player with 521.6 hrs in game

Is this a Jojo’s reference?

EDIT: I left this as recommended so that people can see this honest review of a game I had once been hopeful for.

I have been a huge fan of the arcade version called Killer Queen and had been stoked about a version of the game coming to PC and Nintendo Switch. I managed to play in the beta and was in complete awe of the game. I was hooked and loved it so much. It was such a fresh take on the arcade version.

There were issues during beta that have been addressed and I had hoped that they would have been taken care of. Sadly, after the games launch, I noticed that they had not been fixed. They were some adjustments made such as berries being lobbed instead of being thrown as if it were shot out of a canon, which was a good change, but they reverted the increased cooldown to 1 second that causes games to go incredibly fast on certain maps. They were changes to certain maps that have managed to make the econ victory condition met with such insane ease. I have talked with some of the developers numerous ways on how that map can be improved and most were blown off. There has been little to no change in improving the game on a competitive level to make other victory conditions possible.

Real player with 200.7 hrs in game

Killer Queen Black on Steam

Battlezone 98 Redux

Battlezone 98 Redux

Important disclosure here: Prior to the release of BZ98R (and still to this day), I have been a player of the original game up until it’s final unofficial patch version U1. This game is entirely based on this community patch.

People who have played 1.5 are going to feel differently about the game than people who last played it 20 years ago (1.3, 1.31, 1.4…). The same goes for people who had never played BZ98 in any form prior to purchasing this game.

This review involves numerous statements of objective fact but it was still written by someone who was playing 1.5 for years prior to the release of this game.

Real player with 8710.2 hrs in game

This is the best game you’ve never played. It’s the hidden gem of hidden gems.

Set in an alternate 1960s where the space race is just a cover for a cold war turned hot, the United States and Soviet Union secretly deploy massive armies into space in pursuit of an extra-terrestrial substance, bio-metal, that can be used to craft amazing and powerful weapons of war. The National Space Defense Force (NSDF) and Cosmos Colonist Army (CCA) do battle over control of the bio-metal throughout the solar system using hover tanks crafted from the precious material. Battlezone has some of the best sci-fi lore of any game- don’t skip over the briefings and debriefings!

Real player with 321.0 hrs in game

Battlezone 98 Redux on Steam

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers

Bombs whistle overhead, exploding into hot pieces of plastic that rain down upon the young boys and old men hiding in the french soil below. Broken barbed wire, shattered wood and dead lifeless plastic scatter the land, with the distinct sound of airplane engines roaring up in the grey skies. Machine gun fire snuffs out the cries and moans of mutilated plastic. Then megatron crushes the laser ship that the french had, and if you thought that wasen’t enough, a giant dog 50 times the size of any man comes crashing down, chewing up soldiers like they were beef jerky. This is the First World War.. kinda.

Real player with 28.3 hrs in game

It’s a simple and somewhat linear tower defense game. I say somewhat linear because your towers are limited to static build platforms. You can’t just place a tower anywhere, it has to be on these preplaced platforms so strategically speaking it’s not that difficult. The one redeeming factor is there are pilotable vehicles on each battlefield. You can either pilot a medium tank, a heavy tank, a fighter plane or a bomber plane. You may also take control of any tower so these factors make up for the linearity of the tower placements.

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

Toy Soldiers on Steam



Among a glut of physics-based multiplayer games, Embr sticks out as a bright spot.

I 100% recommend this game to anyone looking for a good multiplayer experience. It’s in Early Access, but for myself, the majority of the bugs I’ve experienced are just graphics. More on this later. I want to highlight what I believe is absolutely the most important thing Embr has done for this genre.

Overcooked. Overcooked 2. Moving Out. These are three games in the genre I call “physics-based co-ops”. The fun is drawn from playing with friends in a chaotic environment where physics are a little goofy. But that’s the thing. They’re multiplayer. And so is Embr…or is it? That’s what Embr does. This game is 100% soloable. While I don’t know the reason behind this design decision, in the settings, you can change the speed of the fire spread. It starts at a baseline of 1.0. You can increase it a little for more challenge, or lower it to make it spread slower, thus making the game a lot easier to play on your own. And that’s what I love, not having to play with someone else, instead being able to enjoy the experience alone.

Real player with 60.4 hrs in game

This game is the most interesting and entertaining game I’ve played in a while. The concept is unique, and the gameplay is surprisingly good. Controls are fairly self explanatory as well. Graphics are superb, with the world being very aesthetically pleasing and the lighting engine being more than adequate. I’m not certain how well I like the character design, but I could see it growing on me. They aren’t bad by any means, just a little… bulbous. That being said, I’m not really sure what I would do to change the game other than that. If you have a dedicated graphics card (other than mobile variants, which are generally highly underpowered) you can more than likely run the game extremely well. With a 2nd gen I5, 8 gigs of old ram, and a nvidia 460 one can obtain very high framerates with no lag on max settings. The game seems fairly well optimized for such a new title and for one still being in early access. Overall I highly recommend the game. I have greatly enjoyed playing it and will likely play even more often when I finally wrap up the semester.

Real player with 41.1 hrs in game

Embr on Steam

Battlezone: Combat Commander

Battlezone: Combat Commander

As the lead artist on this project and life long lover of Battlezone 2 (The first real 3d game i played) I wouldn’t have worked on it as hard as I have if i wasn’t going to recommend it, which of course I do.

I worked as faithfully as i could to restore and enhance the battlezone 2 i played and loved, despite initial criticism, much work has commenced to further enhance the battlezone: combat commander experience visually, I knew I had to step the bar up as one of the key elements of BZCC was it’s beautiful graphics and rich, unique worlds in which the war for biometal was raged back in 1999.

Real player with 2435.4 hrs in game

I served as a tester for this game, so I’m going to be as impartial as possible.

I enjoy the game overall, but there were some items removed that I wish weren’t.

There is also plenty room for improvement.

In case someone doesn’t care to read through the bullet points.

For under $20, I would recommend the game.

The following isn’t a comprehensive list, but is a list of items that I could think of at this moment.

Things I liked

  • Shadows have been fixed when compared to 1.3 and older versions of Battlezone II. Shadows never looked correct.

Real player with 733.6 hrs in game

Battlezone: Combat Commander on Steam

Bloons Adventure Time TD

Bloons Adventure Time TD

EDIT/ADDED- May11,2020

~Still going strong & even got my wife playing it on my lame tablet.

*I bought THe character pack that unlocks the 3 paywalled characters for myself & for wife on IOS Ipad… somthing im="" usually="" against="" due="" to="" principle. br="" BUT it’s my way of supporting a game i didn’t pay anything for..

Then again i still HATE FREE2PLAY GAMES!!!!

**This game owulda been sooo epic had it been like the other Bloons games.

Ive started playing Bloons 5 + 6 when they went on sale last week for $3 bucks each… /somthing

Real player with 604.6 hrs in game

I redoing my review on this game but not for good stuff i still dislike a major of stuff. so lets jump into what i personely think about this game.

First off i am like level 84 in the game. ive done everything even the 2021 summer event or whatever… that side now ill get into the stuff.

So in older versions of the game trinkets that use to give range where changed they just to give % now its a flat. so like instead of like 20% range bonus now its 10 range bonus so flat is way more well just not worth using.

Real player with 409.1 hrs in game

Bloons Adventure Time TD on Steam