STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Alliance™

STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Alliance™

Star Wars, X-Wing Alliance

The Best Star Wars Space flight simulator to date.

Quick disclaimer, I am by no means saying the TIE Fighter or X-Wing are lacking, far from it, they are very, very good games with great story and skirmish missions.

It’s just that Alliance took all that made its predecessors great then added more ships, options, tools and even an editor for us to create endless missions.

Unlike with X-wing & TIE Fighter you are not a member of a major faction.

Real player with 239.3 hrs in game

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-Quick Review-

Do you like Star Ships? Do you like Star Fights? Do you like Star Battles? Do you like Star Wars? Do you have a Joystick? If you say “yes” to all of these questions. You’ll probably like this game.

X-wing Alliance was the developed by Totally Games and published in 1999. This was the last Star Wars flying simulator game Totally Games developed.

-Detailed breakdown review-

*Requirements: Firstly, make sure you have a joystick. It seems there are some controllers supported with the game that you could use, but not all controllers work with the game, so buyer beware of that. Furthermore, there are additional graphical problems which may force some to download addons or additional software to fix them.

Real player with 30.8 hrs in game

STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Alliance™ on Steam

STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Special Edition

STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Special Edition

Dudes, ok, look at my game time playing this. That’s the amount of time it took for me to get through it all from the beginning completing all missions, all tours, and even the proving grounds. I’ve been playing games for a minute now…and by a minute, I mean 35 years, and this is the most difficult PC game that I’ve ever played. It’s no joke. It’s rage-inducingly difficult at times. I’m all glad that I played through it especially considering the historical value and the fact that I missed it the first go around. Wow that game took a long time to finish! But, it’s kind of cool…the first game to really add to the star wars universe by creating new plots. Pretty cool, huh? But, basically, to complete it, you have to basically become a x-wing, a-wing, y-wing, and b-wing pilot. No joke. There’s over a hundred missions, and at least half of them are going to take a good deal of practice to complete. Wow, that’s done. I’m going to play something less, um, twitchy next…I’m thinking FF4. Yeah. FF4. At any rate, this game has got loads of content, it’s well developed, and you’ll feel like you’re in a tiny little x-wing where literally anything can go wrong and ruin your day. It’s an older game, but you know the loving care that these studios put into these things. The graphics are the 98 version. So, honestly, it looks pretty good. The music is MIDI music. Etc, etc. If you like the old school space shooters, and you haven’t completed this one, you’re in for a treat and a challenge. Man. It’s over. It’s finally over!

Real player with 162.5 hrs in game

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STAR WARS - X-Wing Special Edition is the second best classical space flight simulator I’ve ever played, second only to STAR WARS - TIE Fighter Special Edition .

The Steam version of X-Wing includes the Floppy Disk (1993) version (along with the Imperial Pursuit & B-Wing expansions), the Collector’s CD-ROM (1994) version, and the Special Edition (1998) version. As is, the graphics are dated in all three, but it’s still a fun way to experience the 90’s. But for the best experience I would recommend playing the Special Edition version after polishing it up with the 3D and widescreen tweaks according to this guide .

Real player with 71.8 hrs in game

STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Special Edition on Steam



I had some real fun playing this retro gem!

For a casual like myself the difficulty was hard but fair and i liked the tactiical aspect of the fights. i enjoyed hiding behind my fierce allies or asteroids before unleashing a swarm of rockets against the UW or alien fools! The controls are simple but very intuitive. I got my money’s worth.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

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It’s a timeless space shooter. Worth the price. Very nostalgic.

Thank you to the developers for bringing it back to life on PC.

I really do appreciate the revival of this game.

  • story is short, but varied

  • different weapons

  • cool extras

  • achievements

  • don’t care for multiplayer, it’s deatchmatch or horde only

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

CROSSFIRE II (2002) on Steam



OnSlaught is a 3rd person bullet hell space shooter where you need to fight, kill, and obliterate hordes of alien ships to try and save what is left of humanity. Although Fighting through these hordes may be tough, you will gain better gear and ships as you progress through the campaign. Progress further behind enemy lines to discover the horrific intentions the aliens have for humanity.

Fight, upgrade, and grab some insanely powerful weapons to try to beat the onslaught of enemies in this game of action, music, and hell.

OnSlaught on Steam



Silverwing is an action flight game where you build an array of powerful spaceships to combat enemies across space and a diverse array of planet landscapes. Use your piloting skills and a 6 degrees-of-freedom flight system to defeat enemy fighters, bombers, turrets, and capital ships. Play through a fully voiced 20+ mission campaign with multiple endings based on your mission choices.

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn credits to upgrade ship components and unlock their powerful array of abilities. Choose the ships that fit your playstyle whether it be a faced-paced fighter, or a massive gunship. Customize your ship’s weapons and abilities for each mission. Will you use stealth? Disable ships? Or simply overwhelm them with an onslaught of missiles. The choice is yours.

Gameplay Features:

  • Easy to learn, intuitive controls

  • 6 degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) flight system

  • 8 flyable ships with each supporting a unique gameplay style

  • Earn credits through completing missions and use them to upgrade your ship components

  • Upgrade each ship in your hangar to improve acceleration, speed, shields, hull, weapons array, and missile capacity

  • Customize your ship’s weapon loadout, special abilities, and ship color

  • 20+ mission campaign

  • Fully voiced characters

  • Multiple mission types including search and destroy, high-speed chases, stealth recon, escort, location securing, turret building and tower defense

  • Battle an array of enemy fighters, bombers, turrets, and capital ships

  • Beautiful and diverse landscapes and spacescapes for each mission

  • Campaign system map to view progress, fleet locations, and territorial control

  • In-game decisions that affect the campaign and ending

  • Support for keyboard+mouse, joystick, and controllers

Silverwing on Steam

Stars Force

Stars Force

Its a very barebones shmup where you’ll max out your weapon quickly and see everything the game has to offer in a couple levels. You can beat the game in about 40 minutes. Its not really a bad game, but it just gets repetitive quickly as the levels tend to feel like I’m on a conveyor belt and a lot of the sections repeat over and over. Boss fights were decent though, wish there were more of them.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Too simple.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Stars Force on Steam

SubterAlien Rescue

SubterAlien Rescue

Save downed Pilots, destroy robots, retrieve orbs … All in a days work for a SubterAlien Rescue Pilot!

Subteralien Rescue is a physics based sidescroller where you pilot a lander module assigned to explore underground caverns and bases. Your mothership transports you from planet to planet to encounter new levels with different puzzles and environments. You will find and make use of resources to solve puzzles, rescue your fellow pilots and fight enemies.

Over the course of several missions, you will be able to upgrade your lander with stronger hulls, better engines and weapons as well as talk to NPCs as an interesting and compelling narrative unfolds. The levels involve careful navigation and control of your lander in a variety of physics based environments such as low gravity, wind tunnels and underwater. There are also a number of hazards and enemies to defeat such as wind turbines blocked tunnels, bunkers and a variety of robots with different weapon configurations. Fuel barrels and landing pad can recharge your lander. Power orbs can be found and placed in their containment holders to complete mission objectives and power up or unlock doors and other features in the underground bases.

  • 20 levels of challenging game play (possibly more with success of crowd funding)

  • Arcade and story modes to the game

  • Unique weapons inventory and ship upgrade system

  • 25 Original designed Alien Robot enemies

  • Challenging game level environmental puzzles.

SubterAlien Rescue on Steam

Age of Ascent

Age of Ascent

The year is 2176 and humanity has been forced to abandon the earth and rise into space, to start a new civilisation. Faster-than-light travel and communications have been achieved, and now it is time to help build the new world and fight for your way of life.

Age of Ascent is a truly massive multiplayer space game set in a vast galaxy, where you can play solo or join an alliance to explore and advance in an ever-evolving sandbox environment. It features six degrees of freedom direct-piloting real-time battles with thousands of ships; millions in the same galaxy, an entirely player-driven economy, deep strategy, and multi-device support.

We’re using the real Milky Way star catalogue and as much real science as we possibly can to provide a vast galaxy to explore, but with a unique custom visual style. We provide deep game play that encompasses all components of strategy-based and first-person sandbox MMO games where players interact with each other and the universe.

We’ve held regular playtests of the real-time dogfighting module, as we tweaked and optimised the combat code and physics engine. All that work - the most critical layer to get right - is finished!

We have now moved on to the core components of the rest of the MMO experience, ranging from trade/industry and missions, NPC AI & 3D pathfinding algorithms to the new, full UI, incorporating build-your-own cockpit and multi-device support:

  • Real-time, epic, direct-piloting battles using our brand new cloud-based distributed MMO architecture that can support thousands of players in the same battle

  • Everyone plays in the same universe, even across devices

  • Multiple ship classes and modular ship loadouts

  • A fully player-led economy from resource gathering to manufacturing and trading

  • Exciting and rewarding galactic exploration

  • Play solo or in groups, larger than you’ve ever seen before

  • Player vs Environment (PvE) mission running and Non-Player Character Faction AI

  • Alliances and Clans large or small as you wish, with sophisticated management and access tools

Once we get all of the initial gameplay framework up and running, we will start to layer in enhancements and further depth of play:

  • New ship and hull classes (science ships, support ships, drone carriers, weapons platforms, minelayers and minesweepers, stealth recon)

  • Build and manage space stations

  • Claim territories and build an empire in space

  • Deep and involving storyarcs that will play out over days, weeks and months

  • Build your own multi-device cockpit

  • Multi-player options for co-operative capital ship flying

  • Banking and advanced currency exchange systems

  • Full set of player APIs and extension libraries

  • Advanced control and display device support (such as Oculus Rift)

  • Player-operated tournament arena combat and racing zones

  • Multiple language localization

Age of Ascent on Steam

Galactic Trooper Armada

Galactic Trooper Armada

All times classic space shooting game Defender comes back in this modernized top-of-the-art 3D version.

Get back into 80’s with this retro defender game. Enjoy the enhanced version with today device capabilities and revive the gameplay simple yet addictive of first generation video-games.

You mission is to defend an armada of galactic troopers through different hostile planets. Avoid turrets riffles, space and terrestrial mines, shoot down aliens using your missiles, rockets and machine guns and save lives of your soldiers.

Galactic Trooper Armada on Steam

Immortal Space God

Immortal Space God

#### After an unwinnable war, survive against all odds.

Immortal Space God is a space combat simulator with survival crafting elements.

You regain consciousness in a hangar. Damaged and abandoned, barely capable of building and launching fighter drones. This is all you need to repair your ship, find a proper base of operations and claw your way back from the brink.

What will you - the player - be doing?

  • Engage in ship to ship combat using fighter drones - if they die, just build some more.

  • Gain schematics and resources to build new craft and upgrades.

  • Customize your ship(s).

  • Repair and build up bases of operations.

  • Explore an open world, filled with hostile craft, platforms and various locations.

  • Gain wingmen to take on bigger threats and challenges.

For Void Destroyer 2 players - what’s different?

  • Greater focus on combat - smaller scale fights, but more detailed including destroyable subcomponents.

  • Simplified controls and flight mechanics.

  • Greater ship customizations - including changing weapon loadouts.

  • No economy, build using ore and components.

  • Destroying ships yields crafting material, ship and upgrade schematics.

  • Less story and more player progression freedom - at the cost of challenging combat.

Immortal Space God on Steam