Inglorious Waifu VS Nazi Zombies

Inglorious Waifu VS Nazi Zombies

Probably the best game I’ve played this year.

Historical accuracy is at its best, from the buildings to the vehicles. Even the Nazis are accurate.

Of course, the last update “BOOBS PHYSICS ADDED” is what makes the game go from “Great” to “God Tier”.

If you don’t already own the game, buy it, it is a delightful game full of surprise.

I’ll probably stream it on Twitch as my 100000+ followers have been asking me to. I think this game defines the new meta of FPS.

Waiting for a multiplayer mode. Both co-op and competitive could be nice.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

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Game actually has some fun aspects to it, only lacking in length. If there was more replayability to the game I’d have more hours. This is a good game for quick achievements for Steam level as it doesn’t take very long to gain all 26 achievements. Would love to see this game updated to add more to it, as funny as it sounds. Gameplay is very solid and feels good to play (EVEN HAS JIGGLE PHYSICS!) I’d have to rate this game a 7/10 due to the short length of it, but for under $5 its a great game to pick up and play when you are bored of your extremely long steam list of games bought during the summer sale that you said you’d play, but haven’t touched at all in the multiple years you’ve owned them.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Inglorious Waifu VS Nazi Zombies on Steam

Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Strike: Source

Great old game with good mechanics that will satisfy simpletons like myself.

Despite this games age, I keep coming back to it every time. My fav is zombie mod.

Real player with 2031.9 hrs in game

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it’s a very good old nostalgic game, it’s even more fun with friends! zombie mode and escape are one of the best gamemodes :D

Real player with 1548.3 hrs in game

Counter-Strike: Source on Steam



I find my self clicking dots more than playing actual games, fun.

Real player with 910.6 hrs in game

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clicking on moving spheres is somehow more fun than most AAA FPS games in the last decade

Real player with 405.4 hrs in game

KovaaK's on Steam



Hypercharge kinda appeared from no where. I saw the reddit post that blew up in December, I looked up the game and it seemed neat. I didn’t buy it. Covid had left me a tad stripped of extra gaming money.

I got some Steam money for Christmas. My friends still play Titanfall 2 for it’s wave defense mode, and I’ve been unable to play much with them. Our games list don’t share as many titles as they used to. Used Christmas money on Titanfall 2. I played with them for two days, on that second day I brought up Hypercharge: Unboxed in conversation as a similar game that looked neat. Well, it seems they liked the toy idea as much as I did, because within an hour of finishing Titanfall 2 for the night, I find it suddenly gifted to me. They all got it, and felt bad I used the money on Titanfall 2, so bought it for me.

Real player with 34.6 hrs in game

Awesome Co-op game for adults and kids.

I’d been watching this game on Steam for some time because I’m big fan of toy games like the original Army Men and the Toy Soldiers games and this looked right up my alley. I think it’s the nostalgia thing that gets me, the fond memories of playing with toys as a kid and setting up big elaborate battle scenes. For some reason I never got around to buying it though, then one day my 10-year-old son saw it on the Nintendo Switch eShop and really liked the look of it and kept asking me to buy it. I thought it would be better on PC, so I stalled him. Fast forward to the 2020 Steam Winter/Summer sale and I noticed it was in sale and showed my son who so excited about it that he used his leftover birthday money to buy it. I’m so glad he did, as we have been having a blast playing it ever since and even my 8 year-old-son has now joined in for 3 player split-screen action. I literally have to stop them from playing as the 3 of us would happily sit there and play it all day if we could, we’re totally obsessed, curse you responsible parenting! I’m using my keyboard and the boys are both using controllers (Xbox One and Xbox 360) and the controls work perfectly.

Real player with 31.5 hrs in game

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed on Steam

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded

Update: It’s worth mentioning that this game no longer works for me. This might be a Windows 10 issue. I don’t know, but be careful. c:

How come no one told me this game existed?

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded is a masterfully crafted horde-style action game with RPG elements (what a mouthful) that’s all about running backwards and shooting. Shooting what, you totally didn’t ask because it’s in the title? Eeeeeveeeerythiiiiiiiing.

Horde games usually struggle with enemy balance and keeping those enemies interesting. And RPG games usually struggle with balancing an effort-to-reward ratio that makes players feel accomplished and powerful without stressing them out too much or taking too much time.

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

What can i say about alien shooter? Its amazing.

Zombie shooter is an overhead action/shooter/rpg?? game that delivers nicely.

An alien treath has arrived to earth and is decimating the population. Your mission is to find how did they arrived and to destroy them. Could say more, but thats about right for the story (and i wouldnt like to give spoilers).

Anyways, a description of some aspects of the game.

Variety of enemies. Unlike many “Horde” games, this one has quite a decent number of enemies. The combination of the different classes of the enemies in the screen makes the game actually decently hard. Not to mention, i have never seen a game with so many enemies at the same time.

Real player with 12.8 hrs in game

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded on Steam



Crimsonland is a classic top-down twin-stick shooter. The game focuses on the important things of the genre like good controls and fluent gameplay even with massive amounts of enemies on the screen, and skips uninteresting things, like a Story.

### Controls:

And since we are at it, the controls are smooth and working precise at any given moment. I played the game with keyboard and mouse. I haven’t tried it with my controller yet.

### Technic:

In my whole time with the game I never had any stutters or fps drops. The game ran smoosh at any given time, even when the whole screen was filled with enemies and effects.

Real player with 59.0 hrs in game

With a very fitting soundtrack, amazingly fun and big mix of weapons, perks and power-ups and the ability to speed the gameplay up by 1.5x creates an epic, fast-paced twin-stick gore-fest of a game that is extremely difficult to beat on the highest difficulty.

This game has received many updates throughout it’s release on Steam and I think the game is currently at a good state of balance.

Including many other changes, the biggest is that previously you could not use perks in the quest game mode, which you now can by enabling it from the options menu, which was a part of the original 2003 game.

Real player with 39.7 hrs in game

Crimsonland on Steam

Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter

If you want to see my video review about the game, here it is:

Alien Shooter is an isometric indie shooter game, where you have to shoot aliens and stop the invasion from a millitary complex.

One of the most enjoyable thing in the game, is the music. There are not too many tracks, but which they got is awesome. The sounds are not bad, but sadly there are not too many from them, so it can be annoying to listen to the same sounds.

What I definetly should mention about the game, is the gameplay. So, this is an isometric shooter, with different weapons, character upgrades and bonus equipments. These are fine, and also surprising to see, you can upgrade your character. What is even better, there are 2 of them, which have different advantages and disadvantages. Need to mention the difficulty settings, you can play the game on Easy, Medium or Hard. The game has one main mission in general, which contains 10 levels, however the two DLCs has 5-5 levels, one of the DLC adds 3 new monsters and one new music, too. The different monsters have different abilites and also, they can do more damages too. You think, this is not too much, which is right, but this was the first game for an indie developer team, so this is not a bad progress they get. The game itself is troublesome sometimes, because it can be boring after a short amount of time, also the game in general is not easy. I played through the game on Hard, and it was one of the hardest games I played. Also, the game really likes to make fun of the player, and usually it spawns enemies from nothing or behind it. You need to fight insane amount of enemies too, which can make crazy situations. What is even worse, the alien AI is like a moth, which attracted to a lamp and if you are behind a wall, the aliens are just hug that wall and roar at you. Because of these, I would say, this game is not a great to play, however I need to mention the challange factor. Even tho the game can do dirty, it is a challanging game, which if you playthrough, it will be satisfing… until you not see the ending, which is an outro and a High Score screen. One more thing is giving some plus to the gameplay, and this is the secrets. These can give you resources or early weapons, which can help you out too, Also, the weapons are cool, different and they have their own role.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

Charming little indie game from a small developer. I remember playing a disc copy of this game a good 13 or so years ago, picked it up on Steam for the nostalgia. The game is very simple without too much complexity in any realm, but has enough variety and action to deliver on what it promises.

The campaign has ten levels (essentially nine - the first one just involves entering the facility and learning game mechanics, no enemies). For an experienced player, it will take probably around 90-100 minutes. For anybody new to the franchise or unfamiliar with this kind of game, it will probably last a couple hours. The difficulty curve is very fair, and makes it much more satisfying when you reach that point of slaying giant hordes of aliens. The survival mode has more replayability, but in my opinion is too dependent on luck. A couple of the weapons are guaranteed drops from bosses that come at regular intervals, but about half of the weapons can only drop as random loot from killing enemies. Ammo, implants, armor, and gear all drop randomly as well. This is fine for the early part of the survival, but once you get to the armored enemies you won’t last long without speed implants or armor.

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

Alien Shooter on Steam

Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose

This game is a first-person-shooter where two teams compete for strategic points at historical battlegrounds of WWII.

Both teams each have an armour division, artillery, recon squads, infantry squads and a commander.

Each division has its own speciality that can give your team an advantage over the other.

Strategy, tatics and good communication win matches and make rounds very rewarding.

  • Great community

  • Great map design

  • Great graphics

  • Great game to play with friends

  • Great game to find new friends

Real player with 681.7 hrs in game

This game is great if you have a friend that you enjoy messing around, I’m sure the experience is much better if you are social and have a group of 5 including yourself to end up playing games with to play more seriously with.

Anyways, for 50v50, there is alot of people to shoot at and get shot by. There some particularly fun stories that you can pick up when you play.

My favourite of most recent, is holding up in a building 500 meters away from the majority of enemy troops were sprinting down, and spraying them with an MG42, ended up running out of ammo after about 13 minutes and asking a nearby rifleman to drop a box to resupply myself. The enemy team after realising that I was in the hut, and killed 20-30 people and getting annoyed of being shot at with a hail of bullets anytime I saw them, released a bombing run and got 3-6 people on the artillery and bombarded the hut I was in, one of the many artillery strikes managed to get me after the bombing run failed to end my reign of terror.

Real player with 137.3 hrs in game

Hell Let Loose on Steam

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home

edited: ver. 1.41R adult patch , played 30 hrs (or more, re-run sometimes) , collected everything (thanks guide), played with lower down some graphic performance to squeeze out some extra FPS…using 3070 RTX


1- for the price i paid, the content + level consider is rich.

2- H scene is okay-ish good, varied scene like bathroom, toilet and other places

2a- Inner Voice mechanic is GOOD voice acting!! too bad got some little bug need to iron out or else it will freeze the looping animation sometimes.

Real player with 33.4 hrs in game


If you saw my review for the 1st game, i asked for more replay value… This is it.

This game has soo many stuff to unlock and i can’t wait for future updates if they add any new content!

Now let me explain in detail what i mean:

So i already played the demo before launch so i was already impressed for what they added, but now when this launched, i kept getting amazed on the new stuff there is! It has soo much XXX scenes i couldn’t even count. (Compared to the 1st game) You do have galleries but is unlocked after upgrading the hometown, only thing missing for now is a “Zombies/Monster attack animation” gallery, but you got cutscenes and death scenes available.

Real player with 28.9 hrs in game

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home on Steam

Spear of Destiny

Spear of Destiny

Spear of Destiny is a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D. A very close one. So close, that you could as well call it a stand-alone expansion pack. In nutshell, it only has new levels and new bosses, otherwise you are getting same Wolfenstein 3D experience. Steam also comes with two “lost episodes” or “mission packs”. They weren’t made by id software themselves, and are kinda… feel like unofficial mods that Publisher made official. So yes, the package of Spear of Destiny on Steam is quite complete.

Steam version of Spear of Destiny is quite true to original. Almost nothing was changed. Aside from in-game “Apogee” being changed into “Activision', even though by now it’s outdated and should be “Bethesda”, but no one cares anymore. It also completely removed help section out of game, most likely due to outdated ordering info. So no intro story to be found there.

Real player with 30.8 hrs in game

Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny is a first-person shooter for PC by id Software. It is the follow-up to Wolfenstein 3D but the story is actually a prequel. Basically, this time around you’re on a mission to obtain the spear the was used in the crucifixion of Christ. It is believed to hold supernatural powers and you can’t just let that power fall into the hands of the Nazis. So you have to go gun them down and claim the spear from the clutches of evil. The gameplay is the same as the first game so I’ll assume you are familiar with that or my review of it before continuing. It just saves us a little time here. So once again you’re going through labyrinths, collecting stuff, looking for secrets, trying to find the elevators, and killin' even more Nazis! The Steam version includes the original Spear of Destiny with its twenty some levels plus two mission packs, Return to Danger and Ultimate Challenge, which each have a similar number of levels including secret levels. They are each split up into singular episodes of levels played straight through rather then the 9 floor split of the original.

Real player with 20.3 hrs in game

Spear of Destiny on Steam