Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

This game is amazing no other words needed.

Real player with 109.8 hrs in game

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A very fun experience, it is a fun challenge to see how far you can get in endless

Real player with 81.0 hrs in game

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone on Steam

Boom Bits

Boom Bits

As a beginner gamer it’s not always easy to find an interesting game that’s still fun to play and not frustrating. This game is very hard for me but, at the same time, the challenge I’m facing isn’t frustrating. The graphics in this game are very realistic and believable and the characters are just freaking cute. I can only recommend this game and promise you that you will not regret it. Well, perhaps you are losing your time doing other things you should be doing because you got hooked in this game. lol!!!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

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Boom Bits on Steam

Robots, Death & Venice

Robots, Death & Venice

Please add some more advanced options. The lack of motion blur and mouse sensitivity settings make it almost unplayable for me. I can’t comment much on the gameplay as a result, but what i did play wasn’t bad, especially considering it’s free. But until more advanced options are added I have to not recommend.


I was able to make it through the game by turning the overall settings to low. For some reason that turns off motion blur. The game is very short, however I think it’s pretty good for a school project. I think it’s worth playing, and I would recommend if the above settings were added.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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Robots, Death & Venice

fast game with modern day graphics with easy controls that moves from location A to B to C and so on,

good amount of action and special effects,

good game.

Personal Suggested Purchase Price: $0.49 Or Less During Sale

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Robots, Death & Venice on Steam



since i’m not good at long explaination so i gonna make my “easy-to-understand” review here.


still has nice gameplay as you expected from the mobile counterparts of this series (included “Dynasty Warrior” moment too.)

You can freely customize your mechs now.

There are character voices in the game.

secret routes contents added

better cutscenes (but not much.)

AI partners and ordering your partners added (You are not alone anymore.)


Repetitive Gameplay

Lack of some basic Customization options such as changing colors freely, AI partners voices, etc.

Real player with 26.6 hrs in game

Assault Gunners HD Edition is a late port of a Playstation Vita game. It really shows from a graphical perspective but it also means the game will run smoothly even on older PCs. I’m not going to be having a fit on graphics, we are here for the shooty mecha action after all. The port sports the infamous external config application that’s so common in Japanese ports but thankfully it gets the job done and it’s serviceable enough.

This one you really have to play with the pad as the on screen instructions are all formatted to the Xbox controller.

Real player with 22.2 hrs in game


Assault Suit Leynos

Assault Suit Leynos

I really like AS Leynos, but can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed with it - as an obsessive player of Gunhound, Valken and similar mech shooters I think I overhyped myself a bit. I looked forward to its western - and later PC release for months and even double-dipped and bought the PS4 version anyway. Overall it’s fine, maybe average sums up the game better.

General gameplay is good, and achieves some pretty solid highs at times but suffers from some slightly annoying decisions like pulling you out of the action constantly to introduce a miniboss, or literally moving you away from a defense objective to fight an enemy only to throw a mission failed screen in your face when the thing you were initially defending ends up being destroyed by the enemy.

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

Assault Suits Leynos is a remake of the 1990 Sega Genesis game “Target Earth” or “Assault Suits Leynos” in Japan. Almost 30 years later and partly produced by the original developer Assault Suits Leynos is back with a fresh take on the original game. Upon looking through a handful of Steam reviews I decided to write my own since a lot of the bad reviews for this game focused on the port being “trash” mostly due to problems stemming from controls when the game first launched.

The developer did eventually offer a fix and you basically have to set your control to xbox which will allow you to remap a controller. There currently still is not a method to remap controls for keyboard which is a nearly impossible sell for the large amount of PC players who consider the Keyboard and Mouse to be the ultimate controller. Not the most intuitive way to fix issues with controls. I was able to plug in a ps4 controller and use it without any issues. If you are a keyboard player I would tell you to use a program called JoytoKey to set the controls how you like them, but again this is not an intuitive fix either, and in the future I hope developers allow the freedom to remap controls. In 2019 not having remarkable controls is considered a solid deal breaker to many, myself included.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

Assault Suit Leynos on Steam

Battle Scooter: Training Chamber

Battle Scooter: Training Chamber

Battle Scooter: Training Chamber is a physics based action platformer with an electric scooter! Drive around, equip unique skills and train to become a certified Battle Scooter.

Drive a Scooter

Accelerate, slow down, tilt, jump and slide along the floor. You can even ride on walls and in zero gravity!

Equip unique skills

What would a Battle Scooter be without the right additional features like a Laser, Bomb Launcher and a Flamethrower? Right, a normal scooter without spectacular explosions!

Battle Scooter: Training Chamber on Steam



Epoch tries to present a somewhat compelling story, but the game mechanics made it obvious this is a mobile port with laggy controls that are unforgivable on a PC action game.

You control an armed robot that must reclaim the legacy of a lost city inhabited by other hostile robots. The problem is you only have a gun, and very few missile, grenade, and other weapons (you can get those later). You are up against enemies that shoot, launch a mortar grenade at you, or shoot “rocket” at you. For regular rounds, you can duck into cover, but you can’t hide from grenades. And the big shots can destroy your cover. You can move between cover, and you can even do an acrobatic leap from one end of cover to another. But if you don’t shoot those enemies, eventually you will make mistakes, and after enough mistakes you die.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

i’m not sure how to rate this but i’ll give it a positive because it’s fun in the beginning but the things i liked became glaring issues in endless and maybe late game.

first off this is whats considered an on rail-3rd person shooter and yes its an obvious mobile port. you’ll fight in the foreground having 3 spots (some have 6, 3 top, 3 bottom) to take cover in until you kill all the bots then you will transition foreword until you complete the level. there are only 10 story levels the 10th being a boss (+4 endless levels) but there are also 4 difficulties for each story level. sadly you HAVE to beat it on the lesser difficulties to unlock the latter one so beating easy only unlocks medium and not hard or ultra.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

EPOCH on Steam

Gun Metal

Gun Metal

I’ve played Gun Metal as a 12 year old kid and absolutely loved it - I mean, the game lets you control a transformable mech with badass firepower and nice looks, how cool is that?! Also, back in a day it featured some really decent graphics, so I loved it even more, as I was able to play it on my new PC without any problems. Well, the times have changed and so did my way of perceiving games. Gun Metal is just as adorably oldschool and dynamic as it is monotonous and frustrating. The difficulty is high, the missions are terribly repetetive, the story basically doesn’t exist (ok we are under attack by somebody, here take this cool transforming mech while we remain absolutely fucking useless, lol I know, we were able to build this damn thing but we cant fight for shit, so yeah, you are our only hope, please shoot all the bad guys), and the game (or at least the Steam version, I don’t recall such difficulties… well, shit, 12 years ago) is pretty damn bugged. During the loading screen for the 6th mission the game crashed to desktop and after restarting it showed my savegame as “damaged”, thus unable to load. That sucked. Other than that, the game is still fun, mostly thanks to its dynamicity and the sense of power it gives (lots of weapons, explosions and the coolness of a transforming bot). I bought it on Indie Gala for $1,40 because my nostalgia told me to do so. If you are reading this and want to put your hands on a cheap digital copy of this notsobad game, I advice checking .

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

this game is worth a dollar, without a doubt. $10? maybe, depends on what you like.

At first glance, this game is a very cool pacific rim/transformers type mech game where you can transform back and forth between a jet plane and a mech with guns. However, in later levels you end up barely using the mech at all because it’s just too slow and you get ganged up on by all the enemies, meaning you have to spend more time in jet mode taking out all the enemies just to land as mech and not do as much damage

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

Gun Metal on Steam



ROBODUNK is Nba Jam meets Rogue Legacy, with robots.

A combat dunkball game with sky-high dunks, satisfying tackles and explosive weapons.

A roguelite campaign where every match is different, and you can buy the next permanent upgrade even if you die.



  • EVERY MATCH IS DIFFERENT: Choose your path among randomized matches with unique rewards, rules, traps and opponents.

  • TONS TO UNLOCK: Massive skill tree, robots to discover with their own upgrade tree, and lore to collect.

  • GROW YOUR TEAM: Your bots level up, gain new skills and stat boosts after every victory.

  • COLLECT THE LORE: Piece together info on the Gods and why DUNK is the meaning of life.

  • SINGLE PLAYER AND FULL COOP: A friend can drop in/out whenever you want.


  • MASSIVE DUNKS: Charge a max power jump, leap from mid-field and press just at the right time to explode the hoop.

  • POWERFUL WEAPONS: Ram the enemy or shoot them with unique weapons, from classic lasers to falling pans and shock rings.

  • NEW MODS EACH ROUND: Choose temporary skills and upgrades that change the game at every round: double jumps, shocking passes, ammo multipliers and more.

  • STAGE HAZARDS: Avoid or exploit stage dangers like spiky rollers, tornados, jump pads and meteors.

  • LOCAL MULTIPLAYER for 1-4 people.

RoboDunk on Steam

Robot Fighting

Robot Fighting

Very basic robot combat game. Controls are WASD and left click to operate the weapon system. The basic tactics are evasive driving using terrain and other opponents to weaken other robots then going in for the kill.

As you gain Silver and gold you can unlock better Armour and weapons.

Strikes me as a very basic fun game that you either get bored with pretty quickly or get drawn into if you are interested in unlocking upgrades.

Only bugbear is the price, got my copy free and its close to what it should be when on sale.

Real player with 26.4 hrs in game

don’t touch this game. this has a always online feature and for a crappy single player game this is dumb. why, you may ask? when they close the server this will be unplayable and since it’s not very good i expect that to be sooner than later. the game also has a horrible grind. after a fight you can get about 100s points and maybe 4g points though S points are given at an ok rate G points are not and seem to be a left over from the app store to force you to buy them. then of all the good stuff want’s G point.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Robot Fighting on Steam