IronWolf VR

IronWolf VR

Ironwolf really nails the idea of being a VR game. Everything (apart from the menus) is controlled by wheels and switches that you have to pull or turn or require other physical tasks. It makes the game much more immersive, yet it doesn’t make the game more annoying or tedious.

The game can be played as singleplayer, but it’s much more fun to play together. Up to 4 players can play together, and the more players are playing, the more fun the game gets. Sadly right now It can be hard to find a full lobby, however it isn’t too hard to find at least 1 player to play with. The community itself is extremely nice too, I didn’t encounter even one player who was toxic, yelled at others or insulted anyone, and mistakes were often forgiven, even if they caused the mission to fail.

Real player with 98.3 hrs in game

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First off, love the game, and I am using a Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality headset and controller - which isn’t listed in the supported headsets, but works great. Controls all work and are where they should be.

The graphics in this game are, in my opinion, not phenominal, but definitely good enough to be a highly immersive experience putting you in a WWII era submarine. I bought a space ship SIM based on a highly popular sci-fi franchise the same day as this one, and while the graphics in that one are very nice and polished, I don’t think it is anywhere near as fun as this game is.

Real player with 82.0 hrs in game

IronWolf VR on Steam

Operation Warcade VR

Operation Warcade VR

Spiritually it’s like an HD remake of Operation Wolf, an antediluvian light-gun based game from coin-op cabinet times. The basic gameplay has the player looking down at lil' dudes and vehicles coming across a side-scrolling screen for you to pick off. Adding to this are “immersion points”, which let the player enter the game in first person, typically using land or air vehicles (sometimes just riding, other times fully controlling them) or special weapons (the explosive bow is particularly fun - no VR game is complete, it seems, without archery!). An interesting touch is that during these first-person segments, the player can look up and see what the soldiers see - a stony-faced, heavily-armed colossus gazing down upon them through a giant TV screen. No wonder they try to shoot him before fleeing in terror, I probably would too!

Real player with 23.5 hrs in game

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Overall 11/10

Edit 19th Aug 17: added a couple more points to list of why nots and another buggy glitch I found. Don’t let that put you off though ;)

This game is by far the best VR experience I’ve had to date. I’m old enough to remember the original Operation Wolf in the arcades. That machine got a lot of my 50p’s I tell you.

So what can I say about this game?

1. Whether you have VR or not, buy it. It plays in 2D/3D on a regular screen as well.

2. I got it in the steam sale for £8.99 but it’s easily worth the full asking price.

Real player with 16.2 hrs in game

Operation Warcade VR on Steam

Kill It With Fire

Kill It With Fire

Pros and cons are down below) Check out gameplay here:


1. The game is very funny! It’s so nice to destruct and burn everything around. I especially love when big explosions happen! Yes, there are big explosions!

2. Well, if you are afraid of spiders and don’t like them being near you, that’s your chance for sweet sweet revenge. I am so afraid of spiders, I genuinely panicked during first encounters, but then it got better and more fun! I kinda chilled a bit. I believe, it’s overestimating to call the game therapeutic aha, but I feel better in regards to my phobia.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

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A cathartic experience for us spider-haters out there




extreme or irrational fear of spiders.

According to Wikipedia, arachnophobia affects around 3.5 to 6.1 percent of the global population. Out of 7.9 billion humans, that percentage equals a lot, making it one of the most common phobias out there. So what does this game do? It take that phobia, amplify it ten times, but at the same time they gave you an arsenal of weaponry that is enough to supply a small army. Welcome… to Kill It With Fire.

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

Kill It With Fire on Steam

Shooty Fruity

Shooty Fruity

Shooty Fruity gives the VR wave-shooter genre fresh legs by injecting everything with silliness. By adding the innocuous tasks of a grocery store cashier to what can often be the most unexciting game genre, both become inexplicably fun. There’s no downtime as you fight off hordes of devilishly fruity minions. When you run out of ammo, you throw your guns away (who needs them anyways?), when there’s a lull in the action you bet your butt there’s a stack of chocolate milk, ripe bananas, and miniature cacti yearning to have their UPC codes scanned. The guns feel, sound, and look great. Your boss berates your every action and reminds you of your expendability every ten seconds. It’s exhilarating. Remember all that part-time work you had to pick up after college because nobody knew what having a B.S. in Communications meant? You do? Oh. Well I don’t know why I spent all this time explaining this then. You know exactly what this game is.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Canteen Gameplay with golden BAZOOKAS! -

First Time Gameplay (HTC Vive):

Other Gameplay (Oculus Touch):

Shooty Fruity is a VR job simulation shooter game. The gameplay involves multi-tasking; your role is initially as the supermarket clerk scanning items to access as many weapons as possible during a round, to shoot oncoming fruit attacks, then repeat! The weapons run out of ammunition as you use them, which is why you need to continue working your shift by scanning the items, to ensure you have access to as many weapons as possible, as they rotate around on an overhead conveyor belt, allowing you to grab them as you run out of ammunition. You will know that you have run out of ammunition as the weapons then break, which is a good feature as the gameplay is fast-paced. Maintaining your primary role at a workstation during a shift, will also give you access to some power-ups which you insert like a coin into a slot located in front of you at your workstation. Power-ups last for a matter of seconds, but bare in mind that a successful shift can be completed in around four minutes, and power-ups can therefore be useful to get a better overall score and make it easier to complete your current shift. To finish a shift, and unlock the next shift, you must complete the three challenges listed on your shift card, before all the lights on your till have been damaged by the oncoming fruit.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Shooty Fruity on Steam

Ancient Warfare 3

Ancient Warfare 3

AW3 is a charming little thing. I bought it on a whim, as Ravenfield and Rise of Liberty were my bread and butter at the time - and this looked like a fun sandbox mash up of the two.

Turns out, AW3 is so much more than that, and in many ways, it surpasses both of those games in entertainment value.

First things first, AW3 is a very basic tool, yet in no way does it lose anything by lacking complexity. Currently, you load up a blank map, alter the terrain with a simple brush tool, throw down some objects/structures, sprinkle the map with some red and blue soldiers (of whom there are many types, and you can also create your own!), and press play! The Player can control any unit on the map, or spawn in as his or her own individual unit at the game’s start. It’s that simple!

Real player with 4174.1 hrs in game

Ancient Warfare 3 is a game engine. You can choose the pace, setting, composition and world of your maps. The AI was occasionally clunky but tons of new updates and the addition of scripting create so many options for customization its unreal. You have to take some time to get to know the mechanics and operations of the game, though. Eventually you can spend literally hundreds of hours making all kinds of awesome scenarios.

I created this collection of high-quality maps and campaigns for new players to check out if you’re having trouble finding cool stuff on the workshop.

Real player with 1099.5 hrs in game

Ancient Warfare 3 on Steam

Into The Flames

Into The Flames

This game is definitely worth it. Even for a pre alpha game there is so much to do. Not only that but it contains next to no bugs unlike most other firefighting games. Into the flames also has lovely graphics for it’s development stage.

The game also has a lot of variety, from being able to drive different types of fire apparatus such as fire engines, ladder trucks, tower ladders, rescue trucks, tankers, fire chief cars and even POVs! There are also many different tools you can use, such as Halligan bars and axes to force your way through doors, fire hoses to put out fires and even chainsaws to cut through roofs to let smoke out. Not only this but the game has a very active developer who is constantly working on the game, adding new content and getting rid of bugs.

Real player with 96.5 hrs in game

keep in mind this game is early access so everything i have ticked is subjected to change. The game is great and if you wan’t to watch a game grow and become great then this is the game for you.

Updated - date 2021 29th of November.

This game has come a long long way since i posted this review. Not only has the map doubled in size there will now be modding support. Allow players to expand the map them selves.

I do think this game is about to blow up in players and clans.


☐ You forget what reality is

Real player with 50.6 hrs in game

Into The Flames on Steam

Contraband Police: Prologue

Contraband Police: Prologue


Although Contraband Police: Prologue can be sufficiently reviewed by saying “in the likeness of Soviet Russia, vehicles inspect you,” ol' Il Pallino has always prided himself in objective reviews that are the basis for the comment “TL;DR.” Set in the early-1980’s, the prologue starts with the player on their first day on the job where people driving vehicles in worse condition than what the player will find in an American redneck’s yard and make note of the damage (which is typical) and look over papers with an Autobahn Police Simulator 2 mechanic of matching up information, and ultimately deciding to accept or reject a traveler attempting to enter the nation. (The player can simply use their eyes to make note of anything not in order with a traveler’s credentials.) Subsequent days consists of learning other game mechanics like inspecting vehicles suspected of containing contraband, along with the day off, in which the player empties the contents of the contraband storehouse, chucks would-be smugglers in the gulag, and buys new equipment. There’s also even a day where people are forbidden from bringing a certain type of cargo into the country.

Real player with 39.4 hrs in game

I actually enjoyed this game. A lot! One of my favorite parts was the area where the tree was on the edge of the road. I was minding my own business making money and stuff and I hear this glass shattering and metal clanking. I run and look. I see a few vehicles lined up in a semi-circle at the end of the road so I watch them get out of their quagmire. Eventually all are on the road and here comes a vehicle so I step aside but the tree never moves. This is when I realize what was making the destructive sounds of vehicles hitting things. LMAO Every Single Vehicle passing by hit that tree. Every one of them. This I hope stays in the game. It adds character. :lol:

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Contraband Police: Prologue on Steam

H-SNIPER: World War II

H-SNIPER: World War II

as a person who has lots of sex all the time, i can say that this game is 100% accurate to having sex with sexy women. like i do. everyday. this game did not make me horny however. i am not gay. i just have too much sex with real women to spend more than 15 minutes in this game. on the other hand i would recommend this game to people who do not have sex (unlike me because i have lots of sex with women a lot) as there is a naked woman in it and she is naked. she kinda looks like one of my many girlfriends who i have sex with a lot. i have lots of sex. i also an very handsome and women ALWAYS want to have sex with me because i am very muscular and handsome and very good at video games. all my girlfriends say im very good at sex and playing video games and being handsome. one of my girlfriends asked me to have sex with her but i told her i was playing a sex game instead so she started crying and became a lesbian and killed herself because i did not have sex with her. i have sex with women. not men. i am not gay. i am very cool and handsome so girls always have sex with me because i am very cool and sexy. my penis is very big. all my girlfriends like my penis because it is very big and i am very good at sex with my women. every woman ive had sex with is very sexy and so am i. i have lots of sex. i am also very handsome and sexy and i have lots of sex.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

aH-SNIPER is not a mere game, it is a spiritual journey that unlocks your full potential in life. It challenges your preconceptions about meaning itself and those who are not properly prepared can be left with severe trauma if they are lucky enough to survive failure.

Attempting to play this game with a BMI lower than 35 is not advised. My first time playing this game was interrupted by my mother threatening me with eviction and upon seeing the game she threw an ashtray at me.

I have a pigeon named Duz’gakath that I use as a cum-rag. Me and my dad get high on gas fumes and threaten our Hispanic neighbors. The game requires you to apply focus agility and your dynamic explosivity to be able to achieve what so few to.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

H-SNIPER: World War II on Steam

The Drone Racing League Simulator

The Drone Racing League Simulator

Update 2: Over 150 hours in. It took some dedication, but I have my first top 10 on the leader boards! Getting better every day. Started making custom tracks. The editor is a little buggy, but it gets the job done. The DRL Twitch stream checks out new maps every Tuesday and will fly your map! It’s a lot of fun and you get some good feedback. I also started watching DRL Season 1 (2016). Really cool when you realize a lot of the mind blowing tracks you’ve been flying in the sim were real and you can watch people compete on them. ALSO: My earlier nitpicking about the gravity I now believe is due to the ‘flight mode’ the drones have. Their props do not fully cut off when you cut throttle. I wasn’t expecting this as my IRL micro does not have that feature. The gravity is fine!

Real player with 1563.1 hrs in game

So I have to eat crow and give credit where credit is due. I have to admit that this sim has massively improved from when I first experienced it. I actually made a post based on my old experience with it, but after being informed about the updates I decided to give it a second chance and was pleasantly surprised. I got to actually fly it during the DRL TRYOUTS here in Vegas but didn’t get to really experience the full potential of the sim until just now.

After getting help when I had issue with my gifted cd key not working the tech took the time to walk me through the ENTIRE UI and how EACH and every component worked. He was very patient with my situation of being on the call early in the morning while family was still sleeping and I had to type every question and response. This entire process took about 2 hours. We connected and tested and every element to ensure that I knew how to use them. This was the most informative and attentive walk through I have ever experienced with any product.

Real player with 220.1 hrs in game

The Drone Racing League Simulator on Steam

House of the Dying Sun

House of the Dying Sun

Considering I’ve just unlocked every achievement, including the hidden ones, I guess I’m now officially an expert in this game. I did a review on Star Wars: Squadrons in which I couldn’t help but compare the two games. In a nut shell, this is the better game by far.

Who Do I Play As?

You play as the bad guys… sort of. There’s an empire, and the emperor is dead. Factions have formed, but the emperor’s vengeance has been released against those who defile the emperor. You are that vengeance!

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game

If this game were a whisky, it would be a 15-year-old single malt.

After the first hour I thought I was going to regret buying it.

After the second hour I was starting to make sense of things, and thought it might be OK.

After 10+ hours in, this game has become something I admire and love. There is nothing else quite like it.

As my understanding and skill have increased, it has become increasingly clear: this game…. THIS GAME… it is the polished, perfected, evolved essence of space combat that I originally loved in games like X-wing, Tie Fighter, Freespace & Freespace 2.

Real player with 26.1 hrs in game

House of the Dying Sun on Steam