Death Ski

Death Ski

Fun skiing game for less than five dollars.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

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I am shock I managed to finished this game, in first sight I was thinking it is kinda retro horror game, but I was wrong, it is not horror game, as the character know no fair, When got traced by deer, wolf, bear, Yeti , skier with gun, skier with chainsaw (!), he give no shxt, he just care if he missed a red/blue flag, what a another level of nerdiness, he rather die than missing a flag or missing the time limit!

anyway, not a bad game for spending me 2 hrs

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Death Ski on Steam

Horace Goes Skiing

Horace Goes Skiing

Now this is Horace how I remember him: Going skiing.

First, I’ve got to say the intro was a surprise. I won’t spoil it, but somebody went above and beyond in setting the mood, and I appreciate it.

We come to the title screen and I could take issue with the minute or so I spent hitting every key just trying to select the start option… Before finding that it was Ctrl, of all things. And I could take issue with the only choice under Settings being sound on or off. But once all of that was established, it was off to the ski shop.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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A little context for the non-Brits out there: Horace Goes Skiing is a game that was originally released in 1982 after Hungry Horace (also available on Steam). It was primarily developed for the ZX Spectrum but did receive a C64 port a couple of years later. It’s a simple affair - cross the road to buy a pair of skis while avoiding the traffic, cross again to get to the ski slope, and … ski. Repeat ad infinitum. It doesn’t get harder over time.

This is essentially a semi-faithful remake of that game built in Unity. It does what it says on the tin - it offers a playable version of Horace Goes Skiing, now in widescreen and with smooth movement. It’s visually almost entirely based on the ZX Spectrum version, but offers up a rendition of the C64 title tune as the Spectrum version’s audio was tantamount to ear rape. It lacks some of the flourishes of the later C64 rendition such as how Horace knocks over flags when he hits them. The hit detection is ludicrously bad.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Horace Goes Skiing on Steam

Snow Scout

Snow Scout

In this exploration adventure on skis, which is experienced in virtual reality, you take a well-deserved time out. After everything that happened recently, you figure you really need to take a break and get away from it all. You sign up for a volunteer job with the Snow Scouts, a non-profit organisation that runs some ski resorts high in the mountains. You will be responsible to fix up an entire valley all by yourself, only being guided by your supervisor via radio. You’ll try out and open all the different ski slopes, test the snow cover for any avalanche risk, and if need be, set off a calculated avalanche to ensure safety for others. Maybe you’ll even come across some rare alpine birds, get a chance to open new paths and get to know your supervisor - and maybe even yourself - a little better through radio conversations. Up here in this pristine mountain environment, you all alone in nature, nothing can go wrong. Or can it?

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Snow Scout on Steam

FreakOut: Extreme Freeride

FreakOut: Extreme Freeride

FreakOut …

… is not a perfekt Game, but its one of the few Freestyleski Games on PC. Clearly you cant compare it with the new Game called SNOW here on Steam. This one is from 2007 and the grafics always remind you on that.

BUT its a really fun Game and it has great chellanges. Its a Game you could play for 1000 of hours like I did with the non-Steam version.

I would recommend this Game to every Skier, especially to Freeskiers out there.

Keep on Ridin^^

Real player with 498.1 hrs in game

Being a hardcore fan since it came out I must say this game really is something special and has a special place in my heart. I remember playing it in the winter with my friends over and we would have an awesome time. We would compete with eachother when the highscores were online. We were in the TOP 10 literally. The visuals are still great and it works fine on newer machines and OS’s. Been spamming the forums for years now hoping it would get released. In 2010 I even got this game to be supported on Xfire. Bought the original disc and now I own it on steam too. When the devs reached out to me saying it got released today I was stoaked. It has its' flaws and bugs but it works really good on basically any decent machine out there. I don’t want to spoil any of the game but the main goal is to complete challenges and do freerides. It’s simple but very fun. Just try it out for yourself. The price is not that high. The only thing that needs fixing is the online multiplayer *It does not connect to the central server thus making it only playable thru LAN with Hamachi/ Tunngle…" and the online highscores. That was awesome and it brought so much more to the game and I really hope the great devs over in Austria can get this sorted^^ GET IT WHILE IT’s HOT LADS!;)

Real player with 136.4 hrs in game

FreakOut: Extreme Freeride on Steam

Winter Sports Games

Winter Sports Games

I was expecting something like the N64 game “Nagano Winter Olympics 98”, in other words: I wasn’t expecting much, but at least something fun. This is not fun. This game is an absolute waste of money and time. For those who don’t know yet, you have to buy it physically to get a Steam key. My strong advice is: don’t. For the love of whatever you believe in, don’t! As another reviewer mentioned, this takes away the opportunity to get a refund, and trust me, you’ll want that.

This game features modes strongly resembling Nagano: Slalom, Downhill, Ski Jumping, Bob (2 people), Luge and Curling.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

With curling cancelled, I was looking for a curling fix. Unfortunately, this package didn’t have what I was looking for.


The ice surface appeared pebbled and that’s a nice attention to detail.

It looks like the developer cares about making a fun product, and they deserve credit for their efforts.

The control scheme is easy to learn and I can’t complain too much about the controls in general.

Credit for a clever 2-sweeper control scheme.


The stones are thrown straight by default, which should be an impossible thing to do.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Winter Sports Games on Steam

BSL Winter Games Challenge

BSL Winter Games Challenge

Game is a fun challenge, I always liked the sliding center. For $1.69 you can’t go wrong.

I just played this game non stop for a couple days, lols, lots of fun trying to drive and beat your own times, plus online player’s times to beat.

Real player with 22.5 hrs in game

hey really like your game especially on the luge bobsleigh track…okay it is arcade and the starts are unreal but it does have a strong sense of realism when you go down the track. I tried other winter games and this one is a great work in progress. there are some need for improvement of course but for the luge, bosbleigh and even santa sled…this is fun!! I really feel to be on an ice track….looking forward for your updates and sure would like a true downhill event.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

BSL Winter Games Challenge on Steam

Ski Park Tycoon

Ski Park Tycoon

I really like tycoon games and amazingly (based on my user name) im a huge fan of skiing as well so I immediately bought this when I heard about it. What I really like about this game over others is that there is very little bothering about with the village, fiddling about with hotel prices is not what I want. It isn’t though only based on the slopes as restaurants and shelters need to be built to be successful. What I also really like in this game is that instead of people appearing at one point in the map isn’t in this game. Instead each map is generated with roads and car parks can be placed at any location flat enough to do so. 90% of the people then spawn at one of these car parks with the rest thought the day. Another thing I really like is the proper animations of people getting on and off chair/drag lifts (cable cars don’t have any animations) instead of teleporting. Personally I really recommend this game to anyone considering it. For anyone wondering about play time I now have 60 hours on this game, I have finnished the campign for the game and am about 20% of the way through the seperate senarios. There are also some addons (senarios but with real world locations) which I havnt even started on.

Real player with 523.1 hrs in game

I love this game. I would definetely recommend to anybody that has a love for skiing or just designing a resort.


1. Unlimited Mode is very fun

2. All around great game that has no severe bugs that stand out

3. Free Ride is an excellent feature that allows you to enjoy the resort


1. Campaign too hard

2. Skiers get stuck in some situations and all go into a huge clump

3. Lifts don’t have realistic range and they can’t go over blocked terrain, in most cases

Things to Add (In order of importance)

Real player with 161.2 hrs in game

Ski Park Tycoon on Steam

That Flipping Mountain

That Flipping Mountain

Tl;dr: It’s a masterpiece. If you consider yourself a gamer you’ve got to play this.

That Flipping Mountain is inspired by Getting Over It but it’s not a Getting Over It clone. By gameplay and even more by style it’s much closer to Jeff Weber’s previous game Just Ski and definitely a worthy successor. As such it even starts after the same hut where Just Ski has ended. On from the first tree to over devil’s chimney and the ice cliff to the radio tower it features various elements of Getting Over It in its own style, just enough to recognize and appreciate these elements that have been perfectly adapted for the setting and gameplay of That Flipping Mountain.

Real player with 31.7 hrs in game

This is - by far - the best rage game I’ve ever played. The secret to its success? It has perfect controls - unlike most rage games, which find their difficulty by making their games hard to play, That Flipping Mountain gives players a character that controls perfectly - at any point they can predict the exact location to which they’ll make him jump - the only thing they have to worry about is making sure that their character sticks the landing. This isn’t easy by any means - it took me nearly 20 hours to beat the game - but the difficulty is entirely fair, and there are no unexpected surprises - as long as the player can master flipping, they will eventually beat the game!

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

That Flipping Mountain on Steam

The Ramp

The Ramp


The controls took a bit to get used to but very easy and super flow-like once you get the hang of it.

The problems i have is i wish that once you get air you could then grind upon your landing because the orange box in the skate park bowl map just looks way to tempting :)

I do really wish the creator would announce plans for updates like workshop support, new maps, tricks, custom or other characters, and bowl transitions, this would make it feel like less a tool and more of a mini-game sandbox type which it already feels like but all in all the ‘tool’ is worth the money just wish the creator would get serious.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

This game does exactly what it says on the tin, and it does it pretty dang well! If you want a game to just relax and unwind to, or you’re looking for a different skateboarding experience, definitely give this a shot. For the price, it feels like a steal! Yes, it only focuses on one kind of skating and I see how that may not appeal to everyone, but what it does, it does really good. The feeling of gaining momentum or just flowing through tricks on the different ramps (there are more than 1) feels incredibly rewarding. Getting the hang of the controls doesn’t take long either. Buy it! Support awesome stuff like this!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

The Ramp on Steam



been nearly a week owning and playing the game every day. Sometimes it feels like your the only one playing the game, rarely seeing other people. Other times you can be doing your own thing and suddenly there’s 4 people along side you. I’ve already met some people that I play with now even though i felt like i wouldn’t have because i thought i had got the game too late and that there wouldn’t be so many people playing, i was wrong.

Otherwise its a pretty fun game, tricks are pretty difficult on mouse and keyboard though. Sometimes even delays in them, and struggles figuring them out.

Real player with 60.5 hrs in game

Update: I must admit when I need something fast paced that isn’t about shooting a gun, this game satisfies that desire. And I almost ALWAYS get my games on sale!! I’m waiting on their welcome add on to be discounted more than 30% right now.. It’ll probably be a while. I don’to recommend full price for this game..

I do get annoyed with the keybindings and resetting them up may confuse me further so I’m unsure atm about that. Hitting shift is instinct for running but it also is for changing your device (board, skis, etc) I don’t like that part and the esc screen very much. The controls for that stuff aren’t up to my standards but the rest of the game is so satisfying ♥

Real player with 37.4 hrs in game

Steep™ on Steam