Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4

6/10 for the game being mostly locked behind DLC and the AI making the game so predictable. Not many perches placed or enemies for epic shots. Where there is a perch there is very few to shoot. Taking a shot is rarely costly. Just run and hide till the enemy goes back to being predictable. they should search all around not just where you were. give a chance to knife them. Rarely can you lure AI into a shot they are so stuck to their path. No matter how many rocks you hit them with. Did play through twice and landing a submarine on Hitler was satisfying but not 10 bucks for DLC satisfying.

Real player with 239.2 hrs in game

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so when i got this game i didn’t know that it would be so awful. you can do surgery on people with bullets extreme precision to help them with dental jaw surgery (is surgery designed to correct conditions of the jaw and lower face related to structure, growth, airway issues including sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, malocclusion problems primarily arising from skeletal disharmonies, other orthodontic dental bite problems that cannot be easily treated with braces, as well as the broad range of facial imbalances, disharmonies, asymmetries and malproportions where correction can be considered to improve facial aesthetics [1] and self esteem. ) source: wikipedia

Real player with 89.8 hrs in game

Sniper Elite 4 on Steam

Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2

Okay, if your favorite slice of the FPS pie is sniping, you might want to give this a go. I got it for free during a 24 hr Steam giveaway, but after having played it through I’d probably pay at least $10 for it. That’s not much of a recommendation, but read on if you want to know why I take this particular stance.

It’s WW2, and you’re a sniper working for American interests at the end of the war. The storyline is okay, not superb, but passable. Well, mostly–the ending is a bit much, but no spoilers here. You are fighting against German and Russian troops while attempting to keep V2 rocket technology from falling into Communist hands. Stock World War II characters and situations are prevalent with no memorable bad guys. I played through the entire solo campaign in less than 24 hours, and while certain battles and moments have stayed with me, a lot of it is fading into one long blur of FPS glory.

Real player with 45.3 hrs in game

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The game is unlike anything else on the market, it is becoming and will become a cult classic just like I predicted when I reviewed this game a few days after the release (the Nazi Zombie expansion packs attest to that) There are only three major negatives about this game that I can think of:

  1. It is not as immersive and complex as the first game;

  2. The enemy AI could be improved, but its not terrible;

  3. The game could be harder.

I’ve been playing this game practically non-stop since it came out.

Real player with 36.3 hrs in game

Sniper Elite V2 on Steam

Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3: Afrika is one of my favorite games, and one of the best sniper games ever made. The main strength of SE3 is the sniper killcam but goes way beyond that (like shooting Hitler in the nuts). The graphics and soundtrack are incredible and immersive, and sometimes you just have to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. Hell, just to have a bright sun in a WWII game instead of the old dark and gloomy European setting cliché is already a great thing. The protagonist is a reminiscent of those old WWII action comics and he really resembles Rick O’Connell from The Mummy (which explains The Strange Brigade, but I digress) and the story is straight to the point.

Real player with 643.2 hrs in game

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I’m right on the Recommend/Not Recommend border with “Sniper Elite 3.” It’s possible that since I came back to it from Sniper Elite 4 (which I loved), I’m noticing the problems with it more than I would if I had just continued the series from Sniper Elite V2 (which I also loved). I’ll start with the positive, though: the graphics are really good, the voice acting is excellent, and the production values are good, too. It took me about 40 hours to complete the campaign on Sniper Elite difficulty with all objectives (and optional objectives) met and all Collectibles found. It then took me about another 20 hours to get the rest of the Achievements for the base game. So, even at the current list price of about $30, the dollar per hour ratio is good. Of course, getting it on sale would be much better.

Real player with 71.7 hrs in game

Sniper Elite 3 on Steam

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts


Kay, about to the review. 2 years after SGW3, CI Games come back with SGW Contracts. Seems like they know what they are doing this time around. No longer aiming for the AAA games market, scaling down back to AA game.

This review is after day 1 patch 1.02


-No more open world. The biggest mistake with SGW3 is open world. Now, in Contracts, you have 5 open-ended maps. This keep the core gameplay from SGW3 which you can play how you want without any restriction. No open world also means faster loading time.

Real player with 98.9 hrs in game


I have to give SGWC a “yes” (maybe 3 out of 5 star rating) because I do keep playing it, but – ONLY if you can deal with as many little frustrations as there are fun things about a game. If you’re easily annoyed, you’re probably better off finding a different sniper/shooter.

The Bad

  • Terrain hangs you up when it should not.

= Requiring raising of stance

= Resulting in visibility to the enemy

= Saving grace: Enemies don’t recognize you until you’re seen for 1-2 seconds

Real player with 80.9 hrs in game

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts on Steam

Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite

DIsclaimer: This is gonna be a fairly long review, so anyone who’s not interested in reading a wall of text can just skip it

Another game I got into fairly recently because I thought the premise of being a sniper and having realistic ballistics in a game would be an interesting twist in comparison with most games I’ve played in my life. Now, I’ve put 44 hours so far into this game and I’ve seen all of its good and bad sides. I will recommend it, but I’m also gonna mention some fatal flaws that are plaguing this game.

Real player with 48.1 hrs in game

i completed sniper elite 1 after playing other games in the series, and lets just say, it was definitely a product of its time.

graphics were super dated and the map design was weirdly open, but the bullet physics and kill cams were amazing for a game that old, and i think thats why the franchise took off.

Sniper elite v2 is technically a reboot of sniper elite 1, in the same way that red dead redemption is a reboot of red dead revolver. in sniper elite 1, the main character karl looks a lot younger, wears an army cap and a camo outfit, and is never actually referred to as karl, everyone just calls him “Eagle Watch”. he doesnt have his raspy deep voice like in all the other games. instead, he sounds like he’s only 20 years old and he’s really soft spoken.

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

Sniper Elite on Steam

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered is a third person tactical sniper game.

The sniping is where this game shines. Each shot being affected by wind, gravity (not available on the easiest difficulty) and displayed on the satisfying X-Ray Kill Cam that shows the enemy’s organs tear and burst or their bones shatter. Shots can be masked through the environment noise for the stealthy approach. The SMG is highly inaccurate and the pistol is mostly used for it’s silencer.

The gameplay is slower paced and tactical where you usually sneak around to take out enemies stealthily or use cover and reposition when fighting. To sneak you can throw rocks to distract enemies, move their dead bodies, mask your rifle shots with global sound (artillery fire). The levels however are linear, so you will always follow a predetermined path. The trip wires, dynamites or land mines are rarely used.

Real player with 49.8 hrs in game


Graphics look great

Great killcam

When the game allows you to do it properly - great sniping mechanics on Sniper Elite mode


Karl looks like he’s doing a cossack dance whilst he’s moving

Spawning trigger points penalize stealth

Large distances in game between checkpoints can break immersion

I came from Sniper Elite 4 and had so much fun with that that I wanted to try out the rest of the series. I bought a Steam Bundle for the previous games in the series before the remastered version dropped. The bundle included all the DLC for Sniper Elite v2 apart from the Assassinate The Fuhrer DLC - which was selling for around the same price as the Upgrade Price for the Remastered Version, so I waited for the Remastered version to come out.

Real player with 42.8 hrs in game

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered on Steam

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

I would give this game something between a thumbs up and a thumbs down because I do like some aspects of the game. However, they force me to make a black & white choice and I choose “No Way”. The graphics are pretty good, the basic gameplay is OK but there are a lot of issues:

1. There are places on the maps you can get stuck and not be able to get out of AND you cannot kill yourself to continue playing the game! You have to leave the game altogether and rejoin (if you can).

2. There is no way to kick or ban a player on your own server DURING the game …you have to wait for the game to be over! This is the ONLY thing you can do to protect yourself and it isn’t even in-the-moment or real-time!

Real player with 265.3 hrs in game

Alright, I’m here to answer some questions you may thinking to yourself.

Is it worth buying it?

Is this game fun?

Beaware of some of it might be spoiler alert.

Personally so far I think this is the best game CI Games have produced. As a sniper-enthusiast I look for pros and cons with this game. I have already in advance completed this game on the Xbox 360 a long time ago, and to be honest I felt more connected into the game, and more sort a say “Alive” on the PC version. Here are some reasons why.

Real player with 27.2 hrs in game

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 on Steam

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

I don’t usually hate games, but man, I tried REALLY HARD to like this game, but the game just manages to piss me off in a lot of ways.

I know this is an old game, but it’s so full of clunkiness and jank, even for the time of its release. Thankfully the sequels are much better and they learned their lessons from this game.


[+] The sniping feels pretty good actually. The bullet cam somehow looks better than Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, and to a very limited extent, better than Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3.

Real player with 27.3 hrs in game

One of the few sniper-biz-themed FP-shooters up to the moment. At least, conceptually. In reality, it’s just the same as the most of other mediocre shooters of the time, with somewhat good visuals, stupid and way-too-pathetic story, ill-calculated scripts and AI. And way too much “spray-and-pray” for the sniper game. Even the levels where you start in stealth, do some (few) precise shots and supposed to get away quickly… there always be some “twist”, leaving you with .50 cal machinegun or AK/M4 in your hands.

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

Sniper: Ghost Warrior on Steam

Sniper Art of Victory

Sniper Art of Victory

Basic information

Title: Sniper Art of Victory

Developer(s): City Interactive

Publisher(s): City Interactive

Genre(s): Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical, Historic

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: No

Numerical Impression

| Overall | */10 |

| AI | 3 |

| Atmosphere | 3 |

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

Being the first installment in the Sniper franchise, Art of Victory introduces some intriguing mechanics and mission designs but unfortunately fails to maintain intrigue due to its narrow storytelling and lackluster replay value. The story follows a mysterious veteran sniper tasked to infiltrate various locations to assure the victory of World War II. Although alone, sometimes recruited with forgettable allies, he specializes particular techniques including stealth despite his limited armory.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Sniper Art of Victory on Steam

Wolfriders A Sniper Adventure

Wolfriders A Sniper Adventure

Wolfriders is a short game about the adventures of a sniper. Read the comic book chapters and play the short levels. You’ll feel like you are inside the comic book.

Break your oath, gather Wolfriders and lead the resistance to victory. You are the only one to turn the tide in the war between the free world and the E.M.P.I.R.E.

  • Special levels for sniper and assault gameplay

  • A gripping story

  • Comic book style storytelling

  • Lots of guns and armors

  • 26 playable levels

Resistance needs you! Join them in this immersive story!

Wolfriders A Sniper Adventure on Steam