Kungfu Football Captain

Kungfu Football Captain

《Kungfu Football Captain》It’s a fighting football game. You will incarnate as a football player. In the high-intensity football match full of stratagem, violence and chaos, build a strong team to win the game, attract fans and win the championship. You can recruit and train players, hold meetings, plan team development, use tactics or coaching skills in the game. Of course, you can use violence to win the game when necessary. I hope you can avoid the referee’s eyes.

The game includes the referee system, climbing tower playing method, conference system, closer to the actual operation of football, coach skills, talent, tactical settings and other systems.

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Kungfu Football Captain on Steam

Guts And Goals

Guts And Goals

It’s a very, VERY FUN game, honestly

Tons of modes, characters and, overall… CHAOS

It’s one of those games you keep playing with friends for hours until getting angry because your mate scored in your own goal, or something like that

Truly awesome

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

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This game is really excellent. One of the best quick play games available. It reminds me of super mario strikers meets mario party on a retro console. Really loving this game.

My only reccomendation is allow a setting where we can outline our character or our name in a color of our choice. Id also like a slider to adjust Name and health bar sizes, Some people have a hard time following the Player 1 as it doesnt stand out against the other units.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Guts And Goals on Steam

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

… and there I was thinking “Soccer with super moves? How rediculous! It kills the realism and ruins the game.”

Then I saw the game on sale and thought I’d pick it up nevertheless just to try it out – I was hooked. 5+1 players (of which 1 to 5 human players), 6 + 6 minute matches (by default, can be adjusted), one ball, and no referee. Havoc and slide tackles soon become a norm.

The gameplay is smooth and the AI offers a pretty decent challenge for starters. A grinder like me takes on the challenge and plays only on pro level (until platinum gets unlocked). You will be crushed for a few matches but once you get the gist you’ll soon become a pro yourself and winning a game becomes a walk in the park. Challenging and fun at the same time.

Real player with 56.8 hrs in game

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In a different review, it is said that Kopanito All Star Soccer would be a mixture of “Mario Strikers” and “Sensible Soccer”. From own experience, it cannot be accounted for the first one, but for the second. Strictly speaking, what the developers might have done is commuting the x and y axis and put the Sensible Soccer AI up again. In addition, the banana shot style and GFX remind us at least a little bit of “Micro Prose Soccer”.

As so often, these impressions may be seen as a strength and also as a weakness of the game. The strength is nostalgy, the weakness lacking complexity, as it refers to 20+ years old titels. In deed, from todays perspective, it looks like an only half complete game:

Real player with 56.0 hrs in game

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer on Steam

Behold the Kickmen

Behold the Kickmen

This is a really fun game. I don’t tend to play sporty games but I’ve played this quite a bit already.

The tutorial is good/amusing and I like how each skill is gradually introduced in career mode. To begin with before you learn any the game can be a bit difficult, but the moment you win a game and unlock a skill the game really opens up, so make sure you don’t give up on it before this point.

I’m not even the target market as I love playing football casually in real life—I still maintain that the… er… real life fake non-Kickmen version of the offside rule makes total sense as it presumably exists to prevent goal-hanging and isn’t just a pointless faff to learn—I DIGRESS), despite enjoying real life football, I love the way this game makes fun of it too.

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Livy writes of a meeting in 193 BC, as Rome prepared for war with the Seleucid Empire and generals from both sides met at the court of Antiochus the Great. There Scipio Africanus, the savior of Rome in the darkest days of the Punic Wars, found Hannibal Barca. The latter had left Carthage in exile when the Romans demanded his surrender seven years after his defeat at the hands of the former, lest he rebuilt the broken city to its former glory.

It is not often such great generals meet outside the blood and gore of the battlefield and thus the conversation between them fell to whom they ranked as the greatest generals of antiquity. Hannibal answered Alexander ranked highest and though Scipio was dismayed, they could all agree that Alexander was without equal. When asked who ranked second, Hannibal answered Pyrrhus, the Greek general who was the first to bring the young Roman republic to its knees. Scipio then asked whom he ranked third and Hannibal, without hesitation answered that it was himself who ranked third.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Behold the Kickmen on Steam

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

I have played this game first on Switch for 2 weeks, and then on Steam, and the problems are similar;

This game suffers from frequent crashes, specially if you go online and play multiplayer, where at times the game will lag to a halt, and then it’s up to one of the two players to voluntarily agree to shut down their game and take a loss so both players can be done with it and continue playing.

On the one hand, I thoroughly recommend this game to fans of the anime/manga, as this game is beautifully animated and accurately goes through the main story of the manga. I love that even after 200+ hours of gameplay, I still manage to find new scenes hidden within the very intricate friendship mechanic this game has, it’s like the only time i’ve ever truly enjoyed a visual novel type game. The gameplay itself is fun and I can’t put it down, despite the game’s glaring flaws.

Real player with 1616.7 hrs in game

I kinda wish Steam had a “mixed” review opinion, but when I remember why I decided to write this review in the first place anyway, the thumbs down is kinda deserved. Don’t get me wrong, the game isn’t bad, in fact, it has so much potential, but sadly the potential it has is kinda limited by really bad design decisions. Normally, this review was more informative about Captain Tsubasa series, but I hit the character limit so kiss bye bye to those.

I won’t really go on on positives and negatives (actually, I will rant about the bad game design after this paragraph), but I will just tell why and when you should buy this game. The game’s an action-sports game, and like I mentioned before, it plays according to its own mechanics, and it’s nothing unlike feefur or PESbabs. Now the mechanics are pretty straightforward, and truth be told, they are fun to pull off as you dribble through the entire opponent team and pull a flashy shot. However, it does get kinda old by time and there are not that many teams or even story modes, so you have been warned. I also think the game is a bit pricey, especially if you are in a 3rd world country, but hey, I mean… it could be a Paradox game with 500$ worth of DLCs. WHEEZE

Real player with 305.4 hrs in game

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions on Steam

Game of Drones

Game of Drones

**What awaits you:[/]

Do you want to play soccer with drones against your buddies in multiplayer? Do you want to take off from the football pitch and take to the skies with your drone? …to flank the low-gravity ball into the opponent’s goal with daring kicks?

Football and drones collide in GAME OF DRONES. It is a minimalist mini multiplayer game with a reduced, futuristic look.

Who are the developers?

We are a small Bavarian startup located in Munich and have developed the game with dedication. The scope of the game is very small and it is the first game we are launching. GoD is not a triple-A game with lots of content. Please take this into account when making your purchase decision.

We want to provide you with a small multiplayer game for LANs or online. Through the drones the soccer game gets another dimension - kicking from the highest heights. Due to special physics the ball moves with less gravity and can be shot into the opponent’s goal. GoD has put us into addictive states while playing.

If something doesn’t work with the game, please write us directly. We will answer as fast as possible and help you if there is a fire. You can also write us if you had a great time with Game of Drones. Send us recordings of your best hits.

Game of Drones offers you:

  • Drone soccer mini multiplayer

  • Easy control

  • 1x drone, 1x football arena

  • Low-Gravity Ball and good physics of the drone

  • Futuristic design with optical effects

  • Fun in Multiplayer for in between with highscores

Game of Drones does NOT include:

  • Armed drones

  • Real soccer players

  • Cars (who does that ;)

  • Loot boxes

  • Career mode

  • Tons of content (it is a mini-game, but with maxi-fun)

  • Microtransactions


Game of Drones is a very small, simple multiplayer game.

You can choose in the menu between 1vs1 online multiplayer and 2vs2 online multiplayer. After choosing you can start the game and you will be beamed to the drone soccer arena. Now you see your drone in pursuit perspective and the match starts against your opponent. In the middle is the big, low-gravity ball, which you have to kick, head, bump, dig, ram or volley as cleverly as possible into the opponent’s goal (either red or blue).

After 3 minutes the game is over and the player with the most goals wins the match. After that you will land back in the lobby and can start a new game.

Inspiration for Game of Drones:

  • Rocket League

  • Fifa / PES

  • TRON

  • Harry Potter’s Quidditch

  • Blobby Volley

Thanks to Jonas Tyroller (ISLANDERS) for great tips on his YouTube channel.**

Game of Drones on Steam

Balance of Soccer

Balance of Soccer

This is a great way to quickly build tactics and just enjoy a game that you can directly influence. I sincerely thank you for the game! 👍⚽

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Balance of Soccer on Steam



Disclaimer: I received this game for free

Combohead is an enjoyable spin on a classic formula. The physics are fun to goof around with, and the different ball behaviors mix up the play, keeping it fresh throughout the campaign. It’s feels really good when you set up a nice sequence of moves. However, I also enjoy the zen vibes the game can have if you just want to kick a ball around while talking to someone. Replayability is solid with the time scores on the campaign levels, but especially with the endless mode. The sound effects are meaty, the particle effects are satisfying, and thus the impact of kicking feels like it has weight to it. The soundtrack does a good job of keeping the energy of the experience high.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game


Crazy Foods

Crazy Foods

Good game. Add more modes and players. Will play in a party with friends. Also improve some bugs please.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

İ had fun while playing this game, but i think developers can uptade for more joyful experiences in game.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Crazy Foods on Steam

Extreme Soccer

Extreme Soccer

I used to play FreeStyleFootball and this game has a lot of similarities with FSF. I would love to see more people playing this game. It has 1m+ downloads on mobile but it is free there. With a little bit advertising, it would be so much fun.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

It has a lot of potential.

Visually it is great.

Movement and animations feel a bit weird/slow at times, it can surely be improved on that part.

So far they’ve put 5 characters (there are much more on the mobile game).

There are very few players for now but you can also play with bots.

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

Extreme Soccer on Steam