No Straight Roads: Encore Edition

No Straight Roads: Encore Edition

Can someone get me another Sayu? This one’s all melted!

All my hours are logged on the switch version (~150 hours), I love this game despite how gut punching it can be with difficulty and bugs (of which are mostly patched in this version). It makes up for all of it with its overflowing charm and dedication to fan service. My artwork is in the game too I guess! Underneath the bridge in Akasuka.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

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Underappreciated game with an incredible soundtrack, worth it for the music alone. If you are curious in the slightest then do yourself a favour and give it a try, you will fall in love!

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

No Straight Roads: Encore Edition on Steam

Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon


I really want to highly recommend this game but the reasons I’m about to go into, I can’t. I would, however, say get this game if you like a short but pretty ok dungeoncrawler one shot.



  • Dungeoncrawling aspect done well

  • Beautiful art, beautiful characters

  • Diverse cast

  • Interesting characters


  • Shallow glimpses into the characters and finishes right as you start to care

  • No replay motivation (save for wanting to see dialogue)

  • Only 1 female dating option

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

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“We’re just too hot for this old rickety thing to handle."

Verona Beach – a chill place to spend the summer. Especially in a rent-free apartment previously occupied by your cousin. Kind of him to offer you the space, even if he’s one of the most obnoxious and interfering people you’ll ever meet. But hey, families – can’t pick ‘em.

But you can pick lovers, and that’s part of the reason you’re here. See, you’ve never had a date. Not even once. Your cousin, under some duress from your mother, has been assigned your wingman, but it won’t be long before you’re able to make connections at your own pace.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

Boyfriend Dungeon on Steam

Memory Lost

Memory Lost

  • The current demo build is the alpha version 0.6.1

  • Memory Lost - is an action shooter, the battles in which are built around the mechanics of mind capturing and moving into the enemy’s body. First-aid kits were not delivered, there is only one clip in the weapon - change the bodies to survive!

  • New body - new gameplay. There are dozens of archetypes of opponents in the game, each with its own unique characteristics and skills that affect the outcome of the battle.

  • Relocation is the basis of survival. If you don’t want to run around in a half - dead state, look for a healthy body! Are the weapons out of ammo? Move into the enemy with full ammunition!

  • Copy enemies' memories! Capturing consciousness is impossible without capturing memories. With each new migration, the Neural Network, the main character of Memory Lost, will collect more and more material to form himself into an independent personality, after which he will process the knowledge gained and reap the fruits of his actions at the Mind-Map hub location.

  • Karma in a top-down shooter? The neural network is also formed due to interaction with the surrounding world. Kill for the common good or for mercy, regardless of the consequences - and get one of three possible endings.

    Warning: A very small percentage of people may experience seizures while viewing certain images, such as flashing lights or patterns that may be present in video games.

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Memory Lost on Steam



My playtime: 40.8h (based on steam, 100% achievement, 2x playthrough)

Grindy Achievement(s): Yes (1 achievement).

Optional Achievement(s): Yes (10 achievements).

Difficult Achievement(s): No.


Resolutiion is a fast-paced action-adventure game with exploration as its focus. The game has a lot of vast maps and secret areas that you have to find.


  • You can tackle most areas in any order that you want

  • Secret areas and optional collectibles to find

Real player with 40.8 hrs in game

There are a lot of games that were inspired by ‘Hyper Light Drifter’ and they mostly failed as individual games for various reasons, but out of those that I played I liked this one the most. Despite the visual similarities to HLD that many people are calling a ripoff, Resolutiion clearly had a talented artist and I don’t want to take anything away from him; the games might look similar but it’s not a clone of HLD. Surprisingly the best part of this game was the story, the writing was just excellent and absorbed me into the universe, although the delivery of that story was somewhat questionable, mainly because I felt like the characters came and went too quickly. Still, I thought the lore for the universe was very compelling, from what I understand the humanity was taken over by technological advances and those few that remained isolated started a war against the ‘progress’, although It was kinda vague and confusing.

Real player with 34.9 hrs in game

Resolutiion on Steam



the game is somewhat reminiscent of geometry dash, where you have to overcome obstacles and complete levels. the graphics are very pleasing to the eye, excellent soundtrack. the game justified its money, I advise everyone to buy.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

A dynamic platformer with beautiful graphics and easy controls. In some places, the game is very difficult, you have to strain all your feelings and reactions to go further. But it’s worth it and the game gives a lot of positives.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Toru on Steam

Figment 2: Creed Valley - Prologue

Figment 2: Creed Valley - Prologue

i wish i could give this a positive review, i truly do, but i simply cannot because of the black hog fight (the i think last one, the on that stage), it is so buggy, unfair, and simply frustrating. even without all those bugs it would be extremely frustrating, but i do look forward to the full game where i’m sure this will be fixed.

Edit: i managed to do it eventually, and it seems they fixed it so i changed my review, also btw theres a bug before, during, and after the fight with the dialogue where that bird (forgot her name) keeps repeating her “watch out dusty!” line, even after the fight and before even going on the stage.

Real player with 12.7 hrs in game

The timer is stressful and loud, The music on the color fluid socket in the challenge is broken, and It seems like the first game in almost every way except Dusty isn’t a jerk who relies on photography to compensate for his lack of self-fulfillment, we have no lead to what’s happening outside the mind as a result of the Jester, and the music is just a little better.

50/10 a look into the sequel we never knew we wanted

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Figment 2: Creed Valley - Prologue on Steam

Figment 2: Creed Valley

Figment 2: Creed Valley

Piano bridges, dancing plants and musical showdowns, ready to dive into The Mind?

Figment 2: Creed Valley is an action-adventure game set in the human mind. Nightmares are spreading chaos and have overrun once-peaceful lands. Join Dusty, The Mind’s courage, as you make your way through puzzles, musical boss fights and unique environments. Face your fears head-on.

Nightmares have shattered the Moral Compass, making The Mind unable to function properly. Dusty and his ever-optimistic sidekick, Piper, must travel to Creed Valley, where The Mind’s ideals are formed to restore peace. A journey filled with musical showdowns and mind-bending puzzles awaits.

Nightmares have their own theme songs, shining light on why they have appeared.

Dodge and weave as they taunt you.

Chat with The Mind’s ever-changing opinions and tune in to the world’s rhythm.

Explore The Mind’s two fundamental states: Open-minded and Closed-minded. Switch between states and adapt to the shifting environment to move forward.

Prove your mental and physical strength through mind-bending puzzles and fights timed to the soundtrack.

Joy, sadness and everything in between. Figment 2: Creed Valley draws from emotional experiences that affect us all.

Face stress, anxiety and the fear of the dark in a musical and surreal universe.

Grab your sword and restore the light that once was.

Figment 2: Creed Valley is the standalone sequel to Figment, check it out here:

Figment 2: Creed Valley on Steam

Ladybug Quest

Ladybug Quest

This game is both challenging and addictive. The artwork, soundtrack, and gameplay all come together to make a great platformer. Be prepared to be challenged to your maximum ability as each Boss becomes progressively more difficult to beat! A very refreshing game to play, love it!

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

Ladybug Quest:

3D, adventure, platformer where you play as a ladybug following the story of a mysterious being that invades their village.

Main story runs about 8-10 hours depending on skill level, however there is replay ability to obtain gold stars for each map which will take another 10-12 hours to fully complete.

This game is extremely difficult, not for those looking for an easy challenge, some levels will drain hours of your time, but finishing them is very rewarding.

Bosses are super fun and feel awesome to fight, each level feels unique and has something to make it stand out from the others with new enemies or hazards.

Real player with 23.0 hrs in game

Ladybug Quest on Steam



This is an excellent game for all those who love the RPG genre and are too tired of the same old dragons and goblins setting.

What looks to be initially a fairly simple game, manifests itself into a variety of play-styles depending on which tool you favour you can be a powerful hulk or a rogue style assassin or a swashbuckling Indiana Jones type or a Sword and Board sentinel. After the first playthrough, you realise the enormous number of options that were available to you. I started my 2nd and 3rd playthroughs as soon as I was done with the previous.

Real player with 82.8 hrs in game

If i had to use a single word to describe this game, that word would be: charming.

The game has its qualities and has its fair share of shortcomings, but it does manage to stand out of the crowd through its unique mix of a story inspired from Russian folktales, and a music inspired from archaic Romanian folklore.

The general idea of this game is to take various elements from Slavic folklore and bring them together as game mechanics in a light-hearted action-rpg.

The idea itself is pure genius, the execution….not so much.

Real player with 27.3 hrs in game

Yaga on Steam

Bullet Runner

Bullet Runner

Fight your way through HORDES OF POWERFUL ENEMIES, who stop at nothing to shred you to pieces! Execute combat strategies with quick reflexes to take on the biggest of the baddies.

With a variety of enemies capable of unique game-changing abilities, you’ll have to observe and rethink your approach to show them who’s boss!

Use a wide variety of BIG FUCKING GUNS to take on the enemy your way! Customize your loadout with the guns you find throughout the levels to fine tune a playstyle of your liking.

From shotguns to plasma rifles, there’s a treat to be found for everyone.

Combine CRAZY MOVEMENT AND COMBAT MECHANICS to make your way through dangerous environments. Dodge, slide, swing and shoot your way to victory!

Master your toolkit and move around the arenas at high velocity, as standing still is not an option.

Bullet Runner on Steam