It seems like most VR shooters fall into two categories: either arcade-y bullet-hell spray-and-pray endurance slogs, or cold, colorless Counter-Strike/Doom/Left 4 Dead clones.

What keeps me coming back to Compound is that it combines the best qualities of all these games. You jump right into the action with little fluff. The retro aesthetic is vibrant and playful, but don’t let that deceive you: there is plenty of challenge, along with a diverse assortment of beefy, satisfying weapons with unique mechanics. Ammo can be limited, so you can’t just blast away aimlessly, you have to make each shot count and use the environment to your advantage. Unlike static wave shooters, you can explore and progress through areas at your own pace, and even save your current game to come back to it later. The “mutations” offer various gameplay modifiers to spice things up.

Real player with 188.1 hrs in game

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Ok, full disclosure, I bug test this game and know the developer. I’m gonna try to stay as unbiased as possible and give an objective review but just know that I might be a little biased. (I was the one who suggested the rpg should be homing and the charging laser should be nerfed haha goteem)

Compound is a very solid vr game. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its massive replayability, something that many vr games - even the most polished and well crafted - are still struggling to achieve.

Real player with 160.1 hrs in game




General info

~Genre: First-person fantasy shooter, Dungeon crawler, Rogue-like

~Number of players: 1

~Replay value: high

~Steam achievements: available

~Trading cards: available

Strong points

+Overload of nostalgia

Ziggurat combines the action elements of a modern shooter with the fantasy characteristics of classic first-person titles such as Hexen and Heretic. Who needs modern warfare when you can obliterate your opponents with cryo wands, electric staves, death magic, and porcupine bombs?

Real player with 52.5 hrs in game

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I always liked carrots. Until I played Ziggurat that is.

Game overview

  • Genre (tags): Rogue-lite, FPS, action, magic

  • Avg length: ∞ (or ~1 hour for a run)

  • Developer: Milkstone Studios

  • Publisher: Milkstone studios

  • Release Date: October 2014 (pc), 2015 (consoles)

  • Platform: pc, ps4, Xbox One

** pros and="" cons="" /pros **

  • Overall fun and thrilling experience

  • Lots of replayability

  • Neat soundtrack

  • Appealing art style

  • Save & quit in the middle of a run

  • Great price!

Real player with 37.1 hrs in game

Ziggurat on Steam



Disclaimer: I have played this game for more than 100 hours during the closed beta. I’m unaffiliated with the developers and did not receive anything for free.

RAD is a roguelite heavily influenced by The Binding of Isaac and to a smaller degree by other similar games. It contains many elements that are the same as in BoI: More and more things will unlock as you play. Shops are upgradable (persistently). Pairs of procedurally generated levels for each biome which contain their own set of enemies, with alternative possibilities for boss fights. Mutations (which provide attack options and other effects), when paired, can have synergies, just like Isaac’s tear upgrades. There are keys (floppy disks) which open doors and chests. There are different types of hitpoints. Multiple ending cutscenes. There is even a timed daily challenge mode reminiscent of Dead Cells.

Real player with 35.5 hrs in game

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In short - Worth a look.

In long? …

It’s kind of strange to see some of the anti-80s backlash against this in the face of so much nostalgia for that time, but everything wears out its welcome, and everyone’s tolerance and memory will be unique. Not everyone loved the 80s, I guess, and personal tastes are a wholly legitimate entitlement.

That said, if you haven’t OD’ed on 80s, this little rogue-like will be a fun distraction. While post apocalyptic settings, and even specifically alternate Cold War history settings are nothing new, the big kid on the block with that is of course Fallout, with a completely different aesthetic. This changes out 50s corn for 80s cheese, and that changes everything, other than the whole, post-post apocalypse bit.

Real player with 31.0 hrs in game

RAD on Steam

Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike

Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike

Edit as of 2015: The author has stopped all development on the game. The late game-breaking bug persists, some people still report a memory leak, and there’s no news in sight. If the game is available for 75% off or more I might recommend it as it is interesting, but since it IS broken, I wouldn’t suggest anyone try to play it and expect to finish the levels. Unlocks and the game itself still plays fine until level ~90 or so (explicitly when a weapon goes from level 50 to 51, they do no damage)

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

So, originally, I wasnt going to recommend this game. I tried it, liked it, bought it… but there was no save function.

That, however has been added in, removing the one and only real problem I had with this game. And that’s great, because I really like this one alot.

This game is exactly what the title says: A combination of an FPS and a Roguelike. When it says “FPS”, it generally means those done in the Doom/Duke3D/Wolfenstein style… older FPS games where the combat was fast, you had to actually dodge enemy projectiles (no cover systems here!), and there were maze-like levels to explore full of goodies to pick up, and a large variety of unique enemies.

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike on Steam

STRAFE: Gold Edition

STRAFE: Gold Edition

An Explanation of Poor User Reviews & Full Review

To be blunt, STRAFE made a mistake. Consumers are not obligated to do their own research before purchasing a product (even though it’s healthy practice to do so…) and therefore, when the product is not shown as immediately advertised, or not as expected, consumers have the entitlement and power to provide negative feedback.

STRAFE is not a classic first person shooter. It is a rogue-lite shooter with randomly generated levels which arc and piece together into a complete narrative that is inspired by classic first person shooters. And, as much as I loved Pixel Titan’s marketing for this game, I don’t believe it was made very clear from advertisement alone what this game really was, and it shows.

Real player with 29.4 hrs in game

Target Audience: Those Desperate for old style Doom FPS speed and don’t care about variety


Strafe feels like it was made by people who looked at the idea of an FPS game with roguelite elements through a pair of binoculars. On the surface, there’s some basic concepts that are present and makes it feel like it’s firmly in the genre. However, on closer inspection, you realize that the game is held together by tape. That’s because while there’s several mechanics that the game puts into place: many of them don’t work well with one another. In fact, the whole game feels like it’s missing an overall vision when it comes down to it.

Real player with 26.1 hrs in game

STRAFE: Gold Edition on Steam

Die After Sunset

Die After Sunset

Die After Sunset is a 3rd person roguelite shooter with a unique light and darkness mechanic. Conquer 5 unique levels in a single run in this refreshing take on the roguelite genre. With dozens of items, gear, abilities and perks to synergize together on each run, you must prepare yourself to become as powerful as you can before the boss arrives! Fall at any point, and its back to the very beginning….

Between runs - unlock new stats, items, gear and even new playable characters to drive off the Murkor invaders once and for all!

A unique light and darkness mechanic

Whilst adorable and clumsy in the light, Murkors transform into powerful beasts when in the shadows. As the sun sets in each stage, choose how to combat the enemy and use light to your advantage to keep those pesky Murkors under control! Do you cross that chasm engulfed in shadow? Or can we get a bit more light in here??

Earn XP and farm your gear

The boss is coming, and you’re on the clock! Complete randomized quests and challenges throughout each stage to prolong the boss' arrival and get yourself geared up with new weapons, abilities and tech. Earn XP, farm better gear, and head into the battle as strong as you can be. Chests are scattered throughout each stage - find and unlock as many as you can to improve your chances of lasting until sundown!

No two runs the same

Each run in Die After Sunset is completely unique - from the challenges you complete, the perks and abilities you are rewarded, to the chests available to loot. Quests and challenges arrive procedurally in each stage - it’s up to you to decide which ones you can tackle to reap its rewards. The better you complete each challenge - the better your rewards. Synergize your weapons, gear and abilities each time ands build your unstoppable run!

Meta-progression is the best progression

Between stages, unlock a variety of new gameplay stats, items, abilities, and even playable characters! Enemies occasionally drop ‘Mucus’ which can be banked once per stage, if you can find the deposit. From minor upgrades like a faster dodge and double jump, to game changers like 2 banks per run and item vending machines!

Take on the invaders in co-op mode

Coming soon as a FREE Early Access update - stand your ground in the battles for Earth alongside your friends in co-op! Synergize your builds and take back the planet alongside your companions.

Die After Sunset on Steam

Gone Viral

Gone Viral

If you want to make comparisons to other games, this is Enter The Binding of Smash TV, and if you understood that reference, this game is for you.

It doesn’t take itself seriously because it can’t, there’s just no way to sell this tone other than zany and over the top, so if you’re looking for gritty it ain’t here. I’m a big fan of twin stick roguelikes, but a common complaint I hear when I try to attract my friends to the genre is that they don’t want to take the time to slowly, painfully learn all the item effects and enemy patterns to be able to string together a good run. In your first few runs of Gone Viral, it doesn’t matter what the mutations do, pick them up, they’re fun. Are they good for your build? Who cares, they’re fun. Figuring out the cool interplay between different mutations can come later, and it will, through natural gameplay experimentation.

Real player with 50.8 hrs in game

Im giving this game a thumps up cause im havin fun while playing it but im going to give an honest review hoping that the devs will see it. The game is actually a mele Isaac clone with better graphics and music BUT it lacks in relics big time (i know its still in early access) and you never get these “overpowered” runs you would get in Isaac.. It also lacks in enemies and you find the same ones (6-7 types of enemies) again and again.The bosses are actually fun and interesting.The events need a bit balance cause many times you get in rooms full of enemies and with the events together its super sure that you ll get damaged..The drops need a bit balance too cause there are many runs that you cant even find enough shields..The main character is fun with nice skills but the rest two characters are 99% unplayable.The second character needs to never get dmg or find extremely many shields (and this happens 1 in 50 runs) and the third character has the slowest attack in the history of videogames and if you miss it you get dmg so its unplayable too.. i feel that these 2 characters need a huge rework..A ranged character would be fun i think (i know that there are ranged weapons but still its not sure if you ll find one or not).. The game is nice and the whole idea too but the game needs balancing and reworks to be a super great game.. I hope we see more relics and more unique ones in the next updates so every runs is different than the last one. 7/10

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

Gone Viral on Steam



All is well for Grandma and Grandpa, they live happily in their little cottage with their 15 cats. Until one day, a strange force appears and steals their beloved cats, and teleporting them to vast worlds. Nothing will stop Grandma and Grandpa from going out against all the odds and saving all of their cats.


  • Pixel art dungeon

  • Two playable characters

  • 5 unique dungeons each with its own boss

  • Save cats to gain bonuses for future runs (e.g +2 damage & +20% speed)

  • 8 unique passive to change up your run

  • Dynamic music

Upcoming changes

  • More SFX for enemies and abilities

  • Third character (name TBD)

  • Mutators to further challenge yourself

Grandpurrents on Steam



This game is awesome. The graphics are super cute and altough the game is short, it is very challenging and has lots of secrets in store. I have not unlocked everything yet, but from the trailer and other past reviews, I am sure that they are all amazing. · ◡ ·/10

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

rogo is so good bro mmmmmm

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

ROGO on Steam

Rumours From Elsewhere

Rumours From Elsewhere

Deep and challenging platform action game attempting to meld Prince of Persia with a modern Roguelite. Momentum based platforming/parkour, ability based combat with character classes. Inspired level design, smooth controls, solid performance, excellent music, and imaginative worldbuilding are enough to carry the experience through a steep learning curve and significant UI deficiencies as well as occasional frustrating bugs (and sadistic gameplay systems that act like bugs).

I recommend this game if you like hard platformers with an emphasis on momentum rather than air control. Be warned, however, that the high-pressure gameplay involves features like a stamina bar (depletes with attack or dash but not jump or abilities), a timer on every level (which have randomized objectives), potions that do damage to you, weapons that kill you if you unequip them, monsters that CC you so other monsters can knockback you to the other side of the map where you fall in a lethal trap…you get the idea. This game is rewarding but punishing and a better UI would make it more comfortable.

Real player with 35.1 hrs in game

This game is a lot of fun!

I love the look of the game, and it has a ton of character in everything you play as, kill, pick up, or read. Not to mention the sound design and music are great. Once I got used to the core mechanics, I was hooked and kept starting new runs to discover more about the game. Each of the characters feels unique, just as each of the areas are distinct, vibrant, and fun (except Misty Peaks, that place is agony).

On the downside, sometimes the platforming is just a little unwieldy. The jumping or dashing or platform grabbing seemed to occasionally glitch and caused me some significant frustration. This didn’t ruin the game by any means, but it did feel like an unfair game flaw that would crop up now and again. Also, here and there a hit box would be in dire need of updating.

Real player with 31.9 hrs in game

Rumours From Elsewhere on Steam