“The Boomer Slayers come to purge the world of filth and bring masculinity and brutality back to society”

BOOMER SLAYERS is an indie game by a single Russian developer. It is a mix of an old-school gameplay and modern-retro looks with boomer humor and some Slav jokes.

  • Use your BADASS character to clear The Building by using brute force! Use your JUSTICE PUNSH to interact with enemies and environment.

  • Eat NANO-FOOD to restore your health and try not to die in combat mayhem.

    Play with your badass friends in local co-op mode!

    Try to do your best not to die of laughter.

    When you’re ready, switch from GAME JOURNALIST DIFFICULTY to NORMAL and test your might in a REAL CHALLENGE. Slay your enemies LIKE A BOSS!

    (Some in-game jokes may be understandable only to native Russians)

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this is the dark souls of cod gun sync montages

Real player with 40.5 hrs in game

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This game is an absolute blast and performs really well since the last update. The guns are satisfying and the tracks absolute bangers. There is only 1 issue I have with this game, the music. There is only 1 song per level. even though i just mentioned that the songs were good, it gets tiring listening to the same songs over and over and over again, especially if you keep dying and have to hear the same old song on level one each time you fail. If the devs were to put a group of songs for each level to cycle through then i think id be able to play this game for much longer per session.

Real player with 32.5 hrs in game


Galaxy Warfighter

Galaxy Warfighter

This game is a bullet hell it has 5 backgrounds and they are mixed with asteroids,6-7 types of enemies in levels and 4 types of bosses and all of them are repeated,There is nothing special about this game that stands out in general,Also you have to collect coins or tokens to upgrade the ship.

I bought this game in sale and I suggest the same to anyone who is thinking of getting this game.

-Your avg gamer :)

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

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Fantastic retro action. Excellent value for money. I am really enjoying this game.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Galaxy Warfighter on Steam



Explore, Play and FIGHT your way to through this story-rich Mech Wasteland.

Gameplay Features:

  • Fight in Turn-based RPG battles with Explosive UI

  • Test your reflexes with intense dodge sequences

  • Rock out in Guitar Hero-style minigames

  • Take down giant mechs in hot-blooded Boss Battles


  • Featuring 100% hand-drawn art and animation

  • Battle Anime-style action EVERYWHERE!


  • INFINITE GUITARS is set after a planet-wide Mech War. No Energy, no Resources, only Scavengers picking at dead giants. Suddenly all the dead Mechs fire up again! They act on their last commands.. to FIGHT!


No Straight Roads: Encore Edition

No Straight Roads: Encore Edition

Can someone get me another Sayu? This one’s all melted!

All my hours are logged on the switch version (~150 hours), I love this game despite how gut punching it can be with difficulty and bugs (of which are mostly patched in this version). It makes up for all of it with its overflowing charm and dedication to fan service. My artwork is in the game too I guess! Underneath the bridge in Akasuka.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Underappreciated game with an incredible soundtrack, worth it for the music alone. If you are curious in the slightest then do yourself a favour and give it a try, you will fall in love!

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

No Straight Roads: Encore Edition on Steam

Beats Of Fury

Beats Of Fury

I dont play music/rhythm games much. But as a casually player i really enjoyed this game. I dearly hope custom mod support will be added which we can enjoy many popular tracks around the world. also i would love to see more instruments. Overall this game deserves a solid 8/10 but with more additions and love i can see this hidden gem will be glowing much brighter in close future.

Buy it.

Real player with 96.8 hrs in game

Great game. One gets the feeling of making music which is in a way calming and satisfying. The game is simple enough to enjoy without stress and one gets to lose themselves in it while playing it.

Real player with 8.5 hrs in game

Beats Of Fury on Steam

Groove Gunner

Groove Gunner

Hey there fellow gamers, I’ve been playing VR rythm games for a while now after switching from Flatscreen Rythm and think I can give at least a somewhat informed recommendation for why GG is worth checking out.- So let’s Cut straight in;)

-So Whats the Game about?

In basic words it’s pretty much a cross between the two smaller VR rythmgames Audica and Synth riders, it’s shooting targets and catching incoming bullets. So yeah, obviously it’s inevitable for any VR Rythm game at this point to not have mechanics aligning with other predecessors of the genre but GG does this quite well and makes for a unique and definitely different experience. (And I will get to this in a bit but it’s EA so certainly the mechanics are a constant WIP and will get fletched out further).

Real player with 136.5 hrs in game

If you are looking for an extreme rhythm game challenge, this one is really well done! The scoring system scale down on a constant quite nicely from perfect timing or accurate shots, so there is a whole ton of room for self-improvement. The developers made tons of accessible options for better performance, or changing up the colors, effects, positioning of your hand and shields, brightness for specific assets, and are also very responsive to the community and bugfixes! This game does take alot of patience to get used to, and is not very casual friendly passed 3+ diffficulty (Sharpshooter), but heavily, heavily rewarding! Been playing it for months now, and its quite the mental satisfaction!

Real player with 91.9 hrs in game

Groove Gunner on Steam

Space Elite Force II

Space Elite Force II

I played the first one and had a lot of fun. This took everything I loved about the first (the power up system, full controller support, and fast paced shooter action) and just amped it and made it even smoother. The levels are less repetitive and the enemy patterns smarter. The garage system comes up after death rather than only after level complete so you can get through levels usually right away. The whole experience is just more fun and is a great addition to any game library! :3

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Had a lot of fun with this one…it’s familiar territory once again but that’s a good thing.

Graphics are nicely done, a cool rock/electronic soundtrack, lots of good upgrades and achievements, leaderboards for all modes, co-op, extra modes like boss rush and arcade kept me coming back for more. I liked the smaller enclosed levels too (SO glad you don’t take damage if you hit a wall here too).

There’s a few things I’d like to see in future games in the series…more upgrades, larger/longer campaign, more fun achievements, levels where the whole thing is a boss, (like level 3 from R-type), trading cards, more varied bosses, this game has some enclosed levels which were fun and I’d like to see more of those too.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Space Elite Force II on Steam

Rock n' Rush: Battle Racing

Rock n' Rush: Battle Racing

This is a simple racing/shooting hybrid based on classic games like Atari’s Badlands (arcade) and Super NES games RPM Racing (Radical Psycho Machines), Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing and, more recently, Death Rally that’s about finishing first while blowing up other racers.

There really isn’t too much content yet (only 4 tracks with some variations and 4 playable vehicles at the start) but it’s fun and-in single player mode-challenging, but it’s much more fun if you’ve got friends to play with. Not the kiddies though, as there is some NSFW language (occasional F-bombs). It looks good with a nice metal soundtrack and controls are surprisingly realistic, you can’t just go all out around corners or you might roll over, let alone go off track.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

It’s a nice game to play with friends… A lot of destruction lmao. Thumbs up!

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Rock n' Rush: Battle Racing on Steam

OverShoot Battle Race

OverShoot Battle Race

As a big fan of the original RRR I had to try this one out, and I have to say, it won’t let you down.

Overall the game is very well produced and for an early access game, I could only find very few minor issues that won’t reduce how much fun you will have.

The soundtrack is really good and the visuals are absolutely stunning, merging this kind of low poly style with flashy colors and visual effects definitely worked very well.

I only played alone but I assume it will be a blast playing online with my friends.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

Amazing casual game. Looking at the screenshots one cant imagine how difficult it’s to steer the cars while avoiding get shot. Really addicting. Couldn’t find any bugs, showing how it’s very well done for an “early access”. I believe that is gonna be a great hit.

– Portuguese –

Jogo casual incrível. Olhando para as imagens, não dá para imaginar como é difícil dirigir os carros evitando levar um tiro. Muito viciante. Não foi possível encontrar nenhum bug, mostrando como é muito bem feito para um “acesso antecipado”. Eu acredito que vai ser um grande sucesso.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

OverShoot Battle Race on Steam